The Villa Holiday


So here we were on our first swinger holiday. We were introduced and led in to the Villa where we were allocated our rooms overlooking the pool area as requested. As we were led through the amazing building and out through the back to the Pool area, which was beautiful and peaceful. We could not help but notice that the people here were all in various stages of dress, some totally naked others in costumes.

The girl guiding us said that clothes were optional during the day and we could do as we please games were put on after lunch and you join in as and when you like, this all seemed very nice and relaxed and we felt at ease as we went to our room looking forward to the fun and games we hoped to be involved in later on.

As soon as we got in to our room the girl said if there was anything we wanted just to ask as she smiled and walked off I think we could both think of a few things there and then. The room was cool and large with a Jacuzzi in the room in front of the large king size bed with huge posts.

As soon as the door shut I grabbed you and ripped at your top losing all the buttons and exposing your sexy breasts for me to suck on, my other hand dropped to your skirt and pulled it up so I could run my hand over it feeling the last of the juice from our fun before as I slid my finger in to you I felt a lot more juice and began to finger deep inside your hot pussy as I bit an sucked on your nipples.

I pushed you on to the bed and climbed on to the bed beside you parting your thighs so I could get my hard cock deep inside you as I had wanted to do in the car you moaned as I did and asked if I liked what I saw in the car I fucked harder and nodded as I said yes very much you said you loved watching my cock slide in to Mary’s pussy as you were being fucked and it made you even wetter especially with Sarah playing with your clit too.

I was fucking you long and hard and your legs spread nice and wide for me so I could go as deep as possible while I held your arms down so I could suck on your nipples as they swung to the rhythm of me fucking you. We were both so horny it was not long before your moans were getting louder and louder and I placed my mouth over yours so as not to disturb the people by the pool (Just yet).

We rolled over and as you mounted me grinding your pussy down on my cock I could feel it so deep and wet that I was going to shoot my load of hot cum deep in you any second right then you clenched hard around my cock and tried to hold still as you shook gaziantep lezbiyen escort to a huge orgasm I was not going to stop knowing how sensitive it made your clit I fucked harder and faster making you cry out as I fired my cum deep in you. You collapsed on top of me and we both lay there cuddling as we got our breath back.

I fired up the shower and we gave ourselves a quick wash down before deciding to go check out the pool action for the day, We both decided as it was day one to go clothed well swim suit anyway and so we found a couple of beds and laid our towels down, as you relaxed went to the bar for a drink. The girl behind the bar was topless and stunning and the man was naked and fit too I reminded myself to send you for drinks next time to enjoy the view.

As I sat next to you Sarah and Steve turned up they said Hi to a few people they knew from before then came and sat next to us. Sarah dragged you to the bar to order and to see what I saw earlier you were like a pair of School girls as you ordered more drinks, Steve said he knew what they were enjoying I said me too and we laughed.

Sarah and you sat back down between us and straight away she removed her top displaying a lovely big pair of pierced breasts I was very impressed as I did not see them in the car you commented on the piercings and Steve said they were great and made her nipples even more sensitive. I reached around and unclipped the back of your top and before you knew it your top burst from your chest letting your sexy breasts free Sarah giggled as you reached to cover them and reminded you of where you were. You laughed and lowered your hands.

We enjoyed a few quiet drinks and after lunch the very pretty staff all paraded in front of the pool area Steve said this was the first fun and games of the day I was very curious and so were you. They announced the first game of the day clothes collection race and volunteer’s were sought, we pushed Sarah forward and she went up with just a small thong covering her modesty the others were equally if not less covered and we waited to see what was going to happen.

Steve told us to help by stripping off so Sarah could get all our clothes we looked at each other and agreed all three sat naked and as the game started Sarah ran to us grabbed everything and so the game went on it was short as most people were naked already Sarah with our help and removing her thong won and was rewarded by her choice escort gaziantep lezbiyen of host.

Steve smiled he knew what was coming we didn’t She chose the tall dark skinned man with a 6 pack and a very full lunch packet, everyone clapped as she grabbed his hand and walked our way I could see your eyes on his trunks and the smile on your lips said it all and I could not blame you as it looked huge.

Sarah stopped by us and said to Steve she was going for a quick dip in the Jacuzzi he nodded and said we would stay and have a drink or three. She then grabbed your hand and dragged you up saying that you would enjoy the Jacuzzi too you looked at me and I smiled and held up my glass saying have fun and tell me all about it later, you smiled back and hand in hand with Sarah strolled off with the man in between you both.

As you both got to Sarah’s room where the Jacuzzi in question was she explained that the staff were all here to help and for us to play with hence why they were all cute and fit and game for anything with that she grabbed a handful of his crotch and gave a nice squeeze as he smiled at her.

You were a little apprehensive at first but once in the room and the door shut you relaxed as Sarah dropped to her knees and peeled his shorts down and to your amazement and Sarah’s delight a huge 9+ inch cock sprang from them she wasted no time in wrapping her lips around it and invited you to start with the baby oil on his firm body.

As you worked it all over him and finally getting to where Sarah’s mouth was you dropped to your knees and joined her taking it in turns trying to get his meat in to your mouths. your hands all oiled up started to work on Sarah’s body especially her pierced nipples and this brought a moan of pleasure from her as you both worked on his cock.

You got a handful of oil and worked it in to her pussy getting her ready for that monster cock which you wanted to see stretch her pussy wide, as you did this she was peeling down your bikini bottoms and getting her fingers nice and wet as they slid in and out of your wet pussy. The man stood you both up and moved to the bed where Sarah lay face up legs spread wide begging for that fat cock to force its way deep inside her well-oiled pussy.

As she lay there you climbed on to her face and lowered your wet pussy on to her mouth so you could feel her tongue sliding in and out as it lapped up all the juices from you, this also allowed you gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar to see him guide his huge cock to Sarah’s pussy which you had pulled apart by her lips so he could get in smoothly.

Your eyes lit up as you saw it slowly stretch her pussy wide and you could imagine it doing the same to you soon it just kept going in and in and Sarah was enjoying it so much she was now biting your clit as well as sliding her tongue in your wet pussy, this made you grind down hard on her mouth, as he was fucking her hard you were rubbing your pussy up along her mouth in time to him and it wasn’t long before she was screaming out as orgasm after orgasm hit her.

This sent you over the edge too and you squirted in to her mouth as you shuddered with pleasure the man smiled as he stood there cock still rock hard but soaking with Sarah’s juice and buried deep in her pussy. You leaned forward and removed it from her pussy with a squelch as it popped out leaving her pussy wide open and dripping juice, and then you swallowed as much of it as possible licking and sucking all her juice from it.

Sarah rolled you off her and on to all fours as she stood up behind you and now it was her turn to see what it looked like to feed a huge cock in to a pussy, she grabbed your still tingling lips and pulled them wide as she summoned him to slide his huge cock in to your soaking pussy as you knelt there on the bed you gasped as its head entered you knowing there was a lot more meat to come and Sarah’s tongue licked and teased your sexy ass and pussy as the cock slid in it felt amazing and he filled you up so much you thought it would rip you apart, but you backed on to it as Sarah pulled your hair to ensure he got in as deep as possible.

He started to pound you his big balls slapping your clit as his cock nearly ripped you in two Sarah had poured oil down from your bum crack and now as it lubed his cock she slid a finger in your tight ass and started to play as he used you. It only took a minute before you were Cumming again but Sarah was insatiable now and told him to keep going.

She span around removing her finger from your tight ass and lay with her pussy in front of your mouth and as he fucked you she pulled your mouth deep to her pussy so you could drink all her juice as she came again. His cock put in one big thrust which made you sink your teeth in to her clit and had you climax again and as you started to cum he pumped and pumped his hot cum in spurts up you and it felt like a gallon as it filled your hot pussy.

You collapsed on to Sarah and he slowly withdrew hi still huge cock walked to your fronts and let you both clean him up as your hungry mouths shared the cock and all its juices he smiled again said his thanks and withdrew out of the door. Sarah said well how you like the place so far you smiled and gave her a long slow kiss as a sign of approval.

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