The Wishing Star Ch. 04


John didn’t understand what was going on. He had fallen asleep while watching his show, and had been suddenly awakened by a monstrous smell assaulting his senses. And when he had tried to push the source away, it had been pushed stronger! He thought he was still in some sort of nightmare, only to discover that it had been… Alison?! Alison had been holding *SOCKS* over his face, pressed against his nose and mouth while he was sleeping? And she had tried to *HOLD* them there when he awoke?!

He coughed and stumbled, the terrible smell still invading each of his breaths. He was going to kill her! The BITCH! He couldn’t believe she would do that, what had gotten into her-


… WHAT? John looked at Sarah, perplexed. She wore a huge grin on her face.

Noise suddenly arose from the stairs, as Melody ran her way down to find out what happened. She quickly reached the living room, and appeared genuinely worried.

“What? What happened? Why the yelling?!” She breathed, and then wrinkled her nose. “And oh my god. What’s that smell?!”

John tried to answer first, but was promptly cut back by his sister.

“Melody! You won’t BELIEVE this!”

She pointed at the floor, showing the indubitable proof of John’s perverted actions: the soaked socks.


She turned to John, and, because Melody couldn’t see, winked provocatively at him.

It made his anger grow heavier. He couldn’t stand it anymore. The horrid smell was still intoxicating him, and the BITCH dared to lie to Melody’s face! He walked to her, his fist raised, ready to strike.

“Now you listen you little BITCH! I DID NOTHI-”

Melody intervened before it was too late, and stepped in between the two.

“HEY. John! CALM DOWN! No violence!” she placed her hand on John’s chest, preventing him from advancing further. She turned to Alison as well. “You too, Alison. Stop accusing your brother like this.”

“I’m not *accusing* anyone! Melody, it’s right in front of you! The socks are *on the floor*! And look at his FACE! He’s got sweat all OVER! He must have taken those from my dirty laundry!”

While Melody was still holding John back, Alison went to retrieve the socks, and yelled “HE DID! MELODY, THOSE ARE THE SOCKS I WORE YESTERDAY DURING TRAINING!”

John’s eyes filled up with rage.

“SHE’S LYING! WHAT THE HELL?! SHUT UP BITCH, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” he tried once more to reach her and deliver a punishing blow, but Melody forced him back with all her strength.

“JOHN! STOP! I DON’T RECOGNIZE YOU!” She struggled to keep him at a distance from Alison. “THAT’S IT! JOHN, GET OUT! GO AND CALM YOURSELF!”

John couldn’t believe it. “What? YOU WANT ME to calm? You’re believing her! SHE FUCKING WOKE ME UP WITH THE DAMN SOCKS!” he coughed. He swept his face with his shirt, trying to get rid of some of the noxious sweat. “It’s fucking DISGUSTING!”

“I DON’T CARE! You’re *TOO* angry to have a conversation right now. You almost *HIT* Alison. GET OUT.”

He glared at Alison, and was content to see he had managed to scare her off with his outburst. But what had gotten into her?! What the *fuck* was that? And she had lied on purpose!

But Melody’s look was dead serious.

“FINE.” He stepped back, and pointed at Alison. “But I warn you. *NEVER* do that again. It’s low, even for *you*.”

Alison, despite being in a dangerous position, yelled back, committed to her lies.

“Do WHAT? You’re the one that-”

But Melody interrupted her.


And she went quiet.

Thanks to that, John managed to not jump at her right then and there. He coughed once more. “I’ll go shower. Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort I can’t bear that smell. You’re fucking *crazy* Alison.”

He walked upstairs, making each of his step loud and heavy.

Then, it was quiet. The two sisters looked at each other. And when the sound from the shower reached them both, they erupted in laughter.

It had been a really tense moment. But it had been an important one. Now, the idea of a possible fetish from John was implanted within Melody’s mind. And they could work from here.

“Oh, my, god. I’ve been so scared! I’ve never seen him *that* angry!”

“Well, I’m sure he’s never been forced to smell your disgusting socks, duh,” Melody answered. “And those ones were *really* potent.”

“Huhuhu. Yeah, I kinda pressed the sweat out on his face. And held the socks tight on him while he was awakening… ”

“Alison! That was more than what we had agreed on! Of course he almost killed you on the spot, your socks are LETHAL!” she laughed.

“I couldn’t stop myself! In the end, it *was* worth it. Hehehe. Can’t wait to tell Sarah how it went!” Alison’s gaze went to Melody’s feet. Hey, speaking of socks, where are yours?”

“Oh, you noticed? Hehe, surprise. I’m keeping them somewhere special until we can have some use for them.” She giggled.

“Hmm, alright. You do your thing. I had quite a bit of fun already tonight haha!” She eyed the old, sweaty socks that had been abandoned on the floor. “Hey…Speaking of stocking… It would be a shame to let those go to waste. There’s still plenty of potential in them left!”

She laughed.

“Guess you’ve inspired me… I think I’ll stock them somewhere special as well… hehe.”

Before she went to pick the socks, she fetched an hermetic plastic bag from the kitchen. Then, she dropped both socks in, and zipped it shut.

“That way, they won’t stink up my room, and the sweat will dry much slower…” she giggled.

“Oh Alison! That’s smart! We should think of that way to stock our socks after exercizing from now on!”

She smirked, then continued:

“Anyway, let’s not take the risk that he could hear us. The shower is still running, but let’s not take a chance. We can’t be discovered being accomplices. Also, we’ve found out that John can get *really* scary when he tries. We’ll need to find way to deal with that in the future… We won’t always be able to overpower him 3 to 1. We need to be able to outmatch him 1 to 1.”

“Agreed. Otherwise we won’t be able to torture him on our own… “Alison pouted.

“Yep. We’ll figure something out. Let’s go back to our rooms now. We’ll talk more via our phones if we need to. And I’ll have to talk to John, alone.” She smiled.

“After all, I’m his nice, supportive sister!”

Yet, the grin on her face didn’t augur anything nice for John.


Sarah had reached home. Her parents had been surprised to see her come back exhausted: she wasn’t usually one to do sports that intensely.

But she had had a reason. A pretty good one!

She smiled. Yet, she had to do better. Today, she had realized she was outclassed by both Melody and Alison. That wouldn’t do. It was *her* idea to torture John. Therefore, she had to come up with the most vicious and cruel ways to do so. What would be the point otherwise?

She quickly undressed to her underwear, not liking to be confined within those sweaty clothes. Yet, she kept her socks on.


She looked at them, feeling both proud and disgusted, and rightly so. The socks reeked, and were really sweaty. She knew her feet had to be in an awful state as well.

“Mmmmh… “

Her imagination went active. She got to her bed and made herself comfortable. Gosh. She could smell her feet Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort from here, whereas she was entirely lying down on the bed. It was… amazing. Not that she could smell her feet, that she could have done without. But right now, she pictured John’s face stuck beneath her feet. And if *she* could smell them from that distance, then…

She brought a hand to her panties, and quickly slipped beneath the waistband.

Then… Gosh. Then he would have to smell *way* worst than what she was smelling right now. And that wouldn’t be all, she’d…

She got interrupted by the notification sound on her phone. She wouldn’t usually have read messages while taking care of herself, but she knew it was probably from one of John’s sisters. And she *wanted* to know how it had gone.

She kept a hand stimulating her, and began reading. It was from Alison, she had just gotten back to her room.


Alison : hey! as promised, here’s a little message! it went *AWESOME*. remember how awful my socks were? well, I pressed both on his face while he was sleeping. he breathed entirely through them 3 or 4 time before awakening! OMG. i would have puked lol. then he woke up, and i *pressed* the socks even harder on so he wouldn’t get his face free already. i swear, the sweat oozed out of ’em, and he got his face soaked in it!

Alison : he got *really* angry, but melody dealt with it. phase 1 is a success! hehehe.

Alison : also, we’re thinking of a way to be able to overpower him 1 to 1. he almost hit me today! that bastard! and he kept calling me a bitch. i swear to god, i’ll make him pay! i’ll punish him *so* much for that!


Sarah didn’t answer immediately. Her hand had been going faster and faster, her fingers working their incredible magic.

Gosh! John had smelt Alison’s socks? GOSH. It was SO DISGUSTING. She and melody had had to keep away from her because the smell had grown too strong during the day! And that was with the shoes concealing most of it!

Her rhythm increased, and she began to moan.

She kept imagining John. She could almost *see* the sweat from Alison’s socks drooling over his face. She could almost sense how much he had hated it.


More moans.

If only he knew how much worst it would get! She would get his fucking face trapped beneath her feet, and she would make him *lick*. She would make him clean her dirty feet clean, yes! YES! And they would be in a way worst state that Alison’s!


She was so close already!

Once he’d have licked all the sweat from her feet, she’d give him a treat. For being a good boy. She would tie him up for the night, and she would gag him with both her stinky, sweaty socks. She would then use tape to secure them in, so he wouldn’t be able to spit them out. And she’d tell him that it would be his meal for the evening, and that she better find the socks sweatless by the morning! He’d have to suck it all up in the night! Or else!!

She climaxed. Her body jerked powerfully, taken by spams after spasms of incredible pleasure. She almost blacked out, and it took her minutes to find her way back to reality.

“Oh… my… god.”

She had never felt that good in her life. And those had just been fantasies!

She couldn’t wait to make them reality.

Melody was in her room. All in all, the evening had gone as planned. Both her and Alison had received a message from Sarah. She had thanked them for their help. And she had told them she planned to take only baths from now on, so she wouldn’t have to wash her feet anymore. She would always keep them away from clean water.

Huhu. Melody felt happy that they had managed to allow Ataşehir Vip Escort her to express her kinks that much. But it still wasn’t enough.

It was time for her to go and talk to John.

She got up, and walked to him room. She knocked.

“John? Are you calm?”

John took some time to answer.

“… Yes. Get in.”

Melody went in, and closed the door.

“Hey. I think we should talk about what happened.”

“There’s nothing to say, Melody. Let’s just forget it.”

“Hmm. Are you sure?”

“Yes, of course I am. But Alison better never do that kind of stuff again. I mean it. I don’t know what went through her. And I don’t know where she found those fucking socks, but I’m pretty sure I still didn’t manage to get all the stink off my face, even with the shower.”

Melody’s body grew hot immediately at the thought. Wow. It had been *that* awful?!


She bent over, and sniffed close to John’s face.

There was still a faint smell of perspired sweat remaining.

“Uh. Indeed.”

Amazing. And it had been *hours* already. And he had taken a shower! She managed to not grin on the spot, and sat on his bed.

“Anyway, it won’t last.”

“Of course it won’t. And I’ll take another shower before bed so I’ll be sure it’s gone for good.”

“Hmm. John.” Melody grew serious.


“You know, if you really *do* have a feet fetish, or stink fetish, or whatever, do know I wouldn’t judge.”


John couldn’t believe his ears.

“Don’t get angry! I’m just saying. I care! And if you asked nicely, I’d even let you borrow my socks, you know?”

She smiled.

John almost yelled right there. But he didn’t. He knew she was only trying to be kind. She didn’t know Alison had lied. In fact, she didn’t know whom of them both was telling the truth. And in Melody’s mind, why would have Alison lied? Those two trusted each other like… Well, like sisters.

“Melody. I don’t have any disgusting fetish of that kind. I swear. You might not believe me, but it was Alison doing some weird stuff. You know me. And you’re my sisters for god’s sake! If I wanted to indulge fetishes, I could ask Sarah!”

Melody looked disappointed.

“Hmm… Alright, then… I’m know you would tell me. But then, I warn you. I better *not* find you with any of my socks now that you’ve told me that, John! “

John was quickly growing annoyed.

“Of *course* I won’t touch your socks, Melody! Even if I was a damn pervert those would be the last things I’d want to steal from you!”

“Oh? Then what would be the first things?” she teased.

John was taken aback.

“Uh. Whatever. That’s weird, let’s stop.”

“Come on, tell me! Would it be my panties?” she pulled her waistband up, showing John the heart pattern of her white panties.

“Or… my bra?” she bent down, giving John a blessed view of her cleavage.

“Melody, I-”

She stood back up.

“Just kidding, idiot!” She stuck her tongue out.

“But really, you better not touch my socks now that you refused. You’re warned!”

That said, she left the room and closed the door behind her, leaving John perplexed. And a tiny-, tiny bit aroused. Why were his sisters so damn sexy?

He sighed, and got back to work. There was nothing to worry about. He knew he’d never ever try to get Melody’s socks. The whole story would die out on its own.

Later, he took a second shower, and sent a message to Alison before going to bed, asking her to never do such things ever again. It really was too much. He had spent so much time getting rid of the abominable smell! He asked her to apologize. If only he managed to have her write her lies on phone, he could show Melody!

But she didn’t. In fact, she saw the message, and didn’t answer at all.

Maybe it was a good sign. He hoped.

He sent a message to Sarah wishing her a good night and telling her he missed her. She answered with a heart, telling him she had thought *a lot* about him recently. That made him smile.

At least, his couple was going well.

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