There’s Just Us Three, No One Cares


Author’s apology.

When I started to write these six stories, I over-reached myself by numbering them one to six, and then posting them out of order. I was a novice idiot. Anyway, this is the final effort.


The first part of this story took place a few years ago. The second part is set in the present day.

All characters are over 18.

John and Carol Henderson became mean and selfish in middle age. John inherited a prosperous insurance brokerage from his hard-working father, and upon his death, promptly sold out to a large national chain, banking nearly five million pounds in the process, to which he added the sale of their house, as his mother had died some time before. Then Carol’s father died and left half his estate to his only daughter. So, they immediately sold everything and moved to Portugal, buying a nice villa overlooking a golf course. Their three children – daughter Mary, son Gary and daughter Janice got – nothing. zero, zilch, Pfffft.

In Portuguese they would be called Merda.

When they left, Janice was just starting Uni, but got no help towards her education, Gary was just leaving engineering college in Coventry but had little money to make a start in life, and Mary was working as an infant schoolteacher in Warwick, sharing a house with two other teachers, saving hard for a deposit on her own place. They had lost all love and respect for their parents, but just got on with life as they found it. Then, the sun shone for a moment. Their grandmother – Carol’s mother – passed away unexpectedly and left her entire estate to her three grandchildren. disinheriting her daughter as she was heartbroken at her selfishness. John and Carol were furious, and contested the will, but lost. For the funeral, they flew in and out on the day, never speaking to their children.

Grandmother’s estate came to about one million pounds, after taxes. The three came to an arrangement whereby Mary, now 24, got her granny’s house, a nice three bed detached in a leafy suburb of Warwick, and her siblings split the rest. To earn some money whilst at college, Gary, now 22, had been working for a small engineering company in Coventry, run by an old man called Wilfred. They made hydraulic fittings and Gary became adept at using the machinery, he was an engineering natural, and as he was leaving college old Wilf offered him a job as management trainee. It was a start, and Gary accepted. He purchased an old end-of-terrace cottage with some of his inheritance, it needed some upgrade, but it was not far from the business. Janice had just turned 19 and was studying pharmacy at Uni, so put her money in the bank for when she graduated. Life had just got a little bit easier.

But whilst their finances were now secure, their personal lives were to suffer a series of misfortunes over the next few years.

None of the three were blessed with good looks. Mary was tall at five eight, but she had a skinny body with a small bust and flat bum. However, she did have a pair of long muscular legs, kept in trim by the long country walks she enjoyed. Her hair was left natural mousy brown and cut short. She looked like a typical schoolteacher. Gary was also at five eight, and his nickname at school was: “chunky”, but his hobby of mountaineering kept him in good shape. He was not a rock climber, although he used the local climbing wall socially. He was very short sighted and wore strong glasses. Janice was very shy and didn’t make friends easily, she was about five four and rather chubby, so she usually wore shapeless dresses and tops. She rarely wore a skirt.

Mary soon settled into her house, and progressed at the primary school, then was introduced to Crispin at an arts festival. Crispin worked for a big auction house, specializing in Victorian paintings. He was several years older than Mary and moved in very different circles. Mary was quite captivated by his charm and sophistication, and they became close. She was rather nervous, as she was still a virgin at age twenty-five, and whilst she had had some sexy fumbles at college, including stroking a boy’s cock to orgasm at a drunken party, she had never had penetrative sex, apart from a rubber vibrator which had split her hymen. But Crispin, who had never married, became very ardent and she decided to let him be intimate, so she had an IUD fitted at the clinic. A few weeks later, she invited him round to the house and cooked a lovely French meal, with a bottle of fine wine, then they started kissing and then moved into her bedroom where he undressed her, then kissed her nipples and began to rub his fingers across her crease. She had prepared herself earlier by squirting some lube inside her vagina, not knowing what to expect. Crispin lost no time in taking off his clothes, he had a rather flabby body and she saw his modest erect cock sticking out from his hairy groin. Without preamble, he then crawled across her body and pushed his penis into Mary, remarking how moist she was, mistaking olgun gaziantep escort it for excitement, and started to pump in and out. After two minutes his pants and grunts became louder, and he honked, ejecting some sticky squirts. Mary enjoyed the feel of a man, but the earth didn’t move as much as she had been led to believe. Crispin rolled over and fell asleep, snoring gently. She never told him he was her first.

The relationship limped along; he stayed over from time to time, but she never stayed at his small, rented apartment in a minor stately home. She thought he lived there just for the posh address.

Gary’s love life began with Frances, a lively girl he met at college. Like him, she wore strong spectacles, which may have been why they got together, and he lost his virginity to her during a sweaty romp in a caravan in Llandudno, with their friends making noisy love on the other side of the paper-thin wall. They stayed as partners through college although Frankie – as she was known – made no secret of wanting more from life than Gary could provide. When he graduated and purchased the end terrace, he asked her to move in, but she turned up her nose at the rather basic amenities. Gary then took the decision to splash out, and he raided his savings to have a stylish new kitchen and bathroom fitted by specialists, and together with new carpets he spent twenty thousand pounds, and the result was a gleaming, modern dwelling so she then moved her stuff across and settled in.

Then she wanted to have laser eye surgery to correct her short sight, and pressured Gary to pay for it, which he did reluctantly, deciding to have the same treatment himself. This spurred Frankie into getting some stylish new clothes and she then began to hassle Gary into taking her out socialising, even suggesting an expensive foreign holiday. She earned good money as a secretary to a successful property developer, but not enough pay for her desires. They had a heated row when Gary invested a lot of his remaining savings into Wilfred’s little business in return for a share of the equity. The machinery needed updating as they struggled to keep up with orders, and they needed a five-axis CNC milling machine to increase capacity. Frankie had wanted him to spend that capital on moving to a more upmarket address, and the arguments continued. A chill settled over their relationship.

Following their parents’ flight to Portugal, the three siblings had vowed to keep close, and they met up several times a year. Gary would visit Mary quite often, and had met Crispin, although they were rather incompatible, the hands-on engineer and the art historian being complete opposites. Then Mary phoned him at work one Friday, and asked if he could call round, she had received unwelcome news and needed someone to talk to.

So, late Saturday afternoon, Gary parked his sensible BMW diesel in Mary’s driveway, and she opened the front door on hearing his arrival. They embraced as usual, but Gary looked at his sister’s face and could tell she had been crying.

“What’s up, Sis, it’s not like you to cry, can little brother help?”

“Come in and have a cup of tea, my little world is turning to shit, I need to tell someone, and you and Janice are the only ones I can confide in.”

Gary went and sat in an armchair in the comfortable lounge, and his sister came in with a cup of tea and a plate of cakes.

“It’s about Crispin. He is taking me for a fool.”

Gary nodded, he always thought Crispin was the fool.

“I don’t think you have met Bonnie; she comes into school to help with the art classes, she’s a talented artist but her main job is restoring damaged paintings. She lives in Stratford with her disabled mother, and she is becoming a good friend. Anyway, she knows Crispin because she does repair work for the auction house. She asked about our relationship, and I told her I had been seeing him on and off for three years, but it was somewhat casual. She asked if I had been to his apartment in the stately home and I said not yet. She grimaced and said that there was no apartment, Crispin just had a small office in the house, in reality he was living with Lady Eleanor Briggs- Watson, the owner of the manor, and had been for several years. She was in her late fifties and was a shareholder in the auction business. I was dumbfounded, Crispin had never mentioned her, but it did explain his infrequent visits. He has been using me as a bit on the side, now here I am destined to be an old maid.”

At this Mary broke down in tears and Gary went across and held her as she sobbed. Mary was always in control of her emotions, and a very well-organised person, indeed at twenty-eight she was now the deputy head at the school, with a lot of responsibilities. Eventually she came round and offered to cook them spaghetti for an early dinner, which Gary accepted. They avoided the subject of Crispin, although Mary said she was dumping gaziantep olgun escort him, and she started to ask him about his life rather than hers. Gary said that business wise it was going very well, the little workshop was very busy and profitable but that life with Frankie was difficult and went into details. It was late in the evening when he left, and he gave his sister a hug to which she responded by kissing him on the lips, thanking him for being a proper brother. Her taste lingered with him as he drove home.

For Gary, things went downhill from Monday evening. After work he went to the indoor climbing wall for a workout and then sat in the café with an energy drink. Angela came and sat opposite, placing her own drink on the table. He liked Angela, she was very sociable and a good, fit, climber, but her face was unsmiling.

“Are we friends, Gary?”

“Sure, but I don’t really know you very well. Why?”

“Sometimes a friend has to look you in the eye and say something.”

“OK, fire away.” Angela grimaced.

“Are you and Frankie getting along at the moment?”

“Yes, well, sort of.”

“I think she is messing you about, I am not enjoying telling you.”

“Go on.”

“As you know we are work colleagues, Frankie is a secretary, I work in estimating. She was away last week for a few days.”

“Yes, she went with a crowd from work to a big property symposium in Brighton.” Angela took a deep breath.

“There was no crowd, just Frankie and Mark Johnson, no one else.” Mark owned the property company; he was a self-made millionaire in his mid-forties and divorced from his second wife.

“I know she is sleeping with him; it’s been going on for some weeks. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Gary, you are one of the good ones.” At which Angela got up and left the café, with just a sympathetic smile. Gary’s mind reeled, Frankie was the only woman he had ever loved, how could she do this. And then he started to itemise all the little happenings and remarks over the last few weeks and months. He decided to confront Frankie.

But when he got home, she was dressed to kill in a black mini dress and high heels, with her hair freshly styled.

“I am dashing out, we have a business dinner with some clients from London, and my taxi will be here any minute, I was going to text you.” She swung a coat over her shoulders, which he noted was brand new. Then a car hooted outside, and she swayed out of the door and into the Uber. Gary had no time to say anything, he was still in his climbing kit, and in need of a shower.

He defrosted a chilli and cooked it in the microwave, then watched a soccer match and called it a night. He couldn’t sleep and listened to the radio. The clock said 02.15 when he heard a car pull up quietly, and a door shut with a click. He looked out of the bedroom window to see taillights driving away. Then the front door opened, and he heard her climb the stairs softly and go into the spare room.

He waited until the following evening to confront her.

“Frankie, we have had differences, but we have never lied, where were you last night?”

She kept a straight face. “We had a business dinner at the new Italian in town, then the clients wanted to go to the Casino, so it was a bit late. I took a taxi back and slept in the spare so as not to wake you.”

“Frankie, no one uses a Bentley as a taxi, especially one with a personal plate.”

She said nothing but started to blush, and her eyes widened.

“You are two timing me with your boss, Mark Johnson. How long has it been going on?”

She spluttered and tried to formulate a sentence.

“It’s not what you think.”

“What is it then, try me.”

Then it all came out. She started shouting at him, he was boring and had no ambition. He just wanted to work and climb mountains with his mates. The good life was passing her by, Mark wanted her to enjoy a better lifestyle, and was starting to show her. She wanted out. Gary just let her rant on without saying anything.

“I want you out by Friday. All your clothes and stuff, just go to him. I wish you good luck because you are going to need it.” They slept in separate rooms and when he got back from work on Friday all her clothes had gone, and her keys were on the table. There was no note. He had a shower, changed and then went to the climbing wall for a coffee. Angela was at a table with some friends but broke off to join him.

“She’s gone.”

“I know, she’s moved into one of the show flats in our new development, but she will have to get out when it’s sold. The office isn’t happy that she’s screwing the boss. Look after yourself Gary, most men are shits, including my ex, but you are a good one.” (Angela was a single parent with a five-year-old daughter, the father having done a runner some time ago.)

“Thanks, Angela, you are a real mate. I am only twenty-six, time to start over again.”

Saturday morning gaziantep olgun escort bayan was no better. Gary’s phone rang with a number he didn’t recognise. It was Fenella, Frankie’s older sister.

“Hi Gary, sorry to bother you, Frankie has left her spare phone and charger behind, can I call and collect it?”

“Of course, I was going to work but I can wait.”

Fenella was a crazy woman; Gary was always careful when in her company. She desperately wanted to be an actress on TV or film and had failed every screen test as she couldn’t remember her lines, but thought she was the next big thing. One of Gary’s climbing friends had patched him a couple of ‘glamour’ photos of her which were basically soft porn. Fenella knocked on the door half an hour later, dressed in tight leggings and a small top. Her nipples stood out; she was shamelessly flaunting at him. Gary pushed the phone and charger across the kitchen worktop.

“I guess it was never going to work, Gary, my sister has always wanted better than this.” And waved her arms round the modest but clean and stylish kitchen.

“It depends on what you call better. I was very much in love with Frankie, I thought we could start a family someday. And we would have moved to a bigger place with a nice garden.”

“She and Mark are away next week; he’s taking her on an all-inclusive in St. Lucia. They are flying first class. She wants it now, Gary, not in ten years’ time. And she says that sex is much more exciting with Mark, he knows how to treat a lady. I’ve got to go, photoshoot in ten minutes.”

And Fenella picked up the phone set and walked out of the door without a glance.

This was cruel. Gary could see himself coming to terms with the end of the relationship, but the jibes about sex were out of order. He decided not to go into work but set about meaningless housekeeping to occupy his mind. He skipped lunch, and just sat in front of the tv feeling sorry for himself, opening the cupboard to see he had one bottle of Beaujolais and most of a bottle of Cognac, so he decided to get drunk, although it was only 6.30pm. Then his phone rang, it was Mary.

“Hi bro, can I ask a favour. I am painting the third bedroom and need some more brushes and white gloss paint, I am in my overalls and can’t make the store before they close, any chance you could get some?”

This brought him back to reality.

“I am pleased you phoned. I was just about to get drunk, so you have saved my liver.”

“What’s up?”

“Frankie has split, it’s a mess and her sister has called me sexually inept. I am rather low.”

“Come and talk to me, no one should get drunk on their own, come on over and I will do some dinner.”

Gary reluctantly agreed, he didn’t really want company but started to get his coat on when Mary phoned again.”

“If you are drinking you can’t drive, so bring a toothbrush and crash here, see you soon.”

He shoved his sleepwear into a bag, and as an afterthought, added the wine and brandy. He locked up and set off for the big hardware store as it was getting dark. Half an hour later Mary opened her door, dressed in a paint spattered smock and with her hair under a beanie hat, and said she wouldn’t hug him, but gave him a quick kiss instead. He dumped the paint, brushes and bag on the kitchen table and brought out the booze.

“Were you going to drink all that?”


“Let me wash my brushes and I will join you. I felt like this last week after I dumped Crispin.” Mary reappeared without her smock and hat and sat opposite her brother.

“What’s been going on, start at the beginning?”

Gary narrated the events of the past week, Angela’s revelation about Frankie and her boss, her outburst, Fenella’s insults, everything. Mary produced a corkscrew and two glasses, so he opened the wine.

“We both made bum choices, brother, I feel like getting ratted as well, Here’s to us.” Gary emptied his glass in one go, and to his surprise Mary did likewise.

“I’ve got another bottle of that in the sideboard.” She placed it on the table and then said they couldn’t drink on an empty stomach, so she opened the fridge, placed some snacks on a tray and turned on the oven. Another glass each and the Beaujolais was history. Neither of them were regular drinkers, so they were getting a nice buzz. The oven pinged, Mary brought out the snacks and Gary opened the second bottle.

“Do you mind if I get changed, I have been in these scruffs all day. At this time of night, I am usually in my dressing gown” Gary smiled and nodded, and Mary disappeared upstairs, emerging wrapped in a long towelling dressing gown and slippers. Having finished the hot snacks, they moved to the lounge and Mary sat on the sofa with her legs tucked to one side.

“Where did we go wrong Gary. Let me ask you a personal question, how many girls did you sleep with before Frankie. You know that Crispin was my first – at age twenty-five!”

“None. I was also a late starter; I first did it with Frankie when I was twenty-one. She was the same age.”

Had she done it before?”

She said I was the first, but now I have doubts.”

“Sorry to dig, but you are my brother, was the sex between you exciting?”

“It seemed to work all right; she was on the pill, so we never used condoms. I tried hard to bring her off before I did, and we mostly managed it.”

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