Together Ssn 08 Ch. 06 – Doing My Duty


***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities are consensual. Enjoy!***

Pleasant Reid-Cummings, 29, visits her sister, Gloria White-Cummings, 42, at her sister’s penthouse high above the city. The pair begin with pleasantries, as Gloria asks, “Will Frankie not be joining you?”

Pleasant tiredly replies, “She’s spending time with her parents.”

Gloria informs her sister, “I was visiting George and Lucy with Ray just yesterday.”

Pleasant hasn’t the energy to seem surprised by this revelation, simply saying, “Oh?”

Gloria guides her sister to relax in the sitting area on a comfortable sofa, with prepared tea in a pot to hand ready to dispense into cups. As she decants some tea for them, Gloria goes on to say, “It saddens me that something like that would happen to such good people. How are you feeling about it?”

Pleasant is handed a cup of tea, sipping from the rim the bitterness before replying, “Fine,” sighing as the tea refreshes her. She asks, “Where’s Ray?”

Gloria answers, “He’s with Father.”

Pleasant then asks, “And, Gabby?”

Gloria replies, “She’s working at the castle as she usually does.”

Pleasant admits, “I miss her energy around the house, but Colette is doing her best to make up for it. Although, Colette requires much more attention than Gabby. At least I wasn’t wiping her arse, or feeding her, or watching for her to drift off.”

Gloria remarks, “No, I did that over 2 decades ago for Gabby,” cackling in good spirits.

Pleasant smiles broadly, letting out a breath of laughter before saying, “I wasn’t ready to be a mother.”

Gloria tells her sister plainly, “No-one is ready for that.”

Pleasant appreciates the intent of her sister’s words, but is compelled to say, “I’m finding it incredibly difficult. Running a business whilst I have obligations to Colette’s care drains everything I have, and Frankie does her best, but I have to get her out of the house to give her time to relax because I can see she gets so worked up, ready to snap. I haven’t enjoyed my wife in so long because of this. I can’t even remember anymore the last time.”

Gloria wants to know, “Do you get time to yourself at least, or book yourself some stream time?”

Pleasant shakes her head, “I have so much that I’m responsible for, I can’t afford to.

“Out of all of this, what gets me is how Mother and Father did everything they did when I was little. I understand why they didn’t have more time for me, and appreciate more the little time they did give to me, because I don’t know how they did it. I must have seemed so selfish asking more from them.”

Gloria says in response, “Mother and Father would never think that, because they worked to try to get more time with you, and I know because I was working with them. I had no time for friends, or even for myself. It was the empire, and you. That was my responsibility, and my pleasure to give my time to little Angelina, my baby sister.”

Pleasant sips some more tea, taking a moment to recall, “What I can remember most is Carmichael looking after me, but my memory of you from that time is fuzzy, like a ghost.”

Gloria admits, “I was there for you when you were probably too young to remember. I was off with Ray enjoying married life, moving out of home, and working from the offices. I didn’t really get to see you grow up.”

Pleasant curiously enquires, “So, when did you start fancying me?”

Gloria smirks cheekily, giving her answer, “I dreamed about spending more time with you, trying to imagine all the fun and exciting things we could do together, like: go to the park, or make up games, or go looking at boys. Before I knew it, you were off to boarding school, and when you returned, you were far more grown-up. I thought I knew lust with Ray, but you being forbidden to me awoke something deeper.”

Pleasant asks, “I remind you of Father, right, so when did you fancy him?”

Gloria smiles fondly as she remembers, “I always loved being held by Father since I was tiny, and that feeling only grew, but my homecoming from boarding school came with a pent-up lusting for a man, and I was desperate to have him, having wet dreams and everything. I was making my presence known at every opportunity, and Ray was there, and I caught his eye instead. With how close he is to Father, I couldn’t help myself. I flirted and teased forwardly with Ray in front of Father, hoping that he would take me aside to calm my temperament, but he never did, but Ray got it good because of it.”

Pleasant incredulously asks, “Wait, you married Ray because you were hot for Father?”

Gloria cackles, “Whatever else is a lady to do? It was so much fun.”

Pleasant realises, “And, you were always close with mother, trying to be like her, because you wanted Father to see you in that way?”

Gloria cackles heartily, “Yes, it was all part of a masterplan.” Settling down, she stares at her sister’s figure, “You are ever more and more like Father as more time passes. seks hikayeleri If you had a sex-change, I reckon you’d look almost exactly alike. You dress like a man, and call yourself a husband, so I wonder if it ever crossed your mind?”

Pleasant takes a moment to reflect before giving her answer, “I never felt the need to. I’m a woman, and I’m proud of that. Just, being a woman means so much more than it ever has before, and I want to champion being myself, however that manifests. I don’t even think about it, I just do. It’s how I live. I like what femininity I have, as well as my masculine persuasion. I’m me.”

Gloria probes, “Is that why you got pregnant? To show everyone you’re not a man?”

Pleasant tilts her head in thought, processing her thoughts to speech, “I’m very much not a man. I made a career very much using my womanly body and sexuality. Just I find I can be more relaxed when I’m dressed in typical man’s fashion, but I don’t think of myself as a man. Is that how you see me?

“I got pregnant because I love my wife, and I wanted to give a piece of myself to her that would live forever. Colette is a pain right now, sure, but she was born from the love I have for Frankie; that’s the only reason I got pregnant.”

Gloria slides up closer to her sister’s arm, brushing up against her side, glancing down her sister’s body as she says, “That’s all well and good, but I can’t help imagining you with testicles and an erection between your legs.”

Pleasant looks out of the corner of her eye at her sister’s heaving breasts bulging by her ear as she questions, “Really? And, how would you like me to use them if I did?”

Gloria takes Pleasant’s tea from her, reaching to place the cup on the table next to them, then she runs her hands around her sister’s body, hugging her chest to her head whilst giving her reply, “I could think up a multitude of ways to enjoy you.” She cradles her legs around her sister’s, straddling her, holding the younger woman’s face between her breasts.

Pleasant reaches up to her sister’s shoulders, slipping the straps of her summer dress down to release the breasts from bondage, relishing the contact of their skin on each other. Kissing between them, Pleasant squeezes her hands to them, plumping them up against her cheeks, enjoying the supple skin, finding her way to suck at her nipples.

Gloria’s breath is caught, fondling the hair on the back of her sister’s head, gasping, “I could ride you right now… like riding a horse in a race… holding tightly… clinging to your mane… feeling your hot skin against mine… bucking into me… bringing me bliss…”

Pleasant pushes her sister back, staring up at her face as she pants, “How about… we take this… to the bed… hmm?”

Gloria gets to her feet, almost stumbling from the shaking in her legs, but holding on to her sister as she guides her across the open-plan space to the prominent master bed. She backs up onto the bed, watching her sister following her, shedding the layers of her suit, stripping away the properness of her attire to unveil the promise of promiscuity bound in her beautiful body. The elder sister gleams at the younger curves and fresh flesh, hungering to be held passionately.

Pleasant mounts the bed, and admits, “It would be something to have a cock between my legs in this moment. I could assert myself with it, marking my territory and taking what I believe to be mine. However, I don’t need such a thing to please a woman, or myself.”

Gloria leans back on the bed, wriggling her summer dress down her body before feeling it being pulled off by her sister, exposing her bare-naked physique for Pleasant to feast on. She feels her sister’s fingers smooth over her legs, and her mouth meet her most sensitive spot between her legs. She relaxes onto the bedsheets, allowing her sister to do as she does best.

Pleasant teases with her tongue, darting in practised motions and quick licks to coat the clitoris with her saliva before smearing it with tongue to glide up the labia to uncover the prized part. Her fingers reach and tease with subtle twists and beckoning curls, edging their way inside her sister to grace her g-spot with her precise stimulation.

Under the expert touch of her sister, Gloria can’t contain herself, melting into ecstasy with a flood of fluids draining from her in great waves. She feels Pleasant lapping up the ejections with her tongue. Her sister’s lips lock around her labia to catch the liquid, drinking the fresh juice.

Pleasant climbs up her sister to enjoy a kiss, giving her a taste of her insides as their mouths meld into one. Taken off guard, the younger sister yields to her senior’s initiative, being rolled onto the bed.

Gloria kisses her sister’s neck, then down to her chest to play with her breasts, scrunching them in her hands and sucking at her nipples. She feels her thigh rub up against her sister’s crotch, smearing her skin on that area whilst her efforts above continue.

Pleasant sex hikayeleri feels herself relax with her sister, surrendering to someone else for a change instead of constantly taking charge. She always takes the lead in sex, feeling comfort in being so rehearsed, but she doesn’t have the energy to wrestle that control back from her sister. She feels oddly helpless for once in her life, and it feels like she’s flying.

Gloria kisses her sister on the mouth, reaching with her fingers to find Pleasant’s pussy, plunging inside, pounding her with all she can give. She senses the unease from below her, breathing into her sister, “Give into it… Let go…That’s it… Let me give you what you need…”

Pleasant whimpers, and cries out, “Ah-hah… ooh, fuck-hagh…”

Gloria feels her sister’s pussy clench around her fingers, and the spilling of her orgasm around her knuckles, dribbling onto the bed beneath. She tastes her sister’s orgasm, so sweet, purring, “Oh, that’s so nice.”

Pleasant pants, “That felt nice…”

Gloria sits up, giggling with her fingers in her mouth, “You’re welcome. You really needed that.”

Pleasant arches her back, trying to stretch it to no avail, groaning, “I’m still feeling really tense all up my back.”

Gloria proposes, “Turn onto your front.”

Pleasant does as she is told, rolling over to lay on her front, pulling up a pillow to rest her head on atop her folded arms. She feels her sister’s bony fingers pressing into her muscles, massaging the tension from them as best she can.

Gloria admits, “I’m not good at this, but it’s worth a try.”

Pleasant moans, “Gloria-aaaaaagh, oooooh, shh-, it’s goo-oooood, mmm…”

Gloria receives the vocal appreciation, continuing to care for her sister, comforting her, “It’s nice to do this with you. We’ve never really had this kind of time together before, but I cherish it now. I like spending time with my baby sister.”

Pleasant’s worries lifts like a weight from her shoulders, hanging with a floatiness above her, and she breathes deeply, “I love doing this too.”

Gloria admires Pleasant’s back muscles as her hand glide over them, staring with wonderment as she gleams, “I can feel how strong you are. I would wager that you’re stronger than Ray, and he’s no weakling. What’s your secret?”

Pleasant shrugs, “No secret. Just years and years of hard work in the gym, going for runs, practising posture on-stream, healthy diet…”

Gloria suggests, “Hot sex with your wife?”

Pleasant laughs, “Yeah, that pretty much sums it up… Not so much lately, but we have a storied history of athletic sex, with dildos, and various implements of torture… I miss doing that with her, but she can hardly look at me when we’ve turned in after putting Colette down…”

Gloria advises her younger sister, “You have to make time for just each other. Some kind of regular date night, or just to have hot, steamy, sweaty sex, but you have to do something. If you keep going the way you are, you won’t be a couple anymore.”

Pleasant says, “It’s fine.”

Gloria slaps Pleasant’s back softly, getting her attention as she tells her to, “Listen. The first time you’ve had good sex in however long was with your sister instead of your wife. I’m telling you because I love you; you have to have some quality time with Frankie. Some exceptionally heavenly quality time, alright?”

Pleasant groans, “Alright!”

Gloria asks, “Are you sure you’re all good at home? You seem very uptight.”

Pleasant sighs, “As far as I’m concerned, I’m very much in love with Frankie, and I’m giving everything I am to our marriage, and our daughter. I would like to think that Frankie feels the same way, but I don’t know, and I won’t know because we don’t talk; at least, not in that way. We skip past our feelings to more clerical things, or to tease, but we don’t have real talks.

“I will put it to her that we need some alone time. You make a good point that we need it, because I don’t want to get to the point that we drift apart. I hope to God that we haven’t drifted apart already; please, don’t let that be the case. I don’t even know what I would do with myself without her. She is my everything, and so is Colette. Life is devoid of meaning without them.”

Gloria shifts across the bed to allow Pleasant to sit up with her, misty-eyed as she says, “I’m sure everything is good between you, but it’s nice to be sure. Knowing how you are with each other leaves no doubts, but you don’t know until you take time to stop and unwind.”

Pleasant asks, “Is that what you did with Ray when you had Gabby?”

Gloria nods, “We always made arrangements with Mother and Father, and Ray’s folks, so we had options for her care to give Ray and I that well-deserved time together. You and Bonnie would play when you were at the castle with her, and she would have the best of times with you, so I didn’t need to worry.”

Pleasant recalls, “We did have fun. Much more innocent than what you two were having, but it was the best,” giving in to her humour as her mind retreads that old ground.

Gloria’s phone rings, and she goes to get it, calling to her sister along the way, “Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear,” picking up her phone from the coffee table, answering it as she idly makes her way back to the bed, “Gabby, hi, we were just talking about you… I’m here with your Auntie… Yeah, we’re at home alone. Penthouse… Maybe… You’re still a cheeky little fucker when you want to be… I’ll put you on,” pressing the screen to allow speakerphone, tossing the phone on the bed as she sits back down with her sister, announcing, “You’re on speaker.”

Pleasant calls, “Hi, Gabby.”

Gabriella White-Cummings, 24, responds, “Hi, Auntie Pleasant. You don’t have Mommy all tied up, do you?”

Pleasant laughs, “No, nothing like that. We’re having a nice time.”

Gabby heckles, “Booooooo! That sounds so boring, but tell me you’re naked?”

Gloria indulges her daughter, “That we are, dear.”

Gabby giggles feverishly at the naughtiness, catching herself as she hastily asks, “Is Frankie there too, with Colette, or Daddy?”

Gloria replies, “No, just your Auntie and myself.”

Gabby sighs, “Phew, I got so carried away with being lewd that I didn’t consider Colette might be there.”

Pleasant ponders, “But, you asked about Frankie and your dad as well?”

Gabby laughs innocently, “Yeah, well, I didn’t want them to feel left out. They could be there.”

Pleasant shakes her head at her niece’s jest, replying in good spirits, “You’re very considerate, Gabby.”

The niece excitedly informs her mother and aunt, “That’s what I’ve been saying to Carmichael. I am considerate. He’s always giving me more to do though, but it’s all good. I just want to be like him, is all. He always has all the right answers, and he’s always prepared for literally anything. I don’t know how he does that, but I’m getting there.”

Pleasant remarks, “Are you ever coming back to streaming? I know your fans are always asking about you.”

Gabby thinks for a moment, “Umm… well… ahhh… I don’t know! I mean, I would, but I’m feeling much more, um… zen, doing this? I don’t know. I’ll get back to you, yeah?”

Pleasant tells her niece, “I was just thinking about how we used to play as kids.”

Gabby responds, “I’m reminded of that everyday. Every room I go into brings backs memories. It’s like, the ghosts of our pasts are always alive here at the castle. I get all nostalgic. I mean, we spent so much time together, it was like forever in another life. It’s all still here. I love it. I hear the way we all used to laugh, and picture it all vividly. It’s pure magic!”

Pleasant is awed as she utters, “That sounds wonderful…”

Gabby beams, “It really is. This place has nothing but good memories,” suddenly sounding more remorseful, saying, “Sorry, Auntie. You don’t like this place much, don’t you?”

Pleasant shrugs, “I don’t mind. It’s alright. I’m remembering our good times now, and, I can’t believe I didn’t remember it sooner. We had such good times.”

Gabby offers, “I have to show you around. I know, you know this place better than I do, but, I can help you to remember all those good times we had, and, maybe you’ll love this place more in the way I do.”

Pleasant smiles, “We are definitely doing that.”

Gabby asks, “Are you smiling?”

Gloria informs her daughter, “She is.”

Gabby says, “I could almost hear it, or something, I don’t know.” Carmichael comes in to the staff room where the young woman is enjoying a break, and she says to her mother and her aunt, “Oops, gotta go,” putting her phone down, explaining to the Head of Household Operations, “I was just taking a break to speak with Mother.”

Carmichael seems unfazed as he says, “I certainly don’t mind that. You needn’t have hung up,” helping himself to a hot drink before sitting to join the young woman.

Gabby senses something amiss with her employer, enquiring, “Is something the matter, Carmichael?”

Carmichael glances a smile, intended to put the young girl at ease as he says, “Everything is just so, as it should be.”

Gabby astutely observes, “I’ve known you long enough to know, something is off with you. Tell me?”

Carmichael sips his drink, going through his options before deciding, “I trust you, but it goes no further. I’m dying.”

Gabby looks heartbroken as she stares at Carmichael as her phone slips through her fingers, dropping to the floor with a thud. She simply says, “Oh…”

Carmichael leans down, picking up the phone and handing it back to it’s owner as he tells her, “It’s going to happen. No stopping it. No use worrying.”

Gabby takes back her phone, welling up tears, but bravely choking them back as she asks, “Can’t anything be done? Have you spoken to Grandpa? Someone must be able to help? Money is no object, and we’ll help, whatever it takes.”

Carmichael holds the young woman’s hand, assuring her, “It’s not a matter of money. It’s just how it is. A growth in my brain that’s branched all the way through. I’m fortunate to still have my sanity and cognitive function, but it will kill me. It could be weeks, months, or a few years, but it’s coming.”

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