Transformations Ch. 02


“Hi Gr… Oh, I’m sorry. I was expecting someone else.”

“Well aren’t you a cutie?”

Joey smiled coyly. The gentleman at the door smiled back and that’s when Joey noticed he was carrying a holdall.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in, sweetie?”

Joey looked up at him, then called over his shoulder, “Uh, Mum! There’s uh, someone here to see you.”

Mrs. Aames made her way down the stairs and smiled at the gentleman.

“Actually, I’m here to see you,” he said.

“Oh, hi Mum,” said Joey’s mother, rather nonchalantly. “That was quick. Did Dad bring you?”

Mum? Gran?


“Of course Joey dear, who do you think it is?”

“But, but, you’re a man.”

“And you’re a woman.”


“Oh my God. Gran. You’re a man. Is that what you look like?”

“You like? You don’t think I should colour some of my grey?”

“God no. You’ve got the whole George Clooney look going on.”

“I do, don’t I?”

“I’ll say!”

“Now tell me something Joey, my dear, are you going to leave your old Gran standing on the doorstep, or are you going to invite me in?”

“Um?” Joey remembered the conversation he’d had with his mother earlier that morning about Gran being a night owl and he’d wondered if she was a vampire as well. Didn’t vampires need to be invited in? That rendered the occupants powerless against them.

Mrs. Aames brushed Joey aside, “Oh come on in Mum. You’re letting all the cold air in.”

Sat at the breakfast table a short while later, Gran couldn’t get over her grandson’s appearance. He was a beautiful young girl and the clothes his mother had picked out for him were simply adorable. He was feminine and sexy and innocent all at once.

Sat opposite, Joey was finding it hard to adjust to seeing his grandmother as a bit of a hunk, albeit a silver haired one.

“Now Joey,” said Gran. “Are you a shy girl, or are you going to be okay with showing that beautiful body of yours off to me? I’ve brought some bras for you to try on. Although, they may be a little big for you. Do you know what size cup you are?”

“She’s about a 36C Mum.”

“SHE? Mum! You called me a she.”

“Oh God. I did, didn’t I? I’m sorry sweetheart, but, well, you kind of are.”

“I’m your son, Mum.”

“Well, true, but, right now, you’re more like my daughter.”

“Oh, pish posh,” said Gran. “It’s all semantics. Joey, you are what you are. However you feel comfortable describing yourself is fine by us. Right now, I’m a man, I’m a he, I’m a him.”

She stood up from the table and did a slow twirl. Before the twirl was completed, Gran had transformed back into Gran and the clothes she had been wearing fell all loose on her. As a man, she was six foot and broad shouldered. As Gran, she was busty and five two.

“And now,” her voice had softened and was pitched higher. “I’m a she, a her. Man, woman, I’m still me. I still love my beautiful daughter here and my hottie grandson!” She twitched her eyebrows. “Or should I say granddaughter?”

Joey smiled. There was something about this whole topic of conversation that was naughty in a subversive way.

“Come on, get those clothes off. I want to see what I have to work with here.”

“Gran! I can’t undress in front of you.”

“Why ever not? I’m going to undress in front of you. We’re all girls here.”

“That’s what I told him, Mum.”

“Joey dear, has your Mum seen you naked this morning?”

Joey nodded.

“Well it’s the same thing. I’m just your Mum’s Mum. No different.”

As she was saying all this, his grandmother was actively undressing in front of him. She stood there now in just a man’s shirt and then Joey saw his Gran reach up under the shirt to pull down a pair of boxers. Unbuttoning the last few buttons, she dropped the shirt on the back of the kitchen chair and stood in all her nude 58 year old glory in front of her daughter and grandson.

“Mum’s not shy, Joey. I guess you’ve realised that by now.”

“Oh Sandy!” Gran playfully slapped her daughter’s bottom, making Mum smile.

One thing Joey did notice about his grandmother, well, two things actually, her boobs were definitely bigger. And she was shaved. Hairless.

“I’m a 38E Joey dear and your Mum’s only got itty bitty titties, like bee stings!”


“Oh, pff!” Gran shooed Joey’s mother away with her hand. “Come on, I’m not going to be the only one standing around in the buff today, am I?”

With that, Gran launched toward Joey, who backed away. “Come on Sandy dear, you grab that side, I’ll grab this side. But don’t rip this adorable little outfit, I want to see him in it again later.”

“Gran! Mum!” The two women came at him and he squirmed to try and get away from them, but all his male strength had left him and besides, his mother knew his secret and she was using it against him. Tickling his rib cage was causing him to wriggle about uncontrollably. His Gran had her fingers on his collar and was undoing his top button.

“Okay, okay, okay!” screamed Joey. “I give. I’ll undress. Please, give me a little space.”

Gran and Mrs. Aames backed off and Joey was true to his word. He began to undress. When he removed his blouse, his Gran gasped and moved in to cup his breasts.

“Oh my! They really are quite something Joey. Do you like them?”

Joey looked down at his grandmothers hands cupping his breasts, then looked up into her eyes. “They are kinda nice, aren’t they?”

“Oh Joey sweet, what I wouldn’t give to have a pair like that.”

Not prepared to be outdone, Joey’s mother butted in. “What you wouldn’t give? Hey, you’ve got boobs. Think about me, would you!”

“Oh baby. You know I think you’re beautiful just as you are. Isn’t your Mum beautiful Joey?”

Joey was immediate with his reply. “Incredibly Mum. You’re absolutely gorgeous.”

Mrs. Aames began to blush, setting off a chain reaction because Joey swiftly removed his bra and his breasts bounced out.

“Wow!” said Gran.

“Wow indeed!”

Joey continued to undress, losing his skirt next, before placing his thumbs in the waistband of his panties.

“Just whip ’em off dear. That’s best!”

Taking Gran’s advice, Joey pulled his Mum’s knickers down his legs until they were situated around his ankles. He stepped out of them and hooked them with his toe, raising one leg to pick them off his foot.

He didn’t quite know what to do with his hands, swinging them loosely in front of him.

“No need to cover yourself up dear. We’ve both seen you now. No more secrets eh? Just us girls here now!”

Joey glanced across at his mother. She was the only one still dressed. Gran looked at her too. Mrs. Aames took the hint.

“Oh, alright then.” She loosened the belt on her robe and let it slip off her shoulders. Catching hold of the hem of her nightie, she lifted it up over her breasts and over her head until she too was naked. Three generations, naked together. Grandmother, mother, daughter. Shaved, hairy, hairy. 38E, 34A, 36C. 58, 37, 18. And two of them had been born male.

“Well Joey, I’ll bet when you went to bed last night, you didn’t imagine this is how you’d be spending this morning.”

“Uh, you can say that again, Gran.”

“So, how’s the old noggin? Mixed up? Confused? Or is it all beginning to sink in yet?”

“Um. I think I’m getting used to it actually Gran. It’s really not so bad, is it?”

“Joey my love, it’s a gift. A precious gift.”

Mrs. Aames was rifling through the holdall her mother had brought. She pulled out a black lace bra and headed across to her son. “Arms out babe.”

Joey obliged and let his mother slip Gran’s bra onto him. Fastening it behind, mother and grandmother both looked at Joey. It was still a bit large. Unsupportive. But it would do fine until they could take him to buy a new one.

“I have the panties to go with that in there somewhere. Could you find them please Sandy?”

“Sure Mum. Here we go. Got them.”

“I can’t wear those! They’re see-through.”

“You’re right. Joey, have you given any thought to your topiary?”

“My what?”

“I think what Mum is trying to say Joey, is do you favour the natural look, or the au naturel look?”

“You mean, shave?”

“We do.”

“I can’t. I mean, will it carry over when I transform back? I still don’t understand how I’m brown down there and blonde up top. But, I don’t want to be bald down there when I change back. I think, as a woman, I like Gran’s, but as a bloke, it’ll just look weird.”

“Sweetheart, you don’t have to worry. It doesn’t carry over. I know what you’re saying though. As a man, you’re absolutely right, it looks a little weird, like an elephant’s trunk. It needs some texture, some contrast. That’s why as a man I’m, oh, for heaven’s sake, it’s easier just to show you.”

Gran’s face distorted slightly, her feminine features becoming gradually more masculine. She also started to get taller and her shoulders broadened, her breasts and backside flattened out, her hips narrowed and her muscles really began to kick in. And of course the hair on her head got shorter. And then there was the thing between her legs. Her knob!

“Gran!” Joey blushed and turned his head as though trying to look away, but his eyes became firmly fixated on his grandmother’s cock. And it was a hairy cock at that.

Flustered, Joey said, “Thanks Gran, I get the idea. Now please change back!”

George Clooney smiled at him and then obliged, changing back into Gran right before his eyes.

“God, how do you do that, you make it look so easy?”

“Years of practise my love. It’ll come to you.”

“I don’t even know how to change back. I tried and nothing, nada.”

“Joey, the most important thing is probably to feel relaxed. You don’t want any weight on your shoulders, you just want to feel free and unburdened. Then, just picture it.”

Joey tried his best to relax, standing there in Gran’s bra and nothing else. He shrugged his shoulders a few times and thought of his old male self. Shutting his eyes, he breathed in deeply, then exhaled.

“Did it work?”

He saw his mother and grandmother looking back, both shaking their heads. “No dear. But don’t let that bother you. It’ll happen all by itself sooner or later and once you know how it feels, you’ll remember that feeling and what you did and before you know it, you’ll be changing back and forth just for the fun of it.”

“I hope you’re right. I have work on Monday.”

“So! Anyway, did you decide? On a look, I mean.”

“Down there? Oh, um. Yeah, I think I’m gonna give shaving a go. Is there anything I have to watch out for?”

“Not especially dear. Just go slow and be gentle, that’s all. It’s actually a bit more hazardous shaving around a penis than it is a vulva. But we’ll help you anyway.”

“Uh, no. I think that’s one thing I’d prefer to do myself”

“Okay sweetie, my razor’s in the cabinet.”

“Mum, I have my own razor.”

“Yeah, you might want to use mine. It has an aloe vera strip. It’s kinder to lady parts.”

“Um, okay, in the cabinet? Thanks Mum.”

“And Joey sweetheart?”

“Yeah Mum?”

“Might want to take a look at your legs and armpits too.”


Joey turned to walk up the stairs in just his bra, leaving his grandmother and mother naked in the kitchen.

“Joey,” his mother called out. “I love you.”

“I love you Mum. And you Grandma, I love you too.”

Joey carried on up, but overheard his mother saying, “Isn’t he the best?”

In the bathroom, it was Joey’s first opportunity, by himself, in acceptance of his situation, to really explore. He fumbled with the clasp thingy on the back of Gran’s bra, but really couldn’t make it work for him. Instead, he released his boobs from the cups and pulled the straps off his shoulders. He twisted it around so the clasp was in front and finally managed to release it.

Wow, those boobs were awesome. They were exactly what he would have been attracted to as a boy. He bounced them up and down in his hands, feeling their weight, their springiness. They were so soft, all of him in fact, was softer, his skin was so supple, his elbows, his knees. But his boobs were simply divine. He traced a finger over each nipple and watched in surprise as each one immediately hardened. They were so sensitive and gently circling his areola was just so delightful it made him coo.

Lifting just his left breast in both hands, he dipped his head forward, opening his mouth and poking out his tongue. Oh God, he could actually do it. He could lick his own nipple, suck on it, trap it between his lips, nibble on it. That was incredible. It was just so spongy and slippery. It was the first breast he’d ever wrapped his teenage mouth around. He had to do the same with the other.

Breathing more heavily now, he lifted one arm to brush his hair out of his face and saw his reflection in the mirror. He did have pit hair. So he decided to take care of that first, foaming up the little tufts of brown hair under his noticeably more slender upper arms. Shaving in short strokes and rinsing the razor in the sink water. When he was done, he stepped into the bath and sat on the inside edge and lathered up his legs, shaving those too. The only thing that was left was the pussy cat.

Joey could hear the words of a Tom Jones song going around in his head. His mother was a big fan. Tom was a local boy, grew up in a village not twenty miles from here. Made it big in the world.

Pussy cat, pussy cat, you’re so thrilling and I’m so willing, to care for you…

He rubbed his fingers over his mound and let his fingers find the natural passage, allowing them to glide between his labia. He looked down, but all he really could see was his hair. He took the scissors and cautiously trimmed away at his bush while pressing his thighs to the bathroom sink. Shedding much of his fleece, he lathered up.

God, that felt good. The brush. It was so lovely down there, so warm and mmm. Oh, he could get used to this. Before he knew it, he was working the badger’s hair shaving brush in between his legs, exploring his new feminine curves. Dipping it in and out of the warm water, letting it dust over his soft skin, his inner thighs, even letting the lather creep inside his new opening. He could picture himself lying in the bath at some point, letting himself get willingly fucked by that thing. It just felt soooo gooood.

Taking Mum’s pink razor, he gradually began to clear away the remaining stubble. The more contact he had with it, the more he felt it coming to life, opening up a little, bit by bit, blossoming. Was it his imagination? Or were his lips getting puffier? Parting all of their own accord to let his petals bloom.

He could only think, if his penis was there, by now, all the manhandling would have woken it up and it would be sticking straight out in front, just getting in the way. Silly penis, a mind of its own. So expressive, but always giving the game away. New equipment, new game. And he was going to adore learning to play.

When Joey was finally bare, he washed away excess lather and patted his pussy dry. Sitting down on the edge of the bath, his fingers once again explored his new plaything. Of course, he just had to feel inside. He pushed his fingers in, but a little way back met with some resistance. It even hurt slightly, so he backed off, focusing instead in what was around the surface.

It was just so soft down there, like nothing he’d ever experienced. He wanted to know. An orgasm. What did it feel like for a woman? He quietly turned the door handle and crept out into his room, feeling around in his jeans pocket for his smartphone, then returned to the bathroom.

He opened up his web browser, bookmarks, folders, found the right one, waited for the site to load. Looked over the new videos, selected one and started to watch. His fingers found their way between his legs once more and he started to focus his attention right around his new opening, rubbing up and down at the entrance to his vagina.

The video was two lesbians kissing and licking each other all over. There were copious amounts of flesh on display and nothing was left to the imagination. Joey rubbed and rubbed, his fingers slipping slightly inside, round and round. There was a little bit of wetness, but really not much and after five minutes and twenty-eight seconds when the video came to an end, he really wasn’t anymore excited than when he’d started. As a boy, he would have blown his load before a video like that was even half over. Perhaps he was doing it wrong.

Then he heard footsteps on the stairs. “Joey? How’s it going in there baby?”

“Oh, fine Mum. Just finishing up. I’ll be out in a sec.”

Oh well. That was enough for now, he’d try again later. He picked up Gran’s bra and fastened it in front of him again, then twisted it around and lifted the straps up over his shoulders. He just had to check the goods were in their containers. All good, so he exited the bathroom and walked down the stairs. His mother and grandmother, both still naked, were waiting patiently at the bottom, staring into his smooth snatch.

“Oh, that is beautiful darling.” His grandmother reached out her hand and felt the smoothness of her grandson’s pussy. “Okay, on with the panties.”

Joey stepped in and he had to admit, he was impressed. His grandmother had taste. He rubbed his fingers over the front of his sheer panties, feeling his freshly shaved mound beneath, recognising the contours and where his lips had their natural parting. But he could hardly feel himself up in front of Mum and Gran, who by now was holding up some stockings and smiling all over her face like she was privy to some special womanly secret.

Joey sat at the bottom of the stairs as his grandmother and mother knelt, one at each leg. He rested one foot on each of their thighs. His grandmother was first, feeling the smoothness of his freshly shaven legs, before bunching the black nylon stocking at the end of his toes, then slowly unfurling it, over his heal, up and over his ankle, his calf, over his knee, stroking the nylon smooth with her trailing hand, before running out of fabric three quarters of the way up his thigh.

“Oh my God, Gran, that feels simply sublime.”

His mother’s turn was next and her eyes sparkled at him the whole time she smoothly rolled the other stocking up his leg. Joey clenched his fists and bit his lower lip. He felt more sexual from that alone than he had done the whole time he had watched lesbian porn in the bathroom. Maybe he wasn’t a lesbian, maybe he was straight. Would that be so awful? Being a straight woman rather than a gay one?

“I’ve got something for you. It was one of my favourite dresses when I was your age. I can’t fit into it anymore, but I could never part with it. If it looks good on you Joey, you can have it.”

Gran held up the dress. It was black and cream, with a deep V diagonal split down the front. The right sleeve and top right triangle were cream. Then the other arm, the bottom left triangle and the skirt section were black. Since the V reached a long way down the chest, when Joey put it on, his breasts really stood out. His cleavage really popped.

“Give us a twirl sweetheart.”

Joey turned for them. “It feels lovely Gran. I’m just going to run upstairs and look in Mum’s mirror.”

He stood face on. God, he was beautiful. The dress was perfect. It was the prettiest thing ever, he didn’t ever want to take it off. He turned to the side so he could look at his bottom. He let his hands trace over his soft globes. He loved it. This was turning into the best experience of his life.

As he was looking in the mirror, his mother and grandmother came in, though both now had dressed. Mrs. Aames was back in her dressing gown and Gran had brought a change of clothing with her.

“Come sit down in the window, baby.”

His mother knelt in front of him and brought out a few items Joey recognised as being makeup.

“Mum? Do I have to?”

“Wouldn’t you like to try sweetheart?”

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