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Travelers Aid, In the 50’s when air travel was in its infancy, most Americans traveled by train, or bus, even more than traveled by automobile as the interstate highway system was years away from being completed. Servicemen, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines utilized the trains and buses almost exclusively, as the railroads and bus companies extended considerable savings to the traveling GI’s, in the form of furlough rates. Every big city bus station or train depot had its share of uniform travelers around the clock. Travelers Aid was a volunteer organization that helped all travelers who were passing through their cities. The volunteers were generally middle age and older, and mostly female, many of them were widows of the world wars, Their compassion for the troops was genuine.

I was passing through Washington DC, from my Navy Base in New England, I had arranged for a ride with another shipmate and his brother who had been in the Navy a long time and owned an automobile. The car broke down on the New Jersey Turnpike and I wound up hitchhiking down to DC where I hoped to catch a train on to WV to visit my folks. To say my funds were limited would be a gross understatement, My base pay of $73 had been increased a little in my first year in the Navy and I was now making almost $100 a MONTH, I had paid my share of the expenses for my shipmates brothers car, and of course he needed it all to get his car running again, so I was out that much, I also had enough to pay for a train ticket, but funds to spend the night were out of the question even at the low cost YMCA. I was prepared to sleep in the station that night and take the train on to early the next morning. I chose an empty bench near the travelers aid desk in the terminal.

I was half sleeping, half sitting at around 11 PM when a well dressed middle aged lady came over and asked me if I were planning on spending the night in the terminal, I told her I was and she asked me if I had eaten this evening I told her I ate lunch on the base before I left , I had also taken an apple tucked into my Pea Coat, but it had long since been consumed. She told me her name was Irma and her husband was a Navy Lt, who went down with his submarine during WWII. Irma asked me why I had not sought help from her or the other ladies at Travelers rize escort Aid as they were there for just such help, I told her that I didn’t like to ask for help and would be alright when I got to WV the next day, I was not completely broke, but needed some funds for my leave, I planned on buying breakfast the next day before boarding the train. She was having none of this and told me to get my bag, that she would take me home with her and feed me and let me sleep at her house, then get me back to the station in time for the train the next day.

She lived just across the river in Arlington, and she pointed out the various sites as we drove from the station through DC, I could not believe my luck, when we got to her house it was obvious that she lived very comfortably, her house was spacious and beautiful. We went straight to the kitchen where she made me two delicious ham sandwiches and poured milk for me. Irma watched me eat then showed me to the spare bedroom, she showed me the bathroom and told me to shower and change into some pajamas, which I assumed had belonged to her late husband. I took my shower, put on the pj’s but before turning in I went back into the living room, she was sitting in the semi dark, playing records, she had changed into pajamas and a long dressing gown. I walked over to her and told her how much I appreciate the assistance, but told her she should not have done so much.

She looked up at me and started to cry, I reached out to touch her hair she was still sitting and I was standing before her. She hugged me and told me that the pj’s I had on were indeed her late husbands that she knew it was foolish to keep them but held on to them and most of her husbands things, Irma told me I must have thought she was a foolish old lady for feeling like this. I told her that I thought she was the sweetest thing in the world, treating me like this and it was I that was foolish for being in such a predicament and speaking of predicament my dick was starting to predick I needed some relief. I could not hide my erection as she was hugging me, she brushed against my tenting pajamas and pulled back, I told her I was sorry and she told me not to be as she considered it quite a compliment that a young man would get so excited around an old lady.

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her, It was the softest feeling kiss I had ever shared in my young life. We stood there kissing for at least 5 minutes, when we finally broke I told her she wasn’t old, but the most beautiful, voluptuous woman I had ever seen, I meant every word of it, and I believe she knew I was sincere. She told me that she had not been with another man since her husband went off to war, that she had dated some, and that there had been a few young servicemen that she brought home, but only to spend the night and had never wanted any of them, but her body was betraying her now and she wanted me to take her into my bedroom and make love to her.

As soon as we got into my room I opened her gown and pajamas, her breast were not huge but perfectly formed and as soon as I kissed her nipples they sprang out like like bullets, I licked and sucked them one after the other and back again, finally she pushed me playfully back onto the bed and pulled off my pj bottoms, my cock was hard as steel and leaking like a water fountain. She went to her knees and took my cock into her mouth and began sucking like there was no tomorrow. It will take longer to tell this than it took me to cum but till that time I had never had a blowjob, Needles to say I lasted all of about 1 minute, I tried to warn her and pull her off but she took everything I had built up in me and drained my balls.

She finally succeeded in draining me and swallowing my load, I realized that I had left her hanging and started to apologize but she came up to me kissed me and told me not to worry that she had enjoyed it as much as I did., I told her that I had never had so much pleasure and that I wanted to give her as much., She looked at me and laughed, her crying now replaced by a beautiful smile. She was holding onto my cock and asked me if always stayed hard so soon after releasing such a big load. It may never go down with you sucking it and holding it I told her but I wanted to pleasure her as well, we pulled off the rest of our pajamas and scrambled to get into position, imagine my surprise when she got on top, and lowered her beautiful pussy onto my cock, another first for me, and as she was sliding down on it she cood, like a bird, Uh, Oh, Ah, till she was fully seated on my raging hard on.

Her pussy I believe had not been used for a long time because she was as tight as the high school girls that I had previously screwed, but I never had one ride me like Irma was doing, she came down kissing me and running her hard tits across my chest, then she went back up, almost bouncing completely off my dick and every time she came back down I was afraid I was going to loose it again, but I wanted to make sure she came this time and in now time she was squeezing my dick and whimpering, I’m there, I’m there, Oh God.. I could not hold out any longer and filled her pussy the way I already filled her mouth. She laid on me kissing me for another 5 minutes, then she kissed her way down my chest and belly to my dick where she once again took it into her sweet mouth and cleaned mine and her juices off it. She came back up and kissed me again, this time I could taste our juices, and rather than be turned off it turned me on more.

Irma noticed that I did not mind tasting us both so she asked me if I had ever eaten pussy before, I told her not yet but I would like to now, she mentioned that her pussy was filled with a lot of juicy cum, and that I would probably get more if sucked her now but she would consider it the greatest compliment if I would clean her out. Nothing could stop me now, I slid down into the bed and went immediately into her steamy pussy with my lips and tongue, She was so hot, wet and sweet, I was from that moment on hooked on tasty cummy pussy., I remain hooked today some 50 years later. I don’t know how many times she came as I ate her out, nor how long I kept my tongue in her pussy that night, we went to sleep in that position.

The next morning I awoke still laying between her legs, she was still asleep, so I resumed what I was doing the previous night, she didn’t sleep much longer and pulled my face into her pussy for more loving this time she climaxed and pushed me away saying enough, you have to catch a train. I went up to her and kissed her again, this time the kiss was even better than the first one. I told her that I had 14 days leave and that I was sure I could catch the train the next day, and she started crying again. She told me if I spent another day with her she might never be able to let me go, but we did spend that other day together and another night, but that will have be told later if there is any interest.

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