Triple Play


**This story is fictional and the first of what I hope to be many stories. I hope you enjoy it**


He opened his eyes and smiled. Today would be a good day.

Reaching beneath the covers, he gave a cursory stroke of his cock. “Today we’re going to have some fun.” he muttered aloud. Michael was a very lucky man, indeed

He rolled out of bed and stretched. His 6’1 frame sporting defined muscles and a penis average in length at 7 inches, but quite thick. He admired his morning erection in the mirror and walked to the bathroom.

After a quick shower, he walked confidently down the hall to another bedroom and entered without knocking.

On the floor among large pillows and down comforters lay his ‘harem’. Three beautiful women all devoted to him and his pleasure.

Maggie was a 5’6, red head with large round breasts, a small waist and an ass that could stop a clock. Her peach-colored nipples were slightly erect.

Sheila, 5’8 and raven-haired, was sprawled out in her slumber revealing a hairless pussy and gorgeous firm 34D breasts.

Delia was a blonde. 5’4 and very petite. Her small frame almost overpowered by 38D breasts.

Michael took a moment to gaze at the 3 women before softly saying it was time to get up and get ready. Within 30 minutes they were in their special play room together.

He went to each of them, gently kissing their lips, the tip of his tongue poking theirs, his fingers lightly teasing their nipples. Each girl responded with a moan showing him how very much she wanted to be his first. This was a tough decision every day. Which girl would he taste first?

Michael directed the girls to sit in their chairs. Tall chairs with padded armrests to sling their legs over and backs that allowed them to slightly recline.

Maggie, Sheila and Delia quickly took their seats and spread their legs wide, their pussies glistening with anticipation.

Sheila was in the center and her hairless pussy adıyaman escort was just too luscious for him to resist. He moved his face close to her and inhaled her scent, sticking the tip of his tongue out to lightly flick across her clit, causing her to gasp at the sensation.

Her gasp enticed him to slowly drag the flat of his tongue up her pussy several times. As she writhed at his touch, he withdrew and moved to to the left to Maggie. Her eyes were glazed with excitement as he gave her pussy the same treatment. Her hips quivering.

Delia knew the same treatment was soon to come for her and shallowly breathing, tilted her pelvis upwards as his mouth descended towards her pussy.

After all three had been teased, Michael backed away to admire their restless bodies, their glazed expressions, their stiff nipples. He moved back in to suck on each nipple of each girl. Moving down the line and back. Giving a long soft suckle as he slid one finger slowly in and out of their pussy and licking it clean before moving on to the next.

By now the three were openly moaning, their pussies incredibly wet.

He pulled Delia and Sheila from their chairs and instructed Maggie to stay for a moment.

Pushing each girl to their knees, he put his hands on his hips and allowed them to lick his thick cock. Each of them nudging the other out of the way for a chance to suck on the head or to lap at his balls.

Not wanting to get too excited, too quickly he positioned them on their hands and knees facing away from each other and pulled Maggie down from her chair to get on all fours in front of him.

He reached to the basket of toys and produced a double-headed dildo. he rubbed one head on Sheila’s pussy, then the other on Delias. The two arched their backs but knew better than to move more until told to do so.

Reaching just under the head of each end, he gently pushed the toy inside Delias pussy just as the other head adıyaman escort bayan parted the pussy lips of Sheila and slid inside her. He tapped their legs as a signal to move towards one another and stopped them when the dildo had moved halfway into their pussies.

This was all about timing now and he stroked Maggie’s back as he grasped his cock and teasingly stroked her pussy with the tip.

“You’re all so beautiful.”, he said softly, “Would you like to cum for me?”

They responded in a chorus of affirmative moans and Michael slowly inserted his fat dick halfway into Maggie’s pussy.

He instructed them in a low, loving voice, “You are to let me set the pace. My cock will belong to Maggie this session, but Delia and Sheila, you will be pleasured by the dildo at the same momentum. One cannot climax without the other two. Nor can two climax without the third. If one of you nears climax and the others are not ready, we will stop and begin again.”

He asked if they understood and again, they moaned out their assent.

Michael slowly thrust halfway into Maggie as he grasped the center of the dildo piercing the other two and slid it slowly back and forth between them. One stroke in one girl meant the out-stroke for the other. His cock moving in precision within the confines of Maggie’s pussy. All of his motions were slow, meant to tease, to prolong their pleasure.

The 3 trembled in their efforts not to move until directed. The erotic electricity filled the room. Michael had mirrors all over the room. He loved watching their struggle to do as he asked. They knew he’d eventually give them a tremendous climax. They just had to be patient and obedient.

After several minutes, he stopped stroking and held the dildo still. His fingers reached under Maggie and he traced slow circles over her clit. She gritted her teeth to avoid the building orgasm and he stopped. Each of the other girls were also teased in escort adıyaman this manner. Each managing to stave off the pleasure they craved until he moved his hand away.

He began stroking his cock and moving the dildo at a quicker pace. The sound of their slick pussies being fucked filled the room, the combined smell of their arousal filling his nostrils and causing his cock to thicken even more inside Maggie.

He knew that each was ready to climax but feared being stopped just before reaching that pleasure if she were the first. It was within this power struggle that he enjoyed setting them off.

He increased both the pace and the depth of his thrusts. Each of the three being soundly fucked. Their moans becoming more high-pitched, more fevered.

He groaned deep in his throat, knowing he would soon climax himself.

He reached under Maggie and rubbed her clit firmly, giving her and the others permission to move freely. Delia and Sheila reached underneath themselves to rub their own clits vigorously. They began fucking the dildo, their asses slapping together as Michael withdrew his hand and placed it on the small of Maggie’s back, his hips slamming his cock home with every thrust.

The 3 women began to climax almost simultaneously. Maggie’s cock clenched and milked his cock as her pussy drenched his balls and their thighs with her cum. Delia and Sheila arched their backs as their pussies ground against one another in the sheer heat of the moment.

Michael allowed them to draw out the pleasure for a moment then instructed them it was time for them to focus on his cock.

He slid slowly out of Maggie’s quivering pussy and lay back on the floor; the three converging on his cock and balls as if to a banquet.

Their tongues and lips carressed and pleasured him until he felt his balls tighten and his climax exploded from him. His semen rained down on them as they clambered over one another to lick it off his body like kittens.

As his climax subsided, Michael stroked their hair and muttered praises. When he was able to compose himself, he sent one to cook lunch, and the other two remained behind to clean him with their mouths. They napped after lunch in a heap on his king-sized bed.

“Rest, my beauties.”, he whispered, as he dozed among them. “Tonight we play another game.”

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