True Love Ch. 04


*Alright, the people have spoken and longer it is. I strayed from being long winded hoping to not lose readers in the details. Still won’t be really long, but I’m gonna try. Also finally got a spellchecker, man the first chapters were filled with mistakes!*


The weeks passed with Sam and I growing to know each other in a whole new way. We spent nights exploring one another’s body. I learned that Sam had a birthmark on her left hip in the shape of a tiny heart. It was so small that it took me a few days to finally find it. We, despite all our intimate contact, decided to save our virginities for the right moment. In moments not spent exploring Sam would tutor me and we even took up working out with each other. We explored all our campus had to offer with what little money we had. The growing pressure of finances had become an increasingly popular topic in our spare time.

I will sidetrack here and explain something. As I had said earlier, Sam and I grew up as next door neighbors all our life. The only difference between her family and mine was that that her family was filthy rich. When she was away before freshman year she wasn’t visiting family in some other state, she was out with her parents touring Europe for two months.

Sam’s father, Steve, is a highly successful trader on the stock market that managed to be so good at predicting the market that he was able to make it through the crash with a profit. Her mother, Stephanie, was the youngest partner ever at her firm as well as first female partner ever.

On the other side of the fence was my family. My dad, Nathan, works as a Chief in the police force and that was where he met Sam’s mother and how our families became close before either me or Sam’s birth. My mom, Julia, is a nurse who worked long hours in the past ensuring I would never want for anything.

Our homes weren’t upscale, but they weren’t the worst ever. If you could imagine the American dream home nestled in a sprawling suburbia, that home in your head would be our homes. The only reason they lived in suburbia and not in a massive mansion was because of her father. Steve was cautious beyond belief and wanted to live in a home that Steph could afford herself in case he lost everything on the market.

Now despite our full scholarships and our “comfortable” families, from which we were given a small allowance each month, we would eventually have to find a source of income. They wanted to teach us not to rely on others to survive. Granted, most college kids were far worse off than us and didn’t have scholarships or parents that provided for them, but then again there were also kids that drove cars and had apartments without having ever worked a job in their life. That wasn’t the case with us though. On top of having top of the class grades, Sam acquired an internship with one of the doctors that worked in the same hospital as my mother. I, on the other hand, worked long nights for minimum wage at a movie theater as an usher.

Thoughts like these only serve to depress me. Next to Sam I felt so small, in every way. Not only was Sam taller, smarter, and charismatic she was also more hung. It’s truly funny in a sad way that the only thing I think I could do better was hitting a ball. At least I have that going for me.

Anyway, getting back on track, in the months that passed before midterms Sam managed perfect grades in every class and maintained a perfect standing with every professor. She was the talk of campus and it was inevitable that the truth about her became common knowledge. Surprisingly no one really cared. Yeah, sure, some people treated her differently. The guys were a lot less willing to bend under her charm.

Most of the difference of treatment fell on me. In practice I was picked on for being with a guy, for being the little “faggot.” That word stung more than any other word. I never told Sam out of fear of what she would do to them. I just took it in stride because it never affected my position on the squad or my play in the field during scrimmages. My grades were passable at best when we started, but with the help of Sam I pulled together a string of A’s and B’s with the occasional C.

Together Sam and I continued the tradition of going to every home football game and sitting in the same seats. After each game we went out to the houses on campus and party hopped. With our combined workouts I toned up and Sam continued to shape her body with the greatest of ease. The only time Sam broke her strict diet was when I had gotten her something. Her conviction was contagious and soon enough I found myself sharing her diet in hopes it would improve my play in the field.

Sam’s diet consisted of a strict guideline. For six days a week she couldn’t eat any form of carbohydrates. She had to consume at least 20 grams of protein with every meal, especially breakfast. In the morning she usually ate the same meal of 4 boiled eggs, leftover beans, and sausage. On the seventh day she could eat anything vbet and everything she wanted and man could she eat. She would take in as much junk and calories as she could and sure enough her body would mold to the perfect picture she held in her head when she sculpted herself with specific workouts.

When I adopted the diet it became just another thing that we shared together. It was a thing that connected myself to Sam on another level. It also helped that, with the insane increase of protein in my diet, I started to lift more than I thought I ever could. Sam kept me in check though, making sure that I took care of myself in her motherly way. She made sure I stretched and kept my tendons loose. Since certain foods were banned, for the most part, she insisted on us taking multi-vitamins to ensure our bodies received every essential nutrient.

Halloween came and passed and Sam dressed as a Playboy bunny while I dressed as Hugh Hefner. The costumes were a hit at the parties in which we had the best of times. When we got back to our room, completely inebriated, it was hard to resist her. She was convinced, alcohol pouring from her breath, that it was the night. After a small struggle the booze eventually won and she simply collapsed. We had a more serious talk the next day over coffee about when it should be. We had both agreed that the tension was starting to overflow and that it would need to be soon. With mid-terms approaching the stress was too much to think about it, but after they were done we had the week off for Thanksgiving. We decided that it was the perfect time. We didn’t know when exactly, and didn’t want to. All we knew was that by the time we returned from the Fall break we would no longer be virgins.


“Are your bags packed?”

“Of course they are, what kind of question is that silly? How about you mister, are you all ready to go? You do know we leave tonight right?”

“I know, and yes I’m ready. I just gotta make sure I do good on my last mid-term. It’s gonna be really hard to get a degree without passing the basic courses.” My head was buried in a math book.

“What are you trying to do again, besides baseball.” She said while doing some ab workouts in the corner.

“I don’t even know anymore, I figure I might as well do sports management or something like that.”

“The hell you gonna do with that?”

“Well the way I figure it, if I don’t get drafted I could always find some baseball team and work my way through the organization somehow. You know, do the desk thing.”

“I like the uniform better.”

“So do I, and maybe with your help I can be even better than I was in high school and play in the majors someday.”

“You know what’s…funny? Before…high school…you didn’t even…like baseball. Now…you’re so good…you got a scholarship.” It was funny hearing her try and talk in-between her crunches.

“I liked baseball…It’s just that I didn’t wanna play sports with all those dumb jocks.”

“But you’re one of those jocks now?”

“I play ball, but I’m not one of those meat heads.”

“Having trouble with math aren’t ya?”

“Shut-up.” I grinned over at her knowing she was right.

“You know I’m right and you love me for it.” She had finished and came to sit in my lap.

“I do love you, you and your damn psychology.” I kissed her cheek.

“You’ll do fine love. I know you know it, you’re just psyching yourself out. Now quit studying for a minute and help me stretch out.” She kissed my cheek in return.

I don’t know who invented yoga pants but god bless that person. It was routine for us to stretch after each workout. Sam was trying to get flexible to do the splits. A “personal challenge” as she put it that she wanted to be able to do before next semester. When we first started the workouts stretching was the most enticing form of foreplay. Our bodies were covered in sweat and dripping pheromones. As Sam told me, our minds were flooded with endorphins that acted to increase our lust. Holding her legs still, my hands would wander up her thighs across the smooth material of her pants. Her ass accented by the tight material looked good enough to eat. I would grope and feel in the seconds before switching to a new position. She would grow visibly harder with each new stretch. When it came my turn she would take the same liberties with my ass as I had with hers. The exception was that I was wearing gym shorts and she had access to my naked skin through the trunks. Her hand would find my aching member underneath the strained material and begin to stroke before bending me over into a new stretch. We would eventually find ourselves standing and bending over to stretch our quads. We took to helping each other in this position as well. She would pull out her monstrous member and plant it between my cheeks and start to thrust. Her dick would slide along the fabric and I could feel the heat on my covered hole. Needless to say that was our favorite vbet giriş stretch and we would take some extra time completing that one.

“Do we have time to mess around before you have to leave for your test?”

“Not this time lover, I gotta leave in like 10 minutes.”

“You could give me a handjob?” It was always the smile that got me.

“Alright, but it’s gotta be a quick one. No trying to hold it like last time. I think my arm hurts more from that than the workout.”

“Okay sweetie. Thank you!”

She was sitting on the ground with her legs spread and her knees bent. She was pulling off her yoga pants, exposing her beautiful tanned skin, when her member flopped onto the carpet. I crawled between her legs and started kissing her. Every time we pleased each other it would begin with a kiss. Her lips were always sweet and intoxicating. It was during our kisses that we would both grow hard instantly without fail. I fell to my elbows after a minute and kissed the head of her member. The strong scent of her workout filled my nose. Her dick was slick already and glistened with sweat. The thickness filled my hand as I begin to build my rhythm. I was never one to produce much pre-cum, but Sam poured it by the spoonful. After coating her in her own juices I leaned down to lick under her tip. Her pre was much sweeter than her actual cum.

“Faster Alex…”

After months of practice I had the keys to her release. Her thick base was strong and she only grew more sensitive the higher my hand rose. So as my hand came down I would squeeze just a little tighter and loosen on the way up, letting my fingers glide just barely over her tip. Before no time she would be coated with pre-cum and my hand could slide with an ever increasing pace. I could always tell when she was about to cum because her usually very narrow tip would start to mushroom uncontrollably becoming even thicker than the bottom of her swollen member. When it stopped growing I placed my open mouth over her wet slit and slowed my rhythm.

“I’m cumming baby! Oh thank you sweetie! Ugh….”

The first blast of her cum always makes me flinch despite knowing that it’s coming. I’ve grown used to the thickness of her sperm. The bitterness still gives me problems, but the amount she produces is simply too much to fall somewhere to clean up, learned that one the hard way. By the time she stops my mouth is filled with thick white cum and as always, I swallow. I look at the clock we installed on the wall and realize I have one minute left before I have to leave.

“Just in time, thanks for the protein shake baby.” I kiss her forehead and stand to check if I got any of her cum on me.

“Wait up baby, I’ll walk you to your class.” She moved quickly to make herself presentable. “I need to get a few miles in anyway, might as well give you some company on the walk.”

“Thanks sweetie, you ready.” I opened the door.

“Yeah, just grabbing my bottle.”

We started down the hall and the stairs and out the door of the dorm. She clung to my elbow the entire walk.

“Thank you sweetie. I’ll be sure to make it up to you later.”

“Thanks baby, don’t worry Sammie, you know all you have to do is ask and I got you. Besides, I don’t need to cum to enjoy myself. I like pleasing you, it makes me happy knowing you are.”

“Oh Alex, you’re the best. You make me happy Alex, more than anyone ever could.”

“So what are you gonna do for the next few hours before we take off?”

“Well I figured I might run around for five miles or so and then shower and change. Then after that I gotta make lunch for us. Kidney beans and chicken with some mixed vegetables. Then after that I’m not sure, might just read one of my psychology books.”

“That sounds really nice, wish I could join you. Can you make my chicken with extra garlic this time?”

“Sure thing sweetie! Now relax, I know you’ll do fine. Just remember your formulas and take your time.”

I kissed her goodbye and told her I’d see her in a few hours. Professor Adams was waiting by the door to her classroom handing out a sealed test booklet. Her smile was courteous, most likely from the fact that I was one of the first inside. Professor Adams was one of my favorite teachers despite her teaching my least favorite subject. She was always smiling and didn’t drag through the subject with a monotone voice. After Sam started tutoring me she noticed my work was done with an added effort to succeed and began to try and help me more. The exam began shortly after everyone filed in. It was visible how upset Miss Adams was from the four missing students. Most of the professors were apathetic to their student’s success or failure, but not her.

I finished my test before I knew it and turned it in. Turns out I was the first one to turn it in and the look of surprise on Professor Adams face showed. After a quick exchange of smiles I turned and left pleased with how easy each answer flowed from me. vbettr A quick glance at the clock above the door showed that it only took me a bit over two hours out of the four to finish. Maybe I could get back in time before lunch gets cold.

The hall outside our room smelled of food and I quickly walked in to find Sam reading her book on her bed, as she had said she would be. There were two plates of food sitting on the end table with plastic wrap over them, steam still visible under the surface.

“Baby! Oh my god that was fast! How’d it go?” She snapped her book shut and jumped into my arms from the top bunk.

“Really well, even Professor Adams seemed surprised. You hungry? I’m starving.”

“I told you you’d be just fine and yeah I’m starving. I just finished it like 15 minutes ago, with the plastic it should still be warm.” She disengaged from me and started to remove the plastic careful not to spill the condensed water.

“How was your run sweetie?” I was handed a paper plate that was still warm on the bottom.

“It was nice, it’s a perfect day outside for a jog. So I figure…” She paused to take a bite. “I figure we could head to the rental place and pick up the car and head out right after the meal.” Another bite. “We could be home by dinner time.” She spoke still chewing her food.

“That sounds good to me baby, can’t wait to get on the road.” I said almost finished with my meal already. “Great job on the food Sammie, perfect amount of garlic.” We smiled.


We ended up grabbing a small late model family sedan from the rental place. After grabbing our stuff we headed toward the highway. It would take us about four hours to get home. I was driving and Sam sat in the passenger seat playing with the iPod picking through her country collection.

“Ooh I love Joe Nichols, it’s sad that his best album was his first one.” She said picking the song “Joe’s Place.”

“His new one isn’t bad.”

“Yeah, I’ll give you that.” She started singing when the chorus came on.

“Hey, I don’t mean to interrupt my future country star over there, but have we decided on what we’re doing when we get back?”

“Whatdya mean?”

“I mean, did you decide on how we’re gonna play this around our parents? Are we gonna tell them, are we gonna sleep in separate beds and houses the whole time, or are we gonna let them know right away?”

“Oh that….” She paused to think for a while and started to pick the next song before the first one was even finished. “Uhm…What do you think?”

“I think we should let them know. I mean, I’m pretty sure they have been expecting us to date for years now. I think they’d be happy.”

“Mine would maybe. I don’t know about yours though.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Think about this in the long term for a minute Alex. You’re their only son. If you are with me that means they lost their chance at ever having a biological grandchild. Yeah there’s artificial insemination, but is it the same? Are they gonna be okay with it? Are you going to be okay with it if they aren’t?”

“Oh, wow…” Her words stopped me. I hadn’t really thought about the possibility that my parents wouldn’t accept my relationship with Sam. “Sam, you’re more important than anyone in my life. If they aren’t okay with it then so be it. You’re all I need and they can either accept us or spend the rest of their lives in angry about it.”

“That’s really sweet what you’re saying sweetie, but it may be harder than you think. I’m with you in your decision to tell them. I love you.”

“I love you Sam.”

We drove for a couple hours and had a pretty good jam session going on after we discussed how we would break it to our parents. We decided to get it out in the open as soon as we got back. It was after a spell of highway hypnosis that I decided I needed an energy drink and pulled of the highway to stop at a gas station. We both got out and used the restroom. She finished after me and told me she would fill up the tank while I got the drinks. I grabbed one of those Lemonade Rockstars and a water for Sam. I hopped in the car after paying the cashier and we headed down the road.

“You know if you’re feeling tired baby I could help you stay awake if you want?”

“How is that love? Wanna start another sing-off?”

“I had something a little more…exciting in mind.” Her hand drifted to my thigh and I felt my crotch pulse. “I still owe you for this afternoon after all.” She paused while starting to unzip and unbutton my jeans. “No objections? Alright then.”

Her slender fingers wrapped around my quickly growing dick and started to jerk it slowly. My hands tightened around the steering wheel and I must’ve looked like a deer in the headlights with the focus I held on the road ahead of me. When I was at full attention in her hand I felt a set of warm lips on me. Her head was in my lap and her mouth was working me over. I felt the urge to cum already from the excitement alone. It had always been a distant fantasy to get “road head” and now it was happening. If I thought I had the keys to Sam’s release, Sam had the keys to mine plus a spare set. She knew the perfect pressure, the perfect suction, and how to use her tongue just right.

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