Two Girls, One Boy, Multiple Orgasms


Honestly, I never thought group sex was something I would participate in. I almost considered it science-fiction. I mean, really, threesomes and moresomes are just the storybook world of porn movies, right?

Life has taught me different. Like last week while my cock was pushing inside Brenda and her lover Sandra did what she could to encourage me.

“Yeah, Rob. Fuck her. Fuck her pussy, you like that?” she whispered in my ear.

Not that I needed much encouragement, but hey, nothing wrong with cheerleading.

Looking at Sandra in the blue light of my living room, her teeth biting her bottom lip; her left hand on the small of my back pushing me into her friend — her right hand maneuvering from her round breasts to her shaved pussy and clit.

So either threesomes are not just the realm of science fiction, or I’m Han Solo with the luck of Peter North.

When I was younger and first living in Southern California, I had a threesome weekend with two of my female friends from a Santa Monica coffee house. I was 22, they were both 19.

At the time, I figured it was just that California lifestyle, and I wasn’t going to complain. The three of us spent the weekend in my apartment, and something sexual was always going on during those three days. I didn’t tell anybody — I’m not much of a braggart. It was obvious I’d been well-fucked that weekend, and some coworkers denoted as much, but I kept the details secret.

But I was told to recount my most recent experience — Brenda and Sandra want to read about it.

I had moved back to Muncie, Indiana after a few years in St. Louis and was enrolled in a math class at Ball State — a class I didn’t want at all. I think I’d rather fuck a cactus than pontificate about cosigns and square-roots. But it was a class I needed for my degree — so I took it with a mixture of hesitation and motivation to work for my major.

Brenda and Sandra sit side-by-side at the desk behind me. We spoke often, and throughout the first two weeks of class, I was the standby for smart-ass humor.

Both are very pretty. Brenda is 25, wavy brunette hair to her shoulder with bright eyes, while Sandra was 30, with long straight sandy-blonde hair. They were neighbors and longtime friends who decided to take the course so they could work toward their college degrees together.

Sandra has an inch or two on Brenda in height. Both are very busty. Breast size has never been a major factor to me, but they are both at least D cup for those who “must” know. And both — like me — are very flirtatious. Everything is a sexual innuendo. Everything’s Freudian.

With the first test approaching, they asked if the three of us could study together. So I threw my dirty clothes in a closet, lit some candles to freshen up the scent of “single-guy apartment” and had the duo over for “math-talk.”

Of course, we weren’t getting much studying done — we were just talking about crazy experiences. Brenda antep escort was thumbing her way through a book of old poems I had written when she stumbled upon some erotica I’d also scribed with an ex-girlfriend.

“Wow, Sandra. You need to read this.”

I laughed. I’m open about my sexuality, and wasn’t ashamed of it. Both of the girls read through the story “Autograph” and looked at me in a different light. I sat back on my couch, Brenda sat much closer to me — and Sandra was sitting in front of us.

“You know she and I are more than just friends, Rob?” Brenda asked.

“Now I do,” I laughed, the chemistry between their eyes as visible as the growing bulge in my jeans.

“You’ve had a threesome before?”

“Yes. It’s been a while.”

“Would you like another?” Brenda quizzed, leaning toward me more.

“That is completely up to you two,” I responded.

The three of us spoke for 20 more minutes, joking around, flirting. I extended my right leg so it was touching Sandra’s thigh, while Brenda’s leg laid on mine. Half-joking, half-serious, I wondered about the previously mentioned threesome.

“Um, you know, Sandra’s still on the floor.”

“Yes she is. Get up here,” Brenda said to her friend. Brenda paused in shyness — so I decided to see if the two were really aroused, or just having fun and being flirtatious. I kissed Brenda on the lips for a moment, then leaned down and kissed Sandra on her lips. Shortly after that, the three of us were all on my couch, kissing and touching.

Brenda and I kissed, both of us sliding our hands into Sandra’s shorts.

“You’re wearing panties?” Brenda laughed. “You never wear panties.”

“Just a fluke,” Sandra snickered. Our fingers ran along her thighs, and I pressed my thumb against her clit with my palm on her pussy. She leaned down and bit softly into my shoulder and neck. Sandra and I then attacked Brenda, kissing her lips, neck, and massaging her body.

“Okay,” Brenda spoke up. “Everyone has way too much clothing on still.”

I stood up in front of the two.

“I’ll take off whatever anyone else takes off,” Sandra decided.

Calmly, but without hesitation, I took off my T-shirt. Sometimes I’m self-conscious about myself. I’m in good — but not great — shape. But hell, if the challenge is stripping, and two girls are participating — I’ll take the dare. Brenda lost her shirt next, and Sandra took off hers. I did the same with my jeans, and in moments the three of us were much less clothed.

Brenda and I returned to our touching of Sandra — we both kissed her lips, and then her breasts, and again her lips and neck. Bras were pulled and pawed off, and as I lowered my lips to Sandra’s panties, Sandra’s fingers briskly moved against Brenda’s clit and pussy. I pulled her panties to the side and sucked hard on Sandra’s clit and pussy, looking up to the two lovers as they touched as kissed. antep escort bayan I love giving oral, and felt Sandra’s body shake in intensity with the sensations against her clit and from the kissing of her nipples.

“I want sex,” Sandra squeaked, spreading her legs more.

I stood up and grabbed a condom from a ready-stash I have in my living room — Always Prepared, baby. 🙂 I ran my cock along Sandra’s soaking pussy and began pushing slowly inside as Brenda watched. Brenda continued to play with her lover and with me, leaning over and kissing my mouth and chest while Sandra and I fucked. We enjoyed missionary for about ten minutes — with either my or Brenda’s hand constantly manipulating Sandra’s breasts or clit.

She enjoyed an orgasm while holding one of my hands and one of Brendas’ — then she looked at us.

“I want Lion style,” Sandra said, referring to a part of one of my erotica stories which used the term lion style instead of doggy style. “And I want to taste you,” she said to Brenda.

I pulled Sandra off the couch while Brenda opened her legs in front of her lover. Again, I pushed into her body’s passion while Sandra moved from Brenda’s breasts to her clit and pussy — pressing her face hard into her friend’s passion. I pressed forward as much as I could and ran my tongue along Brenda’s leg.

I slammed harder into Sandra, provoking a second much-louder, much more intense cumming which my body felt through the protection.

“Yeah, that feels great. That feels fucking great,” Sandra breathed.

The warmth and wetness of her pussy was gleaning against my waist in moisture. Brenda’s arms wrapped around her breasts momentarily like she was trying to conserve heat — it was the sign that her climax was near and Sandra knew it, lapping deep into her lover as I ran my fingers along Brenda’s legs. She shook and came, and I leaned down to kiss Sandra’s lips, wet with Brenda’s flowing nectar. Brenda’s body that had been so constricted seconds before was now looking like a boxer who had been knocked out on the ground, sweating, breathing hard, with her limbs in various places around her.

“Damn, girl. You are wet,” Sandra told Brenda.

“I know. I so know,” she exhaled.

I withdrew my still hard cock from Sandra. I’m not a sex-god, but I also make sure to control my own orgasms. I love feeling a woman climax — and only after I know she is well-satisfied will I think about my own desire to cum. It takes a little control, but I think it is worth it in my life.

Realizing I was still able to go, Sandra pushed Brenda’s legs open to my waist and Brenda’s hand traced the sweat from the middle of my chest to my abdomen as I sank my erection into her slowly, making sure she was physically and emotionally receptive to the sex. I leaned over and kissed her as Brenda moved to my left side and watched us while she rested on her knees.

My hands escort antep held onto Brenda’s breasts — pinching her nipples, massaging the rising of her chest while I pushed into her.

“You’re big,” she said.

“I’m average size,” I grinned. “I’m like seven or eight inches hard, pretty average.”

“You’re bigger than I’m used to — and you’re bigger than average.”

The compliment pleased me, but wasn’t sure how much validity there was to it. But I slowed down as she tried to get used to my size. We fucked each other for a while, not keeping track of the time — just enjoying the sensations. Brenda came twice while we made love — and Sandra showed her voyeuristic side as she watched the two of us.

She leaned over to me, her teeth gnashing along my shoulder and neck.

“You like that, huh, Rob? Like fucking her nice, tight pussy?”

I nodded my head in agreement, enjoying the feeling of good sweat between the three of us.

“Yeah, Rob. Fuck her. Fuck her pussy, you like that?” she whispered in my ear.

“Feels amazing.”

I pushed back against her and began fucking Brenda even harder, withdrawing and pushing in as hard as I could and she exploded into another climax — surely disturbing my neighbors and probably their neighbors to the far side as well.

“Yeah,” Sandra said. “God, she is so wet. She’s not usually this wet,” she said of her lover.

I pulled my cock from her pussy and sat back onto my floor, looking at the two lovers — one sprawled on my couch, the other looking at me as she leaned against my coffee table. We’d enjoyed about an hour of sex and were all sweating profusely. Brenda lowered herself to the floor, and the three of us sat naked, me on one side, the two of the on the other. My two legs were between their legs as we sat and joked around and enjoyed the sensations. My penis took a break for a few minutes as we spoke, but Sandra’s hand soon took a hold of it, and lightly pulled it back to erection.

During the next hour, the three of us enjoyed more sex — at one point, Brenda and I kissed long and hard while Sandra gave me head, while at another, Brenda sucked on my cock while Sandra stood in back of me and watched. Brenda turned around and I sank my cock into her doggystyle. I pounded my entire body into her as she screamed in (hopefully) pleasure. Again, Sandra encouraged the activities on. Like earlier, she sat on her knees and used one hand to finger herself while I felt her right hand on my ass, pushing my body into her friend.

“Fuck her. Fuck her harder.”

I did, announcing I was about to cum — and did just that — feeling like my spine was being shot through my cock as I exploded inside Brenda’s pussy. I collapsed on top of her — she and I looking at each other with an aura of ecstasy along our bodies.

“Enjoy?” I asked.

“Yes … hell yes,” she answered.

“Yes indeed,” Sandra added.

“Good. So good,” I commented.

The three of us will get together again — and even just one-on-one has been okayed by the two lovers. Brenda wants me to visit her tonight — and I don’t see why not.

And, honestly, it’s about time that math gave me something rather than a headache. Two lovers for 30 years of math pain is not too bad of an exchange.

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