Ultimate Sissy Weekend Ch. 05

Angela White

Susie can feel her diaper getting warm as she fills it with more pansy pee. 24 hours ago, she posted an envelope containing five keys, and still has another 48 hours until they arrive at her house. Those keys are for the lock that keeps her in her dress, the handcuffs that keep her right hand locked to this sissy on her left, and the tiny pinching chastity cage that has kept her teeny clit locked away for over a month now.

But now she has bigger problems. Amber, a mean redhead who’s stood in the doorway of Susie’s house, waving a contract at her.

“What’s the matter sissies? Didn’t read the fine print? You’ve signed over all your assets to me. Tinkerbell, I’m going to need your address too.”

Tinkerbell just stands there, shaking. Susie can hear her sissy sister filling her diaper with pee too.

“Oh you’re not gonna tell me? Seems like a bad idea to make me mad,” sneers Amber. “Guess I’ll call my lawyer, who’ll quickly see these contracts are watertight, and the police, who’ll cart you off to jail.”

Tinkerbell sobs and tells Amber her address. Amber giggles and makes a few phone calls. Susie tries to listen, but the whispers and harsh laughter from her neighbours makes it impossible.

“You’re in luck sissies,” says Amber, hanging up. “I should be able to find a buyer for Tinkerbell’s house in no time. Lots of money for me! While you two are now penniless and homeless. So sad!”

Amber makes a mock-crying face. Susie is close to actually crying. Tinkerbell gives her hand a little squeeze, but Susie can tell Tinkerbell is emotionally devastated too.

“Awww cheer up sissies,” says Amber, smiling. “If you’re good little girls, I’ll let you be my maids! I’ll feed you a few times a day, and let you stay at my old apartment – it’s one filthy room in a pretty nasty part of town – and all I ask in return is complete subservience.”

What choice do the two darlings have? They curtsey, and thank their new mistress for her kindness.


“Oh my God, what a fucking loser,” says Mildred, Susie’s former next-door neighbor.

Susie blushes and tries to ignore her, and focus on the heavy wardrobe she’s carrying out onto the lawn. Amber fed the sissies some stale cereal she poured on the floor (no milk of course, just get on your knees and hurry up and eat). Now she’s sat in a deck chair, relaxing in the fulya escort sun with a beer, while her two sissy maids remove all the furniture from Susie’s house that Amber doesn’t want. A removal van will be here shortly to take it all away, with all the money going straight to Amber. Amber’s also happily informed them that she’ll get even more money if the sissies load up the van and give it a good cleaning.

“Maybe I’ll open a sissy car wash? Gotta put my maids to good use!”

The hot sun is relentless on the two sweating sissies, locked in their elaborate frilly dresses that offer no sun protection, but are great at retaining heat. Susie struggles with sweaty fingers to lift the heavy antique chest of drawers out into the garden.

“Open up the drawer sissy! Let’s see what’s inside.”

Susie whimpers and opens up her panty drawer. Amber’s eyes light up.

“Take our each pair and describe them to me Susie.”

An audience of neighbours watches eagerly as Susie takes out the first pair. She curtsies with Tinkerbell and says:

“This pair is baby pink and has ruffles around the leg openings, Mistress Amber. They’re covered in dainty bows and have a picture of a pair of cherry red lips on the rear, as well as “sissy cocksucker” in feminine script underneath.”

Susie blushes and curtsies and puts the pair of sissy panties on top of the drawers. Some of the neighbours are doubled over laughing.

“These panties have a big hole in the rear to expose my pussy bottom. They’re hot pink and have PRISSY SISSY written on the front.”

“These panties are baby blue and my most ruffly pair. They have ‘yes daddy!’ written on the rear and are made of flimsy material to make my spankings more painful.”

On and on it goes. Susie’s extensive pantie collection keeps her talking for a good half in hour. Finally, she finishes describing the last pair (“White with pink hearts all over them, and a pouch at the front for my little locked up clitty”) just in time for the truck to arrive.

“Go put your panties in my front room. Then fetch two chairs and two beers for the real men driving the truck, sissies.”

The sissies do as they’re told and soon they’re stood in front of the two muscular men, who are relaxing in chairs either side of Amber. The men take the beers, slap the sissies bebek escort on their rears, then explain their truck better be spotless unless the two pansies want to spend their night licking their cars clean. Whimpering, the sissies get to work. Amber has provided nothing but tiny kitchen sponges, and Susie’s toothbrush, to scrub the huge truck with, so it’s going to be a good few hours of scrubbing in the hot sun.

The truck is filthy, with lots of thick, caked-in dirt for the two maids, now soaked in sweat, to enjoy painstakingly scrubbing and removing from the truck. Occasionally they have to simper back inside to fetch their mistress and the two men more beer. Susie is almost grateful for this briefest of breaks from the burning sun and the neighbours laughing eyes. But she can’t help but moan every time she leaves her former home and sees the truck anew – there’s still so much scrubbing to be done for these sissies.

“I guess I’d better feed them,” says Amber, her hand down the shorts of one of the real men, playing with his cock.

“I’ve got a couple of tins of dog food in the truck,” he suggests, causing them all to erupt in laughter. All except the two squirming sissies of course.

Sure enough, the two sunburnt sissies are soon on their knees, eating the dog food the real man has so generously emptied out onto the driveway. Tears of shame roll down Susie’s cheeks as she eats her shameful little meal. Too late does she remember that kneeling down like this exposes the ‘I love my diapers!’ Message on the rear of her diaper. The loud laughter soon reminds her. She groans as she feels her bladder betray her yet again.

Finally after four hours of tedious cleaning, then another hour of getting all her former possessions onto the truck, Susie and Tinkerbell are done. Amber walks up to them and smacks them both with her cane.

“What are you waiting for sissies? The boys have kindly agreed to drop you two off at your new home. Get in the back.”

Soon Susie and Tinkerbell are on their knees in the back of the van, bouncing painfully along as they’re driven away to who-knows-where.

“We need to get those keys back,” says Tinkerbell.

Susie nods. 36 hours until the letter arrives at a home she no longer owns. They’ll figure out a way to get those keys. They just have to.

The florya escort truck pulls to a stop. Susie has no idea where they are, but the sound of police sirens and yelling isn’t promising. One of the real men opens the back of the truck and laughs.

“Amber tells me you two losers have locked up your penises. That true?”

Susie and Tinkerbell get up, curtsey, then lower their diapers. The real man bursts out laughing at their teeny locked up clits.

“Where are the keys?”

Susie tenses. If Amber finds out about that letter, they’re doomed to probably being locked up forever. She opens her mouth to answer her superior, but the words just won’t come.

“Not gonna answer? Speak up sissies, or I’ll give you something else to do with your mouth.”

The real man unzips his jeans and his huge cock flops out, already leaking pre-cum. Susie and Tinkerbell look at each other, then get down on their knees before him.

Soon they’re taking turns to suck and lick the superior cock, gagging on its length, the strong smell, the sweat of the man’s balls as Susie nuzzles her face into them. It’s a long, steady bit of sucking, as the real man orders them to lick his thighs, take it as far as it will go, and sniff and kiss his mighty cock. The two sissies lick and obey, and soon are rewarded with a load shot directly into their pansy faces. Hot globs of cum cover Susie’s face, hair and dress, with Tinkerbell also getting a drenching. The real man wolf whistles and his buddy enters the back of the truck, ready for round two. The two cum-coated sissies sigh, squeal as they’re both given a swat with the cane, and get on with another long sensual blowjob.

With another layer of fresh cum to enjoy, the two blushing sissies mince up the stairs to their new home. It’s a tiny apartment, consisting of nothing but one room with an empty fridge, a mattress, and a toilet next to the mattress.

“Mind if I use your toilet, sissies?”

The real man unzips his fly and pees all over the mattress instead. His friend laughs and joins him. What can the sissies do but whimper and watch?

“Ok sissies, we’ll be back tomorrow morning to pick you up. You better be outside on the corner at 6am sharp. We’ll probably be later, but trust us – we’ll know if you weren’t out at the corner at 6am, and you won’t like what happens if we do find that out. We can still take away your apartment whenever we want.”

The two sissies whimper, curtsey and thank the nice gentlemen. With a fresh swat each, soon they’re alone. Susie has a lot to think about as she lays down on the piss-soaked mattress with her cum-coated sissy sister.

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