Urge Goes On


Having explored something I never would have thought about had it not been for the favor I did for a neighbor I was hooked on something I’m certain a regular guy does not do. Regular guys don’t find girl clothes and want to wear them to get off. They want to fuck the girl that wears them not think about being the girl that wears them going to the extremes of trying to be like one. Dressing as a girl wanting to pass as one going so far as to suck their own cock just to feel what a cock would feel like taste the gush of hot cum fill my mouth wondering if it all taste the same. The gooeyness that clung in my mouth the taste of it lingering in my throat gave me a sexual rush.

I had kept my activity confined to the basement in general the only reason I did so was the door that led to the alley way. A few times I got the nerve to step out late at night in just the under things it gave me a rush knowing I could be caught. The brief glimpse from the mouth of the alley someone might see me scared but enthralled me as I timidly strutted out in the open for all to see enjoying the clicking sound of the heels the swishing sound of my nylon covered stocking thighs rubbing together how doing so made me feel vulnerable I grab my camera went up the stairs stepping out almost naked cock dangling set it up using the timer to take a few pictures my cum drying on my face I pose fending fear in a way snapping pics until a car passed by I duck beside the dumpster squatting this time with true fear as my camera automatically flashes capturing the moment. I spring up grab it and scamper back down into the safety of the basement.

Wanting to maintain the sexual high I was on I boxed up my cameras a few other things deciding I was going to run up to my room for the first time still dressed not wanting to redo my makeup and dress again.

I grab the blue flair dress pull over my head it went just past my ass but it was ok I was just going up to my room. Half way up the second flight of steps I hear footsteps coming down I freeze for moment in panic turn around to go down and a door opens on the lower floor I hear the dogs it’s the old guy taking his dogs out for a walk.

Shit it was grand central station! I decided to make a dash for my room it was too late I saw the guys legs coming down the steps. Averting my look I went up the steps he let me pass I move by him going up the steps he doesn’t move I feel his look.

My body turns crimson with embarrassment levent escort knowing his eyes are locked on my naked ass halves the thin strip of thong pulled taunt up between my cheeks. I feel as if a bright hot light is on my buttocks and legs clad in stockings something you don’t see every day the seam in the silk stocking running up my legs the straps of the garter belt holding them up on my legs.

Once around the turn I took the steps 2 at a time key in hand fumbling with the lock like I saw girls do in movies only relaxing once I got inside. It was a rush like none other I have felt before my ear to the door relaxing hearing him descend down the steps. Dropping the box making certain the door is locked. I run to the front window peeking out to see who it was. Wanting to know who in the building was remembering the look of my ass, only seeing the old guy his dogs. I didn’t know who I had to avoid. Wondering if he saw through my disguise no, he never saw my face and he would never see my ass like that again. But he knew I lived past the second floor.

I got a beer pulled the box by the table drank half of it pulled out the cameras. Took a quick look at the small pics than down loaded them

to my lap top finished my beer got another sat down started looking at the images I had captured of myself. It was the first time I had took any pictures of me dressed. I had the body of a slender girl the stockings and garter transformed my body from male to female. The belt defining my hips making my ass look more shapely the stockings making my legs look sexy the heels firming my ass and legs muscles. From the back I looked like a woman my cock was getting hard looking at my own images. I wanted to fuck myself looking at my meaty back side made me blush remembering some guy saw the same thing. Maybe not like the still shots I had but the one he must have locked in his memory.

I was stunned when I saw my frontal shots. A wig some makeup clothes changed me into a female. I didn’t know my body was shaped so fem I never saw myself that way until now. I looked like one of the cunts I so desperately sought after. Dressed like I would like to see them dressed so aroused I begin pulling on my cock getting turned on looking at me!

I came drinking several beers moved a mirror so I could see myself in my cunt look posing jacking of to my reflection wishing I could fuck myself. Caught up in the moment the beyoğlu escort booze high making me feel bolder I remember the dildo in the basement and think about running down to get it to be safe I’d have to change only I didn’t want to spoil my look I look around for something suitable to shove up my ass everything I opt for is to hard stiff I wanted some like a real cock I had to get the dildo let out a sigh nervous about what I’m going to do I get another beer to give me more courage as I reach in to grab it I see it and relax as I grab another beer and the ring of bologna I had in the frig. Take the plastic wrap of it drop it in the sink to let the water wash away the oil and warm it as I go get a rubber. My cock is hard with anticipation it was another first for me I have never thought of sodomy heard of it.

The clinical term for getting fucked in the ass people done it guys did it I heard it happen to them mostly in prison. It wasn’t like I was being forced to do it. It was something I wanted to try I didn’t have to. But catching glimpses of my slutty transformation in the mirrors of my place compels me to continue. I want the physical intimate contact of intercourse feel what a girl must feel as she is used as a cock receptacle having a foreign object thrust into the most guarded region of her body

I lick my finger moisten my anus then force my finger up my ass for the first time. The intrusion sends a ripple of discomfort thru my body causing me to gasp and pause but I take the slight pain bending to force more of my finger deeper. Knowing I have to if I want to try what I have on my mind. I’ve seen it in fuck books and clips they seem to only have mild discomfort. I grab the now warm foot long sausage roll a rubber down on it tie a knot at the base to hold it on. I lube my ass with baby oil and center on it. I make several attempts to force it in my ass but my anus is unwilling to yield. The tight puckered ring only accepting my finger I try to ease its grip by working more fingers gingerly in and out feeling mild discomfort. I have three fingers in unison working to ply open the taunt ring gasping and moaning stretching it brings pain this time letting out a sigh anal ring adjusting to the intrusion.

Eyes closed I sit on my fingers like a bird does an egg. Using the weight of my body I try to ride my fingers gasping with jolts of discomfort. I continue until the pain subsides it’s still there kağıthane escort but not as intense as I rock on my upturned fingers extract impale myself on them my cock is hard I stroke it pulling my fingers from my ass I grab the rubber covered cock size bologna. Center it under me attempt to work it in me but my anus tightens up

Determined I sit down pushing it in my ass. I force the head in and regret it; a flash of pain explodes in me. I let out a sound I never made before gasp for air as I lift off the biting pain. My anus use to things going out not getting shoved in! Determined to take it all I try again. Tentatively working it up my ass this time allowing my anus time to grow accustom to the intrusion. My eyes clench as my body racks from self-inflicted discomfort till I have half of it in me. Unfathomable slab of meat wedged in my bowels feeling what a girl must feel like when she’s fucked. I don’t ride it I can only inch down on it feeling the pressure of it filling the void in my belly my body in a way I never felt before. Lower my ass till it’s fully seated on 11 inches of man-made meat feel it in the bowels of my belly. I jack off my rectum gripping around the tube of meat lodged deep in me brings me to a powerful orgasm bringing me to my knees getting up I sigh feeling the tube of beef ooze from my anus thud to the floor. Adjust my thong pack my cock backs in snug it up.

My emotions peaked I looked at myself in the mirror. The stress from my man made fuck made my hair and face look perfect. I looked like a girl I would fuck stupidly decide to take a walk. Changing into a skirt strappy top and heels increasing my fuck look to a ten my cock was getting hard from looking at my reflection. A quick turn to look at my ass the skirt perfect top of my stockings covered but a slight bend showing the tops hooked to garter straps ass and thong.

Cornered in the small landing I can’t scream out or make a run for it dressed the way I am precludes that idea. I mean I could but my voice would let the world know my secret the very thing I was trying to avoid. In a way I wanted it to happen I just stand still. I can smell the booze on him. Feel his eyes all over me coming to life as he takes my look in his face smiles without smiling. You don’t need to go out looking for a man. With a knowing look on his face yet there was something there he was as scared to do as me only he was drunk brave.

I was scared not knowing how far I was willing to go or if I could stop it. It was the perfect scenario but it was for me to decide.

Looking me over as he said I seen you before. Raising his hands up, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m into the same shit you are I mean we have the same taste. Only I am not built like you but I love your style.

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