Urgent Evening


It was a normal mid-week evening after dinner sitting at the computer. My ICQ was open, but none of my friends were online to chat with, so I was able to concentrate on updating the camera club website. The images for the ‘Member of the Month’ gallery had arrived, and a few of them needed slight adjustments, such as in resizing and filename correction. Most of the gallery work I had automated, so it required little effort. There was also moderating to do, so I concentrated on that first.I heard the ping that a message had arrived on ICQ. It was Sue. “How are you tonight? Busy as always?”“I’m well, thanks, and hope you are too. … Just pottering around on the camera club site, doing some moderating and processing a few images.”“I’m well too but have a great need for something you have over there. Do you have time?”“Oh, and what might be? He-he”“Oh, you know, that thing that grows on you.”“I do have the time, suriyeli escort so do you want to head over here?”“I’d love to. Meet in the shopping centre car park, beside the main sign, in about half an hour then.”“Yep, see you there.”I ended the moderating, let the family know that I would be out for a little while, and headed off. When I arrived at the car park, Sue’s dark green VW Golf was parked right beside the sign. She’d made good time. Smartphones were still in the design stage at that time, so her messages must have been sent from home. I pulled up beside her, looked over, winked and shook my head to indicate she should join me in my car.Where I live was on the fringe of suburbia back then, so we didn’t have to drive far to find a secluded spot to park, especially after sundown. We drove for a little over five minutes and pulled into a little track suriyeli escort bayan between two wheat fields. I stopped the car beside a cluster of large box thorns (horrible things) on the top of a little rise. That gave us a good view of Melbourne’s lights in the distance.I leaned over to kiss her.“Just hold on, something I must do before we get into that sort of thing,” she said as she opened the car door and stepped out. “No peeking!” She said as she lowered to squat.I laughed, “No problem, but you do remember I’ve seen you naked before.”She re-entered the car with her lower half naked. By that time, I had the seats fully back and reclined. The towel was doubled over and ready for her to sit on.As soon as she was inside, she leaned to kiss me, as she was closing the door; mouth wide and tongue ready to fence and explore mine. At the same time, escort suriyeli her hand moved to my pants to release the thing I have and that she wanted to use. As she freed it, her kissing became firmer, hornier, with more urgency. We kept kissing while she was struggling to get my pants out of the way. I checked how wet she was.She was wet enough to have already made a wet spot on the towel. This must have been building in her for a couple of days. The steering wheel caused additional frustration.“Nothing for it,” I said, as I broke off the kiss. “I’ll take them off myself and come around to join you on your side.”I got out of the car, dropped my pants and put them on the driver’s seat and quickly dashed to the other side of the car, in the cold evening. As I opened the door, I said. “Lift, so I can get in under you because of the way you were kissing and fondling me, I know you will need to control what is happening from now.”She beamed, “You got that right, mister! I just need to feel that thing in …”The last few words were muffled in my mouth as we resumed kissing. As soon as I was in a good enough position for her, she reached over to shut the door and lowered herself onto me. Other than kissing she kept still for a few minutes.

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