Virginities Lost Ch. 4


Pt. IV: Reunion

Carol and I had simultaneously lost our virginity three weeks before, and we had re-discovered the missionary position three separate times. I had also masturbated her to orgasm a couple of times, something she admitted she had never done for herself. As soon as I got off work the next day I called her, and got some really bad news. Joan and Karen, her apartment mates, had discovered that Carol and I had made love. Carol was embarrassed that anyone else knew, but to make matters worse, she had gotten a really painful bladder infection from all of the genital contact, and the male doctor at the health center had talked to her about “becoming sexually active” and she was truly mortified. Carol felt that all of her embarrassment was punishment for having extra-marital sex, and she wouldn’t talk to me any more. She told me to stay away from her.

Three weeks later with Carol out-of-town visiting her parents, Joan and Karen had asked me over so that, they said, they could help get Carol and me back together again. Instead they had arranged elaborate sex games, and I ended up fucking each of them more than once, getting blown, licking each of them off, and doing some other fun things. Most of it was new to me but obviously not to them. I was an ardent pupil, but I performed better than they thought I would. The following night (Saturday) we again had a night of intense sexual activity, and they taught me (and I taught them) some other new tricks. They promised to try to help get Carol and me back together.

They were true to their word. Sunday evening I got a call from Carol, and she said she wanted to talk to me. The next day we met outside her summer school class, and went for a walk along a stream that ran through the campus. Finally we came to a deserted bench and sat down for a talk. Carol began to sob when she told me how much the bladder infection had hurt. I told her I was sorry, and that I certainly hadn’t known that could happen. She said the doctor told her that she should urinate as soon as possible each time she had intercourse since every woman had such a short urethra. She blushed deeply, saying hearing this from a strange man really embarrassed her.

She also started to cry when she talked about her apartment mates discovering she was no longer a virgin. She had been a “good girl” all her life, and she didn’t want people thinking she was a slut who went around fucking guys. I told her that what we had done wasn’t fucking, it was making love. “Remember how it felt when I rubbed the suntan lotion on your breasts?” I asked. Carol blushed, and said it had felt wonderful. “Remember your orgasms at the movie?” I added. Her blush deepened. “Remember how we held each other after our first time?” I inquired. Carol put her head on my chest. “Remember dancing nude in the apartment?” And Carol kissed me. “I remember everything,” she said, “but my whole life I was taught that what we did was sinful, and I feel so guilty.” I hugged her and thought about what I could say. We talked for another hour or so, and she said she felt a little better. Finally she agreed to go out on a date with me on Friday evening. I said I’d pick her up around 8 and we would decide then what we wanted to do. I walked her back to her apartment and kissed her goodbye outside the door.

I wondered what I could do to persuade her that having sex wasn’t as evil as she had been taught. That evening, when I had supper with my folks, I began to see a possibility. They reminded me that they were going to be leaving on Friday for their annual two-week, out-of-state vacation at an out-of-the way cabin, and that I was responsible for keeping the house safe. I promised, as I always did, that I wouldn’t throw any parties while they were away. I didn’t promise that I wouldn’t try to get Carol into my bed!

When I picked Carol up on Friday, Joan greeted me at the door and said Carol would be ready in a minute. She looked around, and when she saw Carol’s door was still closed, gave me a wonderful hug. Her bra-less breasts under her T-shirt felt great! Karen was cooking something in the kitchen, and after glancing at Carol’s door, pulled her shirt up and waggled her breasts at me! Joan pointed at the bulge in my pants and they both laughed. Just then Carol came out and asked what the joke was. I laughed and leaned over a chair to push my erection down into my pants, and Joan said that it was only funny if you were there. Carol looked puzzled, but came over to me and kissed me. I looked over her shoulder and both Joan and Karen had huge grins and were flashing their tits at me. I got out of there before the shit hit the fan.

Carol said she wanted to go someplace where we could be alone to talk. (Talk about good fortune!) I told her that we could go to my home since my folks weren’t there. She bit her lip and thought about it and said that would be OK as long as nobody saw her going there with me. We got into my car and I drove home. A couple of blocks away, I had her crouch bayan escort down on the seat, hiding her from view. I stopped outside the single-car garage, got out and opened the door (since my parents didn’t have a remote-controlled opener), drove the car in, then got out and closed the garage door from the outside. I unlocked the front door, went in and re-locked it, then went out onto the side screened porch. From there I went into the garage, and got Carol out of the car. Then I sneaked her through the porch into the house. It was dark enough that nobody could have seen her.

Carol had been here before, but had never seen the entire house, so I showed her around. She got a little tense when I showed her my bedroom, but she relaxed again when we returned to the living room. I offered her something to drink, and she surprised me by asking me for something with alcohol in it. We mixed some rum and coke, and she liked the taste. I tuned off all of the lights except one small one. “This guarantees that nobody can see us.” I said. Then we sat down on the sofa and talked for an hour or so.

The bottom line was that she was afraid that I was only interested in her body since that is what she had been taught about men. I told her that her body certainly attracted me, but that I had been her friend for a long time and I didn’t want to lose that just for a quick screw. She asked me if I loved her, and I truthfully told her I thought I was falling in love with her. I then added that the single worst lie a guy could say to a girl was to claim to be in love with her to get into her pants. “I want to make love to you,” I said, “but I’m not going to trick you into it.” Carol kissed me and said she thought she was falling in love with me too, and we cuddled for a few minutes.

She asked if I had any music we could dance to, so I got up and put some soft music of my parents’ on. Every song was a slow love song and we kicked off our sandals and danced and held each other close. We began kiss and finally we were just standing there kissing. I gently reached up and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. I pulled it off of her and tossed it onto the couch. Carol then kissed me, unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it off, and tossed it on top of her blouse. We danced and kissed some more.

The next time we stopped dancing, I slowly removed her bra and she peeled my undershirt off. We danced topless as we had done four weeks earlier. Her nipples felt hot and sharp against my chest. We stopped and I removed her skirt, adding it to the pile on the sofa. She undid my belt, unzipped me, pulled my pants down and off, and threw them after the rest. My penis was pressing against her crotch through my underpants and her panties as we kissed and held each other. Several songs later I removed her panties and she removed my undershorts. We “danced” with my penis between her legs, pressing against her bush. I slowly moved my hands around to her breasts and began to massage her nipples. She rubbed her hips against my penis.

Carol’s breathing began to change. “I want to make love to you,” she gasped into my ear. Carol wrapped her arms around my neck, and I reached around her and picked her up by the backs of her thighs. She cuddled against me as I carried her down the hall to my room. I pulled the (thankfully!) fresh sheets down, and gently lowered her to my bed. She unfastened her hairband, and her long, dark hair spread across my pillow. I stood over her and told her how beautiful she looked. She moved to the middle of the bed and motioned for me to join her. I lay down on my side facing her and kissed her.

Very slowly I began to move my hands all over her body. I tried to make her entire skin one huge erogenous zone. My fingertips never pressed hard, but I touched her everywhere. Carol began to do the same to me. After a long, long time, I moved between her legs and leaned down to kiss her breasts. She took hold of my penis and pulled it against her vagina. She began to rub the shaft of my penis as I sucked her breasts. As slowly as I possibly could I started to enter her. It must have taken a couple of minutes, but I finally was completely in. Along the way I had taken the time to rub the head of my penis up and down her G-spot, and she had almost climaxed.

We did everything in slow motion. I began to move my penis in and out of her with agonizing slowness. Carol moved her hips against me as I moved forward. Her nipples were staying erect without any direct contact with my hands, and our breathing was getting faster. Her skin felt hot against my body and hands. I felt her orgasm beginning to build, and I reached down and captured her clitoris between two fingers. She immediately began to thrust her hips against me, her abdomen began to quiver, and she screamed over and over. As her climax died, I pulled out of her until my penis was again touching her G-spot, and moved my penis against it. Her climax this time was even more intense.

I escort bayan alternated between her clitoris and her G-spot as long as I could, but my own climax overcame me, and I screamed with her as I ejaculated over and over into her. I finally collapsed on top of her, unable to catch my breath. Carol was breathing hard too, and I could feel her heart pounding in her chest. I managed to prop myself up on my elbows, taking my weight from her chest. I was so weak I was shaking. Carol got up, said she had to go to the bathroom, and left the room. I heard the toilet flush and water running as she got a long drink. She returned and crawled back under me. She pulled the covers over us and we fell asleep in each others arms.

I woke up about 2 am. Carol felt my motion and hugged me. My penis immediately got hard, pressing into her pussy. “Can we do it again?” she asked. I suggest that she might like to try being on top. She looked puzzled in the faint light in the room and she asked me how we would do that. I rolled her on top of me, and told her to straddle me. My penis was sticking straight up against her abdomen. I told her to sit over me, aim my penis into her vagina, then sit down on me. She leaned down and kissed me, then got into the correct position. She smiled and began to play with my penis, moving it all around her pussy, saying she couldn’t find the hole.

Then she laughed and lowered herself slowly down onto me. I told her that she could move around on me, causing my penis to press against the front of her vagina or causing her clitoris to rub against my pubic bone. She tried a few movements, and quickly found what gave her the most pleasure. “How did you learn this stuff?” she asked. “Sex education classes! You wouldn’t believe the labs!” I answered and she laughed. As she did so her vagina clamped down on my penis and I moaned. “Oh, do you like that?” she teased, and she did it again. “Oh wow” was all I answered. So Carol began to pump, squeeze, wiggle, twist, and bounce herself on my penis. She was in no hurry, and neither was I. I reached up and began to caress her breasts, and she threw her head back and began to moan with each movement. Her first orgasms came so suddenly it surprised her, and she had just breathed out and couldn’t scream.

But she had climax after climax, and the rest were extremely vocal. I was pumping up and down with her, and as I ejaculated into her she clamped down on my penis and yelled so loud it hurt my ears. Then she collapsed on me, still clamping on my penis, and we fell asleep again. She awoke in a few minutes, and ran to the bathroom again. She returned with more water dripping off her chin, climbed back on top of me, and said, “No way I’m getting another bladder infection from making love to you!”

It was after four when we woke up again. We kissed, and decided I needed to get her back to her apartment before Joan and Karen woke up. We shared a long, erotic shower, then got dressed. Carol slipped out the porch door and into the garage. I locked up and went out the front door, opened the garage door, pulled the car out with Carol crouched down on the seat, and closed the door again. Then I backed up and headed for Carol’s apartment. She sat up and held my penis through my pants as I drove. At her apartment I held her and started to say good night. But she pulled me in and whispered, “I want to make love to you in my bed, too!” So we quietly slipped into her bedroom, got undressed, and climbed into bed. I got on top and began we began to get excited again.

After only a few minutes Carol was completely ready, and I put my penis inside her just far enough to rub it against her G-spot. After a couple of minutes of this, Carol was making huffing sounds like an engine with too rich a fuel mixture. I began to alternate the G-spot-penis stimulation and deep thrusts with twisting pressure against her clitoris at the bottom. Carol got louder and louder. Her movements and sounds were too much for me to handle, and I started to cum. We both made a lot of noise as we shared yet another incredible climax.

“Oh God! I hope we didn’t wake Joan and Karen!” Carol whispered as we hugged. Before I could say anything the overhead light came on, blinding us, and when I tried to push myself up I felt Karen’s large breasts against my back as she pushed me back down. Karen was leaning over one side of the bed against me, and Joan was leaning over the other holding Carol. Both women were completely naked. Karen told me slide my legs forward under Carol so I could sit up. As I did so I came partially out of her then slipped back in with a wet slurping sound. Joan and Karen made appropriate comments. Carol closed her eyes and tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but Joan and Karen pulled Carol’s arms down and held them against the bed. There we were, me sitting with my legs straight ahead along Carol’s sides, she sitting on me, my penis almost completely inside her, Karen’s breasts rubbing escort bayanlar my right arm, and Joan’s breasts rubbing the left. My penis got completely stiff again and I felt Carol react as it lengthened in her.

Joan sniffed and said, “If the noise hadn’t wakened us the smell would have!” She pushed her hand under Carol’s hips and announced, “This has got to be the world’s biggest wet spot!” Karen slid her hand into our matted pubic hair and wrapped one of her fingers around the shaft of my penis, saying “He’s still hard! I don’t think they’re done yet! We’ll never get any sleep around here!” Karen pulled her hand from between us and wiped her fingers on my chest, leaving shiny wet marks. Carol was shocked into speechlessness. She blushed and kept looking from one naked woman to the other and then down the length of our naked bodies, still joined together with my penis.

Then her eyes opened wide and she pointed at Karen’s crotch and said, “What happened to your hair?” Karen laughed and said some friends had shaved it off for her. Carol looked really confused. “Some friends?” she asked. I was afraid they were going to tell Carol the whole story! Joan then told Carol that a shaved pussy was really great for oral sex. Carol really looked confused, then caught on and blushed again. “Haven’t you sucked his dong yet?” Joan asked. “Has he sucked your clit until you passed out yet?” Karen demanded. Carol’s blush got even darker. “You never have to worry about getting pregnant doing that!” Joan added. “He still has his baby-maker inside you! How long is it, anyway?” We all looked where she was pointing and Carol blushed even more as I wiggled in her and all of us saw her abdomen spasm, with her pussy clenching my penis.

Joan got off the bed, got behind me, and told Carol to close her eyes for a surprise. Carol reluctantly did so, and I felt something cold come over my shoulder and against my chest as Joan leaned over me. “Pull out just a little!” she whispered in my ear. My movement caused Carol’s mouth to open in a faint smile, and there was a sudden flash from Joan’s Polaroid camera. Carol screamed in shame and tried to sit up, but Karen pushed her back down on the bed. Joan then took aim over Carol’s shoulders and the camera flashed again. Tears began to flow out of Carol’s eyes and she covered her eyes with her hands. Joan and Karen began to gently rub Carol’s breasts, telling her everything was OK. After a couple of minutes Carol realized who was touching her, and she quickly sat up, sitting on me and holding me with my penis still mostly inside her. Joan showed us the pictures. The first was a view down my body and showed Carol completely naked, with my penis clearly inside her. The second showed me clearly, Carol’s breasts in the foreground, and my penis disappearing into her pubic hair. Joan explained to Carol that she was giving us these pictures because they would always be special.

Karen told Carol that most “first times” are not as wonderful as ours clearly was, and that no matter how our relationship developed, we could always have these pictures of our first lovers. Joan gave me the one showing Carol clearly, and Carol got the one showing me. Then Joan and Karen kissed us both, saying there were jealous that we had such a good thing going for us. Karen then asked, “Don’t you think it’s about time you pulled out of her so that we can get some sleep around here? Besides, I want to see your prick!” Joan laughed. Carol looked shocked out of her mind, looked down at my penis still inside her, and blushed deeply, again. They laughed and left the room, I slowly pulled out of Carol, and we cleaned up as best we could. She said that having them actually see me inside her was even worse than having them know we were having sex. I cuddled her and managed to convince her that we would be able to live with the humiliation and that we had nothing to be ashamed of. We kissed, then broke apart to get dressed, but where were our clothes?

Then we heard Joan calling, “Here they are, lovebirds!” So we held each other and walked out into the living room as Karen and Joan whistled and made suggestive comments about my erection. They were standing there naked, holding my clothes. Carol’s clothes were nowhere to be seen, and she just stood there completely dumfounded. Then Karen told Carol I had to kiss each of them to get my clothes back. Carol blushed, looked at me, and I said I would do it. (I could hardly wait but Carol didn’t know that!) Joan tongue-kissed me first, then Karen crushed her breasts and rubbed her bare pussy against me and then they gave me my clothes. They both hooted and hollered as I struggled to get my erect penis into my pants. Carol said nothing the entire time.

Karen and Joan dragged Carol and me to the apartment door. Karen and Joan held Carol between them and the three naked girls stood facing me. Three naked women, all very lovely, and I had fucked them all, unknown to Carol. My penis ached in my pants. Carol was blushing all the way to her waist, and was looking at her feet in her embarrassment. First Karen then Joan gave me naked, long, deep, passionate kisses. Then they pushed Carol into my arms and told us to kiss goodnight while they watched from across the room. Carol was trembling with shame, but as I held and kissed her she calmed down.

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