Wanda Wants to Play


I have to say thank you to my volunteer editor CharlieB4 for taking the time to work with me on this… It is very much appreciated.


Wanda was sitting at home with nothing much to do when she got a message from a new friend on one of her play sites.

‘Come join us, we are two CD/Bi guys who like to have a bit of fun when we can. We will be playing in a motel in a town nearby.’

“Hmmm,” thought Wanda. “I have never tried that. It could be a great experience… sending back a message Wanda asked, “when?”

“Next Wednesday,” was the reply.

The anticipation of the day has been driving Wanda crazy. This was something she had not tried before and she didn’t know enough about it all to have an opinion. But, by Christ, she is hot to try it.

Finally it is Wednesday… the anticipation burned. Wanda had prepared thoroughly, everything from getting her nails done to looking through her closets for the perfect outfit to wear. The hype of the whole evening is starting to build. Wanda finished work late, it was hard not to tell the boss she was leaving early. Racing home she jumped into the shower and made sure she was hair free before she was back into the car and driving. Half an hour away from the appointed venue she sent a message.

“Will be there in half an hour… I am so nervous.”

The response came straight back saying, ‘Don’t be… No Expectations, just enjoy.’

Checking the address again I pull up out the front and grabbed my backpack. Wanda did not want to be seen going in there in her CFM boots and fishnets. She walked in the door and was given her first shock. There was 3 CD gurls there, two were already playing.

‘Wow’ Wanda thought, ‘that looks pretty hot right there already.’

The outfits on these gurls were incredible. The red-head, who I later found out was Roxanne, had these gorgeous red stiletto heels, suspender stockings and what looked to be a spider web body suit. Stunning. Although she was glad it was Roxanne walking in them and not her.

Roxanne’s red head was currently between Brooke’s, a beautiful brunette, legs sucking for all she was worth. She was wearing a gorgeous black corset with red bra and an overtop of black lace. To set off her outfit, red thigh high boots that never fail to excite Wanda.

As they were busy the third gurl, Chelle, a dreamy leggy blonde walked up to her. She had some black strappy heels on with her stockings and suspenders. A lovely little schoolgirl type tartan in pink and a black corset with her boobs out. Those barbell piercings were lovely with bells on them. Wanda felt right at home when Chelle leaned in and kissed her while her hand slipped under her dress and played with her boobs.

“Hello,” breathed Wanda, “I’m Wanda and I am so looking forward to tonight.”

“Have a drink and just go at the pace you feel comfortable with.” Chelle said.

Wanda moved over to where Brooke and Roxanne were playing and leant down to kiss Brooke hello. Brooke kissed her back before telling told Wanda to get dressed. When in messenger they had discussed some thigh high boots along with the red and black Maltepe escort bayan bra/ panty set and the little black dress. Standing up to do just that Wanda heard a knock on the door. A little scared at the thought of who it might have been, she looked from Chelle to Brooke.

“I actually thought it was just meant to be you and Chelle playing alone.” She said explaining her troubled look.

In walked a couple in everyday clothes. Wanda had just seen them out the front as she pulled into the motel, never realising that they too were going to Chelle’s room. They walked outside to the patio area to have a drink and smoke to relax before jumping into the action.

As soon as Wanda had her boots and fishnet stockings on she headed straight back to join in with Brooke and Roxanne. Hard cocks and happy to touch guys, Wanda’s favourite combination. She got down onto her knees and started touching both the gurls. Roxanne lifted her head and offered to share Brooke’s cock with Wanda. That was when all shyness left her.

Suddenly Wanda had a cock in her mouth and Brooke started playing with her cunt. Fingers, lubed themselves on her juices then pushed straight in. Fuck she was wet. Brooke’s fingers disappeared and were replaced by something hard and cold. Wanda glanced back to see Brooke had grabbed a toy, a large glass dildo and pushed it straight up into her cunt. Feeling very full and already soaked Wanda was sucking cock and moaning at the same time.

“Let’s get more comfortable,” Brooke said easing out the dildo and pulling Wanda to her feet.

She was quickly manouvered to the end of the lounge. Soon enough Wanda was leaning over the arm of the couch sucking on Roxanne’s cock and balls while Brooke worked his hard cock into her from behind. Chelle returned and was watching the action.

“Show Wanda that cock of yours.” Brooke encouraged her..

Chelle complied, lifting up the little pink tartan skirt to show Wanda what she had. What a gorgeous package. Clean shaven, hard cock and cock rings to boot. Wanda’s hand reached out to touch it. Her mind was going one hundred miles an hour wondering what to play with next, when the couple from outside decided to come in to the lounge room. They sat on the sideline and continued drinking while Chelle stepped up to replace a deflated Brooke. His big cock felt wonderful as he worked the thick shaft into her.

“Wanda definitely loves cock.” Chelle chortled.

“She certainly does,” Mia, the female part of the couple, agreed as she moved closer for a better look. “Has anyone got a cane?” She asked out of the blue.

“NO!” Yelped David, her partner with some trepidation or was it excitement? Why was he so against her having a play with a cane?

Chelle was still busy fucking Wanda when Mia used the cane on her ass. Whack. Chelle jerked forward driving harder into Wanda who in turn took Roxanne deeper down her throat. And again, whack, whack, whack. The attention of two cocks and the sound of cane on flesh put Wanda over the edge. She flexed and groaned her way through a climax.

“Enough,” Chelle said to Mia.

She Escort Maltepe reluctantly stopped her assault allowing Chelle to step back from the withering Wanda. She slumped to the floor, releasing Roxanne’s member as her legs gave way. Mia moved the cane so it was under her chin and used it to turn her head to face her.

“Have you ever been caned?” Mia asked seductively.

Wanda’s lip quivered before she spoke. “No but always wanted to try it.”

Wanda began to turn so her bottom was exposed but Mia stopped her.

“No stay facing me.” Mia barked.

Wanda’s confusion was cleared up when she saw Mia gazing at her exposed breasts. Whack.

‘Oh my god, that is so exciting.’ Wanda thought.

Again whack, whack, whack. Wanda’s nipples were hard really fast and what a sensation. A biting sting with warm aftermath. Such an erotic feeling… until it stopped. Wanda looked up wondering why her punishment had stopped.

“You have to tell me if you want to be caned again.” Mia said while she flexed the cane. She reminded Wanda of her old Sunday school teacher.

“Yes please.” Wanda replied but Mia simply raised her eyebrow.

“Yes please what?”

“Yes please can I have more Mistress.”

Whack, whack, whack. “You learn fast,” said a smiling Mistress Mia. “Now suck Chelle’s cock.”

Wanda immediately did as she is told. She loved cock after all and she wanted to please Mistress Mia so she could keep pleasing her.. Suddenly with a cock in her mouth Wanda feels that cane land on her arse. Whack.

Moaning Wanda sticks her arse out further for easier access. She was amazed at how nice that cane felt. Whack, whack, whack.

“Take him deeper into your mouth now” says Mistress Mia whilst pushing Wanda’s head down further to gag on the cock in her mouth.

Out of the corner of her eye Wanda takes in the decadent scene surrounding her. There are CD gurls with hard ringed cocks, Mistress Mia with cane and David, the panty wearing, cock loving, bi-boy who is the property of Mistress Mia. Adrenalin running rampant with toys and cocks everywhere.

Brooke was sitting on the couch and had Roxanne straddled over his legs riding his hard cock. Wanda surroundings take a back seat as she suddenly feels someone behind her filling her cunt. Looking around quickly she sees it is David. He is pushing his hand into her cunt, showing no mercy. Suddenly there is pressure between Wanda’s shoulder blades and she is pushed further down gagging on Chelle cock. Mistress Mia had her foot there to keep Wanda’s mind on the task she’d been ordered to do.

Chelle’s cock seems to swell even more as it explores the back of her throat. Wanda is being bumped backwards and forwards between the fist in her cunt and the cock in her mouth. Mistress Mia breaks up the party by pulling Wanda’s head up off Chelle’s dick.

“Get up here David and ride this big cock.” She orders pointing the cane at him menacingly.

Wanda’s pussy is left feeling very empty when David slides his hand out to comply with his mistress’s wishes. But Mia has other plans for her. Still holding Maltepe Rus Escort her by the back of the head Mia maneuvered Wanda so she is kneeling in front as David slowly impales himself on Chelle’s stiff pole. David’s dick is now at Wanda’s eye level sticking out of his girly panties.

“Suck his dick while the bi-boy gets his arse fucked.” Mia demanded pushing Wanda forward.

Caught up in the decadent moment Wanda needed little encouragement to get another cock in her mouth. She didn’t notice Mia slip away as she tried desperately to match the rhythm as David rode Chelle’s dick. She was aware of some flashes and she glanced momentarily to the side and saw Roxanne and Brooke with there mobiles out filming and taking pictures.

“So fucking hot girl,” Roxanne said as Wanda went back to sucking on David.

The heaving threesome is disrupted as Mistress Mia reappears. A light tap on Wanda’s butt gets her attention and she moves back in awe of the sight behind her. Mia has changed into a body suit, red leather jacket and has grabbed a glove. She tells David to get off Chelle’s cock and to get on all fours on the coffee table. While he complies she liberally coats her gloved hand with butt butter.

Mistress approaches her bi-boy and begins working her fingers into his arse. Two, then three fingers disappear as she works at expanding him. David is moaning up a storm till Brooke moves in front of him and feeds him his cock. Wanda is on the lounge now watching the action intently. David’s eyes go wide so she looks back to Mia and gasps in amazement as her hand disappears inside David’s butt. Mia twists and turns it then pulls it out before ramming it back in with more force. Obviously satisfied with her pet’s readiness Mistress climbs onto the table behind David and begins slamming her fist into his stretched hole. Wanda can’t believe the intensity of her assault but she must know her bi-boy limits. This goes on for sometime before David uses his safe word and Mistress relents. She gets down and leaves the room while David recovers.

Roxanne hands Wanda a glass of wine and they drink while discussing the nights events. They are both shocked when Mistress Mia returns with a large black strap on cock firmly attached to her thighs. David sees it too and immediately gets off the table and onto his knees ready for his Mistress. She stands in front of him and pulls his head forward roughly. He opens his mouth and takes the rubber cock deep into his throat.

“Enough,” Mia says as she pushes him away. “Turn around.”

David swivels as Mia gets down behind him. We all watch as she feeds her rubber dick into his ‘man-pussy.’ Mistress grips his hips firmly and gives him a fucking any guy would be proud of. It’s too much for Brooke who crouches down for a closer look while stroking David cock. Not to be outdone Chelle kneels in front of David and eases his big dong into David’s mouth.

After they’d finished the party wound down but before Wanda left she had to try on Brooke’s CFM boots. She’d seen them on the fetish site and was dying to get them on. To her surprise they were a perfect fit.

“They look great on you.” Brooke said. “You should keep them as a memento of the night.”

Wanda was shocked and refused the offer but Brooke insisted.

“Can I get some of the pictures too?” Wanda asked hopefully.

“You bet girl.” Brooke said as she kissed her goodbye.

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