Weekend Fun


After a hectic week in the office under his strict new boss, Selvam was looking forward to relax and enjoy the weekend at the beach. Friday evening, he managed to leave the office early and was driving his car to his favourite beach resort by 5’o clock in the evening. Bose, the owner of the resort met him at the door and allotted him, his favourite suite facing the sea. Having shed his sweaty city cloths he had a quick shower and donned his favourite Bermudas and T-shirt. Mixing a drink from the mini-bar in the room, he came out to the balcony to enjoy the sea breeze. Hailing from inland, about 500 kms away; the sea had always fascinated him. Even while young, he always loved to go to the beaches, when his parents took him out for holidays. The perpetual motion of the waves had a soothing effect on him. In fact, he had joined the present job, in this seaside city; so he can go to the beaches, whenever he wanted to.

Taking a deep breath and enjoying the salty air, he stood gazing at the sea and the waves for a long time. He was brought back from his reverie by the high-pitched voices he heard from the adjacent suite. Out of curiosity he looked in the direction and was stunned with the beauties he saw. Two lovely girls were excitedly pointing out on to the beach at something all the while exclaiming among them.

The girls were quite young. He thought they must be college students. One of them was quite fair with long black hair, and with the prettiest of faces he had seen, smooth creamy skin, a nice ass, and size 36 C tits, which he suspected had big and brown nipples. Yet, in spite of her relatively small frame, she did not look out of proportion. And the other was quite dark with lovely features, a very pretty face, short hair, and an unblemished complexion. Her bra size must have been about 34 B cup, but it’s her ass and legs that did her justice. Her legs were very shapely, just about as perfect as can be. To some, her ass may be a little too big, but to most people, and Selvam, it was a sight to behold. Perfectly round, it just begged to be grabbed. Undoubtedly both had a fantastic figure with all the necessary curves in the right places.

Turning around and seeing Selvam, they waved at him. Waving back he went near and said “Hi”, introducing himself. They introduced themselves. Malliga, the Fairer one and Radar, the darker beauty, were friends, having come to visit Malliga’s aunt in the City. They were so excited by the sea and were waiting for the aunt to join them before wading in to it. Selvam, thrilled to be with such young beauties invited them to go with him to the beach.

So happily the trio left their suites for the beach. The girls, though scared initially to wade in to the sea; enjoyed it so much, and were soon playing around like small kids. He enjoyed watching the girls playing around in all their voluptuousness. They had on skimpy shorts and thin tops, which became quite transparent, when wet. He could see their ripe breasts in all their glory; under the wet top. The girls too were aware of his checking them out and liked him for it. He with his regular exercising in the gym kept his body trim and sleek. Naturally endowed with a very handsome and smiling face, most girls were attracted to him.

These two being no exception, also liked him and started to flirt with him. This harmless flirting led to their wanton under water groping of his body. Selvam in turn started feeling up the girls whenever they came near him. This continued for quite sometime resulting in all three of them getting excited. They moved further in to the sea away from the prying eyes of the neighbouring bathers. In spite of the swaying of the waves, he managed to pull the girls to him and kiss them on their faces and other parts of their bodies where possible.

The darker beauty Radha, the mischievous one, went under water and pulled his shorts down thus liberating his hard cock. Coming back up the surface she went behind him snaking her hand to his front, feeling him up and holding him. He could feel her perky breasts rubbing him up in his back and her hand slowly starting to rub his cock. She then started to slowly nip him on his shoulders with her teeth and making keening noises with her mouth behind his ears.

Not to be out-done Malliga bakımlı gaziantep escort the fairer girl, pulled his face to her and started kissing him in his mouth. He, not to be left out with this double on-slaught on him by the girls, pulled her to him and held her tightly against him feeling her large and hard breasts pushing on his chest. Malliga pulled his hands around her, offering her breasts to him. Pushing up her top, he caught hold of her breasts covered only by her bra, and started playing with them. Not content with just holding and rubbing him Radha slowly sunk below water and pulled his now fully erect member to her mouth. She tried to suck it fully in to her mouth but couldn’t do so due to the under water buoyancy.

Thus frustrated she came up and started to pull him towards the shore. He was in a deep kiss with her sister and had to breakaway, while pulling up his shorts, to be pushed towards the shore. Both of them, hot for him spared no efforts to lead him post-haste, to their suite to continue what they had started in the sea.

Entering their suite they found their aunt Jaya waiting for them. Though disappointed, that he cannot continue the fun in their suite, now that the aunt is present, he was again shocked to see such a young beauty as their aunt. He had expected their aunt to be a fussy old lady. She must have been in her late twenties. Fair and tall she was quite shapely. Clad in a sari and with her hourglass figure she was slim and built like an athlete. Her legs never seemed to end and had a fabulous figure. She had short-cropped hair, but what really took Selvam’s breath away, was her deep brown eyes, giving her a sultry look. As she was introduced to him, she could comprehend the fun the three of them must have had on the beach by their looks and body language. He was so taken up by her, that, he was literally drooling over her. She too must have liked his longing for her and his good looks. She reciprocated with body signs indicating her desire for him.

Jaya invited Selvam to join them for dinner. Which he readily agreed to! It was decided to meet at the restaurant in an hour’s time, so the girls could have enough time to dress and get ready. The setting at the restaurant couldn’t have been more perfect. Candle lit tables over looking the sea, serenading band that played soft music, perfect gourmet food, accompanied by lots of beer.

Some where through the dinner Selvam felt Radha’s hand move up on his legs towards his crotch and gently start stroking his cock over his pants. Not to be out done, Malliga started leaning across and whispering some raunchy things in his ear. He put his hand between her legs and from the flushed look on her face it was pretty clear to auntie Jaya, that he was doing a good job of fingering her cunt. However he couldn’t play around with Jaya, due to her sitting before him. And she could only watch all the sexual activities going on, making her hotter.

After dinner they all walked back to their suite. It was apparent that the dinner had set the mood for a wild time. The girls didn’t want the fun to stop. They invited Selvam to their suite to watch movies with them, which he gladly accepted, anticipating other fun activities. On reaching the suite they found a message that Jaya was urgently needed by her husband, who was back home. She assured the girls, that she’ll come back soon, and to take care. The girls said that they would be with Selvam. He, though a bit upset with the untimely departure of Jaya, was happy that he had the sisters to play with. Entering the suite the girls ordered more beer and switched on the TV. After watching the dull movies the resort had to offer, the girls wanted to watch some hot stuff. Selvam had only the day before downloaded a very hot movie on to his laptop, which was in his suite. So the happy troupe paraded to his suite immediately to watch the movie.

Selvam set up the laptop to show the movie on the TV, in the suite. He joined the girls, who were eagerly sitting on the couch, waiting for the show. The movie started abruptly with the image of a girl getting eaten out by one guy while she sucked the cock of another guy. The girl was lying on a bed, flat on her back with her legs bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan wide apart as the guy eating her pussy dove his tongue into her slit, the close up photography gave them an excellent view of the woman getting tongue fucked by this guy. A muffled moan escaped her mouth as her head was tilted sideways and filled with a rather large prick. As this went on for a few minutes, Selvam and the girls got turned on more and more.

The guys in the movie changed positions and rolled the girl onto her stomach, the girl got up on her knees in a doggy position and stuck her tight ass out to one of the guy’s waiting cocks. The movie showed in vivid detail the guy slowly entering her wet cunt from behind and him starting to thrust in and out of her. The other guy moved his 9-inch cock in front of her face and she sucked it eagerly. The sight of a woman being fucked from behind and sucking another guy off at the same time excited the girls so much, they fell on Selvam with unbridled desire.

Radha leaned forward and kissed him hard on the mouth, he felt her tongue slide into his mouth and swirl around. He felt Malliga’s hands roaming his back, chest and stomach, finally ending up pinching his nipples, sending hot shivers up his body. Radha’s hand started at his knee and slid up to his crotch where she rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. He had one hand on Radha’s back holding her tight to him and the other on Malliga’s leg. “You’re very nicely built. Your body is firm,” Malliga purred. He withdrew his lips from Radha and pulled up Malliga for a deep kiss. “That’s not all that’s firm,” Radha said as she undid the button of his jeans. She unzipped them and put her hand inside his underwear and freed his erect cock from its constraints.

As he continued to kiss Malliga, he felt Radha’s breath on his cock followed shortly by her tongue flickering over its swollen head. Malliga looked down at her friend fondling his cock and kneeled down in front of him. Radha stopped for a moment and slid her hand up to the top of his pants, urging him to lift his back so she can strip the dammed dress. While she was struggling with his pants, he began fondling Malliga’s magnificent tits. He could feel the erect nipples through the thin material of her top. Suddenly, she grabbed the bottom of the garment, and in one fluid motion, pulled it off over the top of her head. He wasted no time removing her bra, and his earlier suspicion about her nipples being big and brown were confirmed. The sight of them pulled his mouth to them and he started sucking them like there was no tomorrow!!! Malliga started moaning and pulled his head harder on to her breasts.

Radha slid both his pants and underpants all the way down. He felt totally exposed. She started kissing the top of his cock and then licked her way down his shaft to the balls. She took one in her mouth as Malliga closed her lips over its head and started taking his shaft in her mouth. Her mouth felt better then what he’d imagined earlier in the day. Radha withdrew her mouth and Malliga took her place right away. Her technique was different, but felt every bit as good. She did not take him as deeply in her mouth, but used her hand to compensate. The pleasure felt incredible.

He pulled Radha to him and kissed her hard on the mouth. He gently reached over and put his hand on her hot, wet pussy. His thumb found her clit and a moan escaped her mouth, he slipped a finger into her hole and he felt her grip tighten on his shaft. He started to lightly rub Radha’s clit while sliding a finger in and out of her beautiful tight cunt. He loved the feeling of a bald pussy under his hand and was reluctant to let go.

Malliga was now kneeling in front of him with her mouth on his 8-inch dick. Her hand slowly moved up the inside of his leg and cupped his balls lightly in her hand. She leant forward and blew softly on the tip of his cock, a shudder shot up Selvam’s spine. His head tilted back as he felt his dick go deep into her warm mouth and emerge again into the cool air. He couldn’t help but watch as her tongue and mouth circled and dived down onto the head of his cock as she skillfully pulled up and down on his shaft with one hand and softly escort gaziantep bakımlı bayan stroked and fondled his balls with the other.

As she continued to delight him with her masterful mouth and tongue, he was sitting still with his eyes transfixed on her face. He was getting close to cumming, but did not want this to be over yet, so he stopped Malliga from her fantastic sucking. He stood up and pulled his cock from her mouth. He got behind Radha and slid her pants down. Her ass was incredible. He was so fixated with her fabulous ass, wondering if he gain entry to it!! She trembled when his tongue made contact with her ass cheek.

He could smell the musk of her womanhood as he got behind her. He kissed the back of each of her well-defined thighs before parting her swollen pussy lips with his fingers and invading her with his tongue. She tasted so good. His tongue flickered over her clit. His nose was buried in her ass cheeks. Her body was firm and tight. She started grinding back on his mouth a little. He felt her pussy get wet, on his upper lip. “I’m so close, Selvam… don’t stop,” Radha whispered. “But wait I don’t want to cum yet” she said and pulled out from his mouth.

Radha then freed him of his shirt while Malliga took off his shoes. They both shed their remaining clothing. Both of their pussies were bald and their nipples swollen with the desire they felt. Radha positioned herself over him and he watched her gorgeous ass as she took his cock in her hand and put the head right at her vaginal opening. She slowly eased him in to her pussy. She was hot and tight. Her wetness felt sooo good to him. She started building a slow, gentle rhythm as Malliga got between her legs. He felt Malliga’s tongue on the base of his cock and balls as she alternated between Radha and him. It felt so good. Radha’s pussy felt very smooth. He reached around and fondled her tits and rubbed his hand over her smooth belly. He felt like he was going to explode. Radha’s body began to shake and he felt her pussy clamp around his cock. She was cumming. “Uhhh… Uhhh… Yeah…I am.. cu… cu…. Cuuummmming….,” she moaned. Radha’s rhythm slowed and she collapsed back on him. With great restraint he stopped his climax from splattering on to Radha’s pussy.

“It looks like you need some help, Selvam” Malliga said as she got off from the floor and knelt down next to him and softly wrapped her hand around his straining cock. “I really need to feel you inside me” she panted. “ I’m sure that’d be better than anything I could see on that” Radha said tiredly, looking at the porno still playing on the TV, from the floor; after having had a fantastic fuck. When her eyes returned to them, Malliga and Selvam were kissing furiously, and before long she saw his hand slip between Malliga’s legs. Malliga moaned and allowed her legs to come apart slightly, letting his fingers explore her wet cunt. She in turn was frantically pumping his cock up and down in her heated frenzy. Radha saw two of his fingers slide easily inside her friend and had the strange feeling of being immensely turned on by her best friend and him playing with each other.

She watched her friend get down on all fours in front of him and line his cock up with her pussy from behind. He was all slick from Radha’s climax. Malliga was wet from her own earlier, and even more wet with the anticipation of his cock. He slowly eased his cock in to her love slick pussy, and started pumping her slowly. It felt very pleasurable to him. Malliga’s rhythm began to pick up. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. He felt her pussy start to contract. “Ooooh… I’m cumming… yeah… oh, yeah… uuuuhhhh…” Her pussy spasmed around his cock. Suddenly, he felt his balls start to tingle in preparation for release. The tingling spread to his cock, centered on the head, to his nipples, down his legs to his toes, to his asshole, and across his shoulders and down his arms. When his entire body was engulfed in these sensations, he started shooting white-hot loads of jism into Malliga’s pussy, and collapsed on to her back. Not wanting to be missed out in this intense climax, Radha pulled out his cock from Malliga’s pussy and started licking it all over. Rolling with Malliga on to his side, Selvam watched Radha going at his cock with a happy smile.

A wave of complete ecstasy swept over all three of them and they crumpled in a heap after this great fuck session. “Can we do this again? ” Selvam asked them.

“Oooh!! God yeah” Radha said and Malliga showed her agreement by leaning up and kissing him on the mouth, saying “we got the whole weekend ahead, baby”. “Yesssss” said Selvam with visions of auntie Jaya and her sexy bod!

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