Welcome to the Crew


All characters are over 18. I just decided to have fun with this. Writing is a way for me to explore myself, including the darker aspects. This is fiction. All participants are consenting adults.


I had no idea where we were. I was on my training and probationary period with a company that does broadcast tower maintenance and repair all across the US, but only has a single office, in the southernmost US state.

We had just finished my first tower, a 2 day job, and I was still high on adrenaline. Those towers were tall as hell, and swayed unbelievably in the wind.

Now, we had immediately been called to service another tower in Mississippi. So we loaded up the F250 and took off from where we’d just finished in North Carolina.

There were 3 of us. I had initially been jammed in the back with a bunch of tools and spare parts since I was the new guy, but I was taller than Rob by about 8 inches, and my legs were getting monstrously cramped, so I offered him $20 to let me ride up front for the day.

Sam was the team lead, and was driving. Sam was an older dude (as I thought all those years ago) at 45. An ex Army Ranger and crazy as all get out. Graying black hair and goatee, about 6′, maybe 180 lbs.

Rob was about 5’5, 26 years old with a completely shave cueball of a head, but I swear it seemed he was about as wide as he was tall. I asked him when I met him if he lifted weights or ate them, since he was about 230lbs of muscle. He laughed like a maniac, and the friendship was assured.

Me, I was 25. 6’1, 195 lbs. Blond hair so dark it was close to brown, but not quite. My goatee was whiter than Sam’s, though. It had started going white when I was 22, and now it was white as Santa’s beard. My most recent ex had loved it. Said the contrast between my hair and my goatee was sexy as hell.

Then she met some dude playing Hearts on AOL, and fell for his line about being rich. Sold her house and moved 3 states to try and “elevate her social standing”. Said she was sorry, and might call me to boy toy for her if she came back home. I said thanks but no thanks, switched jobs so that we no longer worked for the same company, even though she transferred 3 states away, and now here I was.

I will confess to a most ungentlemanly satisfaction when I heard through her ex best friend (she had been furious at my treatment) that the dude had lied and she moved all that way to live in a trailer park in an old single wide.

I now made two and a half times what I made working for the paper warehouse we had worked at. At least one of us was moving up. Get it? I climb towers for a living, now? Hehe, anyway.

I had resolved that I wasn’t just gonna settle down right away and date someone new. I was gonna have some fun. Roam around and sow my oats, so to speak. Hell, I was in my 20’s, so maybe time to act a bit like it.

So, we were driving along some highway to get from one interstate to another, driving through podunks and basically out in BFE. As I said, I had no idea where we were. I was staring out the window as we went from forest to farmland to pasture, lather rinse repeat. It’s kinda hypnotizing.

Around about noon, after not having seen another vehicle on the road with us for at least an hour, and shortly after we’d topped the tank at what felt like the only gas station in the state, this silver Camry comes up from behind us. It accelerated to catch up to us, then slowed down to pace us in the slow lane.

At first, I didn’t think much, but then I happened to glance down from out truck, and the first thing that caught my eye was it was a woman driving, maybe in her late 20’s, with auburn hair, and her sundress was pulled up over her waist and she was plowing her fields as she was driving.

“Hello,” I said to myself, “what have we here?”

From the vantage higher up in the truck, I could see it all. She had a matching auburn landing strip about an inch wide, 2 fingers dug into her personal bits, and was rubbing the little man in the boat with her thumb.

I was intrigued, to say the least, and rested my face on my hands out the window watching her. She looked up at me. I was caught, but Hell, so was she! She smiled when she saw me, and added another finger, which made her pretty tanned face flush.

I smiled and licked my lips, at which point she cocked her hips up some to give me a king’s view of the feast between her thighs. I took in in, her red, swollen mound, her lips spread and visible against her fingers, just a few short feet away.

I swear she made the temperature rise up about 20 degrees. After checking the road, she looked back up at me, then laid her head back like she was moaning, and thrust out her chest. She looked to have sweet and tasty B cups hiding in that sun dress, and I was just imagining cupping them while partaking of that Honeypot she was playing in, when she took her fingers out, looked me right in the eyes, and licked them clean.

I was sitting at full attention, my Johnson painfully escort tanıtımları constrained by my carpenter pants. I made a face with my eyes closed and face raised like I was smelling the sweetest apple pie baking.

She laughed, then held her fingers up in a V, and licked them, with her eyebrows raised in question, then pointed at me. I emphatically shook my head in the affirmative. I truly take pleasure in tasting a woman’s inner beauty.

She then pointed to the others in the truck and again raised her eyebrows. I casually sat back for a moment, thinking. Only one way to find out.

“Hey, y’all guys believe a man should orally pleasure a woman before you get down to the nitty gritty?” I asked casually. Just makin conversation.

“It’s only the right thing to do.” Said Sam. “Hell, if I could make a living at it, I would.” He replied just as casually.

“And you, Rob?” I asked.

I got a snore in response.

“Yeah, I heard him talk about it plenty on the last few trips. Why?” He asked.

I looked at her and nodded while flashing a thumbs up.

She looked like she was coming to a decision, then held her palm like she had a member in it to her mouth, and pushed her tongue into her cheek, then pointed at each of us. She crooked a finger to say “follow me,” and sped up.

“Sam,” I said as casually as I could while my libido boiled to ever higher levels,” the woman driving that far was playing with herself, asked me if we munch pussy, then offered us blowjobs and motioned us to follow, if you’re so inclined.” I said it like I had seen a mild curiosity on the side of the road.

“Did she now?” He said, signaling and getting behind her like it was the most natural thing in the world. “She look good?”

“Pretty as a song bird” I replied.

“Well, let’s not keep her waiting. That wouldn’t be polite.”

He tossed his empty soda can into the backseat, bouncing it off Rob’s shiny skull, “Wake up, Sleepin Ugly! New guy found us some entertainment, and we need to be presentable. Get those curly locks all brushed out to impress our new lady friend!”

Sam looked at me and said “New Guy? I might just have to get to know your name!” As he smiled broadly.

I chuckled to cover the sigh. I had told him 6 times my name was Josh. I wished he’d understand I’m no 18 year old scrub. I’d been in the Navy, worked on cannons and explosive filled magazines. Working a dangerous job was nothing new to me.

She pulled off the road into a deserted highway rest stop. It had a pair of unplugged vending machines, and 2 small buildings that were rest rooms. She pulled behind the buildings back in the picnic area that was shielded from view of the road and motioned us to park next to her.

We got out the truck and took a moment to stretch, while we eyed the beautiful woman who flagged us down. 5’6. About 120 lbs, those B cups just begging to be set free and appreciated. Nice firm ass. Dark green eyes and full lips under a pert nose.

“Hey, boys!” She said in a sexy voice. “Y’all just passing through?”

“That we are, ma’am,” I confirmed.

“Perfect,” she said, licking her lips as she eyed us like a tigress eyeing prey.

I noticed the gold wedding band and the gold cross and chain around her neck. Minimum makeup, just enough to highlight her natural beauty. And noticed she did not have the accent of the region. I was thinking Florida. One of the cities.

“It’s so boring here. I’m from Tampa.” She said, confirming my suspicions. “I got married, had a kid, then my husband Heard the Calling. We moved to this one horse shithole so he could become a Preacher. Now all the fun kinky shit we used to do is a sin.” She sneered the last word, “unworthy of Him.”

“I was driving around just about pleasure myself so I could actually enjoy an orgasm when Mabel at the gas station said 3 hunky strangers had stopped in, so I knew I had to come see if I could find myself some…entertainment.” she ran her tongue across her lips after she spoke.

She eyed us again, hungrily. “Now, I’m just looking for some big strong men to use me like the slut I used to be. Do you know anybody who could help me with that?” She asked in an innocent voice.

Now, my Momma always told me a man should accommodate any reasonable request from a lady, and right at this moment, I was feelin mighty accommodating.

In answer, I stepped up to her, grabbed her left breast, and pushed the first 2 fingers of my other hand into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned while sucking and licking those fingers like she was born to it. I let her have those for just a few seconds before pulling the fingers back.

She pouted until I picked her up by the hips and set her down on the nearby picnic table. I kneeled down and flipped up her dress to remove her soaked sexy black lace panties.

“I’m not sure about you fellas, but I’m in the mood fer a snack,” I declared, before snaking my tongue out gaziantep escort telefonları to lick the inner thighs on either side of her pot of gold.

“I could go for some sausage right about now!” She said, looking to Rob and Sam. “think you gents could help a lady out?” She asked.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Rob shouted. I would learn that Rob does not know how to speak around ladies. Luckily, this particular specimen wasn’t in the mood to be treated completely ladylike right then.

Sam stood up on one bench beside her while Rob got on the other, and they unzipped their flies and presented arms to her. She cooed like a happy mommy as she took Sam into her mouth and started to jack Rob on the other side, while I sipped nectar from her glorious wet folds.

I made my way to her opening and was alternating between licking her lips and pushing my tongue into her, while I started to rub her clit with one hand, and pushed 2 fingers into her with other other. She moaned on Sam’s Rod when I found that distinctive spot that turns women into jello and started to tap out “cum on my face” in Morse code on that G spot. It”s a request that is usually followed regardless of whether a woman understands Morse code.

She was slurping Sam’s not inconsiderable cock down to the base, and Rob was starting to hump her hand when she switched, now that Sam was coated in her spit, and took Rob’s Meat Pillar into her mouth.

Seriously, did THAT thing eat the weight’s too? It was built like him, shorter than me or Sam, about six inches, but about as wide as it was long, it seemed. She seemed to enjoy stretching her mouth with it.

Look, if you share a woman with a friend or two, you’re gonna see what they’re built like. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna try to fuck em. And since this story is for posterity, y’all deserve to have an accurate picture.

Sam was about 7 inches in length, and he seemed happy as a pig in slop gettin his trouser snake pumped by this woman’s hand.

I was going to town, and managed to get through the third iteration of my Morse code message when she switched back over to Sam’s club and then moaned and let out a huge stream of drool around his tool as she took him to the base again, right as she clamped those thighs around my head and set loose a river of womanly honey into my awaiting mouth.

As she bucked and rocked her hips into me, she had both Sam and Rob nice and hard. She was alternating between them, and Sam and Rob were taking turns burying their rods to the hilt in her mouth, her small amount of mascara running down her face from the tears as she was happily gagged on two meaty cocks.

The front of her dress was soaked with her drool, and the front of her skirt had fallen enough from all the movement that her cum was soaking into the hem of the dress. She was cumming a lot, so the wet spot was rapidly expanding and she kept pushing herself into my face.

“Oh, god! Fuck my face! Make me choke on these cocks! Show me what a slut I am!” She said when she switched from one to another of her two sausages.

Sam, being the gentlemanly sort he is, acknowledged her request, and grabbed her hair and started to throat fuck her like her mouth was her pussy right after Rob roughly pulled the dress from her shoulders and practically tore her bra off, then slapped her left breast kinda rough while mauling the right one with his mouth.

The first smack caused her to moan with delight, And she clamped down again and made a big ole wet spot on the picnic table while shuddering and cumming again.

I stood up and unzipped my own fly, letting my 7 inches loose. I tapped Rob in on the orsl.exam while taking his place on the bench.

He squatted down and started sucking on her clit and mauling her slit, while she took my rod in hand. When she turned to me, I grabbed her by the sides of her head and pushed my cock all the way to the base and buried her nose against my clean shaven pubic area, listening to her gag and feeling her swallow.

Sam took over the breast slapping, roughly grabbing them and pulling them until he had a nipple pinched in his grip. She was now giving a constant stream of moaning bliss around the gagging and cock sucking.

I slapped her face and told her “suck that thing down to your stomach, woman! Show me how a slut takes a cock!”

She looked up at me in sheer bliss, taking me out of her mouth long enough to say “I’ve been a bad little slut Daddy! Are you gonna give me what I deserve? Slap me and use my holes? Show me what happens to bad little sluts, Daddy!” Then impaled herself on my manhood again.

Now I had been with some girls I considered bad before. Some even like a bit of dirty talk. I had NEVER had a woman talk like this and make these requests of me before. I was harder than I”be ever been, and decided to play along with her desires.

I slapped her on the other cheek, then pulled out and slapped her with my dick, trailing it all gaziantep escort bayan telefonları over her face, leaving a gleaming trail of slobber and precum from her cheek to her forehead and down to her across her eyes and finally,to her throat, then back to her mouth and again began fucking her throat. Shortly, I switched off with Sam and roughly began pinching her nipples while pulling on her breasts.

I heard a meaty smack as Rob slapped her thigh, then jammed 2 fingers up into her ass without warning and started reaming her little puckered hole. She shouted as much as she could around Sam’s cock, while writhing and shuddering and cumming on Rob’s face.

Rob stood up and tapped Sam, who looked down at him, then looked at me and growled “next time, tap me in first. Rob fuckin drools too damn much.” Before pulling out a handkerchief and giving her pubic area a quick wipedown.

Now, Rob and I both pleasured her, of that we had no doubt. But Sam had nineteen or twenty years on us, and, as we learned, that experience was no joke.

I couldn’t tell you what Sam was doin, as I was in the wrong position to see, but by the way she started screaming and writhing like a possessed woman, he was a master musician, and he played her like a golden fiddle.

She looked at me and said “Oh, Daddy! I think you could learn a thing or two from Grampa! He really knows how to make his little slut dance on his tongue!”

“I’ll show you Grampa, slut!” Sam growled, and she yelped and gasped as he apparently started using teeth, before her eyes nearly went cross in a groan.

Rob grabbed her by her hair, turned her towards him, and cut off any further speech by stretching her jaw around that monster of his.

After a few more minutes, and a lot of opportunity for her puddle on the picnic table to grow in size, Sam stood up.

“Alright, boys, we’ve each had a taste. How bout we show this slut what’s what and get to some serious pipe laying?” He growled, shortly after she had switched back to my cock.

“Mmmm hmmm!” She agreed around my throat pounding session. “Please Daddy!” She said to me after pulling my cock from her mouth “would you and Grampa and that fire hydrant you call a friend please break my holes? This slut needs her cunt and ass fucked at the same time. Please!”

Sam slapped her face while mauling a tit, “nobody was asking your permission, slut! We’re gonna fuck you until you can’t talk no more! Maybe that’ll teach your Bible thumpin husband to take care of his wife!”

She came again, right there, just from those words. “God, yes!” She cried, while no one touching her except for the continued breast slapping from Rob and myself.

The three of us shucked our clothes, Sam laying back on the picnic Table, as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up on top of him. She grabbed his dick and guided it to her dripping chasm, the he switched his grip to her hips and yanked her all the way down.

Her head flew back and a gutteral howl flew from her mouth, her eyes rolled back, as she started to cum on his dick at the rough insertion. In the midst of that, I climbed up behind her, worked up a mouthful of saliva, and spat on her cute exposed anus, before shoving my head into and and pushing my way up her tight back door, eliciting more screams.

Rob pulled her head to the side and attempted to dislocate her jaw with his thrusts into her mouth while Sam and I took this lovely slut for a joyride, pumping into her in an alternating rhythm that had her moaning and screaming into Rob’s Johnson.

She must’ve cum 3 more times from that pounding until Sam called for a switch up.

“I ain’t as young as I used to be, and this table is killin my back. Rob, switch off with me! I wanna finish on this slut’s face, anyway. I’ll be damned if this slut’s mouth wasn’t made for sucking cock.” He instructed.

Rob stopped abusing her face and pulled out to a groan and a pout from her, and she slid up off of Sam with a wet slurping sound, while I was still buried in her ass.

“Daddy, turn us over so I’m sitting on you, please? I want that fire hydrant to break my slutty cunt good. And Grampa’s gonna cum all over my pretty face and make me look like a good little slut! Isn’t he so sweet?” This whole slutty and sweet Daddy thing was completely beyond my experience, but was exhilarating.

I pulled out of her and laid on the picnic table, as she turned over and sank her stretched ass right back down towards me and I took a note from Sam’s book and thrust up and to the hilt in one motion, drawing out a moan.

“Yeah, Daddy! Pound that ass. Make it your’s!

Give me my slutty Daddy treat!” She said as Rob got on the table, and jammed that fat fuckstick into her in one thrust. He was so damn thick It pushed me further into the back wall of her back door, and we started pounding into her holes.

Sam shut her up by slamming his boner into her mouth and fucking her like he had just been doing to her pussy, and her eyes again rolled back as she arched her back, squeezed me and Rob so tight we could barely move, and sucked on Sam like she was trying to get the proverbial golf ball through the garden hose.

“Hey, New Guy!” Sam called to me, “you was a Squid, weren’t ya?” He asked.

“Yeah, I was Navy,” I answered gasping for breath.

“Don’t they have some phrase for what we’re doing?” He continued.

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