Wet Miranda’s Sperm Swap Ch. 02


Authors Note: This is the conclusion of a two part story. Although this story stands on its own, you might be interested in reading the first part, Wet Miranda’s Sperm Swap.

The story so far: I am having group sex with my boyfriend Rick, my friend Donna, and her boyfriend Sam. Donna and I are exploring a kink called sperm-swapping, which is the act of sharing come. Donna gave my boyfriend Rick a blow-job. Instead of swallowing his come, she dripped it into my mouth before we French kissed; then I swallowed my boyfriend’s come out of her mouth. We then switched partners, and I gave her boyfriend Sam a blow-job. Finally, I dripped Sam’s come into Donna’s mouth before kissing her and then watching her swallow her boyfriend’s come out of my mouth. For the next round, Donna wanted to simply switch partners and do the same thing again. I had a more kinky idea, which you will soon be reading about…


“Fuck, we are two lucky guys, Rick!” Sam said. If they were sitting any closer together, I bet they would have given each other high fives in celebration. I was glad that the guys had gotten such pleasure out of our kinky little sperm swapping orgy, but I hadn’t yet had an orgasm myself. I wanted to fuck someone, yet I also wanted to do another sperm-swap. I was torn between a desire to get fucked and a desire to explore this kinky new sexual experience we had just discovered.

And then it hit me. I had a bright idea in my head about how I could have my cake and eat it too; or should I say have my come and eat it too?

“I hope you guys have some more come left in you, because I want to do another round of this.” I announced.

“Me too!” Donna agreed. “But first I have to finger myself; my pussy is fucking wet right now. Maybe we should switch partners, Miranda.”

“Well…that’s not what I had in mind.”

“What did you have in mind then, more of the same?”

I was still lying right on top of Donna, and I put my mouth right up to her ear and whispered my really kinky idea for the next round of the sperm swap.

“I want to fuck your boyfriend. The blow-jobs are fun and all, but I’m horny, and I need penetration soon. But I figured out a way to have sex and still each do another sperm-swap together.”

She cupped my breasts into her hands while quietly listening to my kinky plan. I could tell that she was getting really horny as she tried to imagine where this was leading. I was still lying on top of her, and both of us were naked. “After Sam comes into my pussy, I want you to lick it out!” I continued whispering to her. “That way, I get fucked, I get my pussy licked, and you get to swallow more of your boyfriend’s come out of me. Only this time, we will be sperm-swapping from pussy to mouth instead of mouth to mouth. After all that, you can fuck Rick and then I will eat his come out of your pussy. What do you think about that idea?”

I rested my hand on her blonde bush. I could feel her wetness on my fingertips.

“”Oh…now that is twisted, Miranda! I love it. You are one kinky girl!” She said out loud.

“What is going on, you two? Rick asked us. He was sitting on the sofa. Donna’s head was still on his lap. Donna’s boyfriend Sam looked quizzically at us. He was on the other end of the sofa with my feet brushing his thighs.

“I just thought of a unique way to continue the sperm-swapping.” I told the guys.

I explained my idea to the guys. They quickly warmed to the idea, and we wasted no time in getting started.

“Why don’t we all move to my bedroom?” Sam suggested. “I have a king sized bed, and it will be more comfortable than the sofa.

The four of us walked into Sam’s luxurious bedroom. His room was dimly lit and sparsely furnished with a big dark oak dresser, a matching nightstand with a small lamp and alarm clock, and of course the bed. The king sized bed had red sheets and two big fluffy pillows.

I was feeling really horny, and I wanted to go first for this round. I led Sam to the left side of his bed and cimcif gaziantep escort lay myself down on my back. Although I love different sexual positions, I figured that the missionary position would be the best way to do this. That way the come wouldn’t leak out of my pussy before Donna came to lick it up. Sam positioned himself on top of me. I watched as Donna and my boyfriend lay themselves down in a spooning position on the right side of the bed. Donna was closer to me, and Rick was on his side behind her. I knew his cock was brushing up against Donna’s ass. His hands were cupped around Donna’s breasts.

It always feels thrilling to me to have group sex with Rick and other people. I love teasing him by making him watch me get intimate with another man. I also love to watch him get aroused by another woman. With her blonde hair and petite curvy body, Donna was especially attractive to me. I knew Rick was having a lot of fun with her.

I spread my legs for Sam. He had a nice warm body. He was not particularly buff, but his chest was nice and hard, with just the right amount of hair. I felt his weight as he used his hand to guide his cock into my waiting pussy. I knew that his come would soon be inside my pussy, and I couldn’t wait to have Donna lick it out of me.

I let Sam have his way with me. I was content just to relax and enjoy the fucking. I opened my legs as wide as possible and felt the head of his cock pop into my pussy. I looked over at my boyfriend and Donna as I felt Sam’s cock completely fill me up inside. I wanted to look at their faces as Sam fucked me. Donna looked very turned on as she lay on her side and watched her boyfriend fuck me from a few inches away. Rick looked amazed as he watched my body get thoroughly pounded by Sam. The sex was incredible. I enjoyed laying still and just letting Sam have his way with my body. I felt his stiff erection plunge in and out of my sopping pussy.

Rick was feeling Donna’s tits right before my eyes. I reached over to take his hand in mine, feeling Donna’s warm soft breast under Rick’s hand. I felt how erect her nipple was as my fingertips brushed against it. I wanted them to know how much pleasure I was feeling from my new partner. I let out a few grunts and moans as Sam fucked me hard and fast. I felt his sweat on my chest as he slid in and out of my juicy cunt.

By this point I was moving my hips up a bit to meet Sam’s furious thrusting. I started to kiss him passionately, hoping that this extra sensual contact would help make his orgasm more intense. By the speed of his pumping, I knew he couldn’t last much longer before shooting a load of hot come inside me. The knowledge that his come would be licked up by Donna got me even hotter. I explored his tongue with mine as we fucked harder and harder, taking him closer to the brink.

I suddenly felt the first contractions of his cock inside me as his orgasm began. I gripped Rick’s hand tightly as another man came inside me. It felt so erotic to hold my boyfriend’s hand as he watched another man fuck me. I turned my head to the side and started to kiss Donna. I wondered what was going on in her mind as we made out while her boyfriend fucked me.

Sam let out a load moan as he released his first spurt of hot come inside my pussy. He started to kiss my collarbone like crazy for some reason, and it felt really good. Sam groaned he came in wave after wave. The come felt warm inside me. I couldn’t wait for Donna to taste it. After a few moments of smaller aftershocks, Sam sighed and collapsed on top of me. I let him stay inside me for a minute, but then I gently moved him so Donna could lick up his load.

I lay flat on my back and closed my legs so the sperm wouldn’t drip out of my pussy, and Donna wasted no time getting into position. When I felt her hair on my thighs I spread my legs wide open to give her easy access to her boyfriend’s load. I lifted my head and saw her bury her face into my pussy. Her first kiss cimcif gaziantep escort bayan sent sparks through my pussy as she began to lap up Sam’s mess. It felt so kinky to do a sperm swap from my pussy to her mouth. She lapped up every last drop of his seed, sticking her tongue deep into my hole to reach it all. Then she licked my pussy like it was an ice cream cone, with long strokes of her moist tongue up and down my pussy lips. I put my hand on her shoulders as she finished eating all the come, and when I heard her loud gulp I knew she had swallowed the last drop. She still kept on licking me, and I knew my pussy was on the verge of explosion. She made loud slurping and sucking sounds as she licked me into a frenzy.

“Did you like that?” I asked rhetorically. “Was it fun to lick your boyfriend’s come out of my cunt, Donna? Did you like the taste of my female juices mixed with your man’s hot semen?”

She didn’t answer. She just kept pleasuring me with her hot mouth. She ate pussy like an expert, circling my clit with just the right amount of pressure. I grabbed her head when she hit just the right spot. I knew I was about to lose it.

My orgasm wracked my body suddenly, and it felt incredible to finally come after a long night of kinky sex that wasn’t even over yet. The waves of pleasure felt like jolts of soft electricity flowing through my body, causing involuntary contractions in my pelvis. My hips rocked so hard that I pushed Donna’s face up, but she knew not to stop until I was at the right point, and she licked me wildly for another few seconds, causing a second, more powerful wave to hit my body with pleasure.

The orgasm was mind numbing; my mind was a complete blur as my body felt pure physical joy. The crest of the orgasm came and then I felt an incredible sense of release as all of the muscle tension in my entire body loosened up. Donna removed her mouth from my pussy and let me ride out my orgasm as she intensified the effects by stroking my thighs. I lay still as a few more little quivers came and went through my waist. I looked down to see her face. It was soaked with my juices, and then she positioned her body next to mine and gave me a deep kiss on the lips. I loved tasting my wetness on her lips as we kissed; this is one of my favorite parts of making love with another woman.

By this point I was in the middle of the bed, with Donna on top of me, and the men on each side of me. I knew that Rick must be dying to come again, so I grabbed his hand and asked him if he was ready for Donna to fuck him. I didn’t mean to rush things, but I was eager to taste my boyfriend’s come out of her pussy.

The four of us didn’t talk very much more as we maneuvered our bodies for the last round of sperm-swapping. After a bit of rolling around, I ended up on the right side of the bed where Donna had been when she watched me fuck her boyfriend. Sam moved behind me and we lay side by side in a sensual spooning position as we got ready to watch our respective partners get it on with each other.

I felt Sam’s dick on the small of my back as we watched Rick and Donna position themselves for sex. Although his cock was soft after two orgasms, it felt quite nice resting on my skin, and I felt some drops of residual come make contact with me. He kissed the back of my neck and played footsie with me as we watched Rick begin to penetrate Donna.

Watching my boyfriend fuck Donna was even hotter than watching him get a blow-job from her, and I suddenly remembered that I would soon taste the results of his next orgasm. Sam gently caressed my back as we watched them settle into a steady rhythm. I had been expecting Rick to plow into her as Sam had into me, but he made love to Donna nice and slow. I felt a minor twinge of jealousy as they gently kissed each other’s lips as if they were long time lovers. I watched my boyfriend’s lips expertly arouse her with his sexy slow kisses, and I saw their tongues meet outside their escort gaziantep cimcif lips. I could hear the soft kissing sounds from a few inches away, and I knew Donna must be enjoying it immensely.

Rick never moved much faster as he made long slow love to her. I saw their eyes stare into each other’s as Rick ran his fingers through her silky blonde hair. Sam put his arms around me from behind and cupped my breasts in his hands. I looked down to see my nipples get erect. I moved my body a few inches closer to them so I could feel their skin. My legs brushed up against Donna’s, and I gave her a little soft kiss on her ear. I reached my hand out to stroke Rick’s butt as he made love to Donna in smooth pumping motions. I felt his ass rise up and down with each thrust. Donna was panting heavily, but Rick was keeping his cool, never speeding up.

I knew that Rick achieved his most intense orgasms from this kind of slow love-making, and when I felt his ass muscles clench, I could tell that his orgasm had quietly begun. He let out a quiet moan as he came inside her in long slow waves. He rocked his hips up and down, shooting every last drop of sperm deep inside her. After his orgasm, Rick wrapped his arms tightly around Donna’s ass. They kissed deeply for another minute before he withdrew from her and told me to take over.

I removed myself from Sam’s embrace and I got into a 69 position with her. “Donna, don’t worry about licking me, I just thought it would be fun to try it from this position.” She licked me anyway, not enough to make me come again, but enough to feel good.

I had never seen a pussy this closely after a man had come inside it. It was a beautiful mess. Her pussy was glistening with her own juices around the lips, and Rick’s sperm was oozing out of the hole. I quickly lapped up a drop that was trailing down her thigh, and then I began to go to work on tasting the rest of it. I tasted the familiar taste of my boyfriend’s come mixed with the salty tang of Donna’s cunt. I spread her pussy open like a flower to get to the come that was buried deep inside her. It was dripping out of her, and I eagerly licked it all up from her pussy lips. I made my tongue into a point and then dove into her, licking up globs of semen. I used my hands to catch some residual sticky drops of come from her blonde bush, and then I went to work on her pussy in earnest.

It felt so deliciously naughty to be licking Rick’s hot seed out of Donna’s pussy after hehad just fucked her. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. I felt both Rick and Sam begin to caress my body as I gave Donna the best oral sex imaginable. I kissed her clit just the way I liked to have mine kissed, making sure to keep her guessing as I changed the speed and position of my tongue. I rapidly flicked her clit with my pointed tongue before concentrating on making small circles around her clit.

Donna was much more vocal than I was; she was making load moans and grunts. I could feel her hot breath on my pussy. She didn’t sit still either; I had to move my face several times to meet her thrashing body. When she was about to come, she wrapped her legs around my head tightly. I felt her contractions suddenly, and this action pushed out more of Rick’s load out of her pussy. My nose was pressed up against her as she ground her pussy wildly into my face, eager for me to firmly press my tongue on her clit. Rick’s come and her juices mixed in a banquet of sexual fluids on my face as I did my best to lick up the mess. Her legs clamped around my head even tighter as she rode out her orgasm, never stopping her wild moaning as she came hard on my face.

“Well, Miranda, that was an experience!” Donna announced after coming down from her orgasm.

“I’ll say. It was so hot eating you out after Rick fucked you!” I answered.

We all collapsed in a heap of naked bodies on Sam’s king sized bed. I ended up sleeping in the middle, with Sam on my right and Rick on my left. It felt wonderful to have a man on either side of me as I dozed off into blissful sleep. My body was spent from a night of wild kinky sex. Donna ended up on the other side of Sam, but I leaned over Sam’s body to give her a long wet goodnight kiss. I touched my face; it was soaking wet with sperm, Donna’s pussy juices, sweat and saliva. I looked out the window and saw dawn begin to break as I wrapped my legs around my three lovers and fell into a long, deep sleep.

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