Wet Towel


You could tell by the way I walked in that the audition had been a tough one.

“That bad…?”

“Well at least I knew how to stay in tempo.”

“Well, keep your hopes up. You don’t know what they thought yet.”

“I know. I just got that vibe that I was wasting their time and that they weren’t impressed. I was really nervous and messed up a lot. I played the verse when it was the chorus, played the bridge when it was the verse. When I was supposed to pause I played through and the guitarist would look at me with that ‘What the Fuck!?’ look…”

“Well it’s the guitarist, you know they’re divas.”

Letting out a slight chuckle I reply “That’s true. I haven’t met one yet that doesn’t love their solos.”

I kick my shoes off and walk past you. Setting my bass down, I walk over towards the couch and take a seat next to you.

“Look, I packed you a bowl. Smoke, relax and get comfortable. No need to worry about it. I know you did your best. You always do.”

I grab the lighter and the bowl and put it to my lips and pull in that first relaxing hit that will hopefully put me in a better spirit. You lean in next to me to give me a comforting hug. It’s the kind that is more sympathetic than it is comforting but as you do you catch a whiff of my body.

“Oh man you stink!”

“You know I sweat when I’m nervous and well… I was nervous.”

“Go take a shower.”

I walk into the bedroom throwing my damp towel across the bed. I grab the lotion and start applying it to my dry skin. First my arms followed by my chest, then my stomach and then working down to my legs. You walk in just as I finish.

“Hey, great timing, could bursa escort you get my back for me?”

“I could but you have to get that wet towel off the bed.” You answer while waving your finger towards the bed. I give you that look of a child who just got busted with his hands in the cookie jar. Placing the lotion on the nightstand, I lean over the bed stretching to grab the towel and as I do I hear a slight moan from you standing behind me.


You reach out and grab my ass with your right hand while pushing me over onto the bed with your left.

“Who do I thank for making that cute bubble butt, your momma or your daddy?”

“Huh? What?” Is all I manage to let out while my body crashes into the sheets. I try and get back up to my feet but before I can I feel both of your hands pushing down on my ass spreading my cheeks wide and exposing my asshole. I hear you let out another moan just as I feel your tongue travel the length of my ass crack. From the balls to small of my back, once, twice and on the third time you stop at my still tightened asshole.

“So much for the lotion… Damn that feels good.” I say as your tongue circles my puckered bud. I relax from the sensation of your tongue as it slides in. You spend some serious time working your tongue into my ass, licking it, fucking it, and working me over like I do to you when I eat your pussy. My body melts into the bed as my tension releases from my muscles. As you lay in between my legs you see my cock growing from your tongue lashing. You use one hand to rub along the shaft in rhythm with your oral fucking. You place your other hand across my crack; your thumb pushes bursa escort bayan into my asshole replacing your tongue. Lubed up from your spit my asshole easily takes your thumb and you push it in deep. The length of your thumb disappears into my ass.

“Oh Fuck! Yes baby take my ass. Work it”

“You like that don’t you Damien?”

“Yes baby. Oh shit… Fuck yeah.”

As you finger my asshole you run your tongue the length of my shaft while you caress it sending quick shivers through my body. Your three point attack on my body has my senses racing and loving the attention. The weed has me zoned out on all of it and just lost in the moment.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck that feels so good…”

You sit up off the bed and grab my hips pulling me back to you. You command me to get on my knees as you pull my ass upward. Face down, ass up, my face buried in the mattress is how you position me on the bed. You leave me there for a moment as you grab a toy out of the drawer in the night stand table. The pink plug is your favorite to use on me when we play like this. To be honest I kind of like it myself too. It hits my prostate just right and gives me some of the best orgasms. You put the tip against my open asshole and with ease it slides in. No lube just spit.

“MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm yeah!” I moan into the mattress as the plug plunges deep into my ass. You hold it in deep and give my cock a few good tugs.

“Fuck Damien, you are so fucking sexy when I have you like this.”

You place a pillow between my legs and lay down on your back. Your head resting on the pillow giving you some support as your lips circle görükle escort the head of my shaft then they start their ascent up my cock reaching all the way up to the base. My cock pushing into your throat, my balls covering your chin, you reach around and pull the plug out of my ass. Not completely, just enough to tease me. Your motion is slow at first but as you go you find the right tempo and coordination so that you suck my cock and fuck my ass at the same rhythm. When you take me deep into your throat, you push the plug in and when you pull the plug back you have just your lips on my engorged head. You take me into you like this for as long as I can last, which isn’t long under your masterful touch. I try and hold out for as long as I can. Moaning with pleasure, sometimes begging for you to stop so that this feeling can be prolonged but you don’t listen. You are in control and we both know it. This is probably what those psych doctors would use as an example of a passive dominance. A submissive control but that is for people smarter than I to examine and frankly neither one of us care. Were both getting off on this and that’s all that matters.

“Ahhhhh. Ohhhhh Fuck. Uh, UH, UHHHHHHHH IM coming Lisaaaaaaaaa!” My cock unloads into your throat. I hear you cough as the thick gooey blasts of cum punch your throat. Like a trained sword swallower you don’t flinch. Your mouth tightens around my cock as you push hard on the plug making sure it hits my anal g-spot. Thick load after load flees from the tip of my cock as my body bucks into your face. You never say a word until it is all over. You wait until you make sure to suck every last drop out of my balls before you slide from under me. When you do I collapse down onto the bed. Satisfied, content and finally free of tension. You stand up reach over and grab the lotion. One pump than two as you reach down and apply the lotion to my ass.

“I told you not to put your wet towel on the bed didn’t I!…”

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