What Just Happened?


I was in a situation I didn’t want to be in but had to make the best of it. My wife left me and my two sons and she cleaned us out. We had a good savings fund but she wiped it out and disappeared, leaving a note telling us she couldn’t do “this” anymore…and I would never find out what “this” was because she was gone. I certainly thought things were okay but I guess they weren’t.

In any event, with the housing crash and subsequent loss of income our home was foreclosed on and I was forced to move in with my mom for a while. Money was tight and this would allow me to save some before finding a place for me and my boys to live. It wasn’t horrible. I had my own room upstairs, but there was only one bathroom upstairs between my room and my mom’s bedroom. The boys had to share a room downstairs.

It was rough the first couple of months. My emotions ranged from mad to sad to angry to confused. Eventually I started to date but I was also drinking more. Tensions had started to rise with the living situation being what it was. Mom loved us but was used to her privacy and freedom. I was too so it wasn’t any better for me. I was able to go out since mom was home and could watch my boys. I started to see women but didn’t get laid yet. I couldn’t bring myself to admit to a woman that I was living with my mom so bringing them home was not an option. However, this particular night I did because my date’s roomate was hosting her boyfriend and they didn’t want to be disturbed. I had a real good feeling we were going to fuck if I could get her alone.

We had a great night out and were pretty tipsy when I got to mom’s house. We weren’t exactly tip-toeing upstairs, althought I did try to be quiet. Just as we were going into my bedroom I noticed mom open her bedroom door and she was putting on her bathrobe, but when she saw I wasn’t alone she just shot an icy glare at me and closed her door again. I closed my door and proceeded to tear the clothes off each other as we kissed and banged around the room not so quietly. She was also a little loud for my taste as I was fucking her…she made these high-pitched yelps and groans. I kept covering her mouth telling her she would wake my boys up but that also kind of smothered her face and she kind of liked that so she just groaned louder. I said fuck it and pounded her until we both came…which was pretty quick for her thankfully because it was also pretty quick for me not getting laid regularly anymore.

I didn’t have real feelings for this woman, I just needed to feel like a man again and she did that for me. Thankfully she got dressed and left almost as quickly as she reached orgasm. I slipped on my boxer briefs and walked her out, then went back upstairs to take a leak. I went into the bathroom and when I came out mom was standing in the hallway. She started to berate me, whispering to not wake up my boys who were sleeping downstairs. She was telling me I shouldn’t bring women to her home like that and thanks for waking her up and I should stop drinking so much…just like being married, haha.

I kind of waved my hand at her and walked into my bedroom, swinging the door closed behind me but it didn’t close because mom stopped it and walked in behind me. By now I crashed on my bed, laying on my stomach, and was ready to go to sleep. Mom came into the bedroom, closed the door behind her and locked it. I thought that was odd but I was a bit drunk and tired as hell with it being almost 2 AM. I was laying there on top of the bed in my boxer briefs as she walked over to the edge of the bed and continued the nagging she started in the hallway. She told me to not walk away from her when she was talking to me, no wonder my wife left me, I am irresponsible, blah blah blah…now she was giving me a headache…blah blah blah, how dare I bring home that slut to fuck in her home, she said I was disgusting.

My head was starting to pound and I didn’t appreciate the slut comment so I instinctively told her to shut up. Before I knew it I was being yanked by my hair out of bed. She wasn’t yelling but she had raised her voice and pulled my head up by my hair. I rolled over to the edge of the bed and she just let me fall off the bed, telling me not to talk to her that way.

Now I was pissed. I got up and stood right in front of her and asked her what she did that for. For a second I was about to push her but remembered that was my mom standing there. I also noticed by pulling me out of bed her robe became somewhat undone in front and I could see most of her tits as they were almost spilling out of her bathrobe. I’d run into a bra or two of hers as I did my laundry and noticed they were 38Cs…and they were pretty firm ones at that.

She said she was tired of being so nice and if I wasn’t going to respect her privacy then she was going to see to it I did. I had no idea what she was talking about and said as much. She took a step closer to me so she could poke me in the chest. She told me she’s had it with my sulking and drinking, she wasn’t my babysitter and she had a life that gaziantep escort numaraları she was taking back now. I asked her what she meant by taking it back and she said whatever she had to do right now she’d do to make sure I respected her privacy and reached up to grab my hair again, yanking my head to the side and down. She said I needed to get my shit together and quickly.

I instinctively reached up and grabbed at her wrist with one hand and when she wouldn’t let go I grabbed a handful of her hair with my free hand and gave her head a yank backwards. I heard her let out a little scream as we kind of stood there for several seconds, each with one hand pulling the other’s hair.

This activity had completely opened my mother’s bathrobe which revealed she didn’t have anthing else on underneath it except lace panties. Her tits were completely exposed but it didn’t seem to bother her at all. Both of us were telling the other to let go but neither would. My boxer briefs started to tent a little, which was confusing considering I was in somewhat of a fight with my mom at the moment; but she was a woman with a pretty hot body who was almost nude so I just kind of shrugged off the beginning of a hard-on to that.

She was also pretty strong which I hadn’t realized in the past. Of course I had no reason to speculate how stroing she might be either. She was in phenomenal shape at 44, standing 5’8 and weighing 146. I was 25, 5’11 and 164.

We kept jostling around the room with one hand in each other’s hair until we agreed to let go at the same time, which we did. Instead of closing her robe mom let it slide off her arms and drop to the floor.

“I can’t beat your ass with this thing on”, she said as it fell to the floor. I was standing there, kind of in shock, as the only thing keeping my mom from being completely naked were these almost see-through purple lace panties, and when she went to kick the robe out of her way she moved to the side and I could see what I thought were panties was really a thong, a sexy purple lace thong! Her tits were gorgeous, nicely shaped and very firm from all of the chest exercises she does at the gym.

I caught myself staring at her tits and pussy and managed to look at her face only to see her looking down into my crotch. I realized my dick was as hard as it could get. My dick was probably about 9 inches so it tented my boxer briefs nicely. I had to lift out the front waistband so it would stand at attention and then let go of the waistband so it would be contained inside my briefs, barely, but it was better than the bulge it made sticking straight out at her.

I asked her what she meant by “beating my ass” and she said just that. She walked up to me again and I half raised my hands not knowing what she was going to do. She stopped right in front of my and her tits brushed against me right below my chest. She started poking me in the chest again and telling me she has had enough of my shit, that I was a disgusting pig for bringing that slut into her home (the woman I just fucked) while she has to watch the boys. She said she wants a sex life too, she wants to go out and have a man over too. I was incredulous as to not only the conversation we were having but that I was having it with my mom while we were nearly nude. So “what the fuck are you talking about” just ran off my tongue, followed by asking her if she was feeling okay.

I told her to leave the room as I was going to go to sleep and motioned to move toward the bed but she grabbed my arm and spun me around to face her again. She told me I was not going to be until we settled this. “Settle what?” I asked her, “and how do you propose settling whatever the fuck is on your mind?”

What she said next floored me. She wanted a piece of me! “A piece what?” was my response!

“I am going to teach you some old fashioned manners, mother to son. I’m not afraid of you.”

She wanted to fight and she wanted to fight right now. She said she wanted to discipline me, she was my mother and she had the right to do it.

“Ma, I think you are getting cuckoo. There will be no disciplining going on here. Besides, if you tried you wouldn’t like how it ends up for you.”

Now, I had not intention of doing anything to my mom but it was like my man-hood was being challenged by her and that is just instinct for a guy taking over, making a comment like that.

There was no verbal response, but there was a response. She pushed me backwards and I fell onto the bed which was just behind me and she followed me onto it, jumping on top of me. I was stunned. Before I knew what happened she had me pinned on my back with my arms underneath her knees as she held my wrists down with her hands. Her crotch was inches from my mouth and face but it wasn’t her crotch that she lowered, it was her ass. She plopped her ass right down on my mouth and face and shook it back and forth. I felt all of her ass and most of her pussy against my mouth since she was gaziantep escort bayan numaraları wearing a thong. My legs flailed wildly underneath her and I couldn’t believe I was in the predicament I was in, being pinned so quickly by a woman, my mother none-the-less!

Fight or flight instinct took over and as soon as she straightened up her body and moved her arms I lifted my legs up. She went for the bait by wrapping her arms around my legs and I was able to thrust her backwards and off me. She was on her back on the bed which allowed me to get up and start moving toward her. She was also getting up so we met each other on our knees. I grabbed her in a headlock and forced her down on her side at first and then onto her back, with a side headlock wrapped tightly on her. I playfully smacked her face in this hold and asked her if she wanted to give up. I told her she may have gotten a jump on me because I wasn’t expecting her to do that, but I wasn’t going to let her beat me.

I could see she was getting angrier from the playful smacks but hell, I was just facesat by my mom. I was going to give some back. She reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked back, pulling me onto my back as she tried to climb on top of me. I was able to keep her between my legs as she did this and got her in a nice body scissor hold. She kept trying to slide up but I kept squeezing her and forcing her back down. This movement made my briefs slide down a little too, to the point where my dick was sticking out the top of them. Our hands were locked together too so I could keep her in the scissor hold.

Again I asked her if she had enough but she just grimaced as I squeezed a little tighter. She managed to free up one hand and then the other and reached down underneath me. I wasn’t sure what she was trying to do until I felt the tugging on my briefs. She was giving me a wedgie! Thankfully I had boxer briefs on so it was more difficult to do but it was working, plus it was also pulling them down in front exposing more of my dick. I released my hold on her and was able to roll her onto her side so she couldnt get a real advantage.

She started to roll away from me so I jumped on top of her before she got off the bed. She started to get to her knees but I pushed her stomach down onto the bed and climbed on top of her, slapping on a full nelson. I shook her face back and forth as I shoved it into the covers on the bed asking her to give up, however I knew I couldn’t stay in this position long because my hard-on was riding the crack of her ass and being partially exposed, the sensation of skin to skin contact was making me horny, a feeling I couldn’t really comprehend considering this was my mother underneath me. Add to that her trying to buck me off of her and I was getting more and more excited so I had to release the nelson.

I was able to sit up and sat on her ass, grabbing her hair with both hands and pulling her head back so she was in a hold similar to a camel clutch. I was determined to end this but unfortunately we were too close to the edge of the bed. I had her in some pain, and although I had mix feelings about that I wasn’t about to give in if she was going to persist. I was pulling her head back hard so there was pressure on her back and also the pressure of having her hair pulled was uncomfortable, but I saw her arm reach over the side of the bed and before I realized what she was doing we were toppling off the bed.

I had to release her to brace my fall which kind of hurt my arm. Because she was underneath me when we rolled off the bed she landed on top of me and my nutsack which winded me. Amazingly I didn’t lose my hard-on.

I kept rolling over and was clutching my balls when I felt her kick me in the back. Her barefoot then popped me in the back of my head and bounced it off the carpet. Then she jumped on my back and wrapped her arms around my throat from behind with her tits mashed against my back. She started choking me from behind, asking me to give up. My balls hurt and I was groggy from getting kicked in the head but was getting more worked up from what was happening.

I slid a finger and then two and three between her arm and my neck, easing the choke hold on me. Realizing she lost her advantage she let me go and stood up again.

As I moved to get up I felt another kick crash into my stomach. “What the fuck”, I thought to myself? I looked up to see her getting ready to kick me again and although she landed the blow I was able to grab her foot and make her lose her balance, sending her crashing backwards onto the floor. She was able to brace her fall. I reached over to her as I got to my knees and grabbed her hair and she reached out and did the same to me. We sunk both hands into each other’s hair and got to our feet like that. We jostled around the room like that on our feet, and she kicked my in the stomach again. I’d had about enough so I kicked her back. After that we were both on guard for more kicks, escort gaziantep numaraları both hands locked in each other’s hair pulling and yanking each other all over the room, banging into dressers and walls, trying to gain an advantage.

I was able to knock her off balance and we tumbled to the floor hands still locked in hair. We were using the leverage of pulling hair to roll each other back and forth a few times, me on top, her on top, me on top. After struggling back and forth I was able to brace my feet against hers and hold the top position. Our hands released hair and our arms wrapped around each other’s head and neck area as our faces collided cheek to cheek, locked together tightly.

By now the sweat was pouring off both of us as our nearly naked bodies glided and pressed against each other. Our arms were wrapped tightly around each other’s head restricting some air and her tits were pressed against my chest. Her hardened nipples felt like they were drilling holes in my nipples, our stomachs pooling the sweat between them, my feet braced against the bottom of hers to keep our legs locked in place as my hard-on pressed furiously against her upper pussy.

At first she was trying to dislodge me and the friction of our bodies rubbing against each other was making my dick pulsate harder and harder, but then it seemed like she wasn’t trying to get me off of her anymore. The struggle of trying to dislodge me had forced my briefs to slide down a little more and my dick popped half-way out of the top of the waistband and was rubbing her panty-covered pussy.

I noticed instead of the fight continuing we settled into somewhat of a rubbing motion, a steady motion at that. We were in a missionary sex position with my dick grinding against her pussy as we were locked together from head to toe. We both stopped asking each other to give up. Now we were just squeezing our arms tightly around each other’s head and neck, with my left cheek pressed against her left cheek. I could feel her warm breath on my ear and I am sure she felt the same on hers. I could also hear slight grunts and moans from her, moans that indicated a body was becoming more excited sexually.

Clearly my body was responding the same way as we were pressed together tightly and the feel of our sweat-soaked, near-naked bodies against each other was amazing. What has happening here? What had we descended into?

The eroticism of the altercation and our current hold was incredible and as much as I wanted to stop I couldn’t. She wasn’t fighting it either, she was grinding her pussy just as hard against my dick. I was thankful we had our underpants on because had we been naked, my dick would have definitely slid inside her pussy. Our movements were in synch with each other, a fucking motion as I lay on top of her in the missionary position with all of the grunts, groans and moans that come with a couple fucking each other.

We both started to grind a little faster and harder and I felt her arms tightening around my head. I was coming close to having another orgasm after fucking my date earlier, and feeling her body tense up I realized she was close to doing the same. By now my half exposed hard-on was rubbing hard against her pussy and the top of my dick rubbed against her bare skin right above her pussy. The grunts and moans from both of us were becoming louder and more frequent. At the time I wasn’t thinking my mother and I had mutual headlocks on each other and were nearly nude as our groins grinded against each other because I was so completely turned on by the eroticism of the fight and what was happening. All I could think of was I was so fucking ready to cum.

The rythymic grinding of our bodies was intense, each becoming more and more sexually excited and continuing to grind harder and harder. Ignoring the mother-son dynamic, we were a grown man and grown woman intent on seeing this to a conclusion. Why and what it would accomplish is unknown, but why we were battling in our underwear is also unknown, at least to me!

Different throughts started to race through my head. What if she came? I would have a clear advantage as her body shuddered from an orgasm. What would I do? What if I came first, what would she do? Would she facesit me again? She probably would is what I thought to myself so that’s what I will do to her were my thoughts…and then, just as I was about to cum she let out a huge groan and her body gripped me tighter than ever.

She was cumming, but I was also cumming, shooting my jizz up between our stomachs as her cum filled her sweat soaked panties. Our mutual grip on each other’s head tightened even more as our bodies convulsed together in mutual orgasms for what seemed like minutes. Groans of pleasure erupted from both of us. I couldn’t believe how much I was cumming considering I just fucked someone almost an hour earlier and thought I emptied my load onto her. Mom matched me in intensity and length of orgasm too, our bodies engulfed in each other’s climax.

Soon we both stopped and relaxed our arms from around each other’s head, but I didn’t get up right away and she didn’t move or ask me to. I laid on top of her, both of us breathing heavily from the fight and subsequent orgasms forced onto each other. I could feel my cum mixing with the sweat between our stomachs, it felt like a bucketful. My head was still side by side with hers, and after laying like that for a few minutes I rolled off of her.

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