When Opportunity Knocks


Sometimes life throws some really good opportunities your way, and I am an unapologetic opportunist. Now sometimes I think it’s a bad thing, but not after this little opportunity came my way.

I get bored at work and I end up chatting online quite a bit. Well, I can’t quite remember how it started, the beginning blurred after the end came. But it turns out that one of my friends, whom I meet up with for some fun, had actually slept with an acquaintance of mine. She didn’t have any idea about him and I and I didn’t have any idea about the two of them. But when he realized he had slept with both of us, well the wheels started turning in his head. We all started chatting on a Thursday. By Friday he had figured out a plan for us to meet at my place on Sunday. I jumped at the chance. I’d jump at the chance to get him into bed, but him and another woman? No way was I going to miss this one. So it was settled, Sunday afternoon at my house. I was mostly in the center geographically anyways; they were both coming from 2 or more hours away, one from the north, and one from the south.

They met up at a coffee shop around the corner from my place. She had never been to my place, or met me in person for that matter. So he met her there and they both came to my place bayan gaziantep escort together. I was so nervous. It had been years since I had ever done anything with a woman. And even then, it was college, and I was drunk all those times.

So we all sat on the couch, just talking. She and I realized we had a hell of a lot more in common then just him. I think we talked for a good 20 minutes before he stood up and stripped. He leaned down and told me to go put his favorite outfit on. This outfit consisted of a pair of skimpy little thongs and my black boots. When I got back into the living room, he had her skirt up. I leaned down to both of them and told them to bring it into the bedroom where there was a lot more room.

So they followed me into the bedroom, he laid her back on the bed and started to eat her out. I smiled and sat back and started playing with my pussy. She started moaning, and I knew exactly what she was feeling. He has an amazing tongue. No, amazing doesn’t even describe it. He has an unbelievable tongue. When he had made her cum, he came over to me and pulled me to the edge of the bed where he proceeded to use that tongue on me. As I arched my back and opened my eyes I saw her bayan escort gaziantep watching us and smiling, so I reached up and pulled her down to me and kissed her. That is one thing that will always differ between men and women in my eyes. Women are soft. They have soft lips, soft skin, soft everything. Whereas guys can be soft and gentle, but they still have roughness surrounding them. And I absolutely love that roughness.

So while he was making me tremble I was kissing her and her hands were caressing my breasts. He made me cum so hard. After he made me cum, he switched and went over to her. He went back and forth between us, making us cum, licking us and fucking us. All the while we would kiss or fondle each other. He bent her over the bed while I watched and played with myself. Then he laid back on the bed and she climbed up so she was riding his face. I straddled his cock with her back to me. With the both of us riding him like this he came deep inside me.

We all just cuddled on the bed talking for a little while. She and I comparing stories of people we both knew, and sharing our stories of each other. It was so comfortable just laying there. She wanted a smoke, so she went out to her escort bayan gaziantep car for her cigarettes. He told me to fuck him again while she was out. When she came back in he had me bent over the bed fucking me from behind. He told her to lay down on the bed in front of me so I could eat her out. He had his hand wrapped in my hair while I licked and sucked on her, I loved hearing her moan while he was fucking me hard from behind. We switched positions again and he had her over the bed while she ate me out. She was good at it too. While she was making me cum with her tongue, he had his cock buried deep inside her and he came for the second time.

Back on the bed cuddling again, she mentioned that she had brought her camera. I looked over at her and smiled, and she went and got it. We took turns going down on him, and taking pictures of it. Then we set the timer and rode him again, this time facing each other so we could kiss and enjoy each other. I barely noticed when the camera took the picture we were into our fucking again. We set the timer again and switched positions, her on his face, and me on his cock. We stayed like this for another little while then just cuddled on the bed some more. I noticed that it was getting dark out and realized we had been going at it for about 4 hours. We took a few more pictures for good measure and talked and cuddled a little more. Then they both had to get back. They still had to drive 2-3 hours home. So we all got dressed and said our goodbyes at the door. I watched them go, both getting into their cars. Then I laid down on my couch and sighed. It was a good day. Maybe we’ll do it again soon?

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