White Boi Learns his Place Ch. 03


After the group decided we should go to our pool, Emily came up to me and told me she had a bathing suit I could borrow. Daddy told me to go get changed with her, and the guys would start making drinks and rolling joints to take outside. I guess he didn’t need to change really, all he has on was athletic shorts that would dry quickly.

I followed Emily upstairs and sat on her bed as she started going through her suitcase…of course she told me she wanted to find me something sexy. That turned out not to be a problem as she tossed me what looked to be a very skimpy black thong style bikini. She said she had hoped to show off her ass in that, but would wear her boy short style bikini so I could use the thong. I should have been embarrassed, but I was beyond the point of caring. I had completely embraced my new role as Ashley.

I thanked her and went to my room to change. It felt weird stripping out of my girl clothes just to put on more girl clothes, but I guess this was my new normal for the weekend.

As I stepped into my thong, I felt my clit start to twitch (I can’t believe I’m starting to think of my penis as a clit). I was just still so horny from what Daddy did to me downstairs. Well that and this the idea of wearing this thong in front of everyone was turning me on. After pulling the thong up and adjusting my clit, I tied the top on. It felt kind of silly being flat, but I knew Daddy would want me to. I also decided to put my heels from last night back on, which I knew Daddy would want as well.

At that moment, Emily walked in to check on me. “Good, you are wearing your heels. Let’s get a little bit of makeup on you though to complete the look.” After applying mascara and some light lipstick, I was still clearly a guy, but an extemeley feminine one who looked sexy. The lipstick was a bit silly, but the mascara did wonders for my eyes.

“You look amazing sweetie!” Emily said, giving me a peck on the cheek. “C’mon, stop checking yourself out and let’s go show off for the guys! But before we do that, Steve asked me to put this on you.”

She held up a strange plastic cage looking thing.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a chastity device. Steve wants to make sure you aren’t walking around with a little boner all afternoon. You’ll probably be hard the whole time if he istanbul travesti let you, you little slut!”

I thought about protesting, but what was the use. Emily took my silence for accepting and put a really cold wash cloth on my penis, immediately shrinking the slight erection that I had. Once I was completely limp, she slid the device on and clasped it. Before I even could see what she was doing, she closed a little padlock too.

“Whoa what the fuck Emily, there is a lock?”

“Of course sweetie, but don’t worry, Steve has the key.” She said as she pulled my thong back into place and gave me a little tap on my cage.

I was a bit nervous about the cage, Daddy really has a way of pushing me out of my comfort zone, but there was nothing I could do about it now. So I followed Emily downstairs and out to the pool. All the guys, 5 in total, were down there, but it was just me and Emily.

“Where is everyone else?” she asked.

“I think they went into town for their spa day or something,” Steve replied.

All the guys were sitting around a table drinking beers, but Steve was in the pool and started to pull himself up out of it to greet us. As more of his body emerged, I realized he was completely nude. I inadvertently gave Emily’s hand a quick squeeze once he stood up and started walking towards us, his big black cock swinging back and forth. As he got closer, he must have noticed I was staring.

“It’s not polite to stare Ashley. But damn…that bikini suits you nicely! Emily, did you get the cage on?”

“Yup!” She replied. “I was worried the cage was going to be too big for his little penis, but it still fit just fine.”

Daddy put his arm around me and walked us to the table. Handing me a pina colada. I took a big sip and then we took our drinks into the pool. After about 30 min, I was ready for another drink, but also feeling really horny. It was a bizarre sensation though, my clit was trying to get hard, but it had nowhere to go. Steve must have sensed my condition, because I felt him come behind me and press his big black cock against my thong encased ass.

“Damn your ass feels good,” he said, “I can’t wait to fuck it again later.”

After hearing that, I moaned, pushing my ass back slightly to meet him. Then, I turned around and şişli travesti put my hands on his chest. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me either Daddy,” I said staring right into his eyes.

He then grabbed my ass and picked me up. I instinctively wrapped me legs around him and leaned in for a kiss. Daddy stuck his tongue deep into my mouth and I bit his lower lip, really getting into it. I didn’t realize it, but before I knew it, we were out of the pool and Daddy was carrying me over to a lounge chair.

He laid me down gently and got on top of me, continuing to press his body and his big black cock onto me. I must have been doing something right, I could feel him getting hard.

This must have been going on for a about 5-10 min, I really have no clue, but as Daddy worked my neck, I opened my eyes and realized Emily was sitting on Jerome’s lap and the other 3 guys were watching the show intently.

Steve noticed this as well and stood up, lowering the lounge chair. He told me to get up as he laid down on his back. I took a hint and crawled on top of him, taking his big black cock into my hands, and then mouth. After working on his enormous cock head for a few minutes I jumped as I felt another set of hands on my ass. Daddy noticed my reaction and held my head in place, telling me to stay focused.

I wasn’t sure who it was, but I felt him slide my thong to the side, and a warm toungue start licking my pussy. Damn it felt good. After warming me up, I felt a cock head start to press against my pussy. I was about to get tag teamed by two black guys. What was happening? But whatever, I wanted it.

I moaned around Daddy’s cock as I felt the big black cock behind me pop in. He wasn’t quite as big as Daddy, but still huge. After a few minutes, I felt that familiar pressure building up inside me. I was going to cum. Eventually it got to be too much. I took Daddy’s cock out of my mouth and collapsed forward, burying my head in his chest while

still stroking his cock under me. At that moment, I realized Daddy had a key looped around his chain. He had completely control over me and was making sure I knew. Between the huge cock buried in my ass and Daddy’s display of ownership, It was all too much.

I came all over Daddy’s stomach. Ropes of bakırköy travesti cum started to stream out of my cage.

Eventually the guy behind me pulled out, and Daddy told me it was time to show him how much I wanted his big black cock.

“But Daddy, I just…”

“I don’t care if you just had a sissygasm, ride my big black cock slut, or else I’ll never unlock you.”

I had no choice, so while straddling Daddy, I reached down and guided his big black cock intom my pussy, slowly sliding down and moaning with every inch. That last guy was thick, but nothing compared to Daddy. His combination of length and girth was truly impressive. I couldn’t simply drop down, I had to go up and down, up and down, working my way down inch by inch.

While working my way down, Daddy asked the guys to light him a joint and hand it to him. Once they did he took a big hit, but instead of exhaling, he pulled me towards him and exhaled into my mouth. It was a huge hit, and it went straight to my head. He repeated that two more times.

Damn, weed makes me so horny. The high went straight to my head, but also straight to my ass. His big black cock felt amazing.

Steve then invited a couple of the guys over and queue, two of the guys stood up and walked over

to either side of me. It was a bit humiliating, but they made me pull their shorts down, freeing their big black cocks instead of doing it themselves. These guys were both hung like Daddy, just a little shorter. But their girth was equally impressive. I started jerking them both off slowly. Unlike when I give daddy head and get to use both hands, I could only use one for each. I kept bouncing up and down on Daddy, but my focus was on exploring each of these new black cocks. The veins, the head, the slightly different weight and color, how my hands looked trying to wrap around them (even though I wasn’t even close to fully wrapping around them). It was honestly kind of tricky trying to properly stroke their cocks while bouncing up and down on Daddy’s cock, so I tried to do my best pornstar impersonation and dove towards one to take him into my mouth. I continued to work on their cocks until I felt Daddy grab me by my hips and slam me down, cumming deep inside of me and letting out on a grunt.

The other two guys took his queue and grabbed their cocks, jacking off into my face. I tried to catch their cum, but ended up covered in cum. But who cares, I was in bliss and proud of being able to make 4 black men cum.

I guess the cage worked too. I hadn’t even realized it, but I looked down and realized I my clit was leaking.

To be continued…

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