Wildcat Within


My girlfriend Laura and I have been together for about 6 months now. I guess you could say we are in that infatuation puppy love stage. I met her at the local sandwich shop that her and her schoolmates would go to after their catholic college let out. My first impression of her was, “Wow!” She had long, black curly hair that flowed over her petite frame. A smile that shined innocence; contrast to her small perky breasts and a firm ass that looked like an upside down heart. It took me several weeks to get up the courage to ask her out. Once I finally did and couldn’t believe she was willing to go out with an average Joe like me. I’m not bad looking by any means, just no model. I’m tall and slender but lack the muscle and tone of those men you see in film.

Once we started dating I realized Laura wasn’t as intimidating as I thought she was before we met. Had I known she was a timid church mouse I wouldn’t have waited so long to ask her out. She was very pleasing to talk to and seemed interested in everything I did and said. I think she liked the idea that I wasn’t like the boys at her school and church.

Our dating life was going great. It was a lot of innocent fun as she was still a, “Good girl.” I didn’t want to pressure her and honestly I was still nervous as I had only been with a few people myself. None of them were worth mentioning, and definitely no letters to penthouse. We hung out a lot in my, “Typical guys,” apartment. It was great hearing the lines she would come up with to tell her parents to hide where she really was. Day by day she discovered how much fun her church banned activities could be, like drinking, swearing, and smoking.

After a few months of infatuation we finally had sex and let me tell you, it was like letting a jungle cat free from years of captivity. Every time was like a new adventure as she discovered her sexual identity. She loved the idea that she was willing to perform activities that previous girls I was with wouldn’t, like swallowing and sodomy. She would refer to us as virgins every time we explored something new together; getting off on seeing my pleasure with each new action.

One day she brought a new porno over to my house for us to watch and this one was all about threesomes. We were watching the opening scene on my couch which involved two girls and a guy, when we started to fool around. Her breath on my neck drove me wild as she kissed and lightly bit me. My hands fumbled up the back of her white blouse trying to unclasp her bra. Giggling she leaned back and unbuttoned her blouse, letting it slide off her smooth white skin to the floor. Her tongue held slightly out the side of her mouth as she unclasped her white lace bra. Her perplexed look gave way when she unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor.

I stared at her gorgeous perky b cups as they bounced with her giggling. I reached to grab them before she shot back saying, “Nope, you can’t touch em yet.” Turning her head she looked at the screen, as if studying the scene. A girl with red hair was holding the other girls head as the guy face fucked her. Quietly she asked, “Do I give you the same pleasure as they are giving him?”

Breathing heavily, I mustered, “I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to see,” and made a notion to my crotch. She turned and looked back at me, slowly unbuttoning my jeans. She giggled as she knew she was teasing me. I helped her along by pushing my jeans and boxers down my legs, causing my raging hard on to spring back at me.

“I could do better,” she said getting on her knees in front of me. She stared up at me as she grabbed my cock. I couldn’t believe those lustful blue eyes that once shined innocence. Bending her head down she started by licking my shaft, just enough so the tip of her tongue ran up and down, her warm saliva leaving a trail. At full attention I reached down to cup her milky breasts as she jerked back saying, “I told you no.” Her hand still rubbing my shaft, “Now do you want me to do this or not?”

“Please,” I begged.

She took another look at the screen and returned to her position, fully engulfing my cock with her mouth. She bobbed up and down, trying to fit a little more of me in her mouth each time. Her tongue swirled around the head of my dick as she cupped my sac. She increased her pace as the moaning from the porno got louder, the derogatory remarks they made fueling her passion as she worked me. The pleasure was intense, and I was losing it before she released my cock from her warm mouth. Staring at the tip she whispered, “I think a threesome could be fun, like what they’re doing.” Those words drove me over the edge and I lost it. Catching her off guard, a full stream of cum erupted from me spraying her directly in the face, causing her head to jerk back in reaction. I looked at her slightly embarrassed as semen dripped down her face. With her eyes closed she wiped the cum from her eye lid with her finger.

She opened her eyes and giggled. She looked at the cum on her finger as if examining it, before cinsel bilgiler licking it off. “Mmm,” she muttered. “Salty.” Then she looked at me asked, “I take it that means you like the idea too?”

“Umm…Well…ya,” I muttered, embarrassed that I came so early. “Were you serious? Cause you know that you’re more than enough for me.”

“You’ve made such a mess,” She said looking at the remnants of cum on my crotch. She reached down and started pulling on the shaft, as if milking it. “Well don’t get ahead of yourself. We’ll see.” She leaned in and licked the remaining cum as I tossed my head back and enjoyed the janitorial work that was being performed on me.

I lit a cigarette as she finished up and sat back on the couch. “Why do you want a threesome?” I asked.

“Well don’t get me wrong,” she answered buttoning her blouse. “You do a great job of going down on me, but I wonder what it would feel like coming from a girl. You know, someone with the same parts.”

“Ya that makes sense,” I responded. Anxiously waiting for what she was going to say next.

“Look at those girls. I want to be that one, the one with the red hair.” She said pointing at the porn star. We watched for a minute as the red head and guy dominated the other girl, swearing at her as they did. “I want to be the forceful one. I want to be in charge for once. You know, like a teacher with an attitude.”

“That would be hot,” I muttered blowing a smoke ring. I watched the threesome act out and studied it trying to learn exactly what Laura wanted.


Months passed and our sex life was in full swing. My toy chest filled with porn, dildos, lotions, and other various sex toys. We learned a lot of each other and what we each wanted, pushing our limits each time. I even shaved myself so I could match Laura, which she loved. We found we each love dominating the other. Laura was especially fond of name calling, spanking, and talking dirty. She referred to herself as, “My little whore.”

Laura had practically moved in with me by now. She spent the majority of her time there even when I was at work. Her friends would come over to study and hang out. I guess they wanted to get away from their parents as well. Her friends were enjoyable enough, though a bit on the immature side. One friend in particular I liked was her friend Stephanie. She was quiet and very reserved, like Laura when we first met. They both were in the same freshman classes but had known each other for years.

After coming home from an exhausting day of work I found Laura and her friend Stephanie doing homework in my apartment. It was an attractive site to see. They shared the same petite frame, but that was all. Stephanie had long blonde hair that complimented her blue eyes and breasts that were larger than Laura’s. I always tried to get a good look but her hair was always covering them, leaving them more of a mystery.

“Hi honey,” Laura said as I walked in, running up to me, and giving me a hug.

“Hey Steve,” Stephanie said sitting cross legged at the coffee table. Her skirt rode high up her thighs, exposing her long stemmed pale legs. Her tight white tee shirt read Angel. It helped reveal that it was a little too cold in the apartment. For once I was glad the heater didn’t work.

“Hey honey, hey Steph,” I responded. After returning Laura’s hug I grabbed a beer from the kitchen. “You guys want one?”

“Yes please,” Laura answered speaking for them both.

I returned to the living room, handed them each a beer and sat on the couch, relaxing at last. “So what are you girls up to?” I asked then lit a cigarette.

“Just finished some homework,” Laura responded. “How was work?”

“Tiring,” was all I could muster.

“What do you do again?” Stephanie asked.

“I work at Finnegan’s,” I answered. “Since I just turned 21 a few weeks ago they’ve been training me to bartend but I still have to wait tables so it’s rough.”

Laura looked at Stephanie across the coffee table and then back up to me, “Just watch some tv and relax.”

Turning on the tv, I nearly choked on my beer when the first thing the screen showed was porn. I then realized we watched it last night and I guess we never turned off the dvd player. The movie instantly caught the girls’ attention as well. Their eyes glued to it.

We watched for a minute before Laura broke the awkward silence and said, “Can you believe that Steph has never seen a real penis? Well not besides on tv.”

“Really Steph?” I responded looking at her. Her pale cheeks turned red. “Someone as cute as you I would’ve thought different.”

Blushing she said, “Well it’s not like I’m a complete virgin.

“What do you mean?” I asked getting turned on.

“Well..I..have a vibrator,” she muttered looking at the ground.

“Toys are fun,” Laura responded excited. “But they’re not like the real thing.” She then reached under the coffee table and grabbed our toy chest, pulling it cinsellik bilgileri out into the open. She placed it on the table and moved over to sit right next to Stephanie.

“What’s in there?” Stephanie asked grabbing the box.

“Just open it,” Laura said, barely able to contain her lustful smile.

Stephanie’s face looked shocked as she opened the box. She hesitantly reached in and pulled out a red dildo. “This ones like mine.” She said as she looked it over. I saw Laura’s eyes turn hungry as she looked at Stephanie rummaging through the toys. “Whoa this is intense,” she said pulling out a pink strap on.

“I haven’t seen that before,” I crossing my legs as to hide my arousal.

Stephanie turned the box upside down and dumped the other toys onto the table. Among them were a ball gag, handcuffs, whip, and other various assortments of dildos. She looked on curiously at the warehouse of toys.

Laura just grinned as she looked on. “You like those?”

“They look, interesting,” Stephanie giggled embarrassingly.

“But like I said, they’re nothing compared to the real thing.” Laura said winking at me.

“I wouldn’t know,” Stephanie responded. “One day.” She continued to study the toys, giggling to herself.

“How about today?” Laura clapped looking at me.

Stephanie looked shocked and turned her attention to me. I uncrossed my legs but didn’t mention anything.

“Steve, why don’t you show her yours?” Laura cheered.

Hesitantly I looked back at Laura while eyeing Stephanie’s reaction. She looked confused as unsure of what to do. I took another sip of my beer and waited.

“Come on Steve, let’s see that aching cock.” Laura cheered on, obviously noticing the bulge under my slacks. “Just think of it as a learning experience for Steph.”

I saw this was my chance for a threesome and slowly slid off my black slacks, followed by my boxers, releasing my hard member. Letting Laura command the show I sat there on the couch and lit another cigarette. My nervousness slipped away knowing this was going to happen and that Laura wanted to be in charge, letting me off the hook in case things went sour. The girls both ogled me, especially Stephanie.”What do you think Steph?” I asked.

Stephanie just stared on. “Ummm,” she managed to mutter. Her cheeks lost their red embarrassment, a clue to her getting more excited.

“She needs a closer look,” Laura said looking at Stephanie.

Stephanie didn’t need another notice and crawled a few feet closer up to me. Eyeing my crotch she got within a short reach.

“What do you think?” Laura asked.

“Now I see why there’s a fake vein on my dildo,” Stephanie giggled.

“You can touch it,” I said. “He won’t bite.”

“Ya but careful otherwise he’ll spit on you.” Laura laughed. “And let me tell you, there’s a lot.”

Stephanie got a bit closer and knelt before me. Awkwardly she reached in and slid the tip of her finger along the length of my shaft. I looked on as she slowly started to play with my fully erect member, studying it as she did with the toys. Slowly she got more aggressive and before long was rubbing me with her whole hand, but still unsure of what she should do.

“Don’t forget his balls,” Laura commented as she crawled towards me. She knelt before me right next to Stephanie. “He likes it when you play with them.”

“They’re sensitive,” I said laughing, soaking in the moment. I watched Laura as she instructed Stephanie on pleasuring me.

Stephanie slowly rubbed my shaft with her soft hand while cupping my balls with the other. I stared back at her chest wanting to see more.

“I think he wants to see your chest Steph,” Laura laughed. “And honestly so do I.”

Stephanie stopped and looked at both of us before grabbing her shirt off and lifting it over her head. Her blonde hair flowed back down over her as she tossed her shirt to the floor. Laura reached around Stephanie and unclasped her bra. After freeing her breasts Laura waved her bra around in the air like a cowgirl with a lasso then flung it across the room. I watched in amazement, barely containing myself. Her creamy breasts were firm and larger than Laura’s, with nipples that seemed to point in my direction. I couldn’t wait to take grasp them.

I looked at Laura and swear I could see her drooling. She reached over and grabbed a hold of Stephanie’s left breast. She pinched her nipple as Stephanie continued to rub my shaft. I was amazed looking on at my girlfriend; her hand too small to fully cup Stephanie’s breast.

“Give it a kiss.” Laura said watching me stare at Stephanie. She leaned in and kissed Stephanie on the cheek, a sign to give her the go ahead.

Stephanie followed and leaned in closer. She slowly kissed my shaft then leaned back, giving a grin knowing now that it wasn’t so scary.

“Don’t stop,” I said.

She leaned back in and kissed the base of my shaft, then kissed it again, making cinsel bilgi her way up until she reached the mushroom of my member. After kissing the tip she pulled her head back again.

“That feels nice,” she whispered referring to Laura’s hand on her breast, playing with her undersized nipple.

“Take him into your mouth,” Laura whispered. Grabbing the back of Stephanie’s head, she tried to lower her closer.

Stephanie followed her direction, leaned in, and opened her mouth, letting me inside. Her warm breath hitting me before her saliva drooled onto on it. Her mouth encased the head of my shaft. Her tongue swirled around awkwardly, like a girl licking her lollipop.

I grabbed my shirt and pulled it off over my head, tilted my head back and enjoyed the moment. Knowing this was Stephanie’s first cock felt amazing. I looked at Laura as she was pushing Stephanie’s head downward, acting a bit more forceful each time.

“You’re not taking it in enough,” Laura instructed and pulled Stephanie’s head back. “Watch me.” Laura lavishly engulfed my cock in her mouth and started going to town, taking it in deep enough to cause her to gag a bit. The sucking motion was like a vacuum upon me. She only let go long enough to run her tongue along my shaft and down to my sac, sucking it in.

Stephanie watched in awe as Laura went down on me. The hunger built within her as she studied Laura’s moves. Wanting to give them more access I stood up off of the couch. This would give them more room to perform their magic.

Laura let go so Stephanie could get another turn at it. “Now do it right,” She commanded. Her tone was getting more forceful.

Stephanie amazingly took me in deeper, just like Laura. Her hand fondled my sac as she sucked me in. Laura stood up and got behind me, her hands grabbing my chest, pinching my nipples. Her arms reached down me, fondling my inner thigh. Stephanie leaned back to get some air as Laura grabbed my shaft, holding it like a hose.

“You having fun Steph?” Laura asked.

“Uh huh,” She responded, fondling her own breast.

“Then don’t stop,” I said grabbing Stephanie’s head and pulling her back towards me. Laura, gripping my shaft, used it to slap Stephanie against the cheek.

“Take it like a good little slut,” Laura demanded.

Hearing Laura berate Stephanie drove me wild. Stephanie apparently agreed with it as well by the length of her smile. I reached behind me and grabbed Laura’s ass, pulling her body tightly against mine. Laura used my cock and slapped Stephanie against the forehead as she buried her face in me, licking my sac. Laura then let go and allowed Stephanie to take it back into her mouth. Stephanie worked on my shaft more vigorously while Laura ran her finger up and down my ass crack.

Pulling back, Stephanie said, “You taste salty.”

“That means we’re doing this too well,” Laura laughed. “He needs a break if he’s going to continue. But don’t you worry. You’ll get more of that taste before we’re done.”

“Come Stephanie, to your feet,” Laura demanded. Stephanie complied and stood up, releasing me. They leaned in embracing each other. I watched as Laura licked Stephanie’s lips, followed by a deep kiss. Their tongues lapped at each other while Laura caressed her breast.

I sat on the couch and enjoyed the show. Laura leaned down and took Stephanie’s nipple into her mouth. Stephanie’s body jerked back as Laura bit down softly. Laura lifter her head and bit Stephanie’s earlobe. I could hear her whisper, “You’ll learn to like it.” Laura then knelt down and reached her hands up Stephanie’s skirt. Slowly she pulled her cotton white panties down her legs, letting Stephanie step out of them.

Standing up she lifted Stephanie’s skirt up and revealed a small thin patch of blonde hair that led to her wet pussy. The smell combining with my musk and smoke filled the air, reminding me of the back room of a porno shop. Laura turned Stephanie around holding her skirt up to get a better look at her. Her tight ass was smaller than Laura’s with less of a definite shape. With a quick whack Laura slapped it. Stephanie’s body jerked a bit before Laura took a step back, letting her skirt fall back into place.

Laura’s body moved with the rhythm of a stripper as she reached her shirt quickly over her head. Her breasts were caged in place by her black bra that I wished she would take off. Instead she teased me, swaying her hips as she stared at Stephanie. She slowly unbuttoned her pants as Stephanie stood awkwardly, her hand under her skirt. Laura pulled her pants down, revealing her black thong. I loved the way it complimented her ass.

“Wanna see more,” She said seductively.

“Yes please!” I begged stroking me cock.

“Not you baby,” she replied not taking her eyes off of Stephanie. “You.”

“Yes please,” Stephanie moaned.

“You don’t sound too sure,” Laura was just playing with her now.

“Yes please, I want to see your pussy,” Stephanie replied more forcefully.

Laura wiggled her body over to the couch next to me and sat down. I instantly reached over and grabbed her firm breast. While caressing her breast Laura said, “Then come get it slut.”

Stephanie walked over and knelt between Laura’s legs. She reached up and while grasping Laura’s thong, began to roughly pull it down her stems.

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