With a Church Girl


*******AUTHOR’S NOTE*********


This is my first time writing from personal experience. This is very dear to my heart and I almost didn’t publish it.


Kathy Schiefer. It’s always been about Kathy Schiefer. I’ve known Kathy since her family first moved into town when her and I were both only five years old. They just so happened to chose to attend the same multicultural church my family attended.

Her and I weren’t best friends. We were too different and didn’t see each other outside of church events often enough to build that kind of bond. But we still had a very special friendship none the less.

Her family is exorbitantly wealthy. They reside in the upper-class part of town in a nice mini mansion on top of a hill. It looks like something out of a vacation advertisement. Whereas I grew up in extremely violent, ghetto and impoverished part of town. I may have moved out of there when I was eleven but it hasn’t left me.

I no longer live in a run down area but it still feels like I do because I go there almost everyday. The majority of my friends and family have not been lucky enough to leave that place behind so I go there to visit or hang out almost every day. Around here somebody is always getting shot, stabbed or robbed. It’s the usual.

Kathy and I are both 19 years old and we just finished high school. Her family could have afforded to send her to a bourgeois private school but her father believes in struggle and hard work. He built up his own business empire with his bare hands and wants to instill that into his daughters.

Kathy is a white girl with light brunette hair. She has a fairly slender figure. Her skin is bright and radiant and her smile is infectious. I have yet to meet any girl quite like her.

I however am Cuban with flowy short-longish hair. I’m very tall and imposing and have an athletic build. I dress very “urban.” At least that’s what my high school principle called it. Kathy always thought that I looked “adorable.”

Kathy and I went to the same middle and high school but the only time we got to really talk or connect was during church events. During school we were a part of two very different groups. She associated with the preppy wealthy kids and I hung with the criminals and troublemakers.

We would smile at each other in passing or maybe she’d say a quick “hi, Justin” and I’d say an even quicker “sup, Kath.” I always called her Kath. During those six hours of school we could not associate with each other and neither of us disliked this unspoken agreement. It’s just the way things were during grade school.

When we finally got home we would send each other emails. Yes, we could have texted and that would have been easier but something about signing in every couple days hoping to see something from Kath just made it seem more personal.

We would send long multi paragraph emails to each other every few days or sometimes every month or so just updating each other about what’s going on in our lives. Whoever arrived at church first on Sunday would save a seat for the other person. I was always waiting for prayer to start just to have an excuse to hold her hand.

Our hands would always stay together just a little longer than everybody else’s. This has been our relationship for a while now. Quick hallway greetings, emails and church gatherings. I never missed a Sunday service no matter how I was feeling or how busy I was. My parents thought I really loved God. I just really love Kathy.

It started out as a small crush but after all the time spent sitting next to her. All the youth group outings and cookouts. All the visits to her house with my family I grew madly in love with her. She is everything to me.

It is now 5;30 pm on a Wednesday and I’m preparing to leave for the middle of the week night service. It’s not Sunday so we don’t have to be as dressed up. I put on black cargo shorts, a long baggy shirt accompanied by a baggy blue hoodie. I grab my keys, enter my car and drive off.

My jaw and ribs still ache from last week when Steph and his friends erzurum escort tried to jump while I was walking home from work. I was able to hurt two of them pretty bad and that gave me enough of a window to run to safety. There’s no way I could have fought the entire group at once.

I gently rub my jawline as I pull into the church parking lot. Church doesn’t start until 7 pm but I like to get there at 5:45 before the rest of the congregation arrives. This gives me more alone time with Kathy, who also arrives early.

I back my car into a parking space and see Kathy standing by the door waiting for me outside. She smiles and waves at me and I do the same back. I get out of my car and walk towards her. She speed walks towards me and gives me a big hug, the kind only Kathy gives.

She is wearing a long yellow summer dress along with black sunglasses. She has her hair out today. Usually at school her hair is tied up or in a pony tail. But right now she looks so free and comfortable.

“How’re doin’, Kath?” I ask still gripping her in my arms.

“Fine now” Kathy replies with her head in my chest.

“Okay, I think we’ve hugged for long enough, Kath.” I say not really wanting the hug to end. I could live in this moment forever.

She releases me and we both start heading towards the building. We go inside and proceed down stairs into the kitchen area of the church. I open the refrigerator and take out two soda bottles. I toss one to her, open mine up and sip.

“So…Penn State. That’s real far away.” I say after my sip.

“Yeah but I’ve wanted to go to this college since I was a little girl. I love the area and my dad graduated from there. It’s my dream school.” Kathy replies in an excited tone.

I’m happy for her being able to live out her dreams but a part of me wishes that she would have picked a school nearby. Why does she have to go so far away? Our hometown isn’t so bad. I see Kathy noticing the sad look on my face.

“Awwhh. Don’t worry Justin. I’ll come back home during every break I get. I’ll email you everyday. I’ll send you pictures and actual letters in the mail. I’ll tell all my friends about how badass you are. It’ll be like you’re there.” Kathy says with a grin.

Kathy always knew how to bring my mood up. She was there for me when my best friend got shot. When I didn’t know who to trust and I had my doubts about everyone. I never once doubted her.

“We have another hour to kill before anybody shows up here. What do you wanna do?” I ask taking another sip.

“I just want to talk to you, Justin. I want to really, really want to just hang out. Like really hang out. Not during a church event.” She said leaning against the counter.

“I would love that so much, Kath” I said trying to contain my happiness.

“We would go out tomorrow just you and me. I know a great restaurant on 17th Street.” She said back to me.

“Please. I can’t afford anything from 17th street. How about we just get some burgers somewhere and then go ride around.” I say smiling at her.

“That sounds perfect, Justin” she replied blushing.

Kathy comes from wealth but she is the most down to earth generous person I know. She wears normal non brand name clothing. She drives a used car and always looks for a discount. I’ve never seen a woman more beautiful than her.

For the next fifteen minutes we talk about the past, growing up, funny inside jokes and our plans for the future. Mid-laugh she looks at me and pulls me in for a kiss. I’ve kissed my fair share of girls growing but this one felt electric.

I push her into the refrigerator and kiss her some more. My hands slide down her waist and legs. I finally realize everything that’s happening and stop kissing her. I look her in the eye and back up. She brushes the hair out of her eyes and pants catching her breathe.

“What just happened, Kath?” I ask cautiously.

“I…I don’t know. I didn’t have control of my body. And…and I just kissed you…Are you okay with that? She asks nervously.

“Yeah” I say and then I pull her in and kiss her again.

This time less ghpops.com primal and aggressive. Her lips are the softest lips I’ve kissed. I’m feeling such a rush from this moment. She presses into me as close as she can. I feel her full body against mine for the first time. It feels like we were made for each other the way we fit together.

We pull apart and look at each other as if we never saw one other before.

“That was my kiss you know?” She says innocently.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yeah. I’ve ever been interested in anybody that wasn’t you.” She said with her hands on my chest.

“I’ve kissed a few girls” I say before getting cut off.

“More than a few, Justin” she says with slight attitude.

“I had the same problem that you had though. I couldn’t stay with any other girls because they weren’t you” I reply honestly.

“You’re just saying that, Justin, This was a mistake” she says leaving my grasp and walking away.

“I love you.” I declare boldly.

Kathy stops, turns around and looks at me. She has this look of disbelief and shock on her face.

“I love you, Kathy.” I say so there could be no mistakes.

“I’ve only ever loved you. It’s only ever been you.” I say boldly.

She runs back into my arms and jumps into my embrace. I hold her light body up in the air as she kisses me. I turn around and press her against the refrigerator. I kiss her cheek and down to her neck as our groins press into each other. She softly moans into my ear.

I set her down and back up a little.

“Are you sure you wanna do this, Kath? We can stop now and have things to right back to normal if you want.” I ask hoping to God she wants to continue.

She walks in close to me and grabs my bulge through my shorts.

“If I feel uncomfortable. I’ll stop it. Don’t worry about me, Darling.” She says massaging my bulge.

She slips her hand inside my boxers and starts stroking my cock from the inside. I start to crumble from her grasp. I pull her in and kiss her while she continues to stroke. She pulls her hand out to unfasten my shorts but I lift her up and set her on the edge of the counter.

I drop to my knees and pull down her white panties all in one motion. She looks down at me with a nervous but excited face.

“Nobody has ever seen my…my parts before.” She says adorably.

“You mean you’re pussy” I say looking up at her.

“Yeah…my pussy” she says in almost a whisper.

“Well do you want me to see it?” I ask, not wanting to force anything upon her.

“Yes. Very much so.” She says shyly.

I pull her in closer to the edge of the counter. She grabs the counter top to regain balance. I push her dress up to reveal the most exquisite pussy I have ever seen. I’ve seen my fair share of pussy in high school but her’s is the best of the mall.

I start kissing both of her thighs getting up close to her pussy and she would squeal. Then I’d go back down on the other thigh just to tease her. I can feel her body trembling and shaking from the excitement and nervousness.

I finally give her pussy a full lick from bottom to top and she lets out a loud moan. I focus on her clit and her whole body starts shaking as if she was vibrating. She rests her hands gently on my head running her fingers through my hair.

I let my mouth off of her clit and lick up at her and smile. I see her beautiful turned on face look back at me. I’ve never seen her in this light. I’ve never even said the word “sex” around her.

Since this is her first time I expect she will be very tight. Keep licking until I feel enough wetness and the I stick a finger inside her.

“OH MY GOD JUSTIN, SHIT!” She shouts shaking and squirming her legs around.

I pump my finger back and forth as I lick her clit. She moans and sways her hips back and forth into my finger. Suddenly I feel her thighs start to quiver and she pushes my head deep between her legs. She pumps her hips back and forth much faster than before.

I lick all over her clit and lips and pump my finger back and forth. She rocks her hips and moans. Her body starts to shake and her legs extend out.

“FUCK! JUSTIN! DON’T STOP! OH MY GOD!” she screams as wetness flows out of her pussy. I keep licking as she moans and almost falls off the counter but I hold her steady. She scoots back into the counter away from my finger and tongue panting.

She looks down at me with a satisfied look and then she pushes her dress back down over her legs. I stand up and offer my hand. She gently grabs it and hops off the counter. She leans into me and gives me a deep kiss.

“You’re really good at that, Justin.” She said still in my arms.

“So I’ve been told” I say in a somewhat cocky tone.

Kathy slips out of my embrace and drops down to her knees. She presses the bulge in my pants feeling it out. She unfastens my belt and unzips my zipper. My cargo shorts drop to the ground. She slowly pulls my boxers down exposing my hard cock.

She grabs my cock with her hand and moves her face to the right of it looking up at me. She smiles and pumps my dick back and forth in her hands. The hands I would hold every week during prayer at church.

“I’ve never done this before so you’re gonna have to tell me what feels good.” She says stroking my dick at the same time.

“Well just that feels damn good” I reply excitedly.

She starts from the bottom and gives a full lick up to the top similar to how I started eating her out. I shiver. It feels like I’m melting with every stroke. She looks up at me with a serious face and then puts my dick in her mouth.

I let out a low moan while sucks my cock. Her technique may not be perfect but no girl has ever had this much passion while giving head. Her head bobs back and forth and her tongue slides up and down my shaft. I’m in heaven right now.

She may have never done this before but she must have watched some videos or something. I look down and see the girl of my dreams on her knees for me. The girl I’ve thought about every day for so many years. The girl I grew up with. The girl who accepted me even though I was poor and troubled.

She takes me out of her mouth and strokes.

“You know.” She stops talking and licks the head.

“I’ve never done this before.” She stops talking again and gives the tip one full suck.

“But I wanted to suck your dick for so long.” She stops talking again and gives my cock two full sucks.

“So I would practice on cucumbers and watch videos.” She says and then resumes to sucking my cock fully again.

I start to moan and quiver because of her wet mouth. I don’t even think to tell her that I’m going to cum. I feel immense pleasure then cum shoots into her mouth. It throws her off for a second but she doesn’t let that stop her.

She keeps sucking and swallowing as much as possible. I moan loudly and melt into her mouth. When my breathing starts to slow down so does her sucking. She takes me out of her mouth and stands back up. Kathy walks over to the sink, grabs a paper towel and wipes the cum off of her mouth, cheeks and face.

I look at her like she’s the most beautiful thing on the planet. She blushes and looks away. I walk over to her and kiss her passionately.

“You’re good at that.” I whisper into her ear and she giggles.

She holds my hand and guides me over to the dinner table. She pulls her dress of fully and throws it on the ground. She undoes her bra and lets it fall to the ground. I pull my remaining shirt off the throw it with the rest of the clothes.

She lays down on her back onto the table and spreads her legs open.

“I want you to be my first. I’ve always wanted you to be my first.” She says shyly.

As much as she wants me to have sex with her I can tell she is still slightly uncomfortable laying in down naked with her legs open in front of me. I grab my cock and angle it to her tight entrance.

Suddenly we hear voices and footsteps. The church congregation must be arriving now. Luckily nobody goes to the kitchen before service so we have time to calmly put our clothes back on and laugh about the situation.

“You owe me one.” I say to her with a wink as we walk into the service.

She grins and we walk over to our usual spot where we sit every service.

“My car, after church.” She whispers into my ear as the singers walk onto the stage.

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