Work Colleagues Ch. 01


She loved having sex with him but hated having to hang around in hotel receptions while they checked into their room – she had an idea – she’d check in first, arrange to leave a key for him on reception then he could join her later. She also had a surprise for him today!!

Over the past few weeks she’d been talking to one of their colleagues who they both found attractive. Heather was a bit younger than them both but they knew she’d experienced a female/female relationship and Jackie had confided in her that she’d like to know what sex with a woman was really like. Her response was so positive. She’d mentioned it to Ian and he said if she thought Heather could be persuaded to join them in a threesome she could tell her a bit about their affair. Little did he know that she’d agreed to join them in the hotel, and little did he know what they had planned.

Jackie checked in to the hotel and then, with trembling hands and shaky voice, she rang Heather to let her know the room number. Before she even had time to undress there was a knock at the door, there was Heather in a white low cut vest top, short dark skirt and knee high boots; just the out fit that had turned Ian on when they went out for their works night out; altogether this ensemble showed off her figure to its best advantage with just a hint of slut to add to the look.

Jackie particularly liked her tits, which were just the right size to be fondled and sucked, were so pert that she could imagine her tongue teasing her nipples while she stroked and fondled them with one hand and played with her clit with the other. She could hardly believe these fantasies were about to come true. They had talked a little about what they wanted to do but they were both still slightly hesitant until Jackie very gingerly moved closer to Heather who stood up straight and placed her hands behind her head in a provocative “come and get” pose. Jackie gently touched Heather’s breast with her fingertips and noticed just how hard Heathers nipples were. Jackie used both hands and cupped her breasts and squeezed then which caused Heather to drop her arms, exhale with a moan and throw her head back eyes closed. Heather raised her head looked Jackie right in the eyes and moved her head closer and closer to Jackie’s face until she parted her lips and mashed them to Jackie’s in an all consuming kiss forcing her tongue into Jackie’s mouth and soon receiving her moist tongue in return as a reward for making Jackie’s cunt positively drip.

Heather decided to take the lead and began to unbutton Jackie’s black see through blouse and remove her lacy bra, as she did so Jackie unzipped the short skirt Heather wore and it slid to the floor. Heather stood there in front of her with a black thong on that left nothing to the imagination and she herself pulled the vest top over he head ruffling her hair in the process and exposing the half cup bra that allowed her nipples to be visible. Heather reached behind her and staring Jackie in the eyes removed her bra and ran her own fingers under her breasts and up to her nipples pinching them in the process.

Jackie stood there mouth open and trembling, but she noticed that she had her own hand in between her legs and was just squeezing her own cunt. Heather pinched Jackie’s nipples which brought right back to reality and Heather ordered her to place her hands behind her head adding the words “now I am going o strip you and feel how wet you are” at which Jackie instantly obeyed and moaned out loud at the command.

Heather kneeled down, and eased her hands up Jackie’s outer thighs, hitched her fingers into the waistband of her pants and pulled them down, noticing the tug of her cunt as it clinged with moisture to the gusset of the pants. Jackie lifted each foot so she could remove the pants and looked into Heathers eyes as she sat back on her heels and brought the gusset to her lips and gently and slowly licked it, breathing in heavily the pungent cunt smell that she had caused. Jackie just closed her eyes and shivered.

Jackie, escort tanıtımları still with her hands on her head, hips stuck out and legs apart, felt the tingle of fingertips on her knees and noticed they were followed by little wet licks. This continued up her thighs inch by inch till she felt the hands disappear and a hot panting breath tingle her cunt. Heathers nose and mouth were only a centimeter or so away from her cunt and she knew this was the moment she had longed for, for so long.

She felt Heathers hands grasp her arse cheeks and pull hard. All of a sudden Heather buried her face into Jackie’s cunt and licked all along the whole of her wet dripping cunt till she flicked her clitoris expertly. All the waiting, teasing and months of fantasies all exploded together as Jackie came with a loud long scream … “FFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK I’m CCUUUUUMMING” Her knees buckled and she fell back on the bed. Not once did Heather stop her licking, and within seconds Jackie came again, or was it that she just kept her coming for what seemed like an unbelievable amount of time.

Jackie could hardly wait for Ian to arrive and join in on this fantasy ‘come true’ but she wanted Heather to welcome him with her arse in the air, naked and inviting him to fuck her. She’d already checked with Heather in the various emails and she was happy to be fucked by Ian and for him to fuck her arse too if he wanted to.

She gently and reluctantly moved Heather away from her cunt and up onto her knees on the edge of the bed. Heathers shoulders and face were on the bed and her arms splayed out to the side and her tits squashed on the bed too. Heather still had her thong and boots on and Jackie stood behind her wondering if she should remove them or not and decided to leave them on. Jackie knelt down between Heathers legs and stared at her arse and slightly open cunt. It looked so fucking good and she raised her hand and brought it down on her right cheek with a loud slap. Heather jumped and moaned into the bed cover but didn’t move. Jackie knew she enjoyed a good spanking as her emails had revealed quite a kinky side and willingness to try just about anything, spanking just one of them. This sudden power trip gave Jackie the confidence to want to try a few other things so she lightly spanked both cheeks till Heather was moaning continually and her cheeks and thighs were getting redder and redder.

Jackie then hitched her fingers into the waistband of Heathers thong and pulled them from her arse but only till they were half way down her thighs and restricting her ability to open her legs too far. Jackie just looked at her open cunt and the tight little pink pucker of her arse and wondered just how many cocks she had had up there over the years, it looked so un-used. Jackie stretched her hand out and lightly ran her finger over her arse hole and down her moist cunt and eased it inside feeling how warn and wet she was. She removed it and licked the juice off it noticing just how sweet it tasted and how it made her own cunt twitch. She ran her own fingers through her own cunt lips and wet her fingers and eased them back into Heather much to her joy as she grunted into the bed cover again.

Jackie just knelt there, finger fucking Heathers cunt, hearing the mix of moans and the squelch of her juices. Faster and faster she fucked her till the juice dribbled out and ran all over hand. Then she took in a lung full of air and leaned forward, pushed her tongue out and circled Heathers arse in decreasing circles till she eased it into her arse hole feeling her muscles twitch and grasp at her tongue. Jackie had never heard a woman moan so much as Heather was now, not even in the porn films she had watched.

She withdrew her fingers and licked down her cheeks till she, for the very first time, tasted the juices of a woman direct from the source. She pushed her tongue in till her chin was on her clit and her nose was pushing at her arse hole, she breathed in through her nose and gaziantep escort tanıtımları smelt the bitter smell of her hole as well as the distinctive smell of sex positively oozing from her cunt. Jackie jammed two fingers up her own cunt, squeezed her thighs together and frantically licked and sniffed at Heathers cunt till she moaned loudly into Heather cunt as she came, sending heather over the edge as she squirted small amounts of cum into Jackie’s mouth. Jackie was in heaven at that very point in time and knew that her and Heather could have more and more of the same over the following hours. Jackie moved to the side of the bed and kissed Heather deeply and allowed her to lick her own juices from her face and mouth. Ian would surely arrive soon and she was sure he would not be able believe his eyes if he saw this spectacle. Heather suddenly muttered “blindfold me, blindfold me, so I am ready for Ian. I want him to see me and use me as he likes and being blindfolded is such a turn on”. Just then they heard a light knock on the door, Heather gasped and whispered “quick do it do it”. Jackie took her blouse and tied it around her eyes just as she heard the key in the door and the door creak open. Ian walked through the door just as Jackie stood up, naked and flushed with her face all wet, with Heather naked apart from boots and a thong on her thighs, kneeling on the edge of the bed with her thighs soaked and her cunt open and wet – he took in the sight of them both, heard Heather moan and a huge grin spread across his face. Heathers bum was a sight he had wanted to see and play with for so long.

Jackie stood up and ran her finger down Heathers arse cheeks and slowly tickled Heathers bum hole and Ian stood in front of her, cupped her right tit and squeezed it and kissed her hard and long pushing his tongue into her mouth and sucking on her tongue.

He broke the kiss and said “lick her while I get undressed”. She dropped to her knees again and held Heathers arse cheeks apart and licked from hole to hole with relish as Ian stripped completely. He ran his hand all over her cheeks, up her back and round to her tits and fondled them, feeling her breath hard and moan as he did so. He whispered into Heathers ear “rise up on your hands and open your mouth and lick your tongue out, Jackie is going to finger you and I want you to lick me and make me hard so I can, at last, fuck you, then I will show you what kinky things Jackie and I get up to, if you want to really join us”

Heather knelt up on all fours and Jackie continued to probed Heathers cunt with her tongue, again Jackie nodded slightly in Ian’s direction so he’d know it was OK for him to do what she knew he so desperately wanted to do, and that Heather was prepared for anything he could offer. Their eyes met as he sat spread legged in front of Heather and slowly pushed his cock deep into Heather’s mouth. She moaned softly as Jackie moved her fingers in and out of her cunt and the cock in her mouth started to grow and Ian moaned at the sheer pleasure of the whole scenario and finally having Heathers lips wrapped round his rapidly growing cock.

Ian held Heathers hands wide apart from her body so her mouth sank down on to his cock and the only way she could be comfortable is to bob her head to get some breath, and occasionally gag as his cock hit the back of her throat, but some how this heightened the appeal for all concerned for the couple of minutes it happened. Ian grabbed her head by her hair and lifted her head from his cock, twisted her face so that she was licking his balls. She was breathing so hard now and was quickly approaching an orgasm and shouted “Jackie push as many fingers in my cunt as possible …. I am going to cum”. Jackie rammed four fingers into Heathers cunt and lapped her arse hole like there was no tomorrow and Heather just buried her head in the crack of Ian’s arse and screamed her way through an orgasm. Ian just smiled at Jackie and wanked on his cock to keep it nice gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları and hard while Heather breathed hard into his arse and the bed.

When Heather had got her breath back she realized Ian was no longer on the bed in front of her. She heard a sucking sound and assumed Jackie must be blowing Ian some where in the room. He was in fact stood behind her and Jackie was sucking and licking him to get him nice and hard and wet ready to fuck Heather.

He stopped Jackie and said “now get under Heather in a 69 so she can lick your cunt and you can lick hers while you watch me fuck the shit out of her”

She helped Heather to her hands and knees again and slid under her, wriggling down the bed, licking her tits and stomach as she did so. Finally she reached the right spot and Heather wasted no time in grabbing Jackie’s thighs opening them wide and pulling them up in the air and burying her face into the soaking wet cunt opened in front of her and lapping away like she had not had sex for years. She was so turned on that anyone could have done anything to her at that point.

Jackie, underneath Heather, teased her clit with her tongue and fondled Ian’s balls as he stood waiting to fuck her. Jackie wanked on his shaft and he even squatted a little to push it into her mouth for a few thrusts. He pulled his cock, wet and hard, from her mouth and guided it to her cunt. He grabbed Jackie’s hand and told her to “hold it while I push it in”, this she did with much pleasure. His purple head soon passed Heathers lips and slowly disappeared into her cunt right up to the hilt, pushing a large sigh, as well as a lot of cunt juice, out of Heather, who didn’t miss a beat with her tongue in Jackie’s cunt.

Ian’s pent up feelings took over and he slammed into her for all his might and fucked her harder and harder. Her cunt was so tight and wet it was almost sucking him in and Jackie kept hold of his balls and continued to lap at her clit from below. He knew he wouldn’t last too long listening to the pure sound of sex and the guttural grunts and animal noises coming from Heather as she took all this and moaned to Jackie to move from under her and get ready.

Jackie then moved out from under her and whispered to Ian that Heather had agreed he could fuck her arse – his eyes widened and she thought he was going to come there and then at the thought of it, but he slowly eased his cock out of her cunt and stood back for a few seconds to try and stop himself from coming. He gently pushed first one finger then two into Heathers arse hole that looked so inviting between the soft round tanned cheeks of her arse. As he did so Jackie continued to fondle his balls and had kneeled behind him gently fingering and licking his arse hole. Ian moaned “that’s it, nice and gently … go on lick my arse you slut”. Heather gasped and spoke for the first time “Ian lick mine too, lick it and finger it, get it ready then FUCK ME in it, please fuck me in my arse, hard and rough, treat me like the slut whore I want to be”

By now his cock was even harder as he bent over and pushed his tongue into Heathers arse tasting her sweat and cunt juice Jackie had smeared all over it. Jackie licked his arse for a few seconds more then moved round and licked his rock hard cock and soaking balls and got up. She moved over to the dresser and got the tube of lube and squirted a load onto her hand and wrapped her hand round his cock again, coating it from tip to base and even smeared the rest all over his arse.

He stood behind the panting Heather and touched the tip of his cock onto her arse hole. She pushed as though trying to take a shit and her hole opened and a fart erupted, but she knew what she was doing. She needed to open up ready for this cock. He pushed, she moaned, Jackie watched closely and moaned, he push hard till he sank in right up to his balls with a great gasp he was in. everyone stayed still for a few seconds, Heather to get used to this invasion, Ian to stop from coming and Jackie because she was coming with three fingers in her cunt and her thighs clasped together very hard. This was the first time she had come without closing her eyes, she wasn’t even blinking looking at the sight of Ian, her work colleague fucking Heather, another of their work colleagues, in the arse.

She knew this was only the beginning and we hadn’t all started the kinky games yet.

To be continued…

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