Working Late in Houston_(1)


It is late outside one night working on a hot warehouse. I was so tired and ready to get off work so I could get home, smoke a blunt and get my some good wet pussy from my girl before it was time to be back at work tomorrow. The night went well as so I text my girl to see if she was still up. When I didn’t get a reply back I just assumed she was sleep seeing it was almost 2am time to get off. Heading home was breezy with no traffic, all I could think about was my weed and a good nut before a nice shower and off to bed. I arrived at the apt about 2: 30 am and to my surprise there were 2 people in my bed sleeping one at the head of the bed one at the foot of the bed. I knew most likely it was my girlfriend’s friend sleeping over tonight. They both were covered in the blanket from head to toe so I couldn’t be sure which was which so I decided to wake up the one whom I figured was my girl. I walked over to the side of the bed my girl usually sleeps on and grabbed her ass shaking it trying to awake her. To my surprise her best friend named Shacole raised her head from under the cover with a great big smile on her face and started mouthing to me silently that my girl was on the other end of the bed. I smiled back and said ok. Now my girls friend Shacole was one sexy freaky looking beautiful sister. I always fantasized and fucking her or what it would be like. She is short about 5’2 with tits that look to be about a 34b but thick thighs and a nice round ass. So I walk over to my side off the bed thinking to myself this fine motherfucker was smiling at me as I grabbed that ass and I didn’t seem to really startle her. I thought I may actually get a chance to fuck them both. I immediately rip off all my cloths and jump in the bed in the middle of them. My girl and I are laying at the foot of the bed and Shacole at the top. I lay behind my girl and start rubbing on her nice tits. My girl Shay is a sexy as woman. 38dd tits fat round booty no stomach beautiful face omg. My dick gets extremely hard against her ass. With my other hand I start gently messaging Shacoles calf and lower leg lightly at first not knowing if she’d be accepting. After a few minutes of her none resistance let me know she was game. I knew she was awake. I ease my hand up Shacoles legs until I got to that Sex hikayeleri nicely shaved pussy area. I tried to pry those legs open with my finger tips but she was reluctant to open up but she still did not try and alert Shay. After a but more of trying those thighs opened up and i got to digging in the fastest wettest pussy I had ever felt. Oh how good she felt I wanted to turn around and fuck her that very moment but with my girl in front of me I could just make an irrational decision. My girl Shay slightly awakened from perhaps my 9 1/2 inch hard thick prick poking her in the back or maybe the bed slightly moving to the rhythm of me finger fucking her friend but she awoke and said hey let’s go sleep in the living room on the floor. To myself I was pissed thinking how I was gonna miss this opportunity but I didn’t wanna upset Shay so I followed her to the other room. Soon as we laid down on the floor I threw her legs behind her head and dove face first into her soft wet pussy lips licking sucking tonguing her sweet cunt until it squirted in my face. I then bent her over doggy style. She started begging for my thick third leg as I slapped it against her ass while she waited in anticipation. I then drove my dick in her ramming her with everything oh how i was bottoming out inn that pussy. Im drilling it she’s screaming while grabbing gets tits enjoying my sexual thrust into her. Her head slamming against the bottom of the couch while enjoying. I reach down stuck 1 thumb in her mouth and another in her ass and really started going deep as i could which was all she could handle. In the back of my mind I’m thinking and Shacole in the room and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to figure out how I was gonna fuck her friend. My nut started building and I knew once I came i was gonna put my girl to bed. The nut was on the rise so i gave her a few Mo more jabs and exploded in her pussy. She bucked like electricity had just ran threw her body. I removed both my thumbs and replaced the one in her mouth with my cock. She cleaned my cock good with her tongue and asked if I could rub her back, I obliged and within a few minutes she was fast asleep snoring hard. I knew then it was time to put my plan to action. The apartment we were living in was our first so it was Sikiş hikayeleri just a one bedroom but the bathroom was in the bedroom. I got up pretending I had to go to the bathroom but I was going to get what was mines by any means necessary. I assumed Shacole would be still awake with all the noise Shay had been making. I didn’t even bother to put on cloths just walked back into the room and closed the door. To my surprise Shacole appeared sleep. I walked into the bathroom left that door open cut the light on and started to wash my dick off. Thru my peripheral vision I could see my girls friend watching me. I smiled to myself and thought she must want this cock. I then turned the light back off but instead of walking back out of the room where my girlfriend was still sound asleep, I walked over to the side of the bed where her friend was and climbed on the bed behind her. She pretended to be asleep so I started lightly tracing her breast. I heard a slight I come out her mouth started caressing her whole body. Shacole felt sho soft and warm. Getting bolder i rolled over her and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She resisted whispering something to me that she can’t she’s my friend. I said was she your friend when I grabbed that ass or played with this pussy earlier while you said nothing. She said but but you’re gonna say something. I said why would i do that. Then she asked where my girl was at and I said just listen. She got quiet and smiled at me and said you put her out huh, I’m like yeah like you will be in a few. She was still reluctant but I took away her worry when I laid my cock on her thigh and it fell over on the cunt. Her eyes got big when she reach down and felt it. She was like damn this mother fucked feels as long and a babys arm but thicker. I assured her I was blessed and grabbed the back of her head and rammed it on my cock. She engulfed it and I didn’t stop until I heard a plop sound as my cock jammed in her throat. I held her head tight while she spasmed for air. I eventually released her giving her just enough time to take a few breaths and jammed it in her throat again. Every time I’d pull her up she’d be panting hard with slob drooling heavily from her mouth while tears streamed down her face. That mouth was so warm and tight I threw Erotik hikaye her over me in the 69 position and started sucking on her pussy. She started going in the sucking my cock hard as she could making slurping sounds while moaning loudly. I whispered to her to shhhh because my girl was still sleep in the next room. She couldn’t help herself so she kept making noise. Finally i pulled my cock from her mouth flipped her off of my onto her stomach put my hand over her mouth, lined my dick up with het pussy lips and plop I was in. You could tell she never had a cock as big as mines so I decided to just put half off my dick in her. I didn’t need the drama that comes with giving away some dick like mines. So I’m stroking her hard and as my dick touches the bottom of her pussy i still had half of my dick that was dry. Her cat was so good but was shallow. The head of my shit kept plopping against her cervix. It was getting real tender as I could feel that nut building. I wanted the sex to last longer but knew my girlfriend was just inn the next room and wouldn’t sleep forever plus the noise was getting louder and she kept cumming over and over. I couldn’t take anymore I so I put my hand under her belly and plunged into her with everything I had and that cervix gave way I was completely in. She started screaming so I thru my hand tightly over her mouth and started pumping so fast that it was time to end this session. My dick couldn’t take anymore and I started spamming deep inside her pussy she was squirming under me moaning rubbing my balls telling me this is her dick. She said I I came 5 times I hope you didn’t get me pregnant. I climbed right out of her and said if you are it’s not mines and if she ever told Shay she could never have any of this dick again then i said now give him a kiss. She sucked her teeth pouted her lip out and stuck the tip of my cock in her mouth and moaned. I said that’s enough now sleep time. I walked into the bathroom took a quick shower got out rolled a blunt then left out of ther room to go back into the living room with my girlfriend. Soon as i laid down and started to cuddle with her I cut the tv on sparked my weed up and started to smoke. My girl rolled over kissed me and said I thought you had left I replied no baby just went to roll me a blunt. She quickly went back to sleep, I smiled thinking what a night as I puffed away. Somehow I knew that this was the beginning of something special. Sister wives now how do I get my girl on board.

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