Workplace Surprise


I love the way you surprise me. Every day so far has been an adventure with you, none more so than today when you turned up at my work unexpected.

I woke up aroused this morning; thinking of you, touching myself, wishing you lived a bit closer. I touched all the right places as I imagined it was your hands, your tongue gliding over my body. My orgasm swept over me like the warm waters of the South Pacific, I was in heaven…what a way to start the day.

Work started off normally, I was all alone in the office, and my colleagues were out working in the field when suddenly you showed up shortly after lunch. I was at a complete loss for words but re-gathered myself quickly. I got up from behind my desk, walked to you and pulled you into my arms and to give you a warm, welcoming kiss…that is how I love to start…with your mouth on mine. It immediately creates the connection that this isn’t just sex, but a meeting of sexual needs and desires and a meeting of the mind.

The kiss lingered and developed, passion laced itself in it and I pressed my body into yours, drawing you closer, feeling you intimately through our clothes. Your arms wrapped around my waist, your hands stroking my back as I ran my fingers through your hair holding you close as we explored each other’s mouths and tongues. You softly kissed me, sucking my bottom lip, nibbling it, whispering all that you wanted to do to me, with me, tonguing my mouth, open, wet hot kisses…our mutual arousal was swelling as we urgently started to kiss and want more…you broke free of my mouth to run your tongue down my throat. You sucked gently along the way to the hollow just under my ear and whispered your wicked wanton delights.

Your hands moved under my shirt to undo my bra and then reached around to fondle and caress my breasts. I threw my head back to give you better access to the wonderful things you are doing to my throat. My nipples hardened and tightened as your hands played and gently twisted. I moaned quietly and felt the wetness grow…I clutched your shirt to keep myself upright; my breathing was patchy and hard to control. You moved your hands away from my breasts and then came up to slowly unbutton my shirt, one button at a time, with kisses following down as you went. You slid the shirt off my shoulders, remove my bra completely and then took a step back to look at my full, heavy breasts. You reached again, to just lightly touch them, to explore them with your hands and your eyes. You looked back into my eyes, with a smile, and leaned in for another hot, melting kiss. I could hardly take anymore and I ripped your t-shirt over your head. The feeling of your chest against mine almost set me off as I pressed my body firmly into yours…You directed me slowly to the empty desk in the office. I felt my bottom hit the edge Kadıköy escort bayan of the desk and then you take over.

You pressed me back, my hands supported me as your mouth trailed down my throat to my chest and finally to each breast taking them deep into your mouth, one at a time, sucking long and deep with your tongue doing a happy little dance against the nipple. I arched up into your mouth, begging you to take more of me as you reached around my waist to haul me up against your ravenous mouth. I spread my legs as wide as my short skirt allowed and you stepped in between my legs to press up against my pussy. Your cock is so hard and you begin to dry fuck me, rubbing against my clit through all the layers of clothes. I can feel one building up and the combination of the dry fuck and the sucking on my breasts I allow a small orgasm to relieve some of the tension.

You shifted slightly and ran your hands up my thighs as I’m not wearing any stockings, just my knee high boots and a short skirt. You reached my wetness and can feel it running down my legs, pooling on my ass. You removed the g-string completely and pushed my skirt up so you can look at my pussy in the light of day…your fingers run gently over the smooth, hairless lips, lingering on the soft patch of hair at the top as you leaned down to kiss it. You commanded me to spread my legs wide and I do, as wide as I can go. You then ordered me to touch myself, to play with my slit, my folds and my clit…I reached down with my finger to run my middle finger all the way from my ass to the clit and back again, spreading my wetness all around. My lips were so swollen and glistening with wetness and my clit was standing to attention wanting to be played with. I slowly inserted one finger as deep as I could go and out again, swirling the juices around, flicking my clit with it. I was lost in the sensations and forgot that you were there as I played deeper and stroked longer.

I moaned in surprise as your mouth connected with my wet digits as your tongue dove deep into my hole while I continued to rub and circle my clit. You fucked my pussy with your tongue, in and out, tasting, drinking me in as I began to rub faster…I felt the build up of a massive orgasm coming and you gently filled my pussy with one of your fingers quickly and then trace down to my ass as you continued the tongue fucking. I suddenly felt the gentle pressure in a circular motion on my backside entry and I gasped out loud in pleasure as I exploded in your face. I thrusted against your tongue and your hand over and over again as the orgasm completely overwhelmed me.

Completely spent, I laid back on the desk facing you….I opened my eyes and noticed that you have removed your pants and are stroking your cock in my face. It is so natural Escort Kadıköy for me to want to return the favour…I drew you close and took your cock into my mouth…oh you tasted so good…your pre-cum is delicious and I suddenly sucked you really hard and deep hoping to draw out every last drop before getting into a rhythm. I slowly released you and ran my tongue all the way to your balls, gently sucking on each one before running it back up to your head. I ran it around your head over and over again before taking it into my mouth again and sucking just on your head this time, while I rubbed my tongue on the underside, in that sensitive spot you love. You groaned and whispered how much you love me sucking your cock, how you can’t wait to come in my mouth, how much I can’t wait to taste you. Deeper yet, I took you, as deep as I could go and you started thrusting back and forth while I continued to rub my tongue hard against the underside while sucking hard on your head. Your movements are become jerky and I felt your cock swelling so I reached to cup your balls, squeezed them, encouraged them to release their load into my mouth. It all became too much for you and you exploded, string after string of cum into my waiting mouth as I swallowed and drank every last drop.

You were totally spent and barely are able to hold yourself up after the tongue lashing I gave your cock. I sat up to let you sit down beside me and gently kissed your throat, your neck as I held you close…I’m was wet and horny again as I love giving head. So I stood up and to remove my skirt so I can be almost naked next to you (the knee high boots stay on). I stood in between your knees and slowly ran my hands up and down your legs, gently but firmly feeling every part of you. I caressed under your knees and up to your groin where I made sure I didn’t touch your cock or balls but gently caressed your inner thigh, your asshole. My mouth followed along with gentle kisses, wet kisses, tongue kisses…followed everywhere. I reached your chest and caressed your nipples, your stomach as my mouth lingered over each nipple, slowly circling with my tongue over each one…moving up to your throat, to the hollow under your ear whispering how much more I want from you and letting you know what you’ll get from me. You wrapped your arms around me, pulled me close and kiss me so completely, so fully that I forgot what I was saying…your tongue in my mouth is a delight, one that I will never get used to, one that I will never not desire. We kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity, but also like only seconds when we heard the office door open…we are no longer alone.

My colleague sauntered in and could smell the sex in the air…he walked up to you and I and says “What have we here?” I had no words, I was still Kadıköy Rus Escort gripped by the desire to fuck you again that I said nothing but turned away to kiss you some more. He watched us kiss and caress for a while and I felt you get rock hard again with the audience we now have…He started to stroke himself through his clothes as he is getting turned on by our nakedness except for my boots.

He commented “You know this is a breach of workplace health and safety laws not to mention your workplace contract…Imagine what our boss would say if I happened to mention these breaches” He leant in close to my face, with a knowing look in his eye…I looked at you and saw how excited you were and said to him “Is there anyway we can make you forget this ever happened?” And so with a wicked smile, he kicked off his shoes, opened his zipper and removed his jeans and says “Suck my memory away while you are getting fucked from behind.” I looked at you and you said “C’mon, it’ll be worth it.”

I took a step back to let you stand up and let him take your spot. His cock was standing straight up, asking for a bit of attention so I run my finger up and down his length. I bent over to take his cock into my mouth and his excitement is such that a shot of pre-cum hits my tongue. I swallowed and suck for more, getting aroused to have another cock in my mouth. You leant over my back watching, getting more aroused as your cock head starts to search for my wet warmth. You eased yourself into me, slowly, deeply thrilled to be fucking me while I sucked off my coworker. You heard his groans of pleasure, knowing yourself what it was like not too long ago to be sucked by me. You started rocking into me and my mouth worked the same rhythm on his cock…I lifted my ass higher so you can hit me in the sweet spot as I wrapped my tongue around his head, sucking furiously. He threaded his fingers through my hair, holding me firmly over his cock as he thrusted his hips to take his cock deeper in my mouth…his moans got louder and I reached to cup his balls, knowing he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. You gripped my hips tight as you could feel yourself about to blow again at the sight of my mouth sucking him so completely inside. He couldn’t contain it anymore and gripped my head against himself as he cried out his orgasm, shooting his load deep into my throat as I swallowed it down. You couldn’t contain it either and exploded from behind, slamming into me over and over again, as my pussy clenched you tight, milking every drop…both of you are spent and breathing heavily…I released his cock from my mouth and you slide out of me knowing that I didn’t come that time wanting to bring me to fulfillment once again.

You laid me down one more time on the desk and both of you overwhelmed me with your hands and mouths…I feel like there isn’t a place that isn’t being touched, or kissed and I feel the orgasm slowly overtake me until I am shattering under your capable hands and tongues…I slowly come back to earth and lazily watch you both dress…Maybe next time we should take this to a bed…

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