You Look Lovely Today Pt. 01


Dear readers.

This story is for people who are interested in fetish about leather gloves and boots. In addition, the subject of a mature woman is also raised here. If you are interested in this subject, I invite you to read. Other readers who do not feel this climate may feel disappointed in the content of the story.

The story is a pure work of my imagination and should not be derived from it as a source of lifestyle for people who do not want it.

The story may be unrealistic in ordinary human life. However, I did not mean a faithful representation of reality, but a message of erotic content, which I mentioned at the beginning, for people who are looking for such content and who want to read such content.

Enjoy the reading.


Christine and Jack worked together in a renowned architectural office. Christine was the head of one of the departments, and also his. She was an experienced woman because of her seniority and the resulting age.

In fact, she could be his mother. The difference in their ages was 25 years. Jack, you can say, he was just starting his life because he was just 30 years old. And now he finally told her that compliment. The first compliment he had planned to tell her for a long time.

And basically, although it had long erotic spark between them, it was only now that he had the courage to say her nice words, and from now on it began for good.

It was mid-October. It was cold and rainy outside. After all, it was already full autumn. Jack was not in the office today as he did every day, because he had to deal with several business matters in various offices and institutions.

After settling these matters, he had to come to the office for a while to bring documents back and check his business e-mail correspondence calmly. He did not expect to find anyone there, because it was late afternoon and it was almost after work hours.

However, Christine’s car was still in the parking lot, and in their room the light was still on (their room was on the ground floor with a window directly adjacent to the parking lot). So it meant that he would meet her again, which meant that his dick began to harden slightly with excitement at the thought of only seeing Christine, because for now he did not count on more.

Although there was a spark between them, there were some boundaries he didn’t want to cross. Although recently he wondered if it is worth trying this forbidden fruit and make an affair, because in fact with his wife he no longer had any emotional bond.

On the other hand, he didn’t know anything about his boss’s marital status, so he didn’t know if all her flirts and coquetry were just fun for her.

Jack entered the room. Christine wasn’t there. Her computer was turned on. He went inside, went over to his desk, put the documents on it and turned on the computer.

Then he went back to take off his jacket and hang it in the wardrobe, unbuttoned his suit jacket, loosened his tie a little when he heard loud heel steps coming from the corridor and approaching their room. Only one woman could walk like that. He wasn’t wrong. It was her, Christine.

What was Christine like? She was a demanding boss. Due to her professional role, she was the type of woman who was unlikely to be liked among subordinates. Jack didn’t seem to have a problem with her.

They have been working together for almost a year, i.e. since he was employed by this company. Shortly after his employment, they made friends, set aside all conventions and began to call each other by name, instead of saying “Mr” and “Mrs”.

Jack supposed that if he was a different type of man, it wouldn’t have happened that they would have been so friendly with each other. He would not see her as an attractive woman as he now sees her.

If he wasn’t for being shy and submissive towards women and being able to look at the beauty of a woman from a different angle, they certainly wouldn’t be as friendly with each other as they are now.

Christine was a mature woman. It is known that not every man is interested in such women, but Jack was very interested in her. He always had a weakness for women older than himself. Christine enchanted him at first sight.

She was a woman with beautiful curvy body shape: a perky forward large bust that begged to be touched, caressed. At first glance, looking at the blouses and bras she wore, her breasts seemed to have a swooping shape.

Her ass was always slightly bent over back, which he always wanted to massage and to which he always wanted to hug his manhood. Abundant little tummy, hiding under close-fitting blouses, sweaters. Massive thighs. Round face, covered with delicate wrinkles. Always sharp makeup, large red lips for hot kisses.

And her blond hair, or more precisely the new hairstyle he saw in her just right now, just today. All this enslaved him. But he was most captivated by the style in which she dressed. Her outfit was always well suited.

Always a stylish blouse or sweater with a v shaped Maltepe Olgun Escort cleavage to show off her bust. For this, a suitable skirt or pants. Shoes always with high heels. And now, a real bombshell for connoisseurs of the leather wardrobe, i.e. also for Jack.

Christine wore leather high boots and leather gloves. With this she enslaved him to the maximum. And it was obvious from her that she liked to wear them.

The door opened and he saw her in all her glory. She was smiling, dressed in a white satin blouse with long sleeves and a collar up, fastened with little buttons with a delicate cleavage and freely falling off her hips.

In addition, light brown pants and black high heel pumps in which she walked around the office at work.

“Hi. Are you still at work?” Jack asked Christine, giving her a hand in greeting and looking at her new hairstyle.

Christine noticed that Jack looked at her hair.

“Hi. Well, as you can see I’m still here.” Christine, smiling at Jack, gave him her right hand in greeting, and put her left hand to her head as if she wanted to improve her hairstyle. “But I’m about to leave. And you? I see you are just starting out, aren’t you?” she asked teasingly, smiling at him. “Well, the afternoon shift?” she asked giggling.

“Very, but it’s really very funny,” Jack also replied teasingly at her, “after all, as my good boss, you knew very well that it would take me all day to handle all these matters and I would have to go back to the office to bring the documents. You did it on purpose, right? And now you’re teasing me.”

Christine, smiling, giggling and clicking the heels of her pumps, approached her desk, logged out and turned off the computer. Then she reached for her purse, opened it and took out her black leather driving gloves from it.

Her gloves were large size, probably XL, because Christine had quite large palms for a woman.

Christine began her play, combined with her thoughts.

“Yes … I have known for a long time that Jack has a weakness for women dressed in boots and leather gloves. I noticed that he often discreetly glances at me as I walk wearing them. I know that torture for him is seeing how I put on boots and gloves.

“I know that he can’t take his eyes off when I do it. And I, like a soulless sadist, do it lustfully and deliberately to make him suffer even more. And this time, I think I will have fun too. Anyway, I have some plans for him.”

She looked in his direction and, smiling all the time, began to slowly put on her left black glove on her hand, continuing teasing flirting:

“Hmm? Well, I have to admit it, yes. I did it deliberately and it gave me great pleasure. You know, I finally have power over you.”

“You are a sadist,” he said smiling at her.

Christine laughed heartily and said.

“I know.” Then she came closer to Jack and added, further flirting him, “But I don’t think you blame me, do you?”

Jack, seeing Christine put on her leather glove sexily, did not know what to do with himself, where to hide his eyes so that she would not discover his weaknesses. He did not realize that she had already guessed that she already knew everything.

He tried not to look at her hands, so he focused his eyes on her hair, on her new hairstyle. Then he answered.

“No, I don’t. Well, you know that I’m not angry with you. Anyway, how could I be?”

“I know, I know. I just wanted to tease you a bit. And I think I succeeded.” Christine said amused.


“You’re welcome!”

Christine has already put on the whole glove, but has not yet fastened its little button. Jack wanted to use this moment to tell her his first compliment. With some shyness, he began a new dialogue.

“Christine … you know, I would like to tell you something more.”

“Yes. I’m listening to you,” his boss replied, watching her hand as she pulled on the tight glove she wore just near her breasts.

“You know … I don’t know how to tell you this … You look lovely today,” Jack said to his boss Christine. “I see you changed your hairstyle. You cut your hair. Really … you look pretty with your new hairstyle now.”

There was a moment of silence in which Christine stopped pulling her glove for a moment, looked a little surprised at Jack, smiled and turned to him:

“Oh, thank you Jack,” the boss replied, smiling at him and still looking into his eyes, she pulled on her glove two more times and fastened the button.

Then she took her second glove and continued the conversation putting on it:

“Oh, I don’t know how to say it, but … well … I have to admit … I’m surprised. You know … I didn’t expect any of the men to notice my change … and you know… that I will get a compliment.

“Today at work, all day, no man paid me any attention … only you … and to that yet after working hours … oh, how wonderful that you decided to come to work today later.”

“I hope I didn’t tell you anything that would offend Maltepe Sarışın Escort you. You know, I wanted to be a little nice. I don’t know if sometimes it turned out too embarrassingly.”

Christine laughed heartily.

“Of course not, my dear, I liked your words very much. I’m glad I heard them from you. It’s great that you know how to make me feel better,” Christine said, pulling on her other glove and fastening its button.

“You know … I’ve been feeling unsatisfied lately about men’s compliments,” here Christine laughed gently, looking seducingly at Jack, and touched her upper lip with her tongue.

Jack loved her smile. It was obvious that she had been getting more and more pleasant to him lately, as if she were trying to seduce him.

Jack could no longer stand the torture associated with the sight of Christine in her gloves, he decided to go back to his desk, which was on the other side opposite her desk and decided to stare at the monitor.

He took off his glasses to wipe them from the rain dirt that had formed as he was outside. He wiped them, put them back on, and delved into his inbox. However, he could not concentrate for a long time, because Christine continued to dress getting ready to leave.

Christine sat down in her chair at the desk. She moved away from the top of the desk. She crossed her left leg over her right. She leaned forward, reaching for her pump and grabbing it with her gloved hand, took it off and set it aside.

Then she took her black leather boot. The boot had a high heel of medium thickness, the tip was narrowing to the point, but at the end it was slightly rounded. Christine took her boot and continued the conversation with Jack again as if forcing him to watch her as she puts on her boots:

“So you say you like my new hairstyle?” she asked, putting sexy her foot inside the boot.

“Yes, you look pretty,” replied Jack, who could not resist this beautiful view and began to look back at Christine. “You also looked beautiful in long hair, but I think your visit to the hairdresser was a bull’s-eye.”

“Oh, thanks. You know … I didn’t know whether to go or not to this hairdresser,” Christine said, grasping the shaft with her gloved hands, tightening it around her calf.

“I was a little scared what the effect would be, or if I would not make my image worse. But I can see that it paid off because you find me attractive,” Christine smiled, zipping the black zipper of her boot along its shaft, which reached to Christine’s knee.

Christine repeated the same steps for the other boot continuing her dialogue with Jack:

“You know, when I came to this hairdresser, I didn’t even know how to cut myself. What style to choose. One thing was certain, I wanted to go a little crazy and change something a bit in my life. And the effect is as you can see.”

“Well, indeed. Surely this hairstyle has a name, right?”

“Yes. Apparently it’s called pixie cut and apparently it’s for women with attitude,” Christine laughed.

At that moment Jack’s phone rang and they had to interrupt their conversation for a while. It was Jack’s wife called. The conversation did not take place in a positive atmosphere, as witnessed by Christine, who, despite watching something on her smartphone in the meantime, nevertheless listened to Jack’s conversation with his wife.

Jack didn’t leave the room as he used to when talking to someone on the phone in private. He had thought for a long time not to do so, that Christine would witness his failure in marriage.

He thought that maybe someday he would find some understanding with his boss, that he would be able to talk to her about sensitive topics, that he would be able to complain to her. Who knows? Maybe someday he could get closer to her and go to bed with her, which he dreamed of.

“I’m so sorry about what you had to listen to,” Jack turned to Christine after the phone call. “I wanted to go out into the corridor so that you didn’t have to witness my pathetic behavior, but you see … I didn’t make it … I had to sit down to endure this conversation somehow.”

“No, come on. You don’t have to apologize to me for anything. You don’t have to fear anything. I won’t tell anyone anyway. Maybe I could help you with something? Would you like to talk?”

“Eh, give me a break. Nothing and no one will help me,” then he realized that he probably offended her with this statement, because Christine looked at him sadly and then she dropped her eyes down as if she felt that Jack had rejected her help. “Oh, Christine … I acted like an idiot again … I’m sorry for my behavior … I shouldn’t talk to you like that … I’m sorry … please forgive me.”

“Okay. Nothing happened. I’m not angry with you at all. You got a bit emotional, but well, life itself. I think it’s time to go home. Too much experience for one day. I suggest you also leave this job.

“Tomorrow is another day, and now go home. Give yourself a break. Maybe you can find a line of Maltepe Şişman Escort communication with your wife,” Christine smiled at Jack, who reciprocated the same. Again, the dialogue returned, in which they both smiled at each other.

“You know how to bring a smile back on my face. Thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome. After all, I need to be able to talk to my subordinates,” Christine smiled, pulling on her tight gloves.

“Eh … you are a wonderful boss. It is a pity that many people in our company do not think so.”

“Well, well, well. I can see that you have become more effusive.”

“I think you’re right. Time to go home because I talk and talk and I will say something too much that can be used against me. I will send another email and I’m heading home.”

“Yes, I am just heading slowly now. But we will talk again tomorrow. Don’t think your boss will let you go.”

“Eh … you are cruel.”

“I know. You won’t have it easy with me … Okay, I won’t bother you anymore, I’m coming now.”

But Christine thought she wasn’t about to leave so soon. “I would like to have some fun at his expense. I planned to do it for a long time, but there was never a chance for us to be alone.

“I know that his good mood, his well-being have now been disturbed by his wife’s annoying phone call and this can ruin my fun. But well, I’ll have to try, take a chance. Now or never.

“I would like to check with my own eyes how it really is with his fetish. Is it really like I have been observing for a long time? Will my research be confirmed, my observations regarding his weakness for leather gloves and boots, which he will now be able to look at with close without pretending?

“I have been preparing myself for this role for a long time. And now, like a star, I will perform on the theater stage. The show must go on and I will be the star in it, and he will be my assistant and through this assistance I am going to unmask his true face.”

Christine got up from behind the desk and clicking loudly the heels of her boots, came closer to the wardrobe where her coat hung. She saw Jack look up from his monitor and wander somewhere in the room, glancing at her from time to time.

She was about to open the wardrobe door to take her coat from it, when a sudden grimace of pain appeared on her face, accompanied by hissing and pathetic complaining about pain.

“Sss … ouch … that hurts!” Christine feigned pain, glancing at Jack out of curiosity about his reaction, which did not have to wait long, because seeing the grimace of pain on the face of his beloved woman, he immediately stood up from behind his desk and ran to his boss.

“Christine … oh god … what happened to you?” He asked, reaching out his right hand to her to help her. She grabbed his hand, giving him her gloved left hand and asked him for a favor:

“Jack … oh, something hurts me so bad … something stabbed my foot … I can’t go on … could you help me? I need to sit somewhere. Will you take me somewhere to sit?”

“Sure … now … let’s go … can you make it? Or don’t … wait, oh, what am I saying … I will bring your chair to you. Wait a second, please.”

“No, you don’t have to … I mean, I won’t get there. A bit too far, and if you go for my chair, I won’t be able to stand myself, because it hurts so much. I’ll sit on your desk, because it’s a little closer. Only would you please give me your other hand and lead me there? I will feel more comfortable then.”

“Of course … I’m giving you … okay … come on … I’ll lead you to my desk.”

Jack swapped his right hand, which had held Christine so far, and grabbed her left hand with his left, then walked over to her from behind and grabbed her right hand with his right. Christine held him tightly with her gloved hands.

They took a few steps, then came to the desk where Christine sat down. When Christine sat down, she turned to Jack:

“Thank you so much for helping me. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here now.”

“Come on. But what could have stab you like that in the middle of your boot. Certainly a thumbtack or a pin must have come inside by accident.”

“You know, I think it must have been a staple, I remember when I was stapling documents and I used these long staples because I had a thick pile of papers to fasten and I had to refill the stapler. Then something had to fall into it.”

“I think so. That would be true even now.”

“Jack … listen … I would have another such a small favor to you.”

“Sure. You don’t have to ask for anything. It is obvious that I will help you not to suffer.”

“Nice … listen … would you help me take my boot off? You know, I don’t think I can do it myself, and it hurts so much.”

“Sure, no problem.”

Jack came closer to Christine and crouched down in front of her so that he could get to her boot when she said to him:

“Listen, maybe you would take a chair, because it will be uncomfortable crouching, what do you say?”

“Well, basically yes. Wait, I’ll be back in a second.”

Jack quickly ran for his chair. He brought it before Christine. He sat on it and lifted the lever, lowering the seat under his weight as much as possible to the bottom.

“Well … which leg was it? Oh, right.”

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