Zoey’s Basement Transformation Pt. 03


Zoey couldn’t believe the cruelty of her Mistress. She shook her head desperately, feeling exhausted and sore everywhere from the waist down from already having so many awful things done to her. She didn’t know if she could survive this fresh hell.

Mia moved away from the tied girl, her helpless form bent over and restrained at waist height.

“Aww, what’s the matter, princess? Not feeling up to it?” Her voice oozed mock sympathy. Taking a few steps, she reached up onto a shelf and pulled down an average sized black strap-on and a sturdy looking harness. “Tell you what,” she continued, “I’ll let you choose. You can take my cock in your ass, or you can let me tickle your tonsils with it.”

Zoey closed her teary eyes tight, but she could still clearly hear the harness being dragged up her Mistress’s legs. She heard buckles being adjusted and straps being pulled tight, then suddenly a hand was on her chin, pulling her face up.

“Open your eyes.” It was a sharp command, and Zoey could hear the implied, “or else,” behind it. Fearing more punishment, she reluctantly pried her eyes open, catching on her Mistress’s hard gaze as she continued, “Now pay attention, because I won’t repeat myself.”

As she let go of Zoey’s chin, her sight immediately dropped to the strap-on, despite her best effort not to. Fortunately, this is exactly where her Mistress wanted her attention focused. Mia held her fingers close to the fake cock for size comparison, showing how it was a few inches longer, and just a little thicker in circumference.

“Before you choose which end you’d like to take it in, just know that I’ll be going balls deep and hard, just like the real men you’ll soon be servicing will. What that means for you right now is that if I go down your throat, you’re probably going to be puking everywhere, and I doubt that’s a very appealing thought. Alternatively, your other end already been cleaned out and stretched. Now I know you’re feeling a little abused right now but,” she smacked the palm of her hand firmly into the center of one of Zoey’s crimson cheeks, making her jump and squirm, “I think it would be easier for you if we put it here.”

Zoey closed her eyes again, wishing she could just shrink into the ground and disappear forever. Warm fingers dancing over the sensitive skin of her paddled backside pulled her back to reality.

“What do you say, hmm?” Mia’s tone was uncharacteristically sweet, lacking the edge of derision it so often carried in saying even the most trivial of things. It was enough to get Zoey to open her eyes, meeting her Mistress’ gaze again. “Be a good girl for your Mistress and maybe you’ll even earn a little reward.”

It was the first time Zoey had seen mercy reflected in the woman’s eyes, and she grasped at it, nodding her head woodenly, desperate to earn some kind of reprieve.

Mia’s smile was wonderful, lighting up her face. Somewhere in the back of her mind Zoey thought to herself she wished the woman would do it more often. She was so pretty when she smiled.

The sensation of lube being smeared onto her sore little starfish snapped her out of it, making her moan and wiggle her lower half.

“Hush,” it was a gentle admonishment accompanied by a light tap on her bottom, “You’re being so good, don’t spoil it.”

Zoey took a deep breath, steadying herself and doing her best to hold still. It was a difficult task, though, with the way her Mistress’s inquisitive little fingers were starting to make their way inside. First one would worm its way in, then pull out and tease the opening with the other finger before they switched out. She repeated this a few times, her gentle caresses sometimes managing to rub that special spot up inside of her, making her whine.

“Mmm, yeah. You like the way that feels, don’t you, sweety?” Mia cooed, her other hand running light trails over her back, raising goosebumps as it went. “What a good girl.”

Zoey’s mind was floating on clouds. Her Mommy had played with her backdoor before, but she’d never experienced anything quite like this. It was intoxicating, and she could feel something building inside, almost like an orgasm, but different somehow. It felt good enough that even when Mia pushed her two fingers in together all it did was elicit a wanton moan from the excited sissy. She picked up her pace, bottoming out with each firm, slow stroke of her fingers, determinedly reaming open the tight hole for her cock.

When she finally pulled her fingers out she was rewarded with a quiet whine from Zoey, her pussy clenching rhythmically. With a little smile, she stepped up behind the bound girl, her strap-on at the perfect level as she started to run it between her cheeks. The barest of whimpers escaped the girl as her cock made contact with the still tight opening, pushing very lightly as it did.

“Here we go,” görükle escort Mia said quietly as she pushed her hands down onto Zoey’s back, pinning her firmly in place as she started to steadily feed her cock into the reluctant hole. Zoey’s whining turned into a low moan as the first few inches slipped in. Soon her breathing became labored, limbs straining against their restraints as the fake cock forced its way deeper into her, heedless of her discomfort. Her hands shook, gripping futilely at nothing as the last inch was buried up into her with a satisfied grunt from her Mistress.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Mia ran soft fingers over her shaking slave’s shoulders and back, leaning down and placing gentle kisses on her neck as she ground the strap-on from side to side.

Zoey breathed hard through her nose, trying to relax around the invader inside of her, but it just felt so deep! The task was made much easier a moment later when Mia drew her hips back, slowly easing the hard cock out of her clenching pussy. The sigh that escaped her was quickly cut off, though, as Mia started to push in again immediately. Zoey whined at the sensation, her hole tightening against her will and making the insertion much more painful than the first time, eliciting a more verbal protest. Mia ignored her squeals, though, pushing in hard until the cock was buried to the hilt.

“Try pushing out. It makes it a little easier,” Mia said, her kind voice in strict opposition to the painful task her strap-on was performing. Still, her hands ran soothing circles around the straining girl’s back, trying to calm her into accepting the sensation.

It didn’t sound to Zoey like her Mistress was trying to give her bad advice, but it was just so hard to get her rosebud to obey her while it was being so rudely violated. Still, after a few tries she managed to push just a little, and like magic, her passage seemed to open up and become much more accommodating for the briefest of seconds. The feeling was so startling that she tightened right back up, making her squeal again as her Mistress continued to feed the hard cock into her hole at a steady pace.

Recovering, she tried again, this time finding much better results as the strap-on really started to glide with little resistance.

“There we go,” Mia purred, “What a good girl. I can already tell what a great little anal slut you’re going to be.”

Zoey wanted to disagree, but with the way the strap-on was moving freely now, that spot inside of her was starting to go crazy as the toy pounded into it over and over. She could feel that not-quite-orgasm feeling building again.

“Just imagine,” Mia said, “Pretty soon you’ll be taking cocks much bigger than this little thing. And some of them are even going to be real.”

Zoey flushed bright red, humiliation coursing through every vein as she shuddered, waves of pleasure shooting through her. Picking up the pace, Mia really started to pound the moaning slut hard, making her grunt as she bottomed out each time. Zoey laid her head down, eyes unfocusing as the pleasure continued to build. She lost track of time, the only sensations to register in her mind being the grip and pull of her Mistress’s strong hands and the bump of the hard cock past her tickle spot on each pass.

It seemed like a long time, but it could have been as little as just a few minutes when Mia finally pulled her cock out with a pop, making Zoey grunt.

Pulling the straps on the harness, Mia removed the contraption and set it back on the shelf. “Consider yourself lucky,” she said, suddenly pulling down her pants, leaving herself naked from the waist down ” Because I could hardly feel anything with those on. Usually I have it set up to rub against my clit as I fuck, and I don’t stop fucking until I cum, but it’s difficult through clothes.”

With a few quick snaps, Zoey’s hands were secured behind her again and she was turned around. Lowering her to her knees, Mia stood with her waist at eye level.

“Your Mommy tells me you were terrible at eating pussy before you met her, and that you still aren’t very enthusiastic about it either, but I’m going to give you the opportunity to prove her wrong.”

Reaching behind Zoey’s head, Mia undid the gag that had held back so many protests that night. “Not one word,” she warned the cowed girl with a stern look before pulling it out the rest of the way.

With a sigh, Zoey worked her aching jaw, her tongue spreading what little moisture it had. She didn’t have much time to recover, though, as Mia reached out and took hold of a handful of hair, dragging her head forward and burying her face in the musky, wet pussy of her Mistress.

Zoey was determined to please the woman, and since eating pussy was the most masculine thing she’d been allowed to do since arriving, she had no görükle escort bayan compunction about diving right in, her tongue dipping deep between the wet lips. Mia bit her lip, fighting back the urge to moan as her poor, neglected pussy finally got some well deserved attention. She felt herself gasp a little as Zoey’s tongue flicked to her clit, rubbing lightly against it a few times before delving back up into her. Lifting a leg, she curled it behind Zoey’s head, pulling her face tighter into her pussy and making her moan in delight.

“Mmm,” Mia’s voice was sultry, “I knew you just needed a little encouragement to bring out the natural pussy eater in you.”

Zoey spent the next several minutes with her mouth planted firmly on her Mistress’s pussy. Occasionally she’d get instructions. Suck on her clit, lick slowly, gentle kisses. Mia’s breathing became heavier, her chest heaving and blood flushing her skin as she felt her orgasm steadily growing. She continued to give the slurping sissy directions, her pleasure growing with each change.

“Fuck,” Mia exhaled in a low moan as she felt her orgasm start to sweep over her, the little slut’s tongue grinding firmly against her clit and dragging the most delicious electric shocks through her body. With gasping breaths she grabbed the back of Zoey’s head, pulling it in tighter and holding on for support as she felt her legs start to weaken. She maintained her firm grip all the way through her shaking climax, only relaxing once she started to regain feeling below her waist. Pulling away, she felt her composure return and cleared her throat to address the eagerly watching sissy.

“Very good,” Mia said, still slightly breathless, “Still some finetuning to do, but not nearly as terrible as I had been led to believe.”

Zoey bowed her head, blushing at the compliment.

Mia cast a critical eye over the kneeling girl. “Alright, I think it’s just about your bedtime. First, though, what do you say?”

She felt herself go scarlet again, “Thank you for using me, Mistress.”

Mia felt a smirk touch the corner of her mouth. Training this little slut was going to be a piece of cake.

And for the most part, it was. Zoey had gone to bed that night in her little cot, too tired to do anything but fall into an exhausted sleep. When her Mistress had woken her up the next day, it had been more of the same. Exercise, health food, makeup, and sexual training of a dozen different varieties. In nearly every area it was smooth sailing, though there were two other notable sticking points.

The first had been deepthroat training. For nearly three weeks they had tried to go slowly and let Zoey work up to it at her own pace, but she never seemed to quite be ready for it. Eventually Mia lost her patience and tied her upside down with an o-ring gag in her mouth. The strap-on throat fucking that followed was intense, and Zoey spent most of an hour choking and gagging as Mia fed every inch into her reluctant throat time and again. There were a few close calls, but she managed not to throw up, and toward the end Mia had even managed to really work up a good rhythm.

The second sticking point had been a little more dramatic, and had occurred when Mia introduced her husband, Jack, into the scenario. The first time she’d been ordered to suck his cock, she’d refused. Almost exactly one hour after that, Zoey had closed her lips around a real man’s cock for the first of many times in her life, her soggy tear stained cheeks stretching to accommodate it as she rubbed her dark crimson backside with ginger fingers. Mia stood over her shoulder, watching like a hawk with paddle in hand as she desperately tried to drain her Daddy Jack’s balls. It took quite a while, but under Mia’s firm guidance, Zoey managed to get him off, making her husband shoot his load into the sissy’s mouth. He enjoyed having her open wide, showing off his large load before ordering her to close her mouth and swallow every drop.

She still hadn’t taken any dildo’s as big as his girthy 8″ in her pussy though, so as further punishment for her disobedience that day, she was forced to suck him until he got hard again and then bent over. He didn’t bother to restrain her, trusting in his own physical ability to keep her subdued. She struggled valiantly, too, squirming in his grasp, her cries as he forced his hard cock deep into her tight hole not stopping him from taking her just as roughly as he desired. As his cock bottomed out for the first time, his strong fingers wrapped tightly around her waist, pulling her back into him and grinding their hips together.

“This is what a real cock feels like, you little bitch,” Jack groaned, his cock twitching deep inside of her pussy.

She had whined, silently pleading to her Mistress with her eyes as the large member filled her up, making bursa escort her squirm. Of course her Mistress had just smiled, a wicked glint in her eye as her naughty slave got the punishment she deserved. In the end she’d had no choice but to lay there and try to relax as she got fucked by a real man until he was satisfied. The humiliation made her face burn bright red, but as Jack continued to pound his hard member up into her, she felt that odd sensation starting to build.

“God, no,” Zoey thought to herself, biting her lip to keep from moaning out loud, “Please don’t make me cum like this.”

She knew it was no use, though. Her pussy started to relax, making it easier for Jack, who acknowledged the gesture by slamming up into her even harder. She felt her mind start to go blank as the feeling swelled, blocking out all rational thought and making her push her hips back to meet his thrusts, whimpering as she did. After just a few more seconds, she felt herself pushed over the precipice, that feeling ripping through her. Normally her Mistress stopped there, but this wasn’t her Mistress fucking her anymore. It was a real man, and he was going to make sure she knew who she belonged to. Adjusting his grip on her waist, Jack continued his relentless jackhammering, driving Zoey further into delirium.

He had almost superhuman self-control, varying his speed, depth, and intensity. He would seem to be at the edge of his endurance, then with a tightening of his jaw, he would just hold off, forcing himself to keep going regardless of his desire to finish. His recent release into Zoey’s mouth probably had something to do with his ability to continually hold back for so long, but eventually he lost his will to, or else he had decided that the little sissy had finally learned her lesson. With a grunt and a few last hard thrusts, Zoey felt her pussy filled with a man’s hot cum for the first time. It didn’t feel like much, again because of his recent release, but it still left her feeling filthy, like a well used whore.

With a groan, Jack had pulled out, leaving her sissy pussy gaping open, then walked to her mouth and held his cock up to her.

“Clean your mess, slut,” he’d said, grabbing a handful of her hair and forcing his sloppy cock deep between her lips. Her daily enema’s meant that his cock had been relatively clean, but the combination of cum and lube on a man’s cock still wasn’t particularly appetizing. Still, with her Mistress standing close by with paddle in hand, it hadn’t taken much convincing to have her slurp every inch clean.

“Good sissy,” Jack had said, pulling his cock free. “And I’m pretty sure she even had a cummy or two on the end of Daddy Jack’s hard cock, didn’t you slut?”

“Oh, I’m certain of it,” Mia chimed in, a smug look on her face as Zoey tried to bury her face in shame. “Just look at the mess she made.” Looking down, Zoey could see where the cum had leaked from her locked up little clitty, dripping onto the ground below where she’d been bent over getting fucked. “You know, I think she could use this treatment far more often.”

And just like that, Jack had become an everyday part of her training. Multiple times a day she would be held down and used in whatever manner he desired, taking his cum in whichever hole he ordered her to, and then she would thank him for it. It was the most horrible thing she could have imagined when she was first sent to be trained by the couple, and yet eventually it became standard fare. It still wasn’t fun… except for the part where she made cummies with him rubbing up against that spot inside of her, but it also wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

Those things aside, her training had gone splendidly, and the last two weeks had been spent putting on the finishing touches. Electrolysis, hair extensions, and an increase in her aerobic regimen meant that by the end of nearly four months of hard work Zoey, formerly Aaron, was one succulent sissy morsel.

As the three of them stood outside the bathroom, Zoey naked and standing for inspection before the couple who had transformed her into an obedient slut, Jack felt his cock start to harden while he stared at her creamy skin.

Clearing his throat, he gave his wife another annoyed glance, “You know, maybe I should help Zoey get ready. Make sure she’s presentable for her Mommy.”

Mia smiled slyly at him out of the corner of her eye, “Of course, babe, whatever you say.”

Jack smiled and shrugged, then moved toward the bathroom, grabbing Zoey by the wrist and pulling her in behind him as he went.

“Alright, sissy,” she heard her husband say, “Why don’t you come show Daddy how much you’re going to miss him?”

Mia chuckled, heading for the door to upstairs. Just before she shut it behind her she heard Zoey’s desperate cries from the bathroom.

“Daddy, nooooo!” Mia could just picture her husband sliding his cock into the sissy’s tight pussy in one long push. The wailing continued until she closed the door behind her, leaving behind nothing but silence, regardless of the poor girl’s pitiful dilemma just a few feet away.

The End

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