Cocksucking Competition Ch. 01


Rochelle’s soft and plump lips inched slowly down her husband’s shaft until his cock head grazed the back of her throat, and her nose pushed firmly into his pubic hair. She held him there, and pressed her tongue firmly against the roof of her mouth. His bulging cock reflexively throbbed and expanded in her throat.

“Are you going to join me?” Aaron asked between stilted breaths. This was his polite way of letting her know that if she wanted his hard cock inside her, then she had better stop doing what she was doing as quickly as possible.

She hesitated for a moment before slowly removing him from her mouth with an audible slurping sound.

“No, I’m having fun,” she answered in a playful manner. It was the end of a particularly brutal week at work for her husband, and she enjoyed rewarding him for all his hard work with a slow and sensual blowjob. At times, it seemed as though she enjoyed blowing him more than she enjoyed actual intercourse. He could swear there were times in the past when she actually experienced an orgasm from giving head.

From the very first time her lips traveled below his belt, he realized that she was unusually gifted in that particular area of sexuality. Granted, he had only been with three other women before her, so he didn’t have much of a basis for comparison, but it was difficult for him to imagine that any woman could possibly be more talented than Rochelle when it came to giving head.

She was blessed with large, soft lips that provided an incredible sensation wherever she placed them. Her tongue was long enough to touch her nose, and it was unusually strong. She was able to twist and contort it in ways that he had never witnessed before, and her favorite party trick was tying a cherry stem into a knot using only her teeth and tongue. Although he considered his dick to be no longer than average, she was the only woman he had ever been with who was able to take the entire length into her mouth, seemingly without any effort at all. It seemed as though she were born to suck cock.

He felt a strong surge building as his wife continued to make love to his cock with her mouth, lips and tongue. A wave of pleasure rippled through his groin, and he could feel the warm and tingling sensation of an orgasm building rapidly. Rochelle removed his cock from her mouth, encircled the base of his shaft with her thumb and forefinger, and squeezed firmly. She always seemed to know when he was just about to explode, and she enjoyed keeping him at the edge of that precipice for such a long time that it often seemed torturous.

“You’re killing me,” he groaned. She responded with a playful giggle, and began lightly licking, kissing and sucking his balls.

When she was apparently satisfied that he had sufficiently relaxed, she placed his swollen cock back in her mouth and returned to slowly and methodically bobbing her head up and down his shaft while rolling her talented tongue along the underside. He responded with a loud moan, and thrust his hips upward in an attempt to fuck her mouth more quickly. She removed him from her mouth, pushed his hips back down to the bed, and gave him a stern look. This was her way of letting him know that she was in control of the pace, and only she would decide when he would finish.

Aaron gave an exasperated sigh and relaxed his muscles. After twenty-two years of marriage, he knew better than to fight her. She was a strong-willed woman, and it was one of the many qualities that had attracted him to her in the first place. They had met in high school. Her family had just moved to the outskirts of Boston where Aaron had lived his entire life. He was instantly captivated by the “new girl” from Minnesota. They sat next to each other in Algebra class, and enjoyed a friendly and flirty relationship. Although it seemed there was an instant attraction between them, they were both far too shy to act upon it.

Eventually, she went away to college, while Aaron stayed behind in his hometown. Having grown up in a predominantly Italian neighborhood, he had developed a passion and talent for cooking Italian food, and it was his dream to someday open his own restaurant. After graduating, he worked as a landscaper by day and a line cook in the evening. He soon discovered that landscaping offered a quicker path to financial success and abandoned his culinary career. He earned enough money mowing lawns, trimming hedges and plowing driveways and parking lots that he eventually saved enough money to purchase his own equipment. By the age of twenty, he started his own business and hired his first employee.

Aaron celebrated his twenty-first birthday in Boston with a group of old friends from high school. In the course of stumbling from one bar to the next, he ran into Rochelle, who was home for her summer break. They shared an engaging conversation and exchanged numbers. Less than a year later, they were married. And less than a year after that, their daughter, Jamie, was born.

“Seriously,” Aaron groaned. “Just let me finish. You’re driving me fucking crazy.”

Rochelle sex hikayeleri refused to break her slow pace, and hummed a satisfied note, sending vibrations through his cock that only added to his aching sensation.

“Okay, fine,” she groaned, removing him from her mouth once again. “You can be such a baby sometimes.”

She reinserted his throbbing cock into her wet mouth and bobbed her head up and down his shaft at a quicker pace, pressing her tongue hard against his length. His cock head expanded, his balls tightened, and he gave a loud moan as a powerful blast of cum erupted from his cock into her mouth. She moaned in appreciation, and continued sucking as several more spurts emptied into her hungry mouth.

She was the first woman he ever dated who ever swallowed his cum. She once told him that she enjoyed the taste of it, and considered it to be her ultimate prize for a job well done. Although it wasn’t the reason he decided to marry her, it was certainly a major point in her favor.

She continued sucking and slurping until she was satisfied that he had been drained of every last drop. Although she had been sucking him for a very long time, she seemed disappointed that her “fun” was over. Reluctantly, she removed his deflated dick from her mouth and snuggled beside him, nuzzling her head against his chest.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “That was fun.”

“You are really amazing, you know that?” he said, still breathing heavily.

“Yeah…I know,” she responded, and gave his chest a kiss.


“We got a letter today from B.U.,” Aaron growled. He took another heavy swig from his pint. “They’re upping Jamie’s tuition by ten percent! Can you believe it? Those fucking pricks.”

Anthony shook his head in disgust, and quickly drained the rest of the beer from his glass before signaling to the bartender for another round.

“Unbelievable,” he said. “But what are you gonna do? They got you over a fucking barrel.”

Anthony had been Aaron’s best friend since grade school. They had stood by each other’s side through good times and bad. For Aaron, those good times included the expansion of his landscaping business to the point where he was able to provide enough income to allow Rochelle to stay home with Jamie. He felt that it was important for his daughter to have her mother at home throughout her childhood, and was very proud of himself for providing enough income to make that happen. They certainly weren’t wealthy by any reasonable standard. In fact, they lived from paycheck to paycheck for most of their married lives. But Rochelle was great with money, and together they were able to set enough money aside for a down payment on a nice home near his old neighborhood. They also stashed away enough money to send Jamie to college.

“How’s the business doing?” Anthony asked. Aaron responded with a grunt.

“That good, huh?” Anthony said with a smirk.

“We still haven’t recovered from the recession,” Aaron said. “We were doing real good during the housing bubble. Lots of new houses being built, and a bunch of rich people moving into them, all needing landscaping. But then the fucking bubble burst. And these new fucked-up regulations by the government are killing me. I’ve had to cut back my workforce and work more hours myself. I fucking hate it. I’m getting too old for this shit.”

“I hear you, man,” Anthony responded. “It’s tough all around.”

Although he couldn’t seem to explain exactly what he did for a living, Anthony seemed to be well off, and immune to whatever economic difficulties were plaguing the rest of the people Aaron knew. Anthony was the type of guy who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, and he had a connection for everything. If you needed an electrician, he knew a guy for that. If you needed a lawyer, he was good friends with a great one. Hell, if you needed to dispose of a dead body, chances are that Anthony knew a guy who could take care of that as well.

“We’re looking at $100,000 in debt by the time Jamie is done with college,” Aaron continued. “And that’s after the scholarship money and financial aid – and before this latest increase! The college fund that we started for her isn’t even half that. And we’ll have to dig into that savings to pay for a new plow for my truck. If I don’t replace that old busted plow before next winter, I won’t have any income until the spring.”

“I’m sorry, man,” Anthony responded softly. “That just sucks.”

They sat in silence for a few moments, and blithely watched the Red Sox game on the flat screen behind the bar.

“Is Rochelle still waiting tables?” Anthony asked, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, she’s been working at the diner a lot,” Aaron said. “She’s picking up extra shifts, trying to pick up the slack. But there’s just too much slack.”

Rochelle had picked up a part-time job waiting tables when Jamie entered high school. Although the extra income was nice, it barely covered their mortgage bill. Unfortunately, they had purchased their home porno hikayeleri at the height of the housing bubble, and it was now worth less than they owed on it.

“It’s a shame she can’t put that finance degree to use,” Anthony said. “You know, I might know a guy who could use someone with her skills.”

Aaron scoffed, and shook his head. “Yeah, four years of expensive schooling, and what did she get from that degree? It makes me wonder if we’re making the same mistake with Jamie. Rochelle has looked into jobs in banking and investing, but honestly, it’s been so long since she graduated, her degree is just about worthless at this point. I guess it helps around the house. She balances our checkbook and manages our savings. Shit like that. But it’s not the type of skill she can use in the workplace anymore.”

“It just seems like a shame,” Anthony said. “She paid all that money for all that knowledge, and it just went to waste. I’ve always been taught that if you have some kind of knowledge, skill, or talent that sets you apart, then it’s a shame not to make some money off of it.”

“Oh, Rochelle definitely has a talent,” Aaron laughed, “but it’s not something she could make money with.”

Anthony gave him a quizzical look, followed by a wide-eyed expression.

“Oh! You mean…”

“Yeah, man,” Aaron replied with another laugh.

“Yeah, you’ve bragged about that particular talent a few times over the years,” Anthony said with a chuckle.

“Well…I’m sorry, but I have to have something to brag about, don’t I?”

There was another long moment of silence. On the flat screen in front of them, the pitcher for the Red Sox hung his head after allowing a long home run over the Green Monster. The fans surrounding them in the bar responded with a collective groan.

“You know,” Anthony said, after an extended period of contemplation, “there actually is a way to make money from that particular talent.”

“If you’re suggesting my wife become a whore, I’ll knock you the fuck out,” Aaron responded with a mock-serious look of intimidation.

“No, no, no,” Anthony said, raising his hands in defense. “I don’t mean that.”

“Okay, then what the fuck are you talking about?”

“Well,” Anthony responded, pausing to take another swig of beer, “do you remember back in the day, we used to go over to Joey Pinelli’s house and sneak into his basement to watch porno videos?”

Aaron laughed out loud. “Shit, I had forgotten about that. But yeah, now that you mention it.”

“Well, you probably don’t remember, then, but one of the movies we watched back then was called Stiff Competition. Do you remember that one?”

“Is that the one with the dick-sucking competition?”

“That’s it.”

“Yeah, actually, I think that one was my favorite.”

“Mine, too,” Anthony responded. He took another long swig of beer. “Well, apparently, it was the favorite of a lot of people, because someone took it upon themselves to hold an actual event just like it.”

“You’re shittin’ me.”

“No, seriously. It’s been going on for years – and I mean years. It started out as a small, underground, event, but it’s been growing and growing every year. It’s become a huge deal.”

“Then why haven’t I heard about it until now?”

“Because it’s still underground. And you’re an old married guy, that’s why!” Anthony took great pride in being an eternal bachelor. He moved closer to Aaron and lowered his voice.

“They call it the National Cocksucking Championship – the NCC’s,” Anthony whispered. Aaron snorted in response.

“It’s turned into a huge, huge money-maker,” Anthony continued. “It’s held in Vegas every year, at an undisclosed location. I’m not even sure if it’s legal.”

“If it’s underground, then how do you know about it? And how do they make money?”

“First of all,” Anthony responded with a smirk, “I know things. Okay? And secondly, they make money in lots of different ways. They charge $200 for tickets. And they charge $49.95 – per day – to view it online. They stream it directly to your computer. Add in all the money from gambling, and I’m telling you, they must make millions off this thing.”

Aaron sat back and shook his head. Their eyes returned to the ballgame as they continued to drink their beers.

“So, how much money is involved for the participants?” Aaron finally asked.

“First place prize money is $200,000.” Aaron choked on his beer and coughed.

“Fucking seriously?”

“Fucking seriously,” Anthony answered. “I think the second place prize is $50K, which isn’t too shabby, either, for four days work.”

Thoughts swirled through Aaron’s head. $200,000 would not only pay for Jamie’s tuition, but it would be more than enough to pay for a new plow. Even $50,000 would go a long way toward easing his financial woes. Then it suddenly occurred to him how this whole topic of conversation had arisen in the first place.

“Wait, you’re not seriously suggesting that Rochelle enter this contest,” Aaron said with a stern seks hikayeleri expression.

“Fuck, no,” Anthony responded, again raising his hands in defense. “I was just responding to what you said about making money off of that particular talent. That’s all. I know Ro would never go for that.”

“No, she wouldn’t. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t go for it, either!”

“I don’t blame you, bro,” Anthony said, with his hands still raised. “If I had a wife as talented as you say Rochelle is, I wouldn’t want to share her with anyone, either. And I wasn’t suggesting that at all.”

Aaron returned his gaze to the ballgame. He wasn’t paying attention to the game, however, and didn’t even seem to notice when the Sox pitcher allowed yet another home run to put the game out of reach. His thoughts were somewhere else.


It was a Sunday, which meant it was the only day of the week that both Aaron and Rochelle had the day off. With Jamie out of the house, it meant they had the whole day to themselves. After sleeping in late and running errands in the afternoon, Aaron took the pasta maker out of the storage closet. It had been years since he had last made home-made pasta, and he embraced the opportunity.

He thoroughly cleaned the granite counter top in his kitchen, and then spread a generous amount of flour. He formed the flour into a circle, made a hole in the middle, and cracked two eggs into the center. He added salt and extra-virgin olive oil, and then whisked the egg, gradually mixing it with the flour until it formed a solid mass of dough. He kneaded and folded it, and wrapped it in plastic. While he waited, he sautéed onions, carrots and celery with a little olive oil in a pan. He then added red wine, garlic, beef, and sweet sausage, and let it simmer.

All the while, he sipped from a bottle of wine that he had purchased earlier in the day. Rochelle often claimed that drinking wine was the only reason he enjoyed cooking. It was difficult to deny that it wasn’t part of the whole experience. Quite simply, he found that cooking relaxed him in a way that few other activities did. As he cooked, Rochelle stood by his side, enjoying the wine as well as her husband’s company.

“You really should have been a chef,” she remarked as she watched him prepare their meal. She clasped a glass of wine in one hand and stroked his hair with the other.

“Well, that was the plan,” Aaron stated. “Once upon a time. A long, long time ago.”

“It’s not too late,” she said. “Sell the landscaping business. You had an offer not long ago from Monsanto. See if they’re still interested. We could take the money and buy a restaurant.”

“First of all,” Aaron said, pausing to sip from his glass and stir the sauce, “Monsanto can kiss my ass. They’re the ones who are driving me out of business. They only made that offer so they’d have less competition. I was here first.”

“You and your pride,” Rochelle teased, stroking his hair.

“Second of all,” Aaron continued, “my dreams of becoming a chef are over. It’s something I enjoy doing for fun, but I can’t start all over again. I’m a landscaper. I made that decision years ago.”

“You can always change,” Rochelle insisted. “You’re still young enough.”

Aaron laughed out loud. “I really love that you think so, honey, but I’m in no position to start a new career, trust me. We have bills to pay. Lots and lots of bills.”

“Well, I just think it’s such a waste of talent,” Rochelle insisted. “I mean, you are such a great cook. Not just a good cook – a great cook. You have a gift. It seems like such a shame that I’m the only one who gets to benefit from that gift. And I just know that you could use that gift to make some extra money. It’s like we’re leaving all that money just sitting out there on a table.”

A burst of laughter erupted from Aaron’s mouth, and Rochelle withdrew her hand in surprise. He tried to contain his laughter, but failed miserably. Already, he could feel that the wine had gone to his head.

“What’s so funny?” Rochelle asked with a curious expression. “I don’t get it.”

Aaron tried to collect himself, but had a difficult time containing his laughter. He continued to stir the sauce, and took another sip of his wine.

“This just reminds me of a conversation that I just had a few days ago with Anthony,” he explained. “We had almost the exact same conversation.”

Rochelle squinted her eyes in an attempt to read her husband’s thoughts.

“So, Anthony thinks you should go back to cooking, too?” she asked.

“No, no,” he responded with a chuckle. “That wasn’t it.”

She tilted her head to the side and gave him a curious look.

“Okay,” she said, “then what was that conversation about?”

“Never mind,” he responded. “Dinner is ready. Can you set the table, please?”

“Sure,” she responded. “Right after you tell me what you two were talking about.”

“I will,” he promised. “Later. But right now, we need to eat. I’ve timed everything perfectly, and don’t want to ruin it.”

Reluctantly, Rochelle set the table. As they thoroughly enjoyed their meal, she repeatedly pressed him to explain his reaction to their earlier conversation, but he managed to steer her away from it, and promised to explain it all after dinner.

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