Finding Faith Ch. 02


Finding Faith Chapter 02: Punishment

Read Chapter One! This story is dedicated to Mr. Roberts;)

David slowly pulled his cock from between Faith’s lips. A trail of salvia and cum hung from the tip of is dick to her devilish lips.

“Oh god,” moaned Faith, as she tried to regain her breath. She was bent over on all fours and was absently rubbing her pussy lips with her thighs, squeezing the soaked aroused zone.

She lifted her right hand and started playing with her swollen clit. Pushing first one finger and then quickly a second into her cunt, her thumb flying over her clit as she tried to bring about another orgasm.

David smiled willfully down at the sexy female lying on her knees on his carpet fingering herself. He too was trying to slow down his breathing and gain some kind of control.

With a shake of his head he forced his brain to focus and his body into action. He reached down and grabbed Faith, who cried out with loss as her fingers were yanked from her pussy.

“Oh no you don’t,” he grabbed both of her hands in one of his.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl, and I promised you punishment and I mean to give it to you.”

Half dragging her over to their fallen pile of clothing he grabbed his belt and wrapped into around her wrists again and again until he was able to securely buckle it.

“What are you doing?” moaned Faith. She stared with excitement at her bounded writs.

“I’m going to show you what I do to naughty girls.”

He then lifted her up over his shoulder ignoring her squeals of protest to put her down.

“If you don’t quiet down I’ll gag you.” He threatened. Faith was hung face down over David’s back looking down at his buttocks that clenched with every step.

Faith realized then that he was going to take her to his bedroom with the massive bed that she had peeked at earlier on.

“I don’t usually do this.” She stammered from over his shoulder.

“Do what?” He answered. “Have kinky sex with strangers?”

“Yea-,” she managed to get out whilst being flung onto the bed. She bounced not once, not twice, but three times before she was finally able to regain her balance.

“Do you like my bed?”

“It’s very bouncy,” she replied struggling to sit up.

“But don’t you just love to bounce?” he said staring at her chest.

He reached down and plucked at her nipples making her cry out. He then grasped the back of her head with his large hand and roughly pulled her towards him.

Pressing her breasts roughly to his chest he kissed her, hard. Their tongues met with renewed fury and as Faith’s hands lay tightly bounded between them, she was unable to hold on to him as she would have liked.

“Untie me,” she moaned Betturkey into his mouth.

“Un-uh,” he said releasing her mouth. “For the rest of the night your mine.”

David pushed Faith down so she was sprawled on his bed. He turned and walked over to his closet, reaching up and pulling something off the top shelf.

He walked back over to the bed with his hands behind his back and then deictically pulled a blood red silk tie out in front of him. Faith watched captivated too excited to ask what was going on and watched as David, folded it over and catching her eyes he snapped it.

“Oh god-” she said breathlessly.

“Actually it’s David, and I going to make you scream it over and over till you get it right.”

He reached over her head and lifted her still bound hands over her head; he proceeded to tie the belt holding her wrists to the silk tie and then tied the tie tightly to the bed.

“You’re going beg me to fuck you tonight,” he chuckled.

He then climbed onto the foot of the bed, and placed her feet onto his lap. The contact was electric and when Faith felt the burning heat of his skin touching hers it sent a shiver through her body causing her nipples to harden even more painfully.

Grasping her feet roughly with both hands David started to slowly stroke the arches and sole of Faith’s feet.

“Stop that, it tickles,” she giggled trying to wiggle her feet away.

David didn’t reply he simply held on tighter to the wiggling feet and placed his thumbs into the ridges on the bottom of her feet and pressed hard.

“Oh-oh my,” she moaned. A pulsation of pure pleasure ran up her legs to her throbbing pussy.

“They say that there is a connection from every spot on a person’s body to a nerve found on the bottom of their feet.” He pushed again, harder.


David continued his torture of Faith’s feet as she struggled with her bonds above her head. His cock was twitching with anticipation of plunging into her hot wet pussy; it was slowly rubbing against her feet as he continued his torment. He couldn’t take it any more.

He began to roughly caress Faith calves working his way up to her thighs where he could smell her arousal growing more intense because of his unwillingness to let her pleasure herself.

He began to kiss and nuzzle her stomach lightly licking her exposed skin then blowing on it causing her to shiver.

He continued to do this all over her upper body making sure to ignore her aching hard nipples. Her skin was pulsing hot and became so inflamed it was as if she had been running only moments before.

“David, please!” she begged. She was squeezing and rubbing her thighs together in hopes to relieve some Betturkey Giriş of the ache that continued to grow in between her legs. It was getting harder because she was so aroused and so wet that she was barely able to cause any friction due to clear moisture that slowly dripped out of her cunt.

David leaned back and flipped her over onto her stomach and lifted her by her hips aiming her ass high in the air.

She braced herself with her elbows trying to gain some form of balance on the bouncy mattress.

She couldn’t see him but she could hear his ragged breathing and she could feel the heat of his body as it was pressed up against the place she wanted him to touch most.

He gently cupped her ass, slowly rubbing the palm of his hand on one cheek then the other, and then without warning:




“Yes, oh yes spank me!”

“Have you been a bad girl? Do you deserve a spanking?”

“Yes -I do. I need to be punished!”

“Why what have you been doing my naughty girl? Have you been touching yourself?”

“Yessssssssssss,” she hissed. She was dripping wet and crying out with the need of release.

SMACK went his other hand on her other cheek.



SMACK was the resonating sound of him spanking her bouncing off the bedroom walls. He stopped and rubbed her tingling flesh, feeling the heat radiating off of her burning skin on his palm.

David then grabbed a hold of his cock with one hand while keeping the other hand securely gripped around her ass cheek. Without warning he began slowly rubbing it between Faith’s pussy lips, softly fucking them all the while gently rubbing her now engorged clit.

“Stop teasing me,” she begged. “Just give it to me, give it to me now!”

“Do you want it?” he teased.

“YES!” she screamed.


“Damn you David fuck me, fuck me now!”

Fearing that he wouldn’t last much longer David grabbed ahold of her hips and plunged with one thrust to the hilt. His balls rested against her sopping pussy lips and they in turn literally started to tighten due to the extreme heat radiating from her core.

“Yes, yes, oh god you’re so big!” she cried. Her face was planted into the mattress and it was becoming difficult to breath. Her nipples where aching so badly and he just was throbbing so hotly inside of her that she was shaking in anticipation.

“David!” He growled, pulling out and then roughly thrusting back into her. He pulled out again. “Say it!”


He thrust back into to her. “Scream it!” he shouted.

“Oh god David, David, David!” she chanted. With each cry of his name he thrust harder into to her, the Betturkey Güncel Giriş headboard that held her tied wrists banged loudly into the wall.

Faith tightened her pussy muscles squeezing him unmercifully while he fought to stay in control. He released her hips and grabbed her hair. Twisting it into his fist he pulled her hair back toward him forcing her to push back against him.

“Yes that’s it fuck me back,” he groaned. She pushed against him causing the slap of their bodies connecting to echo throughout the room.

“Yes oh yeah fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder!” she wailed all the while pushing back into him as hard as she could. Her pussy was throbbing and she felt the tremors of her orgasm start.

“Are you going to cum?” Panted David tugging harder on her hair. “Are you going to cum all over my cock?”

“Ohh unnmm,” Faith cried as the tremors stopped and then her clit twitched sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing throughout her body. She pushed back as hard as she could on David’s cock before she fell forward, losing the ability to use her hips and legs.

“Yes that’s it, milk that cock,” roared David. He continued to pound her cunt driving her further and harder into the mattress, while she clutched his dick with her pussy muscles as hard as she could.

“I’m cuming,” she moaned.

“Cum for me,” he rasped thrusting into her again and again, trying to hold on just a little bit longer. “Cum all over my cock!”

“Oh yes-David!”

Riding her now and still pulling on her hair David reached down with one finger and gently between Faith’s ass cheeks began to tease the tiny puckered hole.

“Yes play with my ass! That’s it! That’s it,” she wailed. “Oh yes stick that finger up my ass!”

And with one quick shove David slid his finger up roughly Faith’s ass, and she shuddered as she came again and then again and then again.

Her pussy clenched him like a velvet fist and as he rode her orgasm after orgasm after multiple orgasm until he found release.

“Ah yes that’s good. Fuck that cock you dirty girl! Yeah that’s it squeeze me. Make me cum!”

“Uhh,” she moaned, unable to comprehend anything else but the pleasure vibrating between her legs as David’s dick twitched and his cum poured into her. Heated streams of cum shot and filled her womb.

David let go of her hair and withdrew his finger from her winking eye and grabbed her hips as he thrust one last time into her spasming cunt, finally spent.

“God-David, David,” she whimpered, shaking in the aftermath of it all, unable to focus on anything but the pounding in her chest as she struggled to catch her breath.

David flopped on her crushing her with his weight before rolling off of her. Laying face to face the stared at each other. Blue passion filled eyes searching brown ones.

Nothing but their breathing could be heard in the room. The smell of their passion hung strongly in the air.

Chuckling David asked, “So do you want to go again?”

*** To be continued

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