First Taste


Victoria slowly opened her eyes, blinking rapidly as she tried to adjust to the light of the room. As her vision cleared a little, she sat bolt upright on the bed, looking around in panic at the bedroom she’d never seen before. Dread filled her and she had to swallow down a scream.

A sudden cramp in her stomach had her doubled over, clutching at her abdomen, and she stifled a groan. If there were people close by then she didn’t want to alert them to the fact that she was awake already.

At that moment, a memory suddenly tumbled into her mind. A memory of an oncoming car swerving all over the place on the road. A memory of headlights coming straight towards her car. That was the last thing Victoria could remember, but she was certain that the other car must have crashed into hers. After giving her body a quick pat down and stretching out each of her limbs, she couldn’t seem to find any other injuries, which gave her at least a little bit of relief.

The pain in her stomach gripped her again, a little more than before. Her brain started rushing at a million miles an hour as she tried to stand up from the bed. Maybe she had been in an accident and she had some kind of internal injury. Maybe she had concussion and that’s why she couldn’t remember how she had got here. The only thing she knew for certain was that she needed to get out of this strange house and to a hospital.

Slowly, Victoria tip-toed over to the window as quietly as she could, peeking out to see how high up she was and if an escape might be possible, but it was pitch black outside. Before she’d even had a chance to work out what floor of the building she was on, she heard the bedroom door open behind her.

Ignoring the pain ripping through her middle, she span around quickly to face whoever it was that had taken her. The man was stood in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. His long blond hair came down almost to his shoulders and Victoria’s first thought was that he looked like a stereotypical surfer. As her gaze travelled over his body, she realised that he certainly had the physique of a man who exercised regularly. He seemed tall, at least 6 foot, probably even more, and with her petite 5’3″ frame she knew she wouldn’t stand a chance if she needed to fight her way out of this. All of this rushed through her brain in a couple of seconds, but he continued to stand there and watch her.

“Who the hell are you? Where am I?” she almost screamed at the stranger.

Adrenaline rushed through her body, making her want to throw herself at him and push her way through the door. But luckily her brain was switched on, telling her not to do anything stupid.

He gracefully pushed away from the doorframe, uncrossing his arms and holding out his hands in a gesture that she was sure was meant to placate her.

“It’s okay. I promise I’m not going to hurt you. You have no need to be afraid of me.”

“Just answer the damn questions!” she snapped back at him, taking a step backwards until her back was pressed against the window.

“Okay, okay. I’ll answer. I’m Alexander, but you can call me Alex. You were in a car accident and I found you. You were badly hurt, almost dead, but I… I took care of you.”

“How did you take care of me? Are you a doctor?” she spat at him. “I’ve got a bad pain in my stomach. I think I need to get to a hospital.”

“If you just give me a moment, I promise that I can explain everything. Please will you listen to me?”

Victoria let out an exasperated sigh. “Fine. I will listen. But then after you’ve explained, you will take me to hospital. I need to find out why my stomach hurts so much!”

She watched as Alex cautiously took another step towards her. His voice remained calm and soothing despite the rising hysteria that was so clearly evident in her own.

“The pain in your stomach is nothing serious. It is just caused by hunger. And I promise that I will take care of that for you once I have finished explaining everything to you… ummm… what is your name?”

She just stood and blinked at him incredulously for a moment before her brain finally registered his question. “I’m Victoria. And if you believe that this is just hunger then you really must be crazy! I need to get out of here…”

“Wait, Victoria. Please.” Alex took a step closer to her. “There is more that I need to tell you before we go anywhere.”

“Okay. But tell me quickly.”

“This isn’t going to be easy to hear but just please let me talk, okay?”

Victoria gave him a curt nod but stayed silent, waiting for him to explain, and he paused a moment before starting to tell his side of events.

“When I found you in that car you were in a bad way, Victoria. Your heart was barely beating and I knew that you only had a few minutes left. If you were lucky then you may have survived until help arrived but I’m not so sure that they would have been able to do much for you at that point.”

She couldn’t stop her mind from spinning as she tried to focus on his words. What sex hikayeleri the hell was he talking about? Surely she couldn’t have been that bad otherwise she wouldn’t be stood here talking to him now. She would be in a hospital somewhere. Or a morgue.

“I was the only one there and I had to make a quick choice,” Alex continued. “Call for help. Or help you myself. And I honestly didn’t think there was time for the first option.”

He paused again, rubbing his hands over his face before looking her in the eye. “Victoria, I pulled you out of your wrecked car and I… I fed you a few drops of my blood before you died. And now that you’re awake again, you are like me. A vampire.”

The silence in the air now seemed heavy as Victoria tried unsuccessfully to comprehend what he was telling her. A vampire? Of course she wasn’t a vampire. They didn’t exist! Obviously Alex was just crazy. Deluded, maybe. Either way, she wasn’t safe here.

Victoria rushed towards the bedroom door, but she never managed to reach it. With a speed that she’d never have believed possible if she hadn’t witnessed it herself, Alex dashed towards her and gripped her wrists before pushing her back against the wall, holding her there with seemingly little effort no matter how much she struggled.

“Let go of me, you fucking psycho!” she screamed in his face. But it did her no good. With the fingers of one hand wrapped around both her wrists like a vice, his other hand came up to cover her mouth, muffling her screams.

“Listen to me, Victoria. I know this is a lot to take in. But I can prove it to you and I can help you. I really want to help you, if only you would let me.”

In that position, with Alex keeping her pinned against the wall with his hand over her mouth, he began to show her all the changes that she hadn’t noticed until now in the midst of her panic. He pointed out that he had found her glasses shattered in the car, but she realised she didn’t need them anymore. Her vision was crystal clear without help for the first time in years. He showed her how easily she could hear conversations from his neighbour’s home. The sounds of their laughter and light-hearted conversation flowed easily to her once she had managed to tune into those sounds.

Once she seemed calmer, Alex released his hold of her and pulled his hand away from her mouth, but he stayed close enough that his body kept her pressed up against the wall behind her. And with great tenderness, he guided one of her hands up to the point on her neck where her pulse should be. Panic gripped her again for a moment as she couldn’t find that little flutter beneath her skin. She spent a full minute searching for it, but it wasn’t there.

Victoria slumped back against the wall. Could all of this really be true? Could she really be a vampire? God, was she crazy for even thinking it might be a possibility? But when another wave of pain washed over her, emanating from her middle, it was suddenly hard to think about anything at all.

“You really need to feed now, Victoria. The hunger, and the pain, will only get worse if you don’t. I went out to feed just before you woke up. I wanted to make sure that I could take care of your hunger.”

Her eyes suddenly widened as it dawned on her what he meant by feeding, and she shook her head vigorously. But as she watched him with equal parts horror and fascination, his fangs elongated and he brought one of his own wrists to his mouth. Quickly, he bit down hard on the inside of his wrist, and when she saw the drops of crimson liquid that started to flow, she couldn’t deny the hunger it created in her. In that moment, Victoria’s instincts took over and she knew without doubt that this was what she needed to take away the pain that had been consuming her since she had awoken.

When Alex pressed his wrist to her lips, she made no attempt to pull away. Instead, she brought both hands up to his arm, holding onto him while she drank. She suckled greedily at the small puncture wounds and with each sip of that red nectar, Victoria felt her body come alive. The pain in her stomach disappeared completely and every cell in her body seemed to tingle with an intense energy.

After what must have been only a few moments, Alex pulled his arm away, leaving her whining softly and licking at her lips, eager for any remaining drops that might have been left behind. Victoria realised that her own fangs had elongated and her tongue played over the sharp points, fascinated by the feel of them within her mouth.

“There you go. How are you feeling now? Is your stomach better?” He smiled warmly down at her before taking a few steps backwards, giving her some space.

She took a moment to do a quick mental scan of her body. She didn’t just feel better. She felt amazing. Her entire body thrummed with a kind of energy that she had never experienced before. All of her senses were heightened, leaving her feeling powerful.

Yes, that was exactly how she felt. Powerful. Strong. Unbreakable. And with this realisation, Victoria porno hikayeleri looked at Alex in a whole new way. Now that she was no longer frightened for her life, she could look at him without seeing him as a threat to her. And she liked what she saw.

“I am feeling much better, Alex. I am feeling perfect, in fact. Which means that I am in debt to you and I need to show you how grateful I am that you saved me tonight.”

Victoria took a few steps, closing the gap between them once more. She moved slowly, keeping her eyes on him, with all the confidence of a predator stalking its prey.

His eyes widened almost comically as she stood in front of him. “Oh no, Victoria. You don’t need to… I didn’t…”

She laughed softly at the way he became flustered so easily. His embarrassed state only served to make her feel even more powerful though, and she was growing intoxicated by this feeling. She definitely wanted more.

With both hands braced on his chest, she pushed him back onto the bed. Despite his height advantage, and the fact that he also possessed vampire strength, he fell back easily. And if it wasn’t for her heightened sense of hearing, Victoria might have missed the soft whimper that slipped from his lips. She climbed onto the bed and crawled over him until she was looking down at him, her long dark hair falling down around them and providing a curtain that blocked out the rest of the world.

“I know you don’t expect me to pay you back, Alex. But I want to. And I think that you want me to as well, don’t you?”

She smiled down at him and ran her hand over the bulge in the front of his jeans. With some satisfaction she noticed how his hips jerked upwards, pressing himself harder against her touch.

“Yes please, Miss. I would like that very much.”

“Good boy. Now it’s time to just lay back and let me take care of you.”

Victoria straddled Alex’s thighs as he laid on his back on the bed. Her hand continued to work slowly over the front of his jeans, feeling the bulge growing beneath her touch. Looking down into his eyes, she could now see that they weren’t completely blue as she had assumed them to be when she first saw him. There were little flecks of red that were only noticeable up close. She couldn’t help but wonder if her own eyes now held those same crimson flecks, or if they were something that developed over time.

While lost in her thoughts, Alex writhed beneath her, his hips lifting slightly from the bed to press his growing hardness into her palm. His breathless little whimpers eventually brought her back to the present moment.

“What made you decide to save me, Alex? I mean, you didn’t have to. You could have walked away and saved yourself a lot of trouble. But you didn’t.” Her voice was soft, awed at the kindness of this complete stranger.

Alex looked up at her, his eyes intense. “I just couldn’t let you die, Victoria. A young woman like you still has so much left to experience, and I couldn’t stand the thought of all those opportunities being taken away from you. Plus, the driver in the other car was drunk. It was unfair that you would have to pay such harsh consequences for the disgusting choices he made.”

Victoria was lost for words. In all the books she’d read and all the movies she’d seen, vampires had been portrayed as heartless killers. But Alex had proved to her, just when she’d needed it most, that becoming a vampire did not have to mean becoming a monster. This man possessed more humanity in his little finger than most of the people she had met in her life so far.

Rather than trying to find the right words, she leaned down and pressed her lips to his instead. Softly at first, savouring her first taste of his lips, then with growing hunger as their lips parted and their tongues moved together in a sensual dance. Their moans steadily grew louder as they both surrendered to the desire they felt.

This kind of behaviour was not like Victoria at all, but it seemed that her near-death experience had given her a hunger for life. As well as a hunger for Alex.

His arms came up and wrapped around her, his hands moving to cup the curves of her ass and pull her body closer to his. Without realising what she was doing, her hips began to move, grinding herself against him through their clothing as they continued to kiss deeply. But this wasn’t enough. She needed to be closer to him.

With barely a thought, Victoria gripped the neckband of his t-shirt and tugged hard, giving a grunt of satisfaction as she felt the soft cotton rip away. Breaking the kiss, she knelt up over him, her hands running over his now-exposed chest and abs. His skin was cool and smooth beneath her exploring fingertips and his small whimpers made her feel bolder. She took hold of his wrists and moved them above his head, using her weight to pin them against the mattress. If she’d had any doubt that Alex had some submissive tendencies, they would have been completely wiped away by the loud moan that slipped from him as she held him down on the seks hikayeleri bed, his hips bucking a little beneath her with his need.

“While I am showing you how grateful I am for your help tonight, I want you to do something for me, Alex.”

“Yes, Miss Victoria. I’ll do whatever you ask.”

A slow smile spread across her face. Such a promise opened up so many delicious possibilities for their evening together and she had to silently remind herself not to let herself get carried away.

“I want you to be a good boy for me and surrender to all the pleasure, and pain, that I want to give you tonight. So when I let go of your wrists in a moment, you will not move your arms. You will keep your hands above your head and let me spoil you with my attention. Am I understood?”

Alex nodded his head eagerly and licked his lips before speaking. “Yes, Miss Victoria. I understand.”

Slowly, Victoria released her hold on his wrists and paused for a moment before continuing to explore his body, wanting to see if he would obey her command. When he made no attempt to move, she brought her hands back to his chest, exploring the muscular planes with gentle fingertips.

She could almost feel the strength thrumming just beneath the surface of his smooth skin. When he’d had to restrain her earlier in the evening, she had felt for herself just how strong he was. He had been able to keep a firm hold on her without any effort at all, even when she was struggling. It would be so easy for Alex to overpower her and take control if he wanted to. But instead, here he was, laid prone on the bed and giving himself over to her ministrations. His willingness to surrender stirred a hunger in Victoria that had nothing to do with the recent changes her body had been through.

Her hands moved lower down his body, coming to rest on the button of his jeans. Briefly, her eyes met his, wanting to see if he showed any resistance to the direction of her touches. But he stayed perfectly still, his eyes almost glowing with his need for her touch. So Victoria unfastened the button on his jeans and lowered the zip, slowly sliding her hand inside the denim to wrap her long and slender fingers around his thick shaft. He was warm in her hand, almost throbbing, and she let out a moan at the feel of him.

As she began to stroke him, his hips lifted up from the bed, thrusting up into her hand as she caressed his length. Victoria watched his face as his eyelids fluttered closed, his mouth open on a moan. God, he looked so perfect like this, surrendering to the pleasure that she craved to give him. Precum trickled from the tip of his cock onto her fingers, making it easier for her hand to slide over his tumescent shaft.

“Tonight, your orgasm will be a gift from me, and so you will not cum without permission, Alex.” She smiled as the command caused more precum to ooze from his tip.

“Yes, Miss Victoria. My orgasm is yours to allow when and if you desire.”

“Good boy. If you continue being this good, you will find yourself being thoroughly spoiled tonight.” She moved from her position straddling his thighs and slipped off the bed, standing at the edge of it between his legs. She gripped the waistband of his jeans and paused a moment, waiting for him to lift his hips up before pulling his jeans down and taking them off completely. His hard cock bounced upwards as soon as it was free, and a droplet of his need dribbled down onto his abdomen, glistening in the dull light of the room.

Victoria couldn’t resist scooping up that droplet with a fingertip and bringing it to her lips, eager for a taste of his desire for her. She suckled the wet digit into her mouth and let out a moan at the salty flavour that exploded in her mouth. Alex watched her with fire in his eyes, seemingly unable to pull his gaze away from her as she savoured the taste of him.

“Very nice, Alex. But that wasn’t enough for me.” She saw his eyes widen for a moment before she leaned down over him, dragging the flat of her tongue over the swollen head of his cock, eagerly licking up any more drops of precum that glistened there. Her hand wrapped around the base of his shaft as she licked at the tip once more, already greedy for his addictive taste. His moans and the way he throbbed in her hand only fuelled her hunger.

Each time his cock pulsated within her grasp, Victoria felt an answering throb between her thighs, an eagerness to feel Alex deep inside her. But she wasn’t going to rush this. She wanted to take her time and drive him to the kind of pleasure that he deserved to feel after his good deed.

“Please, Miss Victoria. Please…” he moaned out, as his hips lifted once more, eagerly pressing the head of his cock against her lips.

“Use your words, Alex. Tell me what you want and I might give it to you.”

“Please will you suck my cock, Miss Victoria. I’ll do anything. Please.”

She couldn’t help but smile at the desperation in his voice. Her only reply was to slide her lips down over the swollen head, suckling gently on it as her tongue lapped at the tip, catching any drops of precum that leaked from him. He tried to buck his hips, wanting to push deeper into her mouth, but she gripped his hips firmly, holding him down on the bed so that she could control the momentum.

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