Complex Relationship Ch. 05


For those who haven’t read the edited versions of Mel and Katy’s parts they are finally up and I highly recommend you read at least the first paragraphs or things will not make sense.

Thanks to luvtaread for editing.


Brandon awoke the next day with Ashley still asleep in his arms. He lay there for a while just staring her and recalling the night before. It seemed it had all really happened. The speedboat crew was dead and he had freed not only Ashley, but Katy and Mel as well. He marveled at all this as he enjoyed the feel of Ashley’s warm body against his, admiring the beauty of her sleeping form. It was amazing how the past few days had changed his reality. He had gone from a lonely guy sharing a room with an asshole on a cruise ship to waking up on an island with a naked gorgeous woman in his arms.

Ashley stirred and he was taken out of his reflection. She woke, looked down at his arm and then looked up at him and relaxed. She rolled over to face him and kissed him.

“Good morning darling.”

“Good morning.” Brandon responded and they laid there for a while before a giggle from the door made Brandon look up. He spotted Katy looking in through the opening.

“See Mel, what did I tell you?” She said, “They are so cute together.”

“Yes I guess they are,” Mel said and Brandon noted she too was looking in.

“Alright ladies thank you for that,” Ashley said, “but if we can get some privacy to get dressed, we’ll be out in a sec.” The ladies agreed and disappeared from the entrance. Brandon grabbed his shorts and put them back on and Ashley located her clothes and they exited the shelter to join Mel and Katy around the fire for breakfast.

After breakfast the group took inventory of the things they had gathered from the other camp the previous day. Key finds were the knife, a pistol with a few extra clips, a shotgun and shells, a shovel, rope, some canned food, a few pots and metal dishes, a stack of clothes, a first aid kit, and weirdly enough Katy’s suitcase. The last item had a mix of Katy’s belongings and John’s who had apparently claimed it due to the quality material it was made of.

Besides clothing it also contained several hygienic supplies that if used correctly could last them for quite some time. This included a supply of birth control pills which given last nights activities Brandon was glad Ashley still had access to. As a pregnancy for any of the girls would be a major issue they could not afford.

After taking note of their assets Brandon began making plans for a larger shelter. As Mel’s ankle was still swollen he decided it would be prudent to wait to do the major construction for another time, but he figured they could assemble materials.

So after a brief discussion the group set to clear the area around some trees that they figured they could use as a basis of their shelter. As they cleared the area they looked for materials that could be used for walls and a ceiling. By days end they had succeeded in clearing the area and Brandon had managed to lash together a support for the floor using the rope and some of the larger branches they had collected.

The four friends stood back and admire their modest progress. It did not look like much, but they were proud of the half floor they had assembled.

“Alright well good start I think.” Brandon said to the others. “With luck tomorrow we’ll be able to finish the floor and work on the roof.” They nodded in agreement and they all went to work on assembling dinner.

As the meal wrapped up Brandon sensed something was amiss, so he asked, “Okay ladies what am I missing?”

“Well, Katy and I had discussed your comments from last night today, and we were wondering if you wanted to make a small wager.” Mel said with a smile.

Brandon was confused, but both women made a subtle glance in Ashley’s direction and he suddenly realized what they were talking about.

“Ladies, I don’t think that’s right…” Brandon said

“What?” Ashley asked.

“Well,” Mel answered after a brief silence. “Our male friend here made some views Katy and I wish to disprove this evening.”

“Oh, and what are those?” Ashley asked giving Brandon a curious look and before he could answer she said, “You know what I don’t think I want to know, but he’s in.”

“I am?” Brandon asked incredulously wondering if Ashley knew what she had just volunteered herself for, “of course she doesn’t that is absurd” he thought to himself.

“Absolutely, you would not want to appear a coward or a liar in front of three lovely ladies, would you?”

“Yeah, Brandon you wouldn’t, would you? You know how I hate cowards and liars,” Mel said.

“As do I,” Katy echoed. “I wouldn’t want to think of my big strong hero as nothing more than a lying coward.”

Brandon suddenly felt flustered and a bit trapped, after a second he said, “Oh, alright, so what are the terms then?”

“If we prove you wrong, Ashley sleeps in our shelter tonight.” bursa otele gelen eskort Mel said.

“Fine, if she’s okay with that.” Brandon replied

Ashley nodded her agreement then said, “And if he is proven right we take Katy.”

Brandon, severely shocked, stared at her wondering if she had just agreed to what he thought she agreed to.

“Fine, take her,” Mel said with a shrug. “I might manage a good night’s sleep without her. I warn you though she’s like an infant, up every few hours, only she wants to get herself off.”

“We’ll handle it I’m sure,” Ashley said and Brandon’s level of shock increased.

“One other thing Brandon, you can’t interfere and in order to ensure the terms are met you must monitor our progress.” Mel said with a smile Brandon was pretty sure she had just told him that should they succeed he would have to watch, and not participate in, a lesbian three way. He nodded and she added, “Oh, and we want your complete attention or the deal is void and you get nothing.” In other words ‘keep it in your pants buddy’.

“When do we start?” Ashley asked.

“Soon, but don’t worry, you’ll know when we’ve started.” With that they stood up and started cleaning up. Ashley looked puzzled at the last comment.

“What did that mean I’ll know?” Ashley asked when Katy and Mel had left the fireside. Brandon hesitated and Ashley said, “Oh my god your ‘view’ was about me wasn’t it?” Brandon said nothing and Ashley said, “I’m right it is about me and under that no interference clause of the bet, you can’t tell me what about me you had a view on, right?”

Brandon said nothing and after a second asked, “Ashley, did you mean what I think you meant by having Katy in our tent as a reward, did you mean you were okay with her and I…”

“Fucking?” she finished for him. “Sure why not? I am not the only one that likes to sleep with a man on this island. I am okay with it as long as you are okay with what might happen should you lose.” Brandon nodded and suddenly had a sneaky feeling tonight was going to be a very lonely evening.

His suspicions were confirmed when, after witnessing Katy massaging Mel’s swollen ankle, Ashley accepted Katy’s offer of a full body massage. Brandon, figuring he should at least get a good seat for the show, found a nearby rock and sat down and watched as Katy directed Ashley to lie down on the beach.

The massage started innocent enough and in all likelihood was actually a massage. It began to get questionable when Katy untied Ashley’s top in order to properly relax Ashley’s back muscles.

It got even more suspicious when Katy removed the brunette’s swimsuit bottom to massage Ashley’s butt. As Brandon expected Katy’s massage soon started to include between Ashley’s legs. Had it not been for the no interference clause he would have said something, but as it was he stayed silent and Ashley, now clearly enjoying the treatment said nothing as well.

After a few minutes of this Ashley was clearly aroused and her breathing had become heavier. At this point Katy suggested that Ashley turn over as to give Katy better access to the tense muscles on the brunette’s front. Ashley agreed and rolled over leaving her top in the sand as she faced her masseuse now fully naked.

Katy again started with actual muscles before working her way to Ashley’s exposed breasts. As with how the butt massage had devolved into Katy giving Ashley’s pussy a rub down, Katy clearly was out to excite the tall brunette’s libido. The moans emitting from Ashley’s mouth made it evident that she was succeeding.

Further evidence of this was the fact that Ashley hardly noticed the blonde’s right hand work its way down her stomach until it reached the dark haired mound. Ashley moaned further as her pussy accepted Katy’s small fingers. At this point Katy dropped the pretense of the massage and bent down to take one of Ashley’s nipples in her mouth. Ashley responded by cradling the blonde’s head in her hands holding the enthusiastic Katy’s mouth to her right tit. After a few minutes of this treatment it was clear that Katy’s ministrations were fruitful as Ashley screamed out in ecstasy and shook with pleasure.

Ashley released Katy’s head and the blonde proceeded to kiss the recovering woman on the lips, a kiss which Ashley enthusiastically returned. As the pair kissed, Brandon noticed Ashley’s hands found Katy’s large boobs. Moments later Katy responded to this development by breaking the kiss to remove her top and straddle Ashley to give her better access. As the material fell away from the large melons it was replaced almost immediately by Ashley’s eager hands.

As Ashley massaged Katy’s boobs Brandon saw another figure join the group, a figure whose red hair shone in the firelight. Mel’s head quickly disappeared between Ashley’s now parted legs. Soon Ashley and Katy’s moans filled the evening air as it was clear both were heading quickly to orgasm.

It bursa eve gelen escort bayan was at this point that Brandon realized that one of Ashley’s hands was moving quickly in the vicinity of Katy’s crotch. Due to Ashley’s recent climax and Katy’s over stimulation both girls came only a few minutes later.

As both girls came down from their climaxes Brandon saw Mel emerge from between Ashley’s legs and kneel down to kiss Katy. The pair shared a lengthy kiss before they stood up and both removed their remaining clothing.

Brandon took the brief opportunity to admire both naked forms. In particular he took note of Mel’s naked body. He took in the way the fiery red hair fell across her shoulders. His gaze then fell to her large, but not huge boobs, then her well toned stomach, butt, and red-haired covered pussy set between the muscular thighs. It was quite a sight and even the brief glance he got at that body made him wish that she had a different stance on men.

He was pulled out of his admiration of the two naked forms by the results of their activity. It appeared that they had switched place. Katy was now between Ashley’s legs and he noted that Mel was sitting on Ashley’s face. As he heard Mel start moaning in pleasure he knew it was going to be a lonely night for him, still he enjoyed the show.

Brandon watched and listened in awe as he thought he heard Ashley nearly climax several times, only to here the moans soften moments later. It was then he realized that Katy was bringing the brunette close and then backing off time and time again building the potential climax each time she did. It also allowed Ashley a chance to work on Mel’s pussy with her own tongue.

Brandon began hearing moans from the strong redhead he recognized from the night before and he knew she was close to coming too. As he heard signs of Mel’s orgasm seconds later he heard Ashley’s pussy stifled cries of ecstasy as her body again shook with pleasure.

Mel fell to the sand and was soon replaced by Katy as the tiny blonde too sat on Ashley’s face. Moans from the ever horny blonde let Brandon know that Ashley had obliged by lapping at the blonde’s cunt. As Ashley worked Katy toward orgasm Brandon saw Mel get up and straddle Ashley’s stomach and engage the moaning blonde in a kiss.

As the pair kissed their hands began roaming. Katy’s alternated between Mel’s pussy and tits. Mel’s between Katy’s large sensitive boobs and Ashley’s medium sized mounds. The result was that soon all three were moaning as it was clear that they would hit a triple climax soon. Sure enough a few minutes later, Katy cried out in pleasure which was shortly followed by Mel’s climax, and then Ashley’s. The three collapsed into a writhing pile of pleasure.

They were not the only ones though, as despite the fact he had somehow resisted the temptation to jerk off, he had cum into his shorts at the sight of the three women cumming together. The pleasure clouded his brain for a second as he came down from the eruption.

A few moments later when he had noted that the girls were still lying in a pile he decided to take a dip in the ocean quickly before the action resumed. He figured they would probably go all night, but how many times would he witness a lesbian three-way in his life?

After his dip in the ocean he returned to his rock and was greeted by an interesting sight as two of the ladies were still lying on the beach, but a third approached and showed an interesting sight.

The figure definitely had above average boobs, telling him it was likely Mel, but what intrigued him was that it appeared she had grown a dick in the time it had taken him to take his dip. Then he realized that Katy must have stowed a toy or two in her suitcase before they left the ship. It appeared that either Katy or Ashley was in for a fucking, and given the theme of the night he was betting it was not Katy.

Sure enough he saw a short figure stand and kiss Mel as she approached the other woman, still laying on the ground, who Brandon was now sure was Ashley. Brandon watched as Mel lowered herself to the ground between Ashley’s legs. Seconds later he heard Ashley’s telltale gasp that let him know that the strap-on had been plunged into her pussy. Soon after he saw Katy kneel beside Ashley and lean down to kneed and kiss the brunette’s breasts.

Brandon watched the scene with erotic fascination. As Mel thrust into Ashley, he watched the redhead’s tits bounce with each stroke. He looked at Ashley and in the renewed firelight saw her tits receiving lavish attention from Katy and in those moments when Katy broke contact with Ashley’s tits he got a glance of the blonde’s own large boobs dangling invitingly above Ashley. Ashley apparently agreed with him and he saw her hands reach up and squeeze the large mounds of soft flesh.

The three continued that way for some time before he heard Ashley cry out his name in the throws of passion, Mel appeared to be unfazed by it and just started pumping even faster. Moments later she and Ashley cried out in passion and Brandon saw Mel collapse onto Ashley and the pair rolled over in the sand. Katy showering both with kisses as Mel and Ashley embraced in a kiss.

As the three lay still for a bit Brandon marveled at what he had just witnessed. Not to mention felt a little pride at Ashley’s mistake, although not entirely sure why. Feeling a bit tired and seeing that the show was likely done for a while Brandon headed to his shelter to begin his night alone.

Once inside he set about relieving a bit of his tension, pulling his rock hard cock out of his shorts, he began to stroke it as he closed his eyes and reran the scene on the beach in his mind. To his surprise he felt his hand pulled off his hard dick and before he could comment a warm mouth descended on his cock.

He moaned in pleasure as his eyes shot open at this new development he expected to see the familiar dark hair of Ashley, but instead he found the firelight pouring in from the door reflecting on a mane of blonde hair. As if he needed further proof a more subtle use of tongue let him know that this was not Ashley.

He tried to speak to the newcomer, but Katy’s oral skills robbed him of the breath to. He found out first hand that Katy’s skills were top notch no matter the sex of her partner, as she began working his cock in a similar way she had worked Ashley’s pussy earlier that evening.

She brought him close to the edge several times before finally sucking hard on his sensitive head causing him to erupt into her mouth. His body shook as jets of cum rocketed into her waiting mouth. Through the haze of pleasure that washed over him he saw her swallow it all and lick her lips.

She then lay down next to him, kissed him and said, “You looked kinda lonely, so I thought I would help out to say thanks.” Getting no response from the stunned Brandon she said, “Its kinda your fault you know.”

“My fault? How?!”

“Well, if you didn’t want to have horny little girls come visit you, you shouldn’t have whipped out that big tasty cock out where they could see it.” Katy said in an ultra innocent voice.

“I guess not,” Brandon said with a smile. “However, if those little girls did not want me to whip out my cock, they probably shouldn’t have been rolling on the beach naked with their faces in each other’s pussies. Not to mention a certain girl with her big tasty boobs flopping around for all to see.” Katy rolled on top of him and began playing with her big tits.

“Do you mean these boobs?” the busty blonde asked. Brandon nodded as he felt his cock getting stiffer as he watched the small hands knead the large boobs. He reached up to grasp them, but his hand was slapped away. “Later stud, first though my pussy is in need of filling. It has been waiting patiently for several days to feel your big hard cock in it.”

“Oh really, well then we should not keep it waiting then should we?” Katy shook her head and rolled onto the floor beside him and spread her legs. Brandon taking her hint scrambled up and lined his now hard cock at her entrance. Brandon hesitated for a second as his thought centered on Ashley.

In that moment he felt Katy’s hand squeeze his and she said softly, “Brandon she’s okay with this, in fact what happened tonight was her idea.” Then she sat up and kissed him softly and said, “Please Brandon, fuck me, I want you so bad it hurts. I have since the night I met you.”

In that moment Brandon found her deep brown eyes in the dim light. They were so full of truth, lust, and even could that be love? That made up his mind and he slowly pushed his hips forward and felt her warm pussy engulf his invading cock.

As he entered her, her eyes closed as pleasure swept over her. Once he was fully inside he held himself there and took the time to lower her slowly back to the ground using his free arm. He admired the sight of her laying there before her legs closing around his back subtlety hinted him to get moving.

Taking the hint he began slowly rocking in and out of her tight hole. She was well primed from her activity with Ashley and Mel, so he began to steadily pick up the pace.

“Oh, harder baby!” She screamed out as he set a fast pace and not wanting to disappoint he drove into the tiny blonde so hard he thought he would break her. Instead she just moaned louder.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it baby fuck me hard just like that, FUCK MEEE!” She screamed out while she thrashed about below him as he continued pumping, had it not been for her blow job moments before he probably would have cum by now. As it was he was fighting hard to stay with her as he thrust in and out of her tight hole. Katy’s large tits bounced with each hard thrust. Brandon slowed just enough to grasp one quickly before he resumed his pace at another shout from Katy.

Fifteen minutes or so later Brandon was really fighting to keep from cumming when he heard, “Harder babe, I’m almost there. A little more baby.”

Summoning strength from somewhere Brandon began thrusting even faster and heard her say, “Yes! Oh, Brandon, just like that, just like that, I’m cumminnng!” At that he felt her warm tunnel clamp down on his hard shaft.

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