Squeaky Sex


Lisa and I had this thing that can only be described as “Lust Torture”- you know, each having partners, but having that dangerous sexual energy connection that you know only a serious bottom-banging session for a couple hours could satiate. But short of making out, groping, numerous intense blowjobs, and a partial fuck that had me pump about 4 times into her delicious pussy, we never consummated completely.

That is, until recently.

See, Lisa is a hot saucy 30 something, with a killer body and an attitude to match. Occasionally a dancer, she kept herself always hot. I was at the beginning of my 40s, in decent shape- just your average Joe, except for my vinyl/PVC, leather and latex/rubber fetish. Nothing BDSM-wise mind you- for me it’s the look, feel, smell, touch, and sounds that drive me nuts.

I had limited success getting her into my favorite fetish fashions- for some reason, nothing was right (it’s all in the timing I guess). For instance, a while ago, I gave her a pair of black latex leggings, only to find out she was allergic to latex! Knowing she doesn’t like real leather (animal cruelty issues), I also bought her a pair of black pleather pants as a present, and a black vinyl dress for Christmas. Although she wore the pleather for me (and had a great time grinding on my cock while wearing them once briefly), we never took it any further. I pleaded with her to wear the vinyl, but she always came up with some excuse not to wear the dress or a pair of black vinyl shorts she bought at Hot Topics at the mall.

So it was upon this dilemma that I decided to make a decision. If I could convince her to wear vinyl for me, we were going to fuck like circus monkeys in heat- that’s it- no going back, because there might not be another time. If I had already felt guilty for all the other times, I was going to get my fantasy, Lisa will get my cock, and since we had mutual worries about our partners, everything would be kept quiet- and that’s that.

And so, at a mutual location we chose to pick her up, she looked good as she quickly got into the car and threw her bag in the back seat. Almost instantly after getting in, she whispered: “SHIT!” and lay down on the front seat, with her head on my lap.

“My neighbor- they’re good friends with my boyfriend!” she whispered into my lap, “I hope they didn’t see me!”

Quickly, we were out of sight of her sex hikayeleri block and making our way back to my house.

“We’re ok, and oh, by the way… as long as you’re down there..” I said in a sly, sleazy voice.

“I would love to!” she replied instantly and nuzzled my ever-growing cock through my jeans.

“Nah- we better wait because if MY neighbors are outside, we’ll have huge problems…” I cautioned, now worrying for the same reason.

But we lucked out because nobody was outside and I parked as close to the house as possible so she can duck right in and reduce our chances of being seen- just to be sure. We rushed to the door and she headed in first. As she walked up the steps, I reached around and quickly rubbed her pussy through her jeans. She wiggled away with a yelp.

“Now that feels nice and hot,” I said in my most sexy voice.

“Hey! Hands off! Where should I change?” she asked.

“You can change in the bathroom,” I gestured with my head as I sat down on the couch. “And, well, um, forget the panties will you?” I said with faint nervousness.

“Why whatever for?” she teased, slightly blushing as she grabbed the duffle bag that contained the evenings’ costumes, and headed into the cramped bathroom.

As I awaited her changing, I decided to try to pull out my cock and start stroking to the sound of her dressing, the occasional vinyl-to-vinyl squeaking, then finally the door opens and there she was.

And there I am.

“Well, what…. wow, I guess I know what you think about my outfit!” she said staring right at my cock.

All I could think of at that moment was unbridled lust. She stood in the doorway, with the lighting shining her up. She was wearing 5-1/5″ platform, calf-length black PVC boots, along with the black PVC dress. She was my fantasy and I lost all my composure.

“I’ll make a deal with you,” I declared.

“Oh yea? what’s the deal?” she asked as she started across the room to me.

“If you get my cock nice and wet, we can stop all this crazy teasing, and I can put it where we’ll both enjoy it the most!”

“But you know I love it in my mouth,” she almost whispered, then right next to me.

She started stroking my now solid cock. The rustling of the vinyl so near me gave me heart palpitations.

“I thought you’d also like to finally try it in your pussy,” porno hikayeleri I whispered back as I reached under her to find her wet pussy and started massaging her slit.

“Mmm- I want to fuck you bad too- always have, but I think I need you in my mouth first, and NOW!” she says starting on her journey down to her knees.

After grabbing the shaft, she started by licking and suckling on the head. And when her mouth wrapped itself around my cock, it felt like a blast furnace.

Lisa started to bob up and down, making loud slurping noises, moving her hands up and down the wet shaft. And with each movement, the light bouncing off her shiny outfit, the rhythmic squeak of the vinyl of her dress drove me closer and closer.

I reached down and gently pulled her off my dick with a loud slurping pop.

“What’s the matter? she asked, her saliva dripping from her lips.

“This is too much for me- I’m going to cum soon,” I stammered.

“But I want you to cum in my mouth the first time,” she stated matter-of-factly.

“You don’t have to ask me twice!”

And so down she went to swallow as much of my unit in one motion as possible. Within seconds, as she worked her magic, I felt myself get hard to a level I rarely felt before- not just hard and ready to shoot, but super-hard, smooth, steel-like, ready to blast. And that’s what I did- one long shot, then about 2 or 3 shorter shots, but with much the same kind of intensity.

She swallowed each spurt without pulling her mouth off, gulping my cream down. After she cleaned me up we kissed, intensely. As we parted, she asked, as innocently as she could:

“Hey Spike are you ready?”

I became hard again- almost instantly, as she reached down and stroked my lubricated cock.

“What do you think?” I asked challengingly.

“I think I want you from behind,” she said bending over the side of the couch and lifting the hem of her dress.

I got off the couch, and while pulling up her dress, noticed the wetness seeping around her panty less pussy. I slid a finger or two inside of her. Using her wetness and my own saliva, I smeared the concoction all over the head of my cock.

Just as I started positioning the head at the entrance to her pussy, she suddenly pushed back with tremendous force, thrusting herself on me.

Her pussy was the perfect tight, hot, and seks hikayeleri slick place for my cock, and she used her internal muscles to milk me.

“Aaaaahhhh!” she quivered as I slid all the way inside.

I realized this was going to be some ride, so I held onto her waist, gripped her bunched vinyl skirt against her, and started pumping. The sounds and sights were amazing. We went at it for about a couple minutes until I felt that familiar delicious urge come over me.

Thrusting once, then jamming myself inside while holding her hips, my cock started to spasm and spurt about 5 long, hard jets of cum deep inside as she started to moan.

As we parted, an obscene amount of our collective juices dribbled out of her slit, some of which slid down her boots.

She stood up, walked around, and spread out on the couch and while reaching for my cock, started to stroke it.

“You keep that going, and I’ll shoot again” I moaned as she continued her hand motions.

“Yea yea yea- I’m ready again!” she teased, spread her legs, and played with her sopping pussy while pinching her nipples. Her pussy was making squishy noises as she played.

I came around the couch, and while lying down between her legs, rubbed my cock up and down her slit. She grabbed my pulsing dick, and pulled me into her.

I slid all the way inside with one long, continuous stroke. The second I was buried to my balls, she wrapped her legs around me. The combination of the warmth of her legs, body, and pussy along with the squeaky noises coming from her boots rubbing together with every pump had me getting ready all too soon.

Lisa started moaning and I felt her pussy spasm as she locked her legs around me and pulled me deeply into her. She began to breath heavily, and I felt more warmth around my cock. That’s all I needed, and I started my climax.

“No! – I want it in my mouth” she gasps. So with all the conviction I could muster, I pulled out of her with a slurping pop, and while swiveling around slid my cock into her mouth.

I reached around, and while she jerked me off into her mouth, I slid a couple fingers into her overheated pussy and started pumping in time with her hand.

After about 5 strokes of her hand I started to spurt. She swallowed what I had left as she moaned around my cock- clearly my fingers were getting her off as well.

She cleaned me off, and licked my fingers off as well before we lay together, catching our collective breath.

It took us a bit of time to clean up, but by the time I dropped her off, we were certainly satisfied.

Until the next time that is…

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