The Filly , The Stud Ch. 01


“…and if you are just now leaving the office, I just want to say that you are a huge LOSER…”

“…that’s right Flay, and from everybody here at WMAK, the mackin’ radio station of the Queen City, we just want to wish you a happy weekend! Flay, did I tell you about the chick I’m taking out to the party over at Liquid Lounge tomorrow?”

“…no, Rog, you did not! Does she have big tits?”

“…huge! To all our listeners, if you do not yet have your tickets to the Midnight madness at the Liquid Lounge, well you are a….”

“LOSER!” The two DJ’s laughed hysterically, and then began plugging the show at the Lounge again, trying to prevent total loserdom amongst the listening public as her finger reached for the controls.

The radio station changed without the static she had grown up with, the car’s radio smoothly transitioning to the afternoon news & talk show that was her second option. Oh great, more call in debate about social security, just what she wanted to hear right now. NOT! So, change again and bring on the easy listening. Mariah Carey. Holy hell, was the world against her?

Taking a deep breath, she looked through the tinted glass out at the world slowly passing by as they crawled underneath the South Boulevard bridge, and traffic opened up a bit. Now they were going a whopping 45 miles per hour, as opposed to the 25 they had been doing. Time for glee, she told herself.

She had not lived in Charlotte in the time before I-485, had not lived through the political battles, the law suits, and the public policy drama that had given birth to one of the largest road construction projects in the south east. And so it made absolutely no sense to her why they had built this thing with only two lanes in each direction at most points. That was just ludicrous!

Taking a deep sigh, she settled back into her seat, closed her eyes, opened them again, and then tapped the screen that faced her in the center console. The GPS came to life, and the extra $20 a month she paid for the traffic subscription paid off, telling her that if she could just hold out until the next exit, she would have clear sailing to her destination up the back way. Hallelujah!

The sun was starting to fade in the distance, another spring day coming to a close as she rolled down the gravel road that connected the horse farm to the outside world. It was an odd place to find such a thing, a strange place for almost five hundred acres of land to just be sitting, bordered by the interstate on one side, and neighborhoods on three others. But, she smiled to herself, the family had managed to defend themselves against all imminent domain claims, and now “Last Corral” was an integral part of this end of Charlotte, with all the kids that rode and other events designed to insert itself into the growing community, and make itself indispensable to those that were trying to give their children well rounded experiences early on.

The parking lot was surprisingly empty, but it was a Friday, not normally much of an active day, especially not this late. Most of the younger riders would be relating tales of the horses over dinner right now, and the older crowd used these days to enjoy the ever-expanding array of recreational opportunities available in the city. It was why she came here on these days. Solitude.

Parking the Mercedes, she climbed out and stretched, smelling the hay and the feed, the freshly cut grass. The ranch house sat off to the side, somewhat concealed behind the remaining trees, with the row of barns behind the fence, neatly aligned and freshly painted, the sound of horses coming from inside.

If you spend all day cooped up in an office, in a tower that is surrounded by more towers, talking to people about their real and supposed problems, life can be a bit…well…boring to the point of tears, and frustrating to the point of screaming. If her patients just listened to her, their lives would be much improved. And if the man you had been dating until recently suddenly tells you that what you really need is “some counseling of your own, best provided in a institutional setting,” then that relationship joins a long list of others on the junk pile, and you can just move on and realize that you will be spending this Friday night alone. Again. Fuck him, anyway.

With a deep sigh, she walked down the gravel walkway towards the barn, stepping into the twilight that was the home of her best friend, already hearing the horse nicker and blow in her stall, her white flecks shinning in the semi darkness.

Her name was “Himmel,” which was apparently German for heaven. The horse patiently waited for her to get close, and let her rub her face and snout, eating the sugar cubes from her hand. As always, the horse did not ask why she was late, did not care that her hair was not holding the shape she had wanted it to, did not care about the run in her panty hose, or the fact that she had once again managed to wash her cell phone with the laundry yesterday.

Himmel could care less that some kid had thrown sex hikayeleri a fit in the waiting room today, and peed all over the place, and always silently agreed that Roger was a gigantic butt hole, even going so far as to agree through vigorous head shaking every now and then. But one could never really tell if that was truly related to what the rider was saying, or if she just did that out of the volition of her own pear sized brain.

“She’s been waiting on you.” The voice came from the other end of the barn, and she had to shield her eyes against the remaining sun that formed the backdrop to the well-muscled form coming towards her. It wasn’t until he got close that she recognized David, the self appointed “ranch hand” and nephew to the couple that owned the horse farm.

As per usual, he was dressed in heavy work boots, dirty blue jeans that hung precariously low on his hips, yet did not show any underwear (she often wondered if he owned any), the massive stainless steel watch on his left arm, and a white baseball cap turned backwards. Shirts seemed to be something else that only rarely made an appearance on his well-muscled body, not that there were many women around here complaining about that, his abs were the definition of six-pack.

Which was where her eyes hung for a second, a second longer than they should have, allowing a soft sigh to pass her lips. He had boulders for shoulders, massive blocks of muscle from moving the bales of hay and feed around, popping tendons and ripples of muscle that led down into powerful arms and large hands, matched by a well developed chest, and ripped abs that she really liked looking at for some reason. He was tall, a swimmers build, which was apparently what he had done in high school. She didn’t know much else about him, except that he had shown up a couple of months ago, and she was silently thankful for it. The old couple that owned the farm was in need of a helping hand, and he had brought two of them, making the place a much more efficient and enjoyable experience for all involved.

“Traffic is a killer.”

“You should leave the office earlier. Don’t you work down by the hospital?” He was standing next to her now, reaching up and scratching Himmel between the ears. The horse ignored him at first, then brought its head over his shoulder, and seemed to almost sigh. Maybe even the mare was attracted to this fine specimen of a man.

“Yeah, I work in one of the towers right next to it. Well…”

“You work with crazy people? Or is that just a rumor?”

“What?” She stopped, looking over at the man with as fierce as gaze as she could muster. She hated it when people referred to her clients as crazy.

“You’re a shrink, right?”

“I am a Psychiatrist, and I graduated from medical school at Duke, thank you.”

“Whoa, easy now. I mean no offense.” He smiled his broadest smile, hands up in an almost defensive posture. “I’m just trying to act interested.”


“Well, not much of an act. Making conversation, I guess.”

He smiled again, and then nodded for her to follow him as he headed back towards the pen behind the barns. She shrugged, then caught up with him, feeling his eyes on her as she walked next to him.

She could not know it, and would not have believed it if he had told her, but he liked what he saw. Jennifer was to him, a most beautiful specimen of woman, with the long blond hair, the gray eyes, and the full swell of her hips and breast. She had nicely developed legs that looked gorgeous in the dark hose and the professional power skirt that went with the gray power jacket, and black power heels. Power woman, every part of her screamed, and when he had read a quote from her in the Charlotte Observer that morning, he had been duly impressed. Power mind to tie it all together, bringing full circle the power package of hot body and quick wit.

“What did you do before you came here?” She was slyly ogling him herself, trying to not get caught as he walked before her.

“What do you mean?” He forced himself to stand at his full height, rolling his shoulders back, and walking normally. “Before the farm?”

“Yeah. You just showed up one day, and next thing you know, you’ve totally revamped the operation here.”

“I was in the Navy.”

“Really? Doing what?”

“Swimming, mostly.” He grinned, and she let it go as they reached the fence, looking out into the enclosure, the horses were running in a circle the way they tend to do in a fenced in space when they get worked up.

She recognized several of them by name, and the rest by sight, especially the females. For whatever reason, she felt a special affinity with mares and filly’s that she did not have with the others. Leaning on the fence, she watched as they thundered by, and then came around again.

He was leaning against it next to her, and she could smell his sweat, feel the heat from him. It was affecting her, she suddenly realized, squeezing her legs at the surprising admittance that she was sopping wet!

“Uncle porno hikayeleri Ron said that when Journey has her next foal, you are going to buy it.” He indicated the horse he was talking about with a nod of his head as they came by again, and Jennifer nodded as she watched one of the younger geldings try to slow the horse with a push from his head. But Jupiter, the large stallion in the pen easily pushed him aside, and they came around once more.

David reached down into a bucket by his feet, picked up an apple, and launched it across the pen. One of the horses snapped its head around, caught the treat in midair, and kept going. It was an impressive trick, and she said so.

“You ever watch them do it?” He had his arms on either side of her now, leaning in behind her. His voice was low and raspy, the heat from the air he spoke tickling her ear as she saw the horses continue to race around the pen, a form of equine foreplay that only added fuel to her smoldering fire. She knew it was a foregone conclusion since only one of them in there even had the ability, but still…


“Well, I’m sure you know where the term comes from.” He did not explain which one he meant, but she understood as his body pressed into her, and she moaned out softly, feeling the hard shaft in his jeans press into her ass, his arms wrapping around her, pulling her in close against his powerful chest. Her mind reeled under the sudden sensation of being touched all over, and for just a second she struggled, as he bit into her neck.

The combination of pain and pleasure overrode her good sense, made her pause and hold as he unbuttoned her shirt, and then he was rubbing her tits, rolling her nipples, taking his time to tease them to full hardness, making her moan, catching her breath as one hand slid under her skirt, and elicited little cries of pleasure from her.

“You are just as excited as they are.” He did not seem surprised to find her pussy dripping wet, her clit aching for his touch, the fire he lit in her as he rubbed it not to be denied.

She could not believe what was happening, as they stood against the fence, out in the open, her body being played by the young boy, her mind unable to comprehend the rapid turn of events, but her soul craving the attention and affection, racing towards the release that suddenly shook her, making her cry out.

“That’s good…good little girl. Don’t fight it. Just let me have it.” The whisper was hot and harsh, then he bit into her neck again, his size and strength holding her place in place, dominating her as she heard his zipper come down, and he pulled up her skirt, bunching it around her waist. She did not resist, just grabbed the fence for support, and cried out as a massive penis pushed into her from behind without warning.

He was thicker then any man she had ever experienced, filling her with one smooth motion, and starting a deep, deep rhythm that had him pull back, then slam into her, almost lifting her off her feet as he pounded her, one hand between her legs, the other on her tits, nibbling on her ear, whispering to her what a hot little filly she was, how she needed a good stud to come along and fuck her. She could only moan, nod, and agree, taking what he dished out, loving every second of it.

The next one hit her even harder, and she cried out once more, her whole body shaking like a fish on a stick, his massive cock in her making the feeling and experience surreal, the first orgasm from intercourse she had experienced in years, the pleasure too much to be believed.

He slowed down; holding her close, then pulled out and eased her down onto the ground. She saw a smug, satisfied smile on his face, and she did not understand as he pulled away, pulling his pants up, and zipping them shut. “Stay here. I’m not done with you yet.”

Turning his hat forward, he hopped over the fence, and she watched as he separated the herd of horses, whistling, clapping, and directing them by standing amongst them and pointing. Finally he got Journey and Jupiter separated, and the two ran down the chute that he locked behind them. Hopping the gate, he raced down the narrow enclosure, and locked the horses in the pen he had already prepared, then climbed back out, and picked her up into his arms.

“I have a show for you, little girl.” It was the first time he kissed her on the lips, and it was a powerful kiss, not one meant to explore or invite, but one mean to convey power and possession, to convey that he had taken her sexuality, and he was not yet done with his little play toy. She moaned into the kiss, feeling him push his tongue into her mouth, the way his powerful arms held her close as he carried her up the stairs.

“Have I ever told you that you are a beautiful woman?”


“Has anybody told you lately?”


“That’s a damn shame. You are a very lovely young lady. And so delicious.”

A thick blanket was spread on the floor of the loft, and she wondered how much of this he had planned seks hikayeleri ahead. He lay her down on it, ass up in the air, and then knelt over her, so that they could both look down into the stall. It was closed off, so that the horses had what humans might call privacy, and it was a bit bigger than the other ones, with the walls covered with padded leather, to prevent injuries. His uncle and aunt called it the “honeymoon suite,” designed by the veterinarian from UNC Charlotte to help the animals in the breeding process. Not that it would appear that the two down there right now needed any help, as Jupiter mounted Journey.

“You see that?”

“Yes….” And she felt him pull her ass up, felt his cock sliding back into her, felt his hand on her tits and between her legs, squeezing her clit, making her body shake again.

But this time was different, as he put her on all fours, and fucked her, fucked her hard. This was not the loving she had gotten down on the fence, this was getting railed by a man with powerful hips and a big cock, who knew how to use it, and who was driving her crazy, making her scream and cry with that big tool, her body quaking and rolling, unable to take it, the sensation, the experience, the smells and the sounds too much. She had always dreamed of a romp in the hay loft, and would admit to having thought about romping in this hay loft with him more then once as she played with her pocket rocket, but she had never thought it would feel this GOOD!

Her breathing was failing her, she was sticky and sweating, and his cock just would not quit slamming into her! The man had amazing endurance, and she was afraid that if she came one more time, she might pass out! She had never felt so on fire, her whole being consumed by the series of ripples he sent through her. As if by instinct, he keyed in on every spot on her body that turned her on, bit her in all the right places, grabbed and pulled her hair just right, smacked her ass in a way that made her beg for more.

She was stunned and surprised by the things she said, in total disbelief when he stuffed his cock down her throat and she greedily sucked it, unable to reconcile her own nodding at his statement that she was a slut, and unwilling to believe that it was her who jacked her ass back up so he could keep fucking her. But it felt so good; it felt so wonderful that she knew that at this moment she would do anything for this young stud.

“You like that, you little slut?”

“Ohh…yes, yes, yes! Please, please, I need it…”

“You going to let me do whatever I want to you?”

“Oh, god yes! Anything, anything you want!” She was groaning and moaning, begging for it, begging for his cock.

And so it was much too late when she realized that her ass was being spread open, that three fingers had pushed inside and extended, and then he pulled his cock out, coated in her slick juices, and pushed inside.

She cried out, begged for mercy, pleaded for him to stop, on all fours tried to crawl forward and away, but he had a firm grip on her hair, pulling her back, and pushed forward with all his weight. She screamed out as the horses below blew excitedly, Jupiter furiously pumping away at Journey, and she felt his arms enclose her, and then he bit her again.

She screamed as he ass fucked her, his big dick spreading her, molding her to his cock, pounding into her. It was as if her entire being had been stuffed with cock, all she could focus on was the massive member in her, and his fingers squeezing and milking her clit. It was too much to hold on to, too much to feel, the sensory overload numbing her to everything but the pleasure shooting up her spine, and the pain from her first anal penetration.

She heard the things he whispered in her ear, understood the dirty thing she was promising and being threatened with, but her mind could not put it all together, the cohesion of her tightly disciplined self had been shattered, all that mattered was getting railed by this young stud, and feeling his cum in her. She begged for it, begged for him to fill her, and he was more than happy to oblige, pumping load after load into her ass, letting her feel the hot liquid splash into her. He held her as she collapsed, passing out as Jupiter triumphantly planted her future foal in Journey.

Jennifer was not sure how long she was out, if she had passed out or just fallen asleep, but it was the creaking of the bed that finally penetrated into her consciousness enough to wake her. That, and the familiar feeling of his cock.

Her eyes flew open, the way they always did, but she was not a wake up person, and there was always a second of being confused. This time was no different as she looked into his smiling eyes, feeling his cock pounding into her again, and she moaned out.

He had her legs up over his shoulders, her pussy open and exposed, and he was pushing himself deep into her, kissing her, sucking her nipples, biting them. She realized that in this position, with her legs basically against her chest, she was hopeless, could not move, and could not escape. He had her hands pinned above her head with one hand, the other one rubbing her ass. She struggled for a second, then realized that it was futile, and she didn’t want to get away, it felt so DAMN GOOD!

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