A Show


I sat at the breakfast table across from Brian, my boyfriend, and Sal, our new friend. Brian was playing host, pouring the coffee, telling the interesting stories while I, not quite awake yet, eyed Sal and imagined from the look I received in return that I’d be enjoying one more trip around the bed with the two men now devouring waffles, hungry from a long night of sex.

Over dinner the night before Brian had given me a quick version of how he met Sal. He’d been innocently working out at the YMCA when a woman took a seat on the stationary bicycle in front of him. Gym attire was elevated to fetish wear for Brian and who doesn’t find a girl on a bike sexy? This particular girl on a bike knew what she was doing. She chose the bike in front of Brian when every other bike in the place was open. He was getting hot again describing the way she’d lift her ass off the seat as she pedaled, and I reminded him that he had a point to get to.

After a few embarrassing situations in the past my horny boyfriend had learned to wear a pair of tight shorts beneath his baggy shorts when at the gym. Though bike-girl must have known that his eyes could not leave her ass, she would not have the privilege of seeing his excitement showing beneath his shorts. His erection was still lingering when he climbed into the shower, but he had dinner with me to get to, so he got right to washing his hair. That’s when Sal entered the picture.

With his hands on his head full of suds and his erection sticking straight out in front of him, there wasn’t much to do but smile as this stranger entered the long communal shower. Sal hung up his towel and turned on the water. The embarrassment and the exhibitionism kept Brian hard. He finished washing his hair, skipped the conditioner and made to leave the shower as quickly as possible, but passing Sal he saw that his lead had been followed. Sal was at full mast and smiling as well. Caught off guard Brian uttered an awkward hello and made his way to the lockers.

When Sal came out wearing a towel, Brian was fully dressed. Sal started to apologize.

“Hey, look, I didn’t mean to, you know, I’m straight, I just…”

Brian grabbed the opportunity. He described to me the butterflies in his belly and the way his knees wanted to melt, but he couldn’t pass up the chance to satisfy a long standing fantasy of both of ours.

“You like girl and guys then?” Brian asked.

Sal was reluctant to answer, but a smile from Brian told him this was no hostile question.

“Yeah, sometimes.” Came his sheepish answer.

“Look, I have to meet my girlfriend for dinner. Would you like to have drinks at the Holiday Inn bar, say around nine? And if we all get along well enough, maybe we’ll go upstairs.” Brian asked him, struggling to keep his voice steady and confident sounding. He could see Sal’s erection returning beneath the towel.

“Yeah, nine o’clock, that Sounds good.”

“Great. The Holiday Inn downtown, nine o’clock.”

As Brian told the story over dinner I was amazed, scared and excited as hell. We finished our dinner, gazing at each other and giggling. After slowly eating half of my cheesecake, I’d had enough. I insisted that we pay the bill and be on our way despite the fact that it was only seven pm. We headed for home where I ran a bath, shaved my legs, picked out a sexy night gown and the perfect panties to go with it. I changed outfits a good dozen times, making a perfect mess of our room, glad that my boyfriend was smart enough not to invite total strangers to our home even as he invited them into our sex life. I finally settled on a simple but sexy combination of jeans and a black t-shirt which flattered my curves. It was now eight pm. The waiting was excruciating. Brian had packed a bag with CDs, a small CD player, some lube and a very ambitious number of condoms. He also added some items from our special drawer. Some soft white rope, a strip of black silk, equally qualified to bind wrists or serve as a blind fold and one small pink vibrator.

At last it was nine pm. The Holiday Inn was only a few blocks from our apartment. We’d be a few minutes late, not seeming too anxious, though I was, indeed, too anxious, more from nerves at this point than from excitement, though I was well aware of both.

I noticed Sal the moment I entered the bar. He was gorgeous. A dark skinned Mexican man with broad shoulder and thick short hair. His long side burns hinted at a wild side, but in his dark blue button up shirt and black tie he looked dapper and sophisticated. ankara2010.com Brian introduced us and I could hardly get a hello out, after introducing himself. He and Sal had not gotten around to names when they’d met earlier.

I found it adorable that Sal seemed to be as shy and nervous as I was. Brian did most of the talking. This set up a dynamic that would serve us well. Brian knew me, and had my trust. To enjoy another man I need him to respect the boundaries that Brian would lay out, and for full enjoyment to follow Brian’s expert lead. The gorgeous man in front of me now seemed anxious to fill exactly that role.

I’d had a brief fear while listening to Brian’s story that I was to spend the night with a gay man settling for my presence in order to get to my boyfriend, or to prove his straightness. After catching Sal checking me out several times over drinks these fears faded. In fact this gentleman had all my fears fading away and my excitement taking over. The red wine in front of me didn’t hurt either. Brian was drinking coffee, a sign that he was anticipating a long night.

We would have sat there awkwardly waiting for the other to make a move all night if Brian hadn’t come to the rescue. He could see clearly that I had approved of Sal, and he excused himself to go and pay for a room upstairs.

Sal and I did our best to make small talk while Brian was away. Without intending to I bit my lip and did all the stereotypical flirty girl things I hadn’t done in years as Sal told me he was from a town a few hours drive to the east of here and had come to town for computer training. He had been to our town before when he played in a punk band but hadn’t seen much beyond the dive bar that he played at and the inside of the van that he slept in on his way across the country with his three best friends and worst enemies.

“And now you’re just seeing the inside of a hotel room.” I blushed as I mentioned for the first time, out loud, that we’d be heading up stairs together. “You should get out and see our town before you go.” I added quickly trying to recover.

“I’m supposed to be back tonight. I’ll be calling in sick to work tomorrow, but I’ll definitely have to head back home come morning.” He had now acknowledged that we were about to spend the night together as well. Brian arrived back and we all made our way to the elevator.

Brian opened the door and motioned for us to enter first. The room was small, but I noticed a large bath. Brian did know me well. He shut the door and we all stood in the living room, wondering how to proceed.

“Hey, would you guys like sit in the tub, maybe have some wine? I brought a couple of bottles with me.”

“That sound perfect.” I loved this man, not only for his openness to an experience like this, but for how well he could orchestrate it. He asked Sal to run the bath as he plugged in the CD player and put on some Mazzy star. He opened the wine, and filled up three small hotel room water glasses, handing one to Sal and one to me, giving me a big kiss as he did so. I had a sip and then Brian took my hand and walked me to an open area by the tub. He kissed me deeply and Sal approached us, stopping two feet away.

Brian turned me toward Sal, kissed the back of my neck and guided my arms up, welcoming Sal to step forward. Sal took the cue and for the first time in three years I felt a strange mans lips press against mine. The time for being shy was over, and I kissed Sal hard and passionately, my hands exploring his body. It made sense that Sal would seek out the YMCA even when out of town on business. His had a lean, muscular body. We all moved slowly in time with the sensuous stoney music now filling the room.

I stepped out of my shoes and played with Sal’s belt. He lifted my t-shirt over my head. Brian stopped the tub, now full and ready for us. He then stepped behind me and began kissing down my neck, behind my ears and running his hands along my sides. Four hands explored my body as two mouths kissed at me. I lost track of whose was whose and I was turned and turned again. I was undressed to just my carefully selected panties and bra, sandwiched between two fully dressed men. I was facing Sal when Brian unlatched my bra and lowered it down the front of me. I took a hold of Sal’s erect cock through his pants. He breathed heavy and stepped way, admiring my body. Brian then slid my panties off. I felt on display as Sal stayed barely close enough for me to maintain my grip on him and eyed me from head to toe. It was an exciting feeling and I enjoyed it for ten seconds that felt like an hour before pulling on his cock to bring him back to me. I undid his belt, as he unbuttoned his shirt. I could hear Brian following suite behind me. I slid Sal’s pants down. Brian was strictly a boxers man, which was fine by me, but seeing a pair whitey tighties set against brown skin and with an impressive bulge straining the fabric was a delight to my eyes. I pulled down his underpants following them down all the way to the ankles, putting his erect cock close to my mouth. I looked up at him and smiled. I felt Brian’s hands on my head.

Brian’s cock was perfect. He was a good size, bigger than anyone I’d been with, but not huge. The cock in front of me now was slightly larger. My man was certainly not insecure. He’d after all chosen to bring me this cock, having seen it first.

I kissed the base of Sal’s cock teasingly. I closed my mouth around the tip, and felt him stiffen even more. I heard him take a deep breath. And then I rose to my feet. I kissed him on the lips, leaned back to receive a kiss from Brain on my neck and made my way to the tub.

“What are you two waiting for?” I asked the naked erect men who now stood facing each other, but looking at me.

Brian and Sal sat on the rim of the tub on opposite sides, hanging their legs in, with me in the middle. I was washed, stroked, pet and passed back and forth. I enjoyed posing and teasing. I pulled Brian into the tub and soaped him up, while kissing and rubbing myself against him, making sure to raise my ass in the air, and to give Sal a show as he waited patiently for his turn. Brian eased himself back up and I slid over to Sal. I let him remain sitting on the edge of the tub so I could raise up on my knees and kiss his stomach and his thighs. His erection stood beautifully just as it had for a good half hour now. I’d intended to go slower, but when Brian slid back into the tub and slid his hands over my ass, cheek to cheek over my pussy along the way, I did what came naturally and gripped Sal’s cock at the base with my hand as I took him into my mouth. Brian’s hands worked my pussy now, squeezing my lips, or petting my mound of Venus, giving a little pinch here and a pet there, just enough to keep my swollen and increasingly wet. Sal’s hands were on my head now, running through my hair as I sucked him and stroked him slowly but firmly. I was ready to move to the bed.

I ran my mouth up and down the underside of Sal’s cock slowly and then I stood keeping a grip on his cock. I stepped out of the tub with Brian’s help, keeping a hold of Sal and leading him to the bed. I lay Sal down on the bed and Brian, approving of where I was heading, handed me a condom. I kissed this gorgeous brown body, from his lips, to his nick to his chest, to his biceps, to his stomach to his cock, to his thighs to his toes. I kissed his cock at the base, and then I rolled the condom on to him.

Climbing on top of Sal, I could feel how every muscle in his body was tight and ready for me. I slid his sheathed cock between my labia, pushing against the underside of his cock with my pussy and rocking forward and back. I almost came from this sensation and then I bent forward and felt the tip of his cock at the opening of my pussy. I whispered “Slow” in his ear, though I didn’t need to, as he had been such a perfect gentleman. I took him inside me, inch by inch, as slowly as I could stand. And if he pushed forward, I slid up off of him and started the process over. His cock was thicker and curved differently than Brian’s. Just feeling a different cock slide into me was an amazing sensation.

I had his cock all the way in me, my clitoris pressed against his pubic bone. It was a cue for both of us, and we let go of the restraint, though we continued to move slowly. He pushed against me and slid his cock out and back in. He’d give me three or four shallow pumps and then he’d slide all the way in again, which drove me insane.

I felt Brian’s hands on my ass which I was lifting a dropping in time with Sal. If felt Brian kissing my bag, gripping my waist. Sal’s hands were over my breasts. I was hot, maybe hotter than I’d ever been and heading fast toward cumming, and then I felt it, Brian’s cock pressing against my ass.

We’d had anal sex before, and Brian knew I had to be seconds from cumming before I could be entered in such a way. He pushed his cock against me so gently, holding my hips still as Sal continued fucking me. Brian slid just the tip of the head of his cock into me, and I started to cum. Sal’s hands held me up, I gripped his shoulders, and I pushed against Brian who continued to slowly slide into me. Every time I thought I was heading toward the finish he’d slide in another inch and I’d reach a higher peak. Until at last, he pushed hard against me. He was all the way in my ass and Sal was all the way in my cunt. I was sandwiched between them and coming hard and solid. I begged them both so hold still as I savored the aftershocks, and for the most part they obliged.

I could have fallen asleep between them. Brian slid out rolled onto his back, moving to the edge of the bed so as to leave room for me to do the same. I had come, but I had two hard cocks that had not. I grabbed a cock in each hand and squeezed. I’m not one to be selfish, but I was too exhausted to take care of anyone.

“Would you like a show?” Brian whispered in my ear. I knew exactly what he meant and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’d asked Brian exactly this question at a party we’d attended where a beautiful older woman had spent a good hour hitting on me and bringing me drinks. He didn’t have to say yes, the look on his face said it all. I grabbed his hand and her hand, led her into a nearby bedroom and locked the door.

“What’s he doing here?” she asked.

“He’s my lover and he stays.” I answered pulling her into a kiss. She didn’t speak again, and Brian got a show that would give him warm thoughts for the rest of his life.

I looked at my boyfriend now with my eyes open wide. “Oh, yes please.” I whispered.

Brian reached across me and wrapped his hand around Sal’s cock. Seeing his masculine hand holding this large beautiful cock, in its shiny pink condom I wished we’d packed a camera, not that the image would ever leave my memory.

Brian got up and walked toward the shower, he turned it on and looked back at Sal. This was where they’re friendship had started. I grabbed the chair that sat next to small desk and took a seat facing the shower. The lovely men left the door open as they squeezed in to together and began kissing. Brian had expressed very little interest in this kind of experimentation, though he had never been repulsed by the site of man on man affection or sex when it showed up in movies we watched or even at parties we’d attended. Brian stepped out of the shower and grabbed some lotion that I’d not seen him put in the bag. He turned the shower off, but stepped back in as he did so. He turned Sal around poured the lotion over his shoulders so it ran down his chest and stomach as well as down his back and ass. He then ran his hands over Sal until he was shimmering. Brian reaching around, grabbed Sal’s cock and after rolling the condom off of him he began stroking, his own cock sliding between Sal’s ass cheeks, not penetrating, just enjoying a bit of frottage. Brian pinched Sal’s nipples pushed his chest against the shower wall. To leave room for his own cock to be stroked Sal had to push his ass backwards toward Brian. It didn’t take long at all before Sal came hard against the wall.

I stepped forward then. Brian had made two people come, hard, and now it was his turn. I pulled him from the shower to my chair, where I sat back on my ass. I took the condom of off his cock and I sucked his cock the way only I can suck his cock after years of learning him. I was not teasing or subtle; I gave him what he liked straight off: licking and kissing, as much for his viewing pleasure as for the sensations. And when he began to thrust, I took him deep in my mouth, my tongue firm against his shaft. I stroked him with my lips while I pulled his balls forward with on hand and gripped the base of his cock with the other. He came, long and hard in my mouth. I could feel how intensely he was cumming and I moved my tongue slowly and firmly to keep him cumming without it being too much. He was so exhausted he sat right down on my lap and we both began giggling.

Sal was running the shower again, soaping himself up while watching us. We all took a turn going trough the shower, and when I stepped out I found room service had been called. A big plate of French fries, onion rings, cheese and crackers, bottled water and apple pie helped us satiate the appetites we’d earned. We didn’t speak much, mostly just looking at each other and giggling. We all fell asleep naked in the bed, with me in the middle, where I was quite content to be.

In the morning we had coffee and waffles and fresh fruit in the restaurant on the ground floor. It was only nine am and we had the room for another three hours. Would we have one last go around? Of course.

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