Anniversary Surprise


As we swung the door open I could see my friend was right about this place. Great music, lighting and lots of middle aged people. This was just what I was looking for to carry out my plan.

Our 20th Anniversary was going to be somewhat of a surprise evening for my husband. We walked in and found a small table open, where I slid my chair over next to his so we could watch the band play. Lots of women and some men were up dancing.

We had gone for a nice dinner earlier, checked into our hotel room upstairs and freshened up. I suggested we check out the bar downstairs and have a drink.

Preparing for the evening, I had left my auburn hair loose around my shoulders and applied my makeup carefully. I picked out a simply, but low cut and tight black dress with a new black lace bra and matching underwear. I topped this with thigh high pantyhose, heels and a spritz of sexy perfume. Turning in the mirror, I felt pretty hot. I was fairly fit and at 5’3″, quite I bit shorter than my husband’s 6’1″.

At forty three, he was a handsome man was also physically fit and still attracted lots of attention from the ladies. His dark brown hair was a sharp contrast to mine and his light grey eyes were mischievous. We enjoyed a very healthy sex life but had talked about being more adventurous . He’d often hinted about bringing another woman into our bed and I told him of course, if we can also bring a man in at some time. Nothing had gone further than joking and he had no idea I was planning something crazy for him.

My friend had told me this bar was always packed with middle age horny housewives on the prowl and that is just what I was looking for. As I looked around, I could see she wasn’t far off.

I grabbed my husband Matt’s Hand. “Come on Honey, let’s go dance.” He followed me to the dance floor where several other couples and women were dancing. Matt is a fabulous dancer and I caught several women checking out his firm butt and possibly even the big bulge in the front of his jeans.

We danced a few more songs and then sat for a few drinks. “I’m going to use the ladies room.” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek as I stood. “Behave while I’m gone, Matt.” He patted my ass as I walked by him.

After taking my time freshening up, I returned to find a blond woman with a very low cut top on leaning across the table talking to Matt while giving him a direct view down her top at her large breasts. She leaned on her arms pushing them up further and Matt’s eyes were glued to her chest. I couldn’t blame him as my breasts were barely a B cup. She laughed and grabbed his arm as I approached the table.

“Hello,” I said to the woman. “I’m Heather. I see you’ve met my husband, Matt.” I slid into the chair next to him.

“Oh hello. I’m sorry. I’m Jackie. I was trying to convince your husband to dance but he was waiting for you to come back. “

“It’s ok Matt. You can go dance. I’ll go get us some drinks at the bar since the waitress doesn’t seem to be coming around.”

“Yes, let’s go dance Matt,” said Jackie and without letting him reply she drug him up out of his chair to the dancefloor. He looked back at me and mouthed “I’m sorry.” I just grinned and walked to the bar.

Jackie looked a bit younger than us and had a killer body with endless legs and large breasts and an ass that begs to be smacked. Matt will surely enjoy a little attention from this hot woman. Standing at the bar I could see them laughing and dancing. I could see Jackie move against Matt and brush her breast casually against him like it was accidental. He looked embarrassed and glanced towards me. I quickly looked away as if I hadn’t been watching.

“Give me three rum and cokes and three shots of something suadiye escort yummy, your choice.” I said to the hot young bartender. He mixed me up something I didn’t recognize along with the rums and put them on a tray. I headed back to the table as the song was ending and Matt wandered back to our table with the younger Jackie following behind.

“I bought us some drinks if you care to join us,” I asked Jackie and slid a drink and the shot to both of them as they sat down. “First the shot.” I lifted my shot and clinked with both of theirs. “To an epic night,” I toasted as we all downed the smooth and creamy liquor. “Are you here with friends, Jackie?”

“Yes, but one of them got really sick and the other drove her home. I live not far from here so I decided to stay and dance for a while. Jackie again rested her breasts on her arms crossed on the table and leaned forward pushing them up. Matt couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

The waitress came by and we ordered several more rounds. As we drank and danced we started to get to know Jackie a bit and she was so much fun. Newly divorced, she was just looking for a fun night out. The three of us danced together, had more shots and took turns dancing solo with Matt. With each shot we took the dancing got closer with both us girls dancing close to Matt and teasing him by rubbing up against him. By the slight growth in the size of his bulge, it seemed he was enjoying the attention.

I grabbed Matt and pulled his face down giving him a passionate kiss. “I’m going to the ladies room. Have fun.” I said to him. Walking away, I didn’t look back to see if indeed he was having fun.

Several minutes later, Jackie swung into the ladies room with a little stumble and giggle. “Oh wow Heather. You guys are amazing and such an awesome couple. You are so lucky to have a great husband like Matt. Do you know how hot he is? Man I’d bang that for sure” she asked as she applied some light rose lipstick to her lips.

I chuckled, “Thanks. I do know how great he is. Do you know it’s our anniversary?”

“Oh my god!! I’m so sorry. I’m totally intruding on your special night together. Why didn’t you say earlier? It’s so rude of me. I’ll go and leave you too alone.” apologized Jackie.

“No, no please don’t. We are enjoying it. In fact I am enjoying it so much and was wondering if perhaps you’d like to help me out? I’d like to give Matt a special surprise and I think it would be perfect if you could help. The thing is, I don’t want him to know I planned it.”

We talk for several minutes and I tell her my wish. After reassuring her several times that this is what I want for him we set out to carry through with my plan. We all returned to the dance floor and teased Matt with our sultry dancing against him with subtle bumps and rubs and grabs that were just enough to get his attention.

Looking around I realized we were almost the last ones in the bar. “Hey, why don’t we ditch this place and go up to our room for a last drink before the night ends?” I suggest.

Playing along, Jackie replies, “Oh no, I better be going home. I’ll go call a cab.”

Matt pipes in, “Oh it’s just one drink Jackie. The night is young and we are having fun.”

Jackie pretends to waiver before agreeing to just one more drink in our room. The three of us pile in the elevator to our room. I snuggle up to Matt and put my hands behind his neck pulling him down to me. I kiss him deeply and passionately and as the kiss deepens I feel a tug deep inside and a little thrill about what is next. Matt pulls away, “Sorry Jackie, that was rude.” Matt apologized.

“No problem,” says Jackie. “It was actually kind of hot.”

The elevator opens and yakacık escort we make it to our room.

Inside the room, I excuse myself to freshen up. I give Matt’s bulge a little squeeze as I pass by him to the bathroom. “Poor us some drinks, honey”. In the bathroom, I steady myself and take a couple deep breaths. This is it, now or never. Undressing to my bra and panties, I spray some perfume on, give a quick brush of my teeth and fluff my hair around my shoulders. Satisfied with my image in the mirror, I gather my courage and step out into the room.

Matt and Jackie are standing close together talking as I emerge. They both turn and look at me at the same time. Jackie smiles at me and Matt’s eyes go huge! “Um , Heather? What are you up to?” asked Matt.

I smiled as I crossed the room to him. “Happy Anniversary Baby! Don’t worry about it. Jackie and I have discussed it and this is what we want for you tonight. Both of us!” Matt’s mouth drops open and when he turns to look at Jackie, he finds that she has removed her clothes down to her bra and panties as well. Matt is speechless but Jackie and I both smile and nod at him.

Jackie is about the same height as me with a slim waist and narrow hips but large DD breasts. Her blonde hair was stark against her tanned skin and I could tell that Matt appreciated what he was seeing.

I took him by the hand and pushed him so he was seated on the edge of the bed. Kneeling before him I undid his zipper and pulled his 8″ hard cock out of his pants. I nudged him until he got the hint to lift his hips so I could pull his pants and shorts off. I pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to Jackie. “Want to come help me with this monster, Jackie?” I asked.

“Oh my, do I ever!” Jackie moved in beside me and as I held his cock firm in my hand she lowered her mouth to it and licked the tip.

Matt twitched hard and sucked in his breath. Jackie and I looked at each other knowingly and both went to work on his hard swollen cock. I teased and licked around his balls as she licked up and down his shaft and around the head before taking him completely in her mouth.

Matt jerked up and grabbed Jackie’s head pulling her closer and pushed me down closer to his balls. We continued our assault on him, switching places and both working our mouths around his swollen cock at the same time. He stretched and grew, swelling so hard and pushing against us for more. We took turns on his cock and balls and Matt was moaning and writhing against us. We quickened our pace as he came closer to cumming and soon he was spasming and spraying his load.

Jackie quickly took him deep in her throat and he pumped his entire load into her throat and mouth as she swallowed every drop.

Sated Matt fell back on the bed, where Jackie and I joined him. One on each side cuddled up against him. I took his head, turning it to me and kissed him deeply. Jackie then did the same. I could see it intensifying with tongues searching deep and soon his hands were wandering to her chest and rubbing her nipples through her bra. I reached across and undid her bra and pulled it off allowing free access for Matts roaming hands.

They continued their hot kissing while his hands explored her large nipples. Jackie threw a leg over his and moved half on top of Matt pushing her panty covered pussy against his hip. She rotated her hips grinding herself against him. As I watched, I slowly stroked Matt’s soft cock. It slowly started to stiffen again and I knew he’d be ready for what’s next soon. I moved closer rubbing against his side and kissed his neck. Matt moaned and moved his hand down Jackie’s stomach and around her to her ass. Pulling on it, he pulled her closer şerifali escort and rolled to his side so she was up against his chest with her leg over his hip.

He moved slowly down her body nibbling and kissing all the way and she rolled onto her back with her knees up. He kissed lower while his hand moved to rub between her legs. Jackie arched her back as his fingers ran the length of her wet slit. Matt found her clit and rubbed it until it became swollen. Jackie moaned in pleasure, her hips rising off the bed.

Matt moved lower and in between Jackie’s legs and pushed them up over his shoulders. He licked her pussy from the top to the bottom and then circled her clit with his tongue. He began a slow assault on her clit while he inserted two fingers in her pussy and pushed them in and out.

I was so turned on watching him please this strange woman. I rubbed my wet pussy and moved close next to him to get a closer look. Her pussy was so swollen and wet and her moans were getting louder as he pushed in and out with his fingers and tantalized her clit with his mouth.

I got close and he looked over at me and moved a little to the side so I could come closer. Matt took his mouth off her and I replaced it with my fingers. She was so wet and hot and I could feel her body twitch as I teased and pinched her clit.

Moving closer, I decided I needed to smell her. I got up really close and could smell her arousal. She was so close, I stuck my tongue out and touched her clit with it. Jackie’s body responded and I got more excited. Matt also moved back in close and together with our tongues we explored Jackie’s pussy and each other’s tongues.

Matt and I worked together in a tangle of tongues and fingers and soon Jackie’s hips were rising off the bed and she was moaning uncontrollably. She came hard and I could see her pussy spasming on Matt’s fingers as she cried out in ecstasy.

As Jackie came down from her orgasm, Matt and I kissed hard and we could both taste Jackie on each other. I reached down and stroked his cock and rubbed the precum around his engorged head. “Fuck her hard, Matt.” I whispered.

Matt grinned. I moved away from them and he grabbed Jackie’s left leg and swung it over her right one so she was lying on her side. Matt slid down behind her and slid his cock between her legs. I moved in and grabbed his cock and slid it all over Jackie’s pussy, smearing it with their juices. Matt pushed a little and I guided my husband’s cock into Jackie’s hot pussy.

Matt moaned as he slid inside her hot, wet pussy. He slowly worked himself in and out of her. Watching, I couldn’t believe this was actually happening and that I was so turned on watching my husband fuck another woman.

Again I moved in close to their joined bodies and rubbed his balls as they slammed into Jackie’s ass. They were both moving wildly and breathing heavy. Again I moved to Jackie’s pussy and closed my mouth over her clit as my husband rocked her insides with his hard cock.

I sucked and licked Jackie and she grabbed my head pulling me closer to her. For several minutes we were all licking, sucking and fucking until I could feel their pace quicken.

I moved aside and Matt flipped Jackie onto her stomach and slowly pushed his cock back into her wet pussy. His pace intensified and Jackie pushed her hips back to meet every thrust. Both Jackie and Matt were on the verge and he was slamming into her with his balls slapping her ass.

They were both screaming and convulsing in pleasure as he shot his load of cum deep in her and her pussy tightened around him as she came on his cock. Matt collapsed back on the bed and I went around to the other side of the bed and lay with him cuddling and kissing him.

“Matt, that was incredible to watch,” I whispered. “Thank you Jackie for making this happen for our Anniversary.”

Jackie turned on her side and looked at us both. “You two are awesome. I hope you have many more years together.”

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