Anna Ch. 02


Anna woke early the following morning, her mind racing as she thought back to the events in the cinema the night before.

She could easily recall the feeling of the hard floor against her back, and her hands still ached from the vice-grip she had on the plastic chair legs surrounding her. She could vividly picture the expressions of the voyeurs standing alongside her lovely body as they masturbated, their eyes locked on her heaving breasts or the man’s penis as it plunged into her vagina again and again.

She reached beneath the sheets, allowing her fingers to move gently through her public hair and along her pussy lips, which still tingled hours after the frenzied intercourse had ceased. There was no discomfort now – instead only an aching longing to be filled again. Inserting a finger, she dreamily allowed her other hand to work her clitoris in a slow, steady rhythm, teasing herself before eventually reaching an explosive orgasm.

After showering and dressing, Anna made her way downstairs for a leisurely breakfast before returning to her room for the second day of her adventure. As the trip had approached, it was this day that Anna had begun to look toward with trepidation, and as the door clicked shut behind her she wondered whether she was making a mistake.

Several weeks beforehand, Anna had researched massage parlors in the city with a view to fulfilling perhaps her biggest fantasy of all – having sex with complete strangers, and catering to their every whim, while demanding money from them in return. It was her ultimate dirty little secret, and was the number one reason for both her trip and her choice of Montreal as a destination.

Anna had ultimately decided upon an establishment called Le Papillon, which had received some good online reviews from clients and which, most importantly, was near her hotel. Contacting them, she requested information on employment and included a couple of photos with the email she sent. The photos, taken last summer at a beach barbeque, showed off her bikini-clad body impressively. The response from the owner was predictably swift and eager – employment would be easily arranged, subject to her completing an application form and sitting for an interview.

Anna lied on the form, stating that she was moving to the city. She knew they would not employ her if they realized that she was just a weekend visitor, but she had been desperate to land this job, and so submitted the work of deception with a heavy conscience but a pounding heart.

Now, today, she was scheduled to meet her new boss for the interview. Virginie, probably a false name, would be waiting for her at a café on St Catherine Street at 11AM, and warned Anna not to be late. Virginie sounded like a no-nonsense woman, and her forceful tone when they spoke on the phone last week had made Anna a bit apprehensive. Nevertheless, Anna donned a pair of jeans and sweat top before leaving the hotel and making her way to the café for the appointed time.

Upon arrival, Anna was relieved to find the place almost deserted save two couples at tables against the far wall, and a lone woman parked at a booth near the entrance, bathed in cigarette smoke. Virginie was in her mid-50s with a graying bob and thick glasses. After introducing themselves, Anna sat and ordered a coffee.

“You’re much taller than your photos made you look” said Virginie with a heavy accent. “This is a good thing!” she quickly added, as Anna’s expression changed to one of dismay.

“Oh!” said Anna warily. “I gave you my stats on the form, right?”

“Absolutely, yes” replied Virginie dismissively. “But stats can sometimes be exaggerated – although in your case”, she said, eyeing Anna up and down, “that clearly wasn’t necessary.”

Anna gradually relaxed as the conversation wore on. Virginie clearly liked what she saw sitting across the table, and after addressing a few further issues, delivered the question that Anna had been waiting for.

“So, Anna – when can you start with us?”

Anna’s heart leapt as she realized she had the job. As calmly as she could, she suggested that she was available immediately, and could start that very evening. Virginie glanced at her with an air of surprise, before giving a delighted smile and shaking her hand. Anna was given directions to the parlor and was told to show up at 7PM sharp with the sexiest lingerie she had. Virginie would not be there but the manager, Henri, would get her settled in.

Anna spent the afternoon shopping to keep her mind off what was coming. As the reality of what she was going to do began hitting home, her stomach started doing cartwheels and she began doubting herself. But as with the cinema the night before, she knew she would have to go through with it, or she would spend the rest of her days wondering what would have happened.

5PM arrived all too quickly, and Anna rushed back to the hotel to get ready. After showering for a second time, she rummaged through her case for a matching black lace bra and panty set. This was her favorite, and although it wasn’t sheer, a quick study could just make fatih escort out her nipples and pubic hair beneath the fabric. This served only to accentuate her sexual appeal, with the skimpy panties riding high on her hips, and the bra, while offering decent coverage, pushing her breasts together to create the enhanced cleavage that drew attention to her already impressive chest. Donning a pair of black trousers and a cream blouse, she then left the hotel and began the three block journey to Le Papillion.

As Virginie had promised, it was not difficult to find. Once she had located the street, a nervous walk down the left side brought her to Flanagan’s Irish Pub, which was the landmark she had been told to seek. Edging past the doors, her stomach danced as her eyes fell across the building next door. A small flight of steps led to a pair of tall outer doors, with flaking paint and large window inserts. Immediately beyond them were another five or six stairs leading to a second door, which appeared to open into a lobby. To the left of the first set of stairs was a large square window, with closed curtains. In that window sat a large circular neon sign, with “Le Papillon” and a butterfly image lit up in red. Anna swallowed hard. It was 6:50PM.

It seemed an age before she summoned up the courage to push through the first set of doors. They squealed on their hinges, and her footsteps echoed loudly on the wooden floor inside. Up the stairs she went and through the second door into a cavernous room. Immediately in front of her stretched a long corridor, with doors either side. Just to the left of the corridor entrance was a display cabinet filled with condoms, lube and sex toys – presumably for sale to willing patrons. Behind the cabinet stood a man she presumed to be Henri. Anna immediately decided that he was the seediest man she had ever laid eyes on, with his unkempt beard and long graying hair tied back in a greasy ponytail.

Opening up in front of Henri, further to her left, was a large room equipped with two sofas and three large chairs. Anna gasped, for all available seats were taken by women wearing skimpy lingerie, some of which made her choice of attire look conservative by comparison. Quickly realizing that this was to be her fate, she made her way tentatively to Henri and introduced herself.

Henri smiled wickedly at her, before moving quickly around the cabinet and muttering “follow me” as he marched down the corridor. Anna followed, until they reached a door with ‘3’ painted across it. Henri opened the door and strode inside.

“This will be your room tonight” he said. “If it is occupied at any time, take number 5 across the hall.”

Henri turned, and stared her up and down impatiently. “Well, what are you waiting for?” he demanded.

Anna began to blush. “I don’t know what you mean”, she said quietly. “What are you asking me to do?”

Henri gave her a quizzical look. “Clothes off”, he said with a sigh. “I put them in a locker for you until your shift is over.”

Anna took a deep breath, and stripped down to her underwear, before handing her clothes over to Henri, who snatched them away before stepping back. He again eyed her, this time allowing his eyes to settle on her bra and panties. He stared at each garment, before again meeting her gaze.

“Mon Dieu, all of it”, he said despairingly. “I need to get a look at you before you start – we can’t have disappointed clients, now, can we?”

Anna didn’t bother arguing. Without making eye contact, she unhooked her bra and pulled it from around her shoulders, allowing her splendid breasts to fall naturally into position. As Henri’s eyes widened, she eased her panties down around her ankles before pulling them over her heels and off. Holding both garments in one hand, she shook her long hair back over her shoulders and stood before him, staring at the floor as her cheeks suddenly became hot.

“Oh yes”, muttered Henri as he gazed at her. He stood for what seemed like an eternity, before beginning a slow, deliberate walk past and behind her. She flinched as she felt his breath on her neck, and jumped as his hands grabbed her ass and squeezed hard. His left hand then reached around her and grabbed a handful of breast, while at the same time he forced his knee between her legs, spreading them. Sliding his other hand along the inside of her thigh and up to her trimmed pubic hair, his fingers fumbled with her clit while he pushed his thumb into her vagina. Anna, her eyes wide, played along and sighed with feigned satisfaction despite the discomfort.

“That’s a girl”, he hissed. “You’ll do just fine. Your shift ends at two, and we’ll tally up your earnings then.” Anna cleared her throat and nodded in agreement. Henri, still behind her, chuckled as he fingered her roughly for a few more moments, before yanking his thumb out and walking past her back out into the hall. She stood, feeling a little dizzy, before replacing her bra and panties and following along behind.

Anna couldn’t help but notice the stares from the other girls as she çapa escort joined them in the lounge. A couple of younger girls smiled and made room on the longer couch facing the main entrance, but generally the stares were less friendly, as they sized up this new beauty in their midst. Anna counted nine girls in all, of varying descriptions. All were clearly looking at her as unexpected competition, which Anna had anticipated would happen. What she hadn’t realized was that she would be sat in such close proximity to them all evening.

There were some genuinely attractive girls – one, seated next to her on the left, was a girl of Spanish descent with long, thick black hair down to her waist and brilliant green eyes. She had an athletic build with B-cup breasts, a taut stomach and a sun-bed tan. On the couch immediately across from her sat a stunning blonde, with short hair, bright blue eyes and a curvy frame. The blonde was mid-20s and looked considerably less friendly than the Spanish girl. Anna smiled at her and looked away.

After a good half hour had passed, the unmistakable sound of the outer door opening echoed through into the lounge. The girls all jumped to their feet and formed a line-up, their hands at their sides. Anna joined one end of the line and followed their lead, just as the inner door swung open and a tall black man entered the room. Ignoring the girls, he made his way to Henri, and engaged in some whispered conversation before the man turned to review the talent on display. His eyes fell across Anna a couple of times, before he turned back to Henri and handed over some cash to settle the parlor’s commission, whispering again and gesturing towards the line.

“Jasmine”, Henri bellowed. A tall pale girl with red hair cascading past her shoulders stepped from the line and over to the counter. The other girls immediately returned to their seats, and Anna again followed suit. Jasmine, whose green lingerie complimented her pale complexion, received some hurried instructions from Henri before leading the black man down the corridor and out of sight. When she didn’t return, a small Asian girl sitting to Anna’s right giggled. Anna glanced at her as the other girls began to smile knowingly at one another.

The Asian girl looked at Anna and grinned. “He always come in here, and always choose her – never another girl”, she said in heavily broken English. “Always he want just a blowjob and always he ask for it without condom. Poor Jasmine always say no, and then he don’t tip her.”

The girls giggled amongst themselves, drawing an angry look from Henri. They soon hushed as the sound of the door again brought them to their feet.

This time, three boys stumbled in. Although it was now only 7:30PM, they had clearly been drinking the afternoon away, and were looking for a happy end to their day. They stopped and looked with awkwardness at the assembled women before moving over to Henri. Again, whispered conversation took place before the boys stepped back and viewed the girls, talking quietly amongst themselves. After some intense conversation, they went back to Henri and told him what they had decided, handing over wads of small crinkled bills.

“Jade, Anna, Scarlet” Henri shouted. Anna’s heart leapt as she stepped forward, together with the Spanish girl and a plump brunette with enormous breasts and a hatchet face. They made their way to Henri as the boys backed up, and he addressed the Spaniard first. Anna saw Jade nod before making her way to the first boy, who then followed her down the hall.

Anna then stepped up to the counter. “Yours is the geek in the black jeans”, Henri whispered. “Full service – $70, 20 minutes tops, one cum only. Get him comfortable, then come back for what you need.” They locked eyes, and Henri glanced down at the cabinet before looking back at her and smirking.

Anna turned, her pulse racing, and moved toward her first client. He looked at her and smiled nervously, and she smiled back, motioning for him to follow her. Down the corridor they went to room 3, where she closed the door and turned to him. “You want full service, right?” she asked. He nodded, turning very red, and she smiled reassuringly. He was no more than seventeen or so, and had a mop of brown hair and thick glasses. His battle against teenage acne was a losing one, and his build was slight.

“$70 please”, Anna said, matter-of-factly. Once he had delivered the money, she tucked it into the elastic of her panties and thanked him. “Make yourself comfortable”, she said. “I’ll be right back.” Anna smiled as she left – she was almost sure she was dealing with a virgin, or at the very least a hugely inexperienced young man. She was very grateful, as this was the kind of client to ease her in gently.

Moments later, Anna returned to the room to discover the boy still dressed. “Better get those clothes off”, she said, suppressing a tremble in her voice. He looked hesitant, and Anna decided to take the lead, unhooking her bra and allowing it to fall to the floor. The boy stared as her breasts fell free in all sarıyer escort their glory. Her panties were next, and her high heels quickly followed. As she undid the first strap, she looked over at him and again encouraged him to undress. This time he complied, hurriedly stripping off and moving to the bed.

He already had a full erection, and Anna quickly joined him on the bed, running her hands across his body before taking his penis in her hand and massaging it slowly. He looked at her with uncertainty before turning to watch her breasts gently sway as she worked him up and down. Almost immediately he began to moan, before his body stiffened and stifling a cry as he came in a flood across his stomach and chest. Anna was shocked, having only taken hold of his penis a few seconds beforehand.

“Wow”, she said. “That was… well, fast!”

The boy held his head in his hands and stammered a mortified apology. Anna continued to lie beside him for a few minutes, running her fingers through his hair and smiling. She knew that one ‘pop’ was the rule, but nonetheless felt badly for the boy. Still, she didn’t want to land herself in trouble with Henri, so after a short time she rose and put her lingerie back on while motioning for the boy to get dressed. Only too happy to oblige, he quickly gathered himself and followed her out.

Henri greeted them with a sneer as they returned to the lounge. The boy hurriedly left without waiting for his friends while Anna returned to the couch, ignoring Henri’s smirk. Jade and Scarlet were nowhere to be seen, and she assumed that they were still having a good time further down the hall. Anna was disappointed – her first client had not served to fulfill her fantasies at all, and she wondered whether this night would deliver as she’d hoped.

Jade and Scarlet soon returned to complete the compliment of girls on duty. Anna gazed around the room, taking in each of her newfound comrades in turn. Her eyes met the curvy blonde’s for a second time, and the look she received – while not as cold as before – was still distant. Anna again looked away, her foot tapping the floor as she waited for the next customer to arrive.

It took almost an hour for the outer door to creak open again, and the girls stood to attention as two men, both in their 40s, walked purposefully in. Henri greeted them warmly as a few of the girls shifted nervously in place.

“Alan! Denis! Welcome back!” Henri hollered as they approached. The men embraced Henri in turn before having a casual chat with him in French as they turned to check out the talent on display. Anna stole a quick glance down the line and saw that many of the girls were looking down or away, and wondered whether these men were known as a problem.

Alan and Denis, meanwhile, had both spotted Anna and were whispering excitedly to Henri, who motioned enthusiastically with his hands in obvious reference to her breasts. Their stares then focused on a couple of other girls further along, before they turned and continued chatting with Henri. At first Henri seemed to be resisting the suggestions they put to him, but soon relented when a thick bunch of bills were waved under his nose.

“Anna! Julie!” Henri stated firmly, looking towards the girls. Anna stepped forward together with the curvy blonde that had been staring coldly at her throughout the evening. The other girls immediately scrambled back to the couch. Alan and Denis watched them with amusement, before moving away from the counter as their chosen duo approached.

“These are special clients”, whispered Henri in a measured tone. “You are both in room 1, and you give them what they want – understand?”

Anna opened her mouth to speak but Julie cut her off, nodding and asked the time and price.

“They each pay $150 per hour, no restrictions!” Henri said firmly. “You’re in there as long as they want you.”

Anna’s heart skipped a beat. Julie hesitated at the counter for just a split second, clearly as surprised as Anna was, but then regained her composure and turned to the waiting men. Gesturing politely, she invited them to follow her down the hall, which Alan happily did. Denis, with a sweep of his arm and a wry smile, invited Anna to join them. Her legs feeling like lead, Anna moved forward and down the hall to room 1, jumping as Alan slapped her hard on the ass.

Once inside, Alan and Denis told the girls to undress while they stood a few feet from the foot of the bed. Anna and Julie looked at each other before obliging, and their lingerie soon fell to the floor in a heap. Anna’s mind was a blur – she had never been involved in anything sexual with a woman, and it was definitely not on her ‘must-do’ list for the trip.

Eyeing Julie’s now-nude body, she realized that the blonde was a hot number. Julie had even more of a curvy, hourglass figure than Anna, but neither girl had an ounce of excess fat anywhere. Julie was about two inches shorter and probably weighed about five pounds less, and her breasts were a more modest B-C cup as opposed to her counterpart’s lovely Cs. Julie’s pussy had been waxed smooth unlike Anna’s, which sported a bikini-line shave with a closely trimmed area of hair just above her clit. Julie’s blonde hair fell to just above her shoulders, and she had no visible piercings or tattoos. Like Anna, her skin was sun-kissed but not tanned, and her complexion was flawless.

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