Aphrodite’s Curse Ch. 074


It took all day for Demetrius to find an appropriate spot to anchor his ship. Knowing his journey from the shore of Syria to Babylon would take weeks to complete, if not months, the spot needed to be hidden and it needed to stay hidden for a while. Seeing a tiny abandoned rocky island jutting out of the sea, it was uninhabitable yet perfect for his purposes. Demetrius steered his ship into the small make-shift harbor and cast the large bronze anchor into the rocky shoal preparing his boat for a long wait for his return. Although the spot was well hidden, it did mean that he would have to swim two miles to the shore and he did not relish this icy dip in the chilly late October morning. The tides were surprisingly strong and after much struggling he did not finally land on the beach until well after dark, collapsing in exhaustion on the cold sands as he exited the rough surf.

Demetrius had consulted the scroll of all knowledge for any scraps of information on how to make his trek from Syria to Babylon, and always came up with the same disappointing answer. It was going to be a long walk for him across scorching deserts and desolate landscapes for weeks, and there was no way to avoid it. Knowing it best to travel at night and out of the scorching Mesopotamian midday sun, despite his exhaustion from his swim, he immediately headed east. Mere hours after beginning his overland journey he was already alone in the seemingly endless wasteland of the western Syrian desert and gasped at the beauty of the landscape.

For as far as he could see, rolling dunes of sand stretched out to the horizon and in the icy light of the full moon each enormous hill resembled a mound of shimmering silver coins reflecting in the pale blue light. Walking all night, when the first rosy pink fingers of dawn began breaking into the eastern sky, Demetrius knew he had to act fast. Despite being immortal, he did not want his flesh roasted under the unmerciful and unforgiving rays of a desert noon. Looking down at his body he knew that in his perpetual naked state a sunburn would be hard to avoid and certain sensitive and dangly parts would not appreciate being so baked. In a treeless landscape such as this there was no shade anywhere so Demetrius dug a small hole and climbed in. Covering his body up to his neck in the cool sand he left only the top of his head exposed to the scorching, brutal sun of the hellishly hot desert day. Here he would sleep on his quest traveling only at night.

On the third night in the desert, Demetrius was delighted when in the far distance he saw the tiny glow of a campfire, obviously miles off. Having not seen another soul in his travels, he knew that where there were people there was probably water. Pondering who owned that fire he assumed it must be a very experienced caravan driver as no one else would dare venture this far out into such an unforgiving and desolate landscape. Desert drivers also were known to map out every Oasis that dotted the no-man’s lands between the Syrian coast and the banks of the Euphrates, so the fire probably marked the spot for water as well. Despite not NEEDING water to survive, due to his immortal status, he desperately desired it as his throat was almost completely closed shut from constantly swallowing mouthfuls of the relentless blowing sands. Parched in the extreme, he closed his eyes and imagined the cool waters running down his throat and quenching his raging thirst. If he was lucky, and the Oasis was large enough, possibly he could even bathe his dusty body in their cool waters. Filled with such delightful visions, Demetrius now sped across the silvery sands, running as fast as his legs would carry him towards the glowing dot on the horizon.

Crawling up a large dune near the Palm choked refuge, he grinned wildly at the sight that opened up before him. Illuminated by a small campfire and the light of the full moon the heavenly sound of a small spring continuously filling a pool with fresh gurgling water tickled his senses. Surrounding the pool, tall date trees swayed in the gentle evening breeze, their delicious fruit hanging heavily from their trunks while the large green leaves of their Palms spread a green leafy canopy over the whole area. Large flowering bushes created an explosion of color and scent and were surprisingly thick for such a small patch of irrigation. Listening intensely, Demetrius heard the unmistakable sounds of camel growls from behind the trees so he instantly crouched down to hide. In his naked state he did not want to be discovered by anyone and as the sounds of the pack animals broadcast, people were obviously still present.

His nudity was always a problem and Demetrius cursed it now wordlessly on his lips. Unable to interact with people normally, his permanent naked state always kept him on the fringes of society and now was when it was the most costly. If he had been able to be clothed he would have eagerly hired a caravan to take him across the desert and avoid this hellish march, but alas, the curse was as sariyer escort strong now as it was over a hundred years ago. Deciding to stay and watch in the shadows until the caravan moved on, he would wait to be alone before enjoying its delights. Pressing his body flat on the top of the dune, only his eyes and the top of his head were slightly visible over the crest of the sand hill.

Suddenly, the owner of the campfire came out of the bushes, and Demetrius smiled even wider at the sight. Expecting to see a rough nomad camel driver or some dirty shepherds, he was delighted when the beautiful Arwia stepped into the clearing. Peering intensely through the darkness, he was gobsmacked by her exotic and sensual beauty and were he not in the middle of the desert, he would have assumed she was performing just for his erotic delight.

Tall and dark, her hip-scarf hung loosely over her full womanly ass, the light from the fire reflecting off of the hundreds of tiny gold paylettes bejeweling the bright red silk that barely covered her delicious pussy. Eyes closed she seductively danced alone in the firelight. A headpiece of matching gold ringlets hung over her forehead and her ankles and wrists were dripping in jewels. Despite her impressive adornment in gemstones and gold otherwise she was still mostly naked. The only other clothing she wore was a tiny gem encrusted bra which barely covered her nipples as it struggled to contain her massive breasts overflowing the straining fabric. This was no normal caravan obviously and as Demetrius felt his now aching and erect cock burrow deeply in the sand, the sound of her clinging zills rang out in the still night. Hypnotized by her dance, he ached to touch and worship her womanly flesh. Watching intensely, he was hypnotized by the large ruby that undulated in her navel as she seductively shimmied in time to her musical zills. The ruby was a clear indication that the woman possessing it was a concubine, and a very high priced one at that.

For an hour Demetrius watched her sensual performance, wishing it would never end. When she did finally stop he was at first sad assuming that she would now leave but as she unhooked her bra and dropped it to the sand his erotic hopes soared. Arwia giggled as she felt the waters of the Oasis with her toe. Ready for her midnight swim, she quickly removed the rest of her jewelry and her hip-scarf while the hole Demetrius was digging with his cock got even deeper as he grew harder.

As Arwia sank into the cool water a loud audible sigh erupted from her lips as she submerged. Blocked from Demetrius’s view by a unfortunately placed flowering bush, he now frustratingly could only see the top of her head. Horniness overcoming common sense, he slowly crept down the dune and squatted behind the bush to see her better. Watching her completely naked body luxuriate in the water, he salivated as he drank her luscious form into his eyes, drooling as he reveled in glimpsing her large kissable breasts floating free in the dark water. Reaching down instinctually to stroke his tormented cock, Demetrius struggled to get a better look when suddenly he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head and blacked out.

Hours later, he awoke and instantly knew he was in serious trouble. Hogtied and blindfolded, he was completely helpless. Listening intensely, he heard three female voices all giggling, and from the splashing sounds it was obvious that they ALL were in the water together, and all most likely naked he assumed. At that moment, despite the danger, Demetrius would have faced Medusa herself for the prize of taking the blindfold off. Knowing that mere inches from his blindfolded eyes three naked beauties were bathing in the Oasis was pure aching torment.

Arwia had been joined in the pool by her two sisters, Iltani and Kulla, and these were no simple helpless females out for a nocturnal skinny dip. Arwia was the oldest at 23 and was very protective of her two equally beautiful younger sisters, possessing a steely iron will encased inside a soft curvy and beautiful package. Orphaned and raped at an early age by a band of three teenaged desert marauders, the sisters were forced to grow up very fast. Hearing that these young men had fled to Babylon after their crime to join the army of King Dion, the girls learned early in life that the world was unjust. They complained to the local governor for justice but were told that their service to the King put them outside the normal bounds of justice from a lowly province like Syria.

Arwia as the oldest became the defacto mother to the other two. Being three young orphaned teenage girls in a patriarchal society like Syria they quickly discovered that they had few options open for them to survive. Early in their lives each girl had to make some very adult choices. Rather than become slaves to some smelly camel driver or unwilling wives to an ignorant shepherd boy, Arwia had them all became concubines. This option seemed to be the only way for all of them to both eskort survive while also staying together as a family.

Beautiful in the extreme, they not only survived but prospered quite well. The toughness and resolve of Arwia kept them free from ever needing any man to pimp for them so the money they earned they kept. As handy with a knife as she was with the zills, no client every crossed her twice, and this reputation as well as their considerable erotic skills and beauty gave them the pick of any client they would like.

Life had been good for the three women until Princess Carya had been cursed by the nectar of the Gods. As King Dion had summoned all virile young men, first voluntarily and then forcefully, to Babylon to service and hopefully release his daughter, the supply of acceptable clients dried up. With these changed circumstances the three young women found themselves having to service men that were not in any way their erotic ideal. Not relishing giving blowjobs to toothless sheiks and withered old men for the rest of their lives, when King Dion summoned all concubines in the land to come to Babylon in order to increase the sex sacrifices to Ishtar, and then doubled the commission rate to increase the potential new acolytes, Arwia jumped at the chance. Packing her two sisters up they had headed out across the desert for Babylon. The whole journey had been completely dull and uneventful until Kulla had spotted the handsome naked form of Demetrius spying on Arwia in the pool quickly breaking a large log over his head, instantly knocking him out.

Thinking their handsome prisoner was still asleep, Arwia lustfully looked over his bound naked body. Turning to her sisters in the water, she spoke.

“I wonder how much money he will fetch in Babylon?”

Kulla laughed and answered back. “Well, given that tremendous meat stick hanging between his legs, and that delicious ass, I would bet a fortune.”

As the years had passed without any relief in sight for Carya, the prices for firm young handsome male slaves had skyrocketed and the supply of new servants recently were getting quite degraded in quality. All three women looking at their prize were both seized by lust and greed as his “price” was discussed.

“I think we should hold out for at least 10,000 shekels, as he is no doubt the most handsome man I have seen in a LONG time, perhaps EVER!” Arwia laughed. Reaching out from the pool, she placed her hand on the ground next to his cock tucked painfully under his stomach and stretched out backward between his bound legs. “Perhaps we should charge by the INCH! He is truly magnificent, but you know, I bet there must be something wrong with him. I mean how on earth has such a fine specimen of man-meat gone uncaptured for so long? He must have some major defect we can’t see.”

Iltani giggled. “Arwia, you are such a cynic! Perhaps we are just lucky, did you ever think of that? Perhaps the great Goddess Ishtar has smiled on us and granted us this gift. Lord knows we have been her faithful servants long enough, so let’s not assume the worst.”

Purring, Kulla placed her elbows on the side of the pool and smiled as she looked over Demetrius’s ass. “Well sisters, before we get to Babylon, I think we should give our prize our own test ride, don’t you think? Then we would know if he was defective in some way or not. I mean, we certainly wouldn’t want our slave here to shame us by not lasting one second in the pussy of Princess Carya. He needs to make a good attempt, otherwise we won’t get paid. Perhaps, if this truly IS a gift from Isthar, he might even break that bitch Carya’s curse and we will then be set for life!”

Demetrius tried desperately to lay completely still and pretend to be asleep, but his cock as usual was not cooperating. Growing increasing hard as they discussed his naked body, his wrists and ankles aching as they were tied behind his back, he felt his dick furrowing in the soft dirt as it tried to plow into the earth. Seeing this, Arwia took notice.

“Well well now! I think our little prisoner is up!” she grinned, and with her right hand she took her index finger and slowly ran it up and down his shaft, struggling as it throbbed helplessly as it was trapped between his body and the ground. Seeing his balls throbbing helplessly between his legs, she now addressed Demetrius.

“Ok Boy, game is over. We know you are awake so you can stop play acting.” Now running her fingers in loops over his full and dangling balls she smiled. “Its a good thing you are a looker boy, as if you were not, your head would be off your body and on the ground and these balls would be my new coin purse. I bet you thought coming across some poor young naked girl in the wilderness was going to be a time for you to get your jollies didn’t you? Well, I guess you can see now, you did not know who you were fucking with!”

Gasping, Demetrius began to moan softly as she played with his helpless manhood. The sights and sounds of his discomfort and beyoglu escort increasing arousal obviously delighting Arwia’s two sisters.

“You know where we are going to take you boy? You are going to Babylon and hopefully these balls here are going to make my sisters and I some serious money. I just hope you don’t shame us by dying too quickly.”

Kulla looked horrified and quickly placed her hand over her mouth indicating that she wanted Arwia to be quiet. Whispering to her sister she said “You think we should be saying this in front of him? I mean, we don’t want to terrify the young man even though it is likely he will be killed.”

Arwia whispered back. “You are still young Kulla, and you don’t know men as well as I do. Every man on earth seems to think he is a God in the sack, even though you and I both know how inaccurate THAT theory is. I bet he is so delusional he thinks he will be able to fuck the demons right out of Carya.”

Demetrius, overhearing this conversation grinned. Praying a quick prayer to Aphrodite he could not believe his luck. Now instead of having to struggle across the desert to reach Babylon, he was going to be escorted straight to his destination, and as an added bonus, his escorts were gorgeous. When he heard them now discussing taking him for a test ride, he prayed thanks again as his luck seemed only to be increasing.

Now that the sisters all agreed that each should test out Demetrius’s sexual stamina themselves, all silently agreed that this was one task they were going to thoroughly enjoy. Arwia put it best when she finally told Demetrius of their plans for him.

“Ok Slaveboy, you are going to get a big treat from me and my sisters. Normally men have to pay BIG money to have just one of us, but for all three, it would cost a fortune! Obviously you don’t have a pot to piss in, being completely naked and helpless out here in the desert, but we are feeling very generous today.”

Demetrius smiled, his cock throbbing even harder as he felt his ankles cut loose. To his disappointment however, his wrists remained tied behind his back and his blindfold remained firmly in place on his face. Blindly addressing the women, he begged, being sure to lay on the charm thick. “Please Goddesses, please let me see you. You all are so beautiful, nothing would please me more than to view the gifts you are going to give such an unworthy man as me!” The bemused chuckles from the three women informed Demetrius that they were impervious to his charm offensive.

Flipping him over on his back, little Demetrius sprang to life, relieved to be free from his entrapment under his torso. Arwia’s eyes bulged and a sparkle formed in her eyes as she saw his nude front come fully into view. She had been the sex servant of men for so long she had forgotten what her own natural desire felt like. So many ugly or smelly men had paid for her services over the years, and she had taken their shekels while plastering a fake smile of arousal on her face, now that a truly desirable man was in her gasp, the feelings rushing through her body were overwhelming. Seeing his now completely erect cock flop loudly onto his stomach she laughed, loudly exclaiming “WOOF!” to her equally amused and aroused sisters.


She now crawled up onto his chest, her naked body dripping water down his chiseled chest. “You are quite a charmer slaveboy! Now, let’s see if your lips are as good as pussy worshipping as they are for talking!” Lowering her already moist honeypot onto his open mouth, she was shocked as his tongue began its first long lick up her rapidly saturating slit.

Arwia was very experienced in the ways of love as she had had innumerable men over the years, some very good, some average, most incredibly bad, but the sensations now being plied onto her throbbing sex were beyond her highest expectations. Every long lick of his incredibly talented tongue sent shockwaves of pleasure bursting through her body. Within seconds her cocky and world weary attitude was completely gone and she was reduced to a sweating, moaning, desperate, sex crazed girl, clawing and biting Demetrius’s neck as he dutifully and eagerly licked and sucked every inch of her. He was worshipping her body better than any man ever had in her life and she was loving every second of it. Her two sisters enviously watched as their older sibling shrieked in joy as orgasms burst repeatedly from her body, shaking and quivering like a palm branch battered in a hurricane. Finally, unable to hold back anymore, she pulled off of his still moving mouth and impaled herself on his cock.

As Arwia undulated her hips and bounced wildly on the never softening dick of Demetrius, her place on his face was exchanged with Kulla, who now also shrieked into the black night with howls of pleasure. Hours went by with each sister moving up and down his body, either riding his dick or his face as they gushed all over him. Finally, as dawn broke over the desert, the soft pink light of the early morning found all three naked women and Demetrius all sleeping quite soundly with huge satisfied grins on their faces. As Arwia woke, and saw that to her amazement Demetrius was STILL hard and obviously still had not shot his seed, she poked Kulla and woke her.

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