Aphrodite’s Curse Ch. 093


As Aphrodite flew up into the cold skies over France, her pussy still boiling with untapped desire from her unsatisfying romp with Thor, thousands of miles above the earth her nemesis Ishtar was just reaching the foot of the Mountain of Titans on the plane of infinity. Ishtar’s senses were overloaded as they were bombarded by the sights of this place. Looking at the immensity of the dark edifice before her, erupting like a black dagger out of the white monotonous plane it seemed to stretch on to eternity in all directions. Fear gripped her hard and chilled her to the very pit of her soul as she absorbed the visions in front of her.

Thousands of years earlier the Earthbound Gods, led by Zeus, had overthrown the rule of the Titans and it was a very brave (or foolish) God who sought them out now. These were the Ancient Ones, existing since the beginning of time and all extremely powerful and dangerous despite their dethronement. Having been overthrown from their earthly home, most of the Titans moved on to greater horizons, shuffling off the confines of the tiny blue green planet for the infinitely vast, dark and varied universe beyond, but none . Father Chaos and Mother Gaia may rule all of the material universe, but ruling even them was Lord Chronus, the God of time. The Gods may rule the world, but time ruled the Gods.

Standing at the foot of the black mountain, Ishtar’s eyes darted back and forth constantly as she tried to make sense of the myriad of visions flashing before her sight. Stretching forever in all directions, the smooth black surface of the mountain was constantly changing as images formed, came into focus and dissipated, twisting and melting in a riot of color and swirling action. To her left, Ishtar could see all of history played out on the surface of the stone. Squinting her eyes, she could see the great flash of the creation followed by the battle of the Gods and Titans in the distance. It was an overwhelming sight at this as well as every other event or action ever performed on earth was displayed. All of the tremendous dramas from the past were playing simultaneously and it made her head spin as she was overwhelmed by the enormity and complexity of the swirling mass of pictures forming, melting and dissipating before her face.

Directly in front of her was the present, also continuously enacted on the hard black granite surface in a dizzying array of complexity. She could see Aphrodite leaving the naked, bound and very hard Thor on the bank of the Seine, and Demetrius leaving Egypt with Apollo and Ares. Seeing the two objects of her vengeance at once caused her to smile as she now knew exactly where they were. Trying to focus however was exceedingly difficult as the images of Aphrodite and Demetrius competed with every other activity on the earth being displayed simultaneously.

Looking to her right, all of the future stretched out forever and these were the most confusing and frightening scenes of all. Seeing the burning of Babylon and the rise and fall of both Greece and Rome made her suddenly quite ill. Looking even farther down the mountain her mind was confused by sights she could not possibly comprehend. Automobiles, airplanes, computers, robots and all of the other amazing technological wonders yet to come intrigued but also filled her with dread as they indicated a future world that no longer needed the divine. Nothing in the future looked familiar and she worried as she did not see herself or any of the other Gods present in this misty hazy destiny. Her head pounding and stomach boiling, Ishtar wretched as her divine body was overwhelmed by these titanic visions. Seeing all of time; past, present and future all at once was too much to take, even for a Goddess, and she was forced to sit down on the cold sands and try to shake her head clear.

After recovering, Ishtar avoided looking at the prophetic images but peered up instead at the summit. There, right at the very peak of the mountain, and enthroned on the faultline of history and the future, sat the God Chronus. His body was huge, dwarfing anything on earth and the sight of him would instill awe and wonder in any creature in his presence. His flesh appearing clear like glass but hard like diamond, a blue light illuminated him from inside and he peacefully sat completely still. All of Babylon could fit in the palm of his hand and Ishtar trembled as she took in the enormity of his presence. Still thousands of miles from his throne, he looked as close to her as her own right hand, and to her relief he appeared to be asleep. In his left hand he held an hour glass, the sands falling relentlessly as the future melted into the present and then oozed into the past. In his right he held an enormous sword with a continent sized blade. This was the sword of infinity and with it Chronus could rip the fabric of space and time and change the future or the past. No God had power over time but he, and as Ishtar saw his weapon her eyes glinted.

Suddenly her ears aksaray escort rang when Chronus awoke.


“Come daughter, come. Come approach us. We were, are, and will be.” Chronus bellowed as he grinned at the quivering form of Ishtar crumpled up on the planes below. “We know why you have come and gone and are pleased you came and left.”

Ishtar now shook uncontrollably as his voice boomed through the airless void, his words echoing and reverberating in her ears and seemingly rippling the very fabric of space. Flying towards him it was hard to focus as his size was too much to see all at once. Reaching one hundred miles from his face, Chronus laughed and caused her to stop in mid-flight.

“There there daughter of the Moon, Goddess of the Sun, and great grand-daughter of Chaos, that is close enough. We know why you are here and your destiny has been revealed to us. Now, hold out your hand.”

Obeying, Isthar reached out as a sword materialized in her palm. As it formed, Chronus lowered the enormous sword of infinity towards her, touching the very tip to her miniature version of his weapon. Feeling the blade shake in her hand, Ishtar saw sparks flow from his sword to hers as power was absorbed into the cold blade of her steel. Looking up into the expressionless face of Chronus she opened her mouth to speak, still unbelieving that her mission to the Titans was so easy and he had been so helpful. Before she could open her mouth, Chronus smiled and spoke.

“Oh daughter, you do not yet know what part you are to play in the great drama of the future, but this sword is the key to earth’s destiny. Your silly childish feud with Aphrodite will have consequences and ramifications you cannot not yet begin to fathom. Take this sword and use it well as with it you will have the power to rip the fabric of time itself.”

Closing his eyes as their swords touched, he continued. “From the time Chaos was born, in the boiling stew of fate. Gods have ruled the earth, man torn between love and hate. The tiny mortals who cower, at their feet in greatest fear. It is to them the future, that fate shall treat most dear. The time shall come when man, not Gods shall rule the earth. No sacrifice, no temples, divineless destiny shall they birth. But you my great grand daughter, shall turn the future bright. With this sword of destiny, you inadvertently shall make things right. In the misty fog of fate, the Gods again shall rule the world. And Man shall fight his brother, until Man exists no more!”

Hearing his words Ishtar could not begin to understand what they meant. Wanting to ask a thousand questions she was suddenly stopped when Chronus let loose an enormous laugh as his cavernous mouth yawned open and he lightly blew through his lips. Suddenly gripped by the hurricane tempest erupting from his face, Ishtar was thrown off of the Plane of Eternity, through the gate and back to earth like a meteor. Plummeting to the ground in a fireball, she smiled as she felt the powerful weapon pulse in her hand. Grinning an evil grin, she thought to herself “This is exactly how I will get rid of Aphrodite once and for all!”

In the southern Mediterranean, now free from control of Egypt, Demetrius looked up and saw the shooting star falling to earth in the east and grinned. “Look Apollo, a sign from Zeus himself!”

Looking up into the sky both Apollo and Ares nodded as they watched the fireball rocket towards Babylon. Turning now to Demetrius, Apollo gripped his shoulder and looked him up and down.


“You are quite right Demetrius, it certainly is a good sign. Now, let’s take you and Europa off to Zeus as I am sure he is most anxious to have his bovine lover back in his arms.” Hearing this, the still cow formed Europa stomped her hooves in protest. Laughing, Apollo stroked her neck and spoke.

“OK, OK!” he giggled as he held out his hands over Europa and continued “Don’t get your big delicious udders in a bind!”. Golden sparks now shot out of his fingertips as he passed his hands over her body and they began to swirl around her in a golden glowing cloud. As the sensations of his tickling electrical charge teased her flesh, they caused her to uncontrollably moo and pant as every neuron in her brain fired off in pleasure and pain at once. Watching in growing fascination, Demetrius witnessed the large cow transform back into the lovely and deliciously top heavy naked woman she once was. Still on all fours as she completed her metamorphosis, her enormous breasts swung free underneath her body as she collapsed writhing and sweating onto the deck of the ship. Her ivory smooth skin, perfect ass and delectably curvaceous form excited Demetrius, Apollo and Ares as she moaned and shook on the floor, her large suckable breasts jiggling delightfully. Each watched closely as her moos faded into snores and she drifted off to sleep, exhausted by her rebirth in human form.

Ares now poked Apollo in the ribs and winked. “Don’t forget escort me old boy!”

“Right!” Apollo sharply answered and lifted his hands over him. The same sparks now flew over the mortal body of Ares as he began his transformation. His clothes melting away the God was now changed into an exact duplicate of Demetrius, from the hair on his head to the size and weight of his balls to his perpetual forced nudity. Watching in amazement, Demetrius crooked his head and was confused as he saw Ares turn into an exact twin of himself. Seeing his own doppelgänger now standing in front of him was very unsettling and looking into Apollo’s eyes, Demetrius’s face betrayed his confusion.

Now complete, Apollo looked at Ares’s new disguise and smiled in pride at his excellent work. Being transformed into an exact replica of Demetrius, he too was forced to be naked. Looking down at Ares’s new human dick swinging large and free between his legs, Apollo laughed.

“Hey Ares, I think your new body is packing more meat than your old one did! How does it feel to finally have a big schlong to flop around instead of that shrimp dick you normally dangle?” Now squinting as he continued to study his work he continued. “Looking at you now in this new body you are wearing, I understand EXACTLY why Aphrodite prefers Demetrius to you!”

Irritated, Ares snapped back. “Shut the fuck up Apollo!” Looking down at his new flesh and then back at Demetrius, he smiled as the transformation seemed perfect. Even the very picky and observant Aphrodite should be easily fooled by this disguise and his mouth watered at the prospect of once again burying his face between her glorious silky thighs.

“You do good work Apollo, despite being such a giant insufferable asshole!” Ares joked as he continued to feel his new flesh disguise with his hands.


Apollo laughed back and now took the very confused Demetrius by the arm. “Ok Demetrius, let us get on our way. I am sure you are quite anxious to have your curse removed, and I know Zeus will be EXTREMELY pleased by Europa’s long awaited return, so let’s leave without delay.”

Despite being unsettled by having his exact twin created before his eyes, Apollo’s hopeful words instantly had Demetrius refocused on his quest. When Apollo suddenly reached under his arm and grabbed his chest with his left hand, while simultaneously scooping up the snoozing Europa with his right, his hopes began to rise as they ascended into the sky. Now rocketing high into the air and heading towards Olympus, he looked back and saw the naked disguised Ares waving from below.

Watching Apollo disappear over the horizon, Ares smiled as he sat down in the captain’s chair on the foredeck of his ship. Unused to being naked in front of so many clothed women, he was slightly embarrassed and a little bit annoyed when he saw the look of unbridled lust of his oarswomen devouring his new form with their open eyed smoldering stares. Why were they SO aroused at his form when they seem far less enthusiastic about his old one? Feeling his cock stir in the sexually charged environment and flopping free in the ocean breeze, he laughed as he called out to his servants.

“Ok Ladies, Triple time to Sicily!!!!”

Back on Olympus, Amphrite quietly crept down the empty halls of Zeus and Hera’s palace. Now in possession of Hera’s ruby, she had promised to give it to Zeus to complete Demetrius’s quest. As she creaked open the door to the God King’s study, she was shocked to see him sitting there casually with his feet up at his desk.

“Amphrite my dear! I see you did not let me down!” he guffawed as she entered. “So, I assume you have Hera’s ruby?”

Nodding, she opened her palm and the red gemstone flickered in the dim light, internally lit by the burning dragon’s blood within. Seeing the ruby, Zeus smiled and casually ran his hands through his hair, reflexively twirling the large curl of his locks hanging over his left eye with his fingers. Amphrite beamed in pride as she saw the look of satisfaction on his face, made even more apparent by his nervous habit of playing with his curl when horny or pleased.

Zeus, despite being the father of the Gods, did not look his age and Amphrite grinned as she viewed his pleasing form. Devastatingly handsome, only his shock white hair betrayed his maturity, his flashing twinkling eyes betraying the devilish soul of the horny teenage boy trapped inside the body of the multi-millennially aged God. Now looking back up into Amphrite’s face, he winked as he brought out a large sack and placed it on the table. Inside were all of the items for Demetrius’s quest, from the armor of Hippolyta to the feathers of the Phoenix and opening the sack he now completed the collection by adding Hera’s ruby.

“You know, I hate to impose Amphrite, but can I ask ONE more favor of you?” Zeus asked.

Nodding, she listened as he continued. “Well, everything here is prepared for poor Demetrius to finally be released kağıthane escort from his curse, it just needs to get to the witch Circe for her to make her magic. Could you drop this sack off with her on your way home? Her island is very close to your palace so hopefully it won’t be too far out of your way. I will send Demetrius on to meet her and as soon as he arrives, which should be any minute I think. If Circe can go ahead and get started making her potion, that poor boy’s balls will be freed even faster and we certainly don’t want that poor boy to wait another moment longer do we? I would do it myself, but, well, hehe, I have other plans tonight.”

Wrinkling her left eyebrow up, Amphrite smirked. “Oh I BET you have plans! And would these plans include some new female conquest?” she asked. When he smirked, she continued “You are really quite incorrigible Zeus!!!”


Freezing his face in mock open mouthed surprise, Zeus responded to her accusation. “AMPHRITE!!! I am really deeply wounded that you would insinuate that I would be up to some sort of lewd chicanery! Why NO ONE is more pure hearted and clean living than I!!! I am innocent as a little lamb!” he winked as she winked back.

Laughing she spoke. “OK Zeus, I will do it, as I agree that Demetrius needs relief as soon as possible” Standing up from his desk he walked over to her and kissed her on the forehead.

“Amphrite you are always a good sport!” Zeus grinned as she continued to wryly smirk and taking the bag, she reached her hand up to twirl her own finger in his adorable curl. As she stroked his head, the King of the Gods smiled as he playfully asked “Now, pretell are you going to have another go at that boy once his balls are free?”

Amphrite said nothing but blushed slightly and winked back. Wishing her luck, and holding his finger to his lips to indicate her secret was safe with him, Zeus strolled out a side door leading to his gardens and left. As she exited the study and snuck back down the hall towards the front door of the palace, Amphrite was startled when she suddenly ran smack dab into the equally startled Hera.

“Amphrite!!” Hera exclaimed. “What an unexpected surprise, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

Her mind now blank, Amphrite stuttered as she tried to come up with an excuse for her presence in the palace. Thinking quickly, she blurted out. “Oh, I uh, I wanted to ask what you were going to wear to Persephone’s going away party! You know, NONE of us can outdo you, so I want to make sure whatever I choose does not clash with what YOU are going to wear.” Grinning to herself, Amphrite was proud of her inspirational cleverness. Knowing that stroking the ego of Hera would get her off the scent, as Hera blushed, Amphrite knew her mission was successful.

“Oh you are so kind, and you know, after I got the new updated invitation today I was wondering about just that question. Being a “girl’s night only” party now has thrown me into a tizzy since I have no idea what the protocol or dress code is for that kind of gala. The change though makes me very intrigued. I have to admit, it sounds like this year is going to be a blast as the invitation promises a true night to remember for the ages!”

“New invitation?” Amphrite asked, unaware of the party change as she had not been home when Dionysus’s new invitations had arrived. Filling her in, she giggled along with Hera as they speculated on what Euphrosyne had planned and how on earth she managed to wrestle the host duty away from Dionysus. When Hera offered Amphrite a drink, the sea Goddess, never one to turn away a gift of wine, slipped the sack into the fold of her gown and joined her on the patio.

Despite the bracing cold and increasingly shortening days, Olympus never looked lovelier. As the two Goddess chatted on the patio, enjoying yet another amphora, light snow began to fall and brush its icy clean blanket over the brown lifeless earth. Looking down the hill from the patio, all of temples to the Gods could be clearly seen at the foot of Olympus as the trees were bare now that winter was almost here. Goblet after goblet of wine gushed down their throats as they giggled and talked about the upcoming party their imaginations running wild with the possibilities of a girls night out.

“I wonder what that clever Euphrosyne has in mind?” Amphrite slurred as she downed yet another drink. “If it is anything like her SUMMER bash, this has great potential.”

“Absolutely!” Hera exclaimed. “I must say all of my Nymphs have worked themselves up into a frenzy of anticipation ever since the invitation arrived. Her note invited ALL them as well, but NO Gods or Satyrs, only Goddesses and Nymphs. I have to admit, I am most curious as to why the party is to be all women, but in a weird way, it makes me think this is going to be quite a special night. That Euphrosyne is quite clever and inventive and I am sure whatever she has planned, if she says it will be epic, it will definitely be EPIC!”

“Was Zeus disappointed he was dis-invited?” Amphrite asked.

“A little, but you know him, I am sure he will keep himself entertained during our girls night out. How about Posiedon? How do you think he will take the news?”

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