Lulu was nervous… She had met Nick a few times and begun to submit to him now. He was her Sir but their time so far had been limited and hot however tonight promised to be slightly more intense. After discussing it and making sure she was free Nick had arranged a hotel room. Not just any hotel room but one of the best in the city for the night. Slightly younger than her she loved how hot he found her and how interested in her he was. He had told her how she was intelligent, capable and creative and their conversations had been fun.

She had spent the weeks leading up to their meeting meticulously planning out what she was going to wear for their meeting. This was the first chance they would have to spend some extended time alone together. The dress had been an easy choice the moment she saw it. Short and black, it showed off her stunning slim figure in a way she knew would drive him wild. Her petite frame (five foot four) looked even more incredible with her legs in the heels she was planning on wearing. What she was going to wear underneath had given her more trouble. She knew he liked red and had spent ages looking round for the right lingerie to go with the dress.

It took her a long while to decide what she was going to wear underneath. She was slim and was occasionally envious of her friends cleavage but was also happy with her physique. In the end she decided to opt for something that she had seen online and ordered earlier that week. It was a body stocking, the crotch was bare (it made her feel deliciously naughty) with stockings and suspenders for the bottom half of the stocking. With the dress over the top it looked just like stockings with the heels she had picked. She couldn’t wait to see what Nick’s expression was when he saw the top later and then later what was underneath.

The night came and she left the house slightly early. Sat in the taxi she was smiling as the driver complimented her saying how amazing she looked. Her legs stretched out in front of her for the short drive to the hotel, her fingers toyed nervously with the hem of her dress as the taxi pulled up. She paid the driver and stepped out making her way inside. Pulling her phone out of the little purse she was carrying she texted Nick to say she had arrive. Surprised she looked up as he heard his distinctive phone beep from right next to her.

Nick patted his pocket and smiled at her warmly as she looked up into his eyes. van escort Blushing she watched his eyes roam over her from head to foot, drinking in how amazing she looked. He looked quite dapper himself. She looked up at his tall six foot frame, the broad shoulders filling out the suit he was wearing. Shirt open at the collar as he smiled down, his green eyes twinkling with a mischievous glee, short brown hair slightly ruffled as usual.

“I thought I would beat you here.” She said with a teasing pout of her lips.

“I couldn’t wait to see you so made sure I was here early… But you missed a word gorgeous…”

“Sorry Sir.” Her eyes suddenly sad as she realised she had already made a mistake at the very start of the night.

He leaned in close and kissed her neck just below her ear. “It’s okay gorgeous… I will make sure you make up for it later.” His whispered voice and the warmth of his breath on the skin of her neck and ear sent shivers down her spine. The thoughts of what might be to come sent shivers somewhere lower in her body but just as pleasurable. His fingers traced across he small of her back as he guided her inside and through to the restaurant where their meal was to be that evening.

They ate lightly, aware that the evening had plenty in store and neither wanted to be over full. It gave them time to chat and catch up in person how they had only ever done online before. Aware of how his eyes took everything in she struggled not to blush for the entire length of the meal. Once finished they left and walked through to the bar area. This, whilst not incredibly busy, had enough people in to give it a bit of a buzz. She sat in one of the booths towards the back whilst Nick bought their drinks.

They sat in the booth and almost instantly Nick leaned across and kissed her neck, his lips and breath warm against her skin as he kissed just below her ear. She shivered at the warmth against her skin and felt her arousal growing – something tightened deep within her and she pressed her legs together. His arm slid around her back and held her close to him as he stroked his fingers over her ribs. With a shaking hand she reached out to take a sip of her pink fizz but had to put the glass down as Nick’s fingers slid over her thigh and between her legs. Looking up at Nick she saw his eyes widen as he realised her pussy was bare and exposed to his attention.

She van escort bayan surreptitiously spread her legs a little wider and bit down on her bottom lip as his finger started to tease her clit. Breathing heavily she pressed against him. She felt his fingers probing deeper and deeper inside her. Whimpering she felt herself start to close to a peak as he expertly toyed with her clit. She opened her eyes and looked round the bar, a crimson flush on her cheeks as she bit her lip trying to hold back the moans. As she felt the tip of his index finger circling her clit she could hear him whispering in her ear, all the dirty, filthy things that he was going to spend the night doing.

“I’m going to cum…” She whispered as she felt her orgasm approach.

She almost screamed in frustration as she felt his fingers withdraw. She could feel her wetness coating her thighs. Downing her drink she tugged at his hand and leaned into him – her teeth grazed his neck as she hissed how much she wanted and needed him inside her. She was begging and pleading and felt his fingers on her thigh again. Reaching over she pressed her hand against his crotch, feeling the thickness of his shaft through his pants. It had been too long and she was craving it. Nick finished his drink and stood.

“Lets go…” There was a strength to his command that aroused her even more making her stand hurriedly and follow her Sir up and out of the bar. Instead of the lift he led her to the stair well and held the door open for her. “Fifth floor slut… Pause on the first floor level…”

Wondering what he had planned she slowly set off up the steps feeling his hand on her ass. As she reached the first floor she felt him roughly grab her and shove her up against the wall. His hands lifted the front of her dress and rammed deep inside her. Within a matter of seconds he had brought her already incredibly aroused pussy to an explosive orgasm that left her legs shaking.

She leant against the wall breathing heavily looking at the door to the first floor – worried in case someone walked through. Nick stood and watched as she slowly regained her breath… “Four more levels gorgeous…” He raised one eye brow with that wicked grin that he sometimes got and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that the same thing was going to happen on every level.

“Onwards and upwards…”

The next floor escort van was close by and as they reached it Nick repeated the scene except this time as he pressed her against the wall his hand gripped her throat tightly. His fingers delved inside her, teasing, torturing her, making her whimper as he kept full eye contact with her. Squeezing her throat he drove her towards an orgasm. As she peaked she could hear voices on the corridor and bit her lip to stop her screaming. Sagging back against the wall again she tried to slow her breathing. Nick released her and stood back as the door to the landing opened and a couple walked past smiling hi at them. Nick’s evil grin was even wider now and she moved to walk up the next flight of stairs, knowing there was no reprieve until they reached their room.

On the next flight Nick pushed her back against the wall. “This time I want to watch you make yourself cum slut.” He stood with his ass perched on the railing as she obediently lifted up her skirt and started teasing herself. She was nervous – she had nearly been caught once and was trying to be quick but her nerves made it tougher. Her fingers were slick with her juices and she couldn’t hold back the moans as she circled her clit, her fingers dipping in and out in the dimly lit stair well. Finally she came hard and shuddered, dropping to her knees breathing heavily after her third orgasm in thirty minutes.

Nick helped her to her feet and led her up the next flight of stairs. As they reached the next landing he let her slide to her knees again and undid his pants. He slowly slipped his cock out and slid it between her lips. She sighed in pleasure and reached up to stroke his balls. She bobbed her head up and down on his shaft taking him as deep as she could. She worked his shaft hard and fast. Licking his balls and teasing him in the way she had learned drove him wild. Whimpering in arousal she sucked hard and with her other hand reached down to play with herself. She looked up, making eye contact with her Sir as he drove his cock into her mouth. As she made that eye contact she felt him tense and readied herself. His cock throbbed in her mouth, filling it with his cum as she swallowed hard, sucking it down as quickly as she could.

This time it was Nick who leaned back breathing heavily. He put his cock away and helped her to her feet. She licked her lips clean and they walked up the final steps to the fifth floor together. Making their way down the corridor they found the room and walked inside. As soon as they were inside Nick kicked the door shut behind them. He gripped her dress and slipped it off her. She stood and watched his eyes widen as he looked at her in the body stocking.

“Tonight is going to be fun…”

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