Barbara’s Cuckold Story Ch. 06


This is a true story by a drop-dead gorgeous mid-thirties housewife (so I’ve been told) who has been proudly black owned for the past three years. Many of the details may not be as graphic as you would like, but I am putting this together from three years of memories.


Carla was a very beautiful 5’9″ 38, year old blond woman, very busty with full curves and shapely ass. It was easy to see why she was a swinger. Her husband would have to beat off all the men who lusted for her charms, but he is a willing cuckold who enjoys seeing her having sex with other men and being humiliated by her and her lovers.

As I figured, she wanted to know what I thought about James, and what I thought about him sexually. I described the details of what happened last weekend and she asked if I had plans on seeing him again? I told her I wanted to see him again and experience his big black cock again, but if I did, he would place stipulations on our future meetings. “What stipulations?” She asked. I told her that I would have to agree to be his woman, his slut. I was to be available to him and his friends sexually, as he wanted. I told her how much I wanted him, but that I was worried and scared of what it would do to my marriage to David.

Carla told me that when we started swinging at the singles parties, that David had told her, that he enjoyed watching me have sex with other men, as much and more than he did having sex with her, and that his cock was harder and his ejaculations were stronger.

“I think David wants to be cuckolded, and that’s what I wanted to talk to you about among other things. Sex with the same partner can become benign, and sometimes taboo sex or an alternative lifestyle becomes more desirable. Watching someone having sex is more enjoyable than having sex with them yourself. You can enjoy all the sex with James and others, and have David also and nobody suffers.” She said.

She continued saying. “We have another very special club here, that nobody knows about, except the members, and we believe that you would like to be a member also, seeing that you like having sex with James so much. The other male and female members have already voted you in, and all you have to do is say, “YES!”

“What kind of club is it? I’ll want to know all about it, before I could say yes to anything.” I said.

“Some call it Cuckold Night and others call it Zebra night. It’s a group of 10 attractive married women and 13 handsome and endowed black men who enjoy interracial sex and the women’s husbands are willing or reluctant cuckold’s. We meet once a month like the other parties, but unlike the other parties all members must participate in on premises sex. This is for the husbands benefit, so that they can see their slut wives having sex with superior black men, and the wives can enjoy two or three black lovers at a time. All members are tested for STD’s every three months, and all the black guys are hung 9 to 13 inches. You are not permitted to leave until all of the men who wish to have sex with you do so. No S&M, B&D, or filth is allowed. It may sound like extreme or exhausting sex, but it’s really a sexual high for the women, and you’ll hardly be able to wait for the next party to do it again. The reluctant cuckolds are required to be in the same room when their wives are having sex, and that’s all. The willing cuckolds will do a variety of things, to do any humiliating duty such as clean their cunts of their black lovers cum, insert their lovers cocks into their pussies or lick their black dicks clean of cum, serve them drinks, Ataşehir Escort etc. I’m sure that when David comes home, he will be a willing cuckold also.” She said.

“I’m not so sure.” I said. “David is kind of a macho type guy.”

“Honey”, Carla said. “Several of the husbands in the group, act or look macho, but they’re actually willing cuckolds, and very much into the cuckold role, being submissive to their wife’s or her lovers commands.” “Look.” She said. “You have got a year before he comes back home, you can feed him bits of information about your sexual activities, and if he asks for more details, photos, web cam or encourages you to continue, you’ll know that he’s really a closet cuckold. “Besides, think of all the great sex you’ll be getting from those big black cocks. Nobody will ever fuck you better than a black stud.”

“Yea, James has proved that to me.” I said. “I know I want him again, or else I wouldn’t have fucked my ass with that butt plug and dildo that I bought, so that I could get use to his big cock back there.”

“You’re hooked on black cock, that’s for sure, and we have the best looking black guys with the biggest cocks in the area to give you better sex than you have ever had before.” She said.

“But a guy that’s attractive to you, may not be attractive to me, and I would want some choice in who’s going to fuck me.” I said.

“I got that covered.” She said. “I made a introduction video prior to our last slut wife joining, showing our current members introducing themselves and some of the party action. Let me show it to you, its already loaded in the DVD player.”

The video started with a facial close-up and then panned out for a full frontal nude view of each of the members (black guys, women and cuckolds) stating their name, height, weight, (cock size flaccid and erect), or measurements and why they became members. (James was in the line-up.) The black studs were all handsome and extremely well endowed and the women were all beautiful, and nothing like the slut or whore you would assume to be attracted to interracial sex. After all the introductions were made, the studs and sluts formed two lines facing each other. Each man was given a small box with his name on it. It would contain the names of women that he had not drawn at previous parties. This would ensure that each man had sex with all the women at least once during the year. After a guy selected a name from the box, Carla would take it, call out the woman’s name that he would be matched with, and tear up the piece of paper and collect the box from him for the next party. The man would then take the woman to a mat on the floor, and she would be his slut until he had an ejaculation. After that, he and she would be free to select a different partner.

The scene changed to an orgy already in progress. The women were kissing, sucking, being fucked anally and vaginally, by their black Adonis’s all while their cuckold husbands looked on, stroking their sexually inadequate penises. Each of the women seemed to be in various states of ecstasy, and none showing signs of pain or discomfort. The camera zoomed in on several wives giving and getting sexual pleasure inches away from their cuckold husbands faces, taunting them with comments about their black lovers ability to pleasure them. Each time the camera caught James in the scene, I became jealous, and told I Carla how I felt.

Carla said. “James isn’t seeing any of the wives on a regular basis, so if you agree to become his slut, you’ll be his prime piece of Kadıköy Escort meat, and can have his big cock on a regular basis. I’m having a little gathering this Saturday at my house with two of the wives and their husbands and two new black studs. You and James can come also. It will be a little preview of what to expect at our regular party.”

“I’m so horny already. I guess I’m ready to agree to be James’s slut. After experiencing and learning so much about interracial sex these past few days, I can’t imagine going on with my life without it. If David would be a willing cuckold to this lifestyle, then everything would be ok. If not, what then?” I said.

“That’s twelve months away, but you can get a feel for his leanings by writing letters and e-mails, something he can read over and over again. Let his imagination work on visualizing you getting fucked only by black men while he’s away, and what to expect once he comes home. When the time is right, send some pictures and videos of you getting sexually pleasured by only black men.” Carla said.

“If you decide to join our Cuckold Club, there are two steps in the induction that you must complete first. First is a pledge of fidelity towards your soon to be black masters. This can be our own form statement or your own statement, saying that you prefer having sex with men of the black race to men of other races, including your husband. That you can only be sexually satisfied by black men because of their larger cock size, staying power, sexual potency, and greater volume of cum. That your black lovers sexual pleasure and yours will always come before that of your husband’s, ok?” Carla said.

“Ok.” I said.

“Second, is the form of initiation. You must choose if you want to be initiated into the club as a Slut Queen or a Slut Princess. Currently there are three Slut Queens. Myself and two other wives. A Slut Queen can pick which of the black masters she wants to have sex with, and a Slut Princess will have her master picked for her based on who she hasn’t had recently. If you choose to be a Slut Queen, a special party will be scheduled with all the members invited to be witnesses. You will take on all 13 of the Black Masters orally, vaginally, and anally until you have had all their big black cocks in all 3 holes. You will start out 9″ of our smallest member, and work up to 13″ of our largest member. So don’t forget to take your birth control pills. Seeing that David won’t be present to witness it, we’ll videotape the events and play it for him at the first party that he attends. So there you have it, what do you think?”

“What do I think?” I thought to myself. James, Carla and maybe even my husband David, wanted me to be a slut for black men. I did crave James’s black cock, even now, but would I willing give myself to any black man that wanted me, would I want only black man’s big cock for sex from now on. I knew I wanted it, to belong to this elite club of other women who worshiped black cocks as the ultimate in sexual pleasure, but could I demean my husband to the status of cuckold. Maybe when he came home, I could revert back to that of loving wife, and having occasional sex with other single swingers like before.

“I’ll need a couple of days to think it over.” I said. “Although my decision will probably to join the club. If a beautiful woman like yourself, who could have any man she looked at, prefers to have sex with black men, then I trust black men must be the ultimate sex partner.”

“Great.” Carla said, “The next party is two weeks from Bostancı Escort Saturday, and if you decide to become a slut queen, that gives me plenty of time to invite everyone for your initiation.”

“I feel like I’m wound up tighter than a clock. I’m nervous, excited and high about all this that I feel I’ll never come down. I’m going to have to stop by the gym, before I go home to unwind.” I said.

“Ok, call me if any questions come up.” Carla said.

I spent almost two hours at the gym working out, before I went home, and I felt a lot better. My mind seemed a lot clearer now. I had forgotten all about the butt plug in my ass, until I used the bathroom. I pulled it out, and would put it back in after a couple of hours, to see how it feels then. David had called, and left a message on the answering machine. I pulled out my cell phone and noticed the battery was dead. I hooked it up to the charger and listened to David’s message. He had some free time and decided to give me a call. I thought about what I would say if he asked me anything about my sexual activities. I mentally prepared answers (fact and fictional) I would say in response to his questions.

“Hi honey, I was at Carla’s house and then I went to the gym, my cell phone battery was dead, miss me already?”

“I’m just checking up on you. Any guy who knows I’m not there with you will probably be hitting on you by now.” He said.

“Well, if they are, you expect me to tell you, and have you go ballistic on me. I’m smart enough to keep my mouth shut, if I open my legs for anyone!” I said.

“Oh yeah. What were you doing at Carla’s house? Were you making plans for the week end?” David said.

“As a matter of fact, yes. You still don’t mind me having a black cock this week end?” I said.

“I told you it was ok, just send me some photos and videos.” He said.

“Carla said he is one of the best fucks she has ever had, and that his cock is huge. Won’t you get jealous?” I said.

“If you still love me, and its just sex, I won’t get jealous.” He said.

“Send me a e-mail saying that so I have your approval in writing. I don’t want you saying I cuckolded you while you were away.” I said.

“Ok. I’ll send it out today.” He said. “You call me after he leaves, no matter what the time, and tell me the details.”

“If he’s as big and as good as she says I may not ever let him leave.” I said.

“Yeah, I’ll have to re-think this over some more…………just kidding, have fun.” He said.

After that, we just talked about work, bills and family and said goodbye.

I then signed-on to an interracial web site, and signed in to a chat room using Hotmom Barb as my username. Immediately, I was hit on by five black guys asking all different kinds of questions. I ignored them for the time being, and scanned the members list for married women and husbands. I wanted to get their views on interracial sex.

I chatted with a husband who wanted to be cuckolded by his wife, and have her take a black lover.

I also talked with two wives, one who openly dated black men with her husband’s permission, and one who was having an affair with her black boss, without her husband’s knowledge. They both fervently acknowledged that sex with black men was definitely better than with white men.

I then read two stories written by cuckold husbands, who enjoyed their role as cuckold, and enjoyed watching their wife’s having sex with their “Sexually superior black lovers” and the humiliation that they endured from both the wife and her black lover.

After talking to David and the sex talk and stories on the web, I needed some sexual release and decided to call James. Although he said to call on Friday, I needed to talk to him and hear his voice, and to tell him something that was very important to us both.

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