Bree Tries A New Flavor


It is true that the color of a person is only skin deep, and we are all the same on the inside as far as organs and blood goes, but there is something truly fascinating and beautiful with seeing black skin against white.

Bree had never been with a black man before. When she was younger, it wasn’t something she really thought about. She really hadn’t grown up around black guys, so she never even thought of the possibilities of being with one.

Now that she was in her mid thirties and she had explored one thing to the next, it was only natural that her thoughts would turn to this; especially since she had become friends with a black man. It’s true that the friendship and his personality is what brought the attraction on to start with. But then she started thinking of what it would be like to have black cock for the first time.

This started her obsession with wanting to watch black men with white women. More and more when she would search for things in her quest to turn herself on and get off, she found that she would turn to the interracial porn. She would watch and imagine it was her friend and her in the videos. That was the first draw of it for her, but then she began to admire how beautiful a black cock looked against a white pussy. The contrast of colors was quite lovely; she loved how a nice black cock stood out against the skin of a white girl; the more porcelain in tone of the girl, the better.

Her desires had turned to wanting the real thing. Her friend had sent her a few pictures of his hard cock, and he had been on cam for her a few times as well. Bree had found herself watering at the mouth more and more, wishing she could feel and taste him. Like the stereotype went, he was indeed well endowed. She would find herself glancing over the pictures and wishing she could reach out and wrap her hand around him. To squeeze him gently, stroke him softly and slowly, and finally give in to her cravings and see just how much of him she could fit into her mouth.

Now it seemed circumstances were going to let her wishes come true.

Jason was vacationing in Las Vegas for a week, and he had asked Bree if she would fly out for a couple of days if he paid the way. Bree had never been to Vegas and she figured that was a deal she couldn’t pass up, especially not when she would finally get to meet him in person and be alone with him.

On the flight over, her nerves were amped so high, a combination of being on a plane (not to mention flying alone), and from thinking about meeting Jason. Though it was a short flight, she decided to try and sleep through it. She dozed off and on for a bit, and then finally decided napping was out of the question. After what seemed hours, the plane finally landed without incident and she was walking towards the area where Jason would be waiting to meet her.

With her heart pounding hard in her chest and feeling like it was trying to climb up her throat and out of her mouth, she took deep breaths to try and calm her as she walked out to the waiting area. She spotted Jason and began to make her way over to him. He saw her and began to walk towards her with a smile on his face. Bree dropped her bag and went into the embrace of his arms.

At five foot even, Bree was a short little firecracker of a person. Her long brown hair came to the middle of her back, her brown eyes always seemed to have a sparkle and playful look about them, and she had a mischievous smile that could make men weak in the knees. She was very fair skinned, with sprinkles of freckles here and there. She had been working out for a few months and though she still had the little bit of extra padding, her muscles were starting to tone up for her.

Jason stood at about five foot nine, so even though he was taller than her, it wasn’t too hard for her to hug him. She didn’t really need to go up on tip toes as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Bree could tell his workouts had been paying off as well, as she felt the muscles of his arms and noticed his abs had started tightening up nicely as well.

She held on to him and was unwilling to let go of him right away, letting the moment help calm her a bit more, then she reluctantly stepped back and looked up at him.

“Hi” she said shyly to him.

“Hello yourself” he answered, and then laughed as he hugged her again quickly. “Flight go ok?” he asked.

“It was freaking nerve wracking!” she said. “I tried to sleep through most of it, but…” Bree shrugged, “Nerves got the better of me.”

“Well, you’re off the plane and here now, so no need to stress anymore” Jason consoled her as he hugged her again.

Bree stayed in his embrace as she agreed, “Indeed. And I’m so happy to be here. Can’t believe I’m here with you finally!”

Jason gave a chuckle as he pulled away and reached for her bag. “I’m very glad you’re here. It’s going to be a fun time. That is, once we leave the airport.” He smiled at her then asked, “You ready to go sexy?”

She laughed and looked down shyly before bursa escort looking back up at him and replying with, “Oh, I’m more than ready.”

Jason gave her a wicked grin, “Oh are you?”

“Mmmhmm” she said as she reached her hand down and took his hand.

They talked a little as they retrieved her bag and made their way out of the airport and to his rental car. Even though Bree was still nervous as all hell, she actually felt comfortable with him. She couldn’t help but to look at him and take him completely in. She let her eyes wander all over him. His buzz cut hair, brown flirty eyes, kissable lips, and the light milk chocolate color of his skin. She reached her hand to his and he smiled at her as he took hold of it and held it, and remained holding it most the drive over to the hotel.

Once her bags had been brought up to the room and they had both freshened up a bit, they headed back out for a short walk to a nearby restaurant. As much as she was excited about being alone with him, they both agreed they were hungry and that it would be best to sit and talk for a bit somewhere other than in the hotel room.

Dinner was scrumptious and Bree had ordered a glass of red wine to help calm her and loosen her up a bit. It did the trick. Her being the light weight that she was, that one glass was enough to give her a light buzz, relax her, and make her feel a tad giddy. The conversation was just as good as the dinner. They had a lot of things in common, so the talking flowed freely for them.

They decided to walk off dinner a bit and play some slots before heading back up to the room. Bree warned him that slot machines were evil for her, and to not let her stay and play them too long. There really was no need to worry over that though. As they made their way through the machines, they found themselves reaching for each other’s hands again and again. As if they couldn’t stand to not be touching. At one point while she was putting tokens into one of the machines, he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, and rested his head on her shoulder while he watched her. He stood up straight then and hugged her tightly to him, and in that moment, she felt the press of his bulge against her ass. Bree felt butterflies and felt her lower region begin to throb. She decided it was time, they had waited long enough.

Bree finished up her game quickly then turned around to face him. “I think we’re done here” she said with a slight grin on her face.

Jason looked at her questioningly. “Are we?” he asked.

“Yep. I think it’s time to go up to the room.” Bree answered.

Jason took her hand in his and guided her out of the casino, and they made their way back to their hotel. Once they were there and back up in their room, he locked the door then turned to face her. Bree couldn’t contain herself. She leapt at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, pressing her body tightly to his, and kissed him deeply with a passion that had been suppressed for far too long. Jason returned her kisses fervently as he ran his hands down her body and cupped her ass; squeezing it, as he pulled her into him and held her there.

Bree moaned and whimpered into his mouth, kissing him more deeply, and then sliding her tongue across his lips before pushing it past his lips and into his mouth. She felt his warm tongue flick across hers and then felt it darting into her mouth; back and forth their tongues went like a tug of war. His tongue was giving her such ideas; she knew she had to feel it elsewhere. First things first though.

Bree broke the kiss and pulled away to smile up at him.

“What?” Jason asked.

Bree smiled more then said, “See that office chair over there? Go sit down and wait for me.”

He cocked an eyebrow at her but did as she asked. Bree excused herself, grabbing something out of her bag and then locking herself in the bathroom.

She emerged a couple of minutes later wearing a silky dark blue lingerie type dress that came mid-thigh on her, with spaghetti straps and a low v-neck that showed off her cleavage. On her feet, she wore black five inch platform shoes that were common with strippers and adult stars. Jason’s eyes got big and he smiled even bigger as she walked towards him. She left no time for him to say anything as she straddled him and sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body to his as she kissed him deeply.

He returned the kiss happily and let his hands roam over her backside, grabbing her ass tightly at one point and pushing her down as he grinded up into her crotch. Bree pulled her head back and gave a moan at this, which he used to his advantage to kiss and bite on her neck. She kept her head tilted to the side, enjoying the sensation of his mouth, tongue and teeth doing their work on her neck.

Bree brought her mouth back to his, giving a long kiss before pulling away and smiling at him as she got off of him and dropped to her bursa escort bayan knees before him. Jason watched her intently as she reached for his pants and slowly began to undo them. Reaching her hand in, she retrieved the prize she’d so desperately been craving for such a long time. She held his black cock in her small white hand, admiring how beautiful and yummy looking it was. His cock was just the way she wanted it for the moment. He was semi-hard; hard enough to show his excitement for her, yet soft enough that she would feel him grow to his full potential in her mouth.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Bree leaned forward and began to slowly lick around the head of his cock and slowly down his shaft. She smiled as she saw and felt his cock twitch in response. Bringing her tongue back up to the head, she opened her mouth and took it in, lightly closing her mouth around it and sucking gently at first. She rolled her tongue around the head and sucked for a moment longer before pulling away and looking up at him.

“The times watching you, sitting in your chair, gave me so many fantasies. So many times I thought about what it would be like to kneel before you while you sat there, to let my mouth have its way with your cock. Now, here we are.” Bree smiled then lowered her head back down to his cock.

Bree attacked his cock, wrapping her lips around it and sucking him completely into her mouth. She took full advantage of him not being completely hard yet, loving the fact that she could fit all of him into her mouth. It wouldn’t last though. She could already feel him growing more firm in her mouth, feeling him get longer until she had to finally back off of him a bit. She continued to suck as much of him into her mouth as she could for a moment longer, then she let him slip from her mouth and pulled back a bit, beginning to stroke him slowly. She wrapped her hand around the base and held his cock there, in all its glory, and took the time to just look at it and let it sink in that this was her very first time seeing a black cock in person. It was her first time getting to touch one, to feel one in her mouth and taste one.

Jason kicked his shoes off and began to pull his pants down. He rose up as Bree helped him out of them and his boxers. She helped him lift his shirt up and off him, and ran her hand slowly down his body until it reached his thick hard member. She then began to slowly stroke his cock again, loving the way it felt as it slid through her hand.

Jason had been watching her suck him, admiring how his cock looked in her mouth. He also was admiring her cleavage and wanted a better look at what the outfit was hiding. Reaching down, he pulled one side of the fabric away, exposing one small, pert breast to him. He cupped it in his hand, letting his thumb run over her hard nipple. He pinched it lightly, then a bit more firmly, causing a soft moan to escape from her.

Bree continued to slowly run her hand up and down his shaft; once in a while she would wrap her hand around his head and give it a squeeze before letting her hand slide back down to his base. She leaned forward then and began to lick at the head and shaft again. Letting her tongue lick down every inch of him, and back up. Then taking him in her mouth once more, sucking him with new vigor.

Jason let her have her way with his cock for a while longer, continuing to stroke her breast and caress her nipple. The way she was going at him, it felt so good and he knew he would have to stop her soon if he didn’t want to explode. Besides, he wanted his turn to please her with his mouth.

He finally let out a loud moan and stopped her. Grabbing hold of her arms, he made her stand with him and had her walk backwards the few steps to the bed; leaning his head down to kiss her before he had her lay down. Kneeling on the floor in front of her, he slid her dress up gently and ran his hands slowly down her body to her thighs. Moving his head towards her inner thigh, he placed a soft kiss there, and then kissed her other thigh. His mouth then moved towards the black panties she had on, and he pressed his mouth softly to her mound. He inhaled her scent deeply before placing a kiss there, then he began to dart his tongue out and lap at the jewel that was hidden behind the silky material.

Her panties began to frustrate him, annoying him that he couldn’t get to the treasure that was hiding inside. He’d made enough of a wet mess of them with his tongue he decided, and hooking his fingers into the sides of them, he began to slide them down and off of her. Bree moaned and moved slightly under him as her sex was exposed to him. A sigh escaped her and her hips rose a little at the feel of his mouth near her; she could feel his warm breath on her clit teasing her. She wiggled a little under him in anticipation, and then she was rewarded with his warm tongue brushing lightly across her clit and down the length of her slit.

Jason tried his best escort bursa to pace himself, wanting to tease her a bit before finally attacking her clit with his tongue and mouth. He began to lick and lap gently at her, building the sensation, until she was raising her hips a little more and begging him with her moans. He finally caved and began to lick more firmly at her bud, feeling it swelling more for him. He ran his tongue down her slit, making sure her opening was good and wet, and tasting her juices in doing so. He lapped hungrily at her opening, loving the taste of her, trying to probe his tongue in as deep as he could to get more of her sweet nectar.

Bree squirmed under him and raised her hips, trying to get her cunt as close to his mouth as possible, egging him on to continue with his wonderful ministrations. She pressed her thighs tight against his head as his tongue moved its way back to her clit and he slowly slid a finger into her. Slowly he fucked her with his finger as his tongue continued to feed on her clit, once in a while sucking her clit into his mouth before going back to sliding his tongue back and forth and all around it.

Bree’s walls were clinging to his finger, trying to pull it deeper into her. Her hips were grinding up more and more. She was getting so close, and she didn’t want the release yet. Not until she felt that beautiful black cock in her. She begged him, “Fuck me baby! Please, let me feel you in me!” and grabbed at him, trying to pull him up to her.

Jason knelt up a bit so that his chest was hovering over hers, and was greeted with her arms going about him and pulling his face towards her, her mouth attacking his and kissing franticly. He felt her hand slide down his chest and to his throbbing member, feeling her wrap her hand around it and squeezing it. He pushed away from her and looked down into her eyes, seeing the need and hunger there looking right back at him. He saw all he needed to in her eyes. Standing, he took his cock in hand and stroked it a bit before spanking her lightly on her clit with it. Bree let out a whimper, to which he gave a small chuckle at.

He began to rub the head around her clit, then down her slit, teasing her until she was begging once again with her moans. Jason grabbed her hips then and pulled her closer to him, then taking cock in hand again, he slowly pushed the head into her opening.

Bree let out a moan as he slowly pushed half of his cock into her. “Oh my god! So big!” She cried out and tried to grab at him, at anything, as he slowly pulled out and pushed back into her.

Jason kept himself from pushing completely into her, as he had been advised from past conversations that going too deep might hurt her. He took his time, testing the waters and making sure she could take what he was giving. He couldn’t believe how tight she was. His cock was surrounded by her, her walls clenching around him so tightly. He slowly pulled almost all the way out and began to push himself back into her folds, pushing in a little bit deeper. He waited to see if she would stop him, and when she didn’t, he pushed a little more in. She finally stopped him and told him to be careful. He was able to get about another inch into her when she finally made a gasp that was not one of pleasure. He eased up a bit and kept it at about six and a half inches out of the seven and a half of his cock. Once he found where the limit was, he took note and began to build up speed.

Bree wrapped her legs around his waist, and her arms reached out to each side to take hold of the bedding while Jason began to thrust into her faster and harder. Jason brought his hand over to her mound and began to slowly rub his thumb on her clit.

“Oh god, yes! Just like that….don’t stop!” Bree began to pump up to meet each of his thrusts, moving more quickly, wanting him to fuck her faster. “Harder! Rub it a little harder!” She instructed through her moans.

Jason did as he was told and began to rub her clit with his fingers, pushing down hard and moving them back and forth over her nub as quickly as he could. All while picking up speed with his thrusts, fucking her faster and harder. Bree’s moans were coming louder now, and he watched as her body began to tense up. He made sure to keep pace, not letting his fingers slow one bit, continuing to drive into her, wanting to feel and hear her explode for him.

“Don’t stop…god…don’t stop…fuck me fuck me fuck me….oh god!” Bree was barely aware of the words escaping from her. It was like a mantra being said over and over as she focused on the pleasure that was rising up and through her. She felt it creeping up on her, she begged him over and over, “Don’t stop don’t stop… ohhhh god! FUCK! Cumming! Gonna cum!”

He kept at her as she screamed and squirmed through her orgasm. He felt her wet walls clamp around his cock harder and felt them begin to contract around him, pulling him in deeper till he was almost completely buried in her. He didn’t stop, not daring to let up until he was sure she had rode the last wave of her orgasm.

Jason slowed down a bit, his fingers staying on her clit but motionless now. He watched her face, enjoying the pleasure he saw there. He watched as she slowly moved her head and opened her eyes to look up at him, and saw how her face and eyes were in a complete dreamy state.

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