Clara Bow’s Academy for Ladies Ch. 03


Pepper returned to the room and sat on her new bed as she unpacked her things; Marie helped her stow things in a wardrobe and chest of draws allocated to her. The blonde smirked at the new girl as she blew on the brunettes nails she’d just completed; she would enjoy painting Pepper’s nails. Pepper bounced softly on the large double bed; the plug felt so nice now, and she loved the way it teased her anus.

“Why such big beds? I’ve never had a double before and it feels so comfy.” The three girls glanced at each-other knowingly, and then giggled; Pepper’s jaw dropped as Marie let her fluffy dress fall to the floor and then wriggled out of her bra before answering; she was so feminine in shape and her breasts were sweetly rounded, only the bulge in her panties betrayed her original gender.

“You’ll find out about the bed soon enough, and sometimes we girls like to comfort each-other when someone’s been punished.” Marie then looked at the two girl’s sexy shoes.

“Don’t let Grace catch you wearing those outside the dorm; they’d guarantee confiscation and a caning.” The two stood and paraded in the shoes; Pepper was once again hit by a strange awe. Though the little ginger sissy was extremely effeminate, these sissies even looked like natural girls to her; the average male would not have a clue that these busty and elegant girls had a little surprise between their long sensual legs. The girls laughed again as Pepper took a pill from the prescription and gulped it down; her cock stiffened as the words of the pharmacist came back to her; ‘We’ll soon have you looking like Rita Hayworth’. The two sat daintily on the bed either side of Pepper; pot of pink enamel at the ready in the hand of the blonde.

“I’m Lucy, and this is Hannah; you get nice and comfy and we’ll hear all about you.” Pepper felt nicely at kaynarca escort home all of a sudden; the experience earlier had not been as frightening as she had imagined when her stepmother had first left her, and she did not miss her. Clara Bow was very stern and scared her, but the promise of a caning excited her somehow; this was a small price to pay to be among sissies just like her, and her balls and artificially excited anus tingled as Lucy began to apply the pink to her nails.

In a hidden passage which ran behind all the dormitories, a middle-aged male stood watching the new girl and her three ripe companions through a peep-hole, leggings and underwear about his ankles, cock rigid in his hand as he stroked and thought of probing a tight little ass, anus high in the air with little hairless balls hanging below; the owner begging him to be gentle. Pepper would learn all too soon why the luxury of a double bed was afforded every sissy at Clara Bow’s academy.

Bruce Janner cursed after he had handed the bottle of Vodka to the sissy. He looked up at the ivy clad wall down which he had dropped to the roof of the potting shed, and licked his elbow where he’d skinned it.

“I’ll use the ‘bunny run’ next time; it’s a bit of a walk to the far end of the wall but if it’s good enough for the girls on their illicit tours…” The sissy he’d given the vodka to smiled softly and looked up at Bruce with puppy-dog eyes as she led him into the lean-to building opposite the potting shed, Bruce stumbling into the back of her as she paused to open the door; he sniffed at her sweetly scented soft hair and his cock grew as he squeezed it against the firm little bottom. The petit brown haired sissy giggled and squeaked at him in a feminine voice with dark brown undertones.

“Patience Bruce; you know küçükyalı escort you’ll get what you want if you bring me vodka; you seem extra frisky today, what’s got into you?” The sissy was just as eager to reward him and quickly led him to the far end of the long building, which had once been a botanical nursery, but was now stacked with straw bales, and some convenient palliasses. She took him around a corner out of sight of the entrance and hastily tossed the bottle onto the bales before kneeling on a bed of palliases.

“Let me suck you first Bruce.” Bruce dropped his leggings and stepped out of them as the gorgeous little sissy discarded her cloths too, and knelt submissively with her little cock stiff and excited. Bruce put his hand to her head and guided his rigid cock toward her soft red lips. The sissy’s little cock bobbed with pleasure as she sniffed at the masculine whiff of his sticky bell-end, then closed her eyes and sampled the taste too, as she wrapped her hot little lips about his rigid cock. Bruce gripped her hair and closed his eyes as he thought of the sweet little ginger arrival. Bruce managed to ask the sissy; his voice wavering as he enjoyed the attentions of the soft submissive.

“Which dorm is the new ginger in?” The sissy drew back from his cock and licked her lips; her boy-pussy tingled and her little ball-sack tightened ; she would now have a truly enjoyable submissive session. She pouted and put on as meek and innocent a face as she could; Bruce’s cock stiffened, sensing the sissy would need special ‘treatment’. She arched her pretty little back, making her soft round bottom look all the more inviting.

“Oh, it would be more than my life was worth to give you such information; if Mistress Bow knew, I’d be caned every day for a month. Of course, if you were sancaktepe escort to spank me…” Bruce’s cock stiffened and he took her by the hair on all fours to a makeshift chair, set-up for just that purpose. The sissy whimpered with submissive pleasure as he pulled her across his lap, and she lay with his stiff cock under her belly, while Bruce squeezed her little cock between his thighs as he rubbed and sniffed at her soft little bottom. He wasted no time and brought his hand down again and again on the squealing sissy’s soft white cheeks, making them glow red. As his strong hands slapped and stung the cute little ass, the sissy bounced and her little cock worked back and forth between Bruce’s thighs as she squirmed and cried real tears. The sissy was soon in absolute submissive heaven as she squirted her little offering of cream between Bruce’s legs as he held her firm and showed he was master; spanking her with extra vigour as she squirmed in submissive ecstasy.

Bruce was now rampant and pushed the moaning sissy to the straw mattress floor, pushed her head and shoulders down and pushed her knees in. Her red cheeks now spread invitingly, Bruce took her little cock and balls in one hand, and then licked her spicy anus to lubricate it. The sissy whimpered through her tears as he eased his stiff cock into her tight little haven, smiling wickedly as his balls slapped the top of her little sissy scrotum. He closed his eyes and thought of the sweet ginger new girl, and in no more than fifteen or twenty stokes, his cock exploded in the hot tight little anus, emptying his balls with a long and pleasurable grunt and groan.

As the two lay panting, the sissy giggled through her red eyes and nuzzled Bruce affectionately.

“If I can befriend the ginger girl, promise me you’ll have both of us in the same bed at some time; I’d love that.” Bruce smiled wickedly.

“OK, but not the first time; I shall want her all to myself.” The punished sissy gave Bruce a long and loving kiss, then looked him in the eyes and smiled.

“She’s in dorm 5; you can easily reach that window.”

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