Cooling Off at the Lake Ch. 01


Shari was very excited for the next weekend. After spending the afternoon with her new neighbor, she was going to spend the weekend on their boat on the lake nearby. If the afternoon with Mychelle was any indication, then the weekend with her and her hunky Latino husband Tony was guaranteed to be a welcome relief to her underused vagina. During the next few days, Mychelle was kind enough to spend every afternoon over at Shari’s house to prepare her for the weekend. Preparations included not only a full shave of Shari’s pussy since Tony preferred shaven, but also plenty of time on her knees taking Mychelle’s strap on since it was made to Tony’s exact dimensions. The whole time, Shari’s husband was unknowing of what was going on.

The Friday prior to the trip began with Shari’s husband trying to fuck Shari again before he fell asleep. Unlike the normal procedure, he actually asked Shari to pull out her trusty vibrator and use it on herself while he enjoyed her oral talents. It wasn’t often that her husband would ask for something that out of the ordinary and Shari knew from experience not to ask why. So she was there rubbing her shaven pussy with her vibrator while his cock slid in and out of her mouth. Soon, their brief moment of solitude was interrupted by the doorbell. Although Shari knew it was Mychelle, her husband didn’t and was surprised to see the perky blond wearing a white bath robe at his door. They exchanged pleasantries while Shari took the moment to get some clothes on before meeting her at the door. After agreeing to meet after lunch, Mychelle winked at Shari and walked away.

The next few minutes were pretty tense as Shari watched her husband look at Mychelle’s ass swaying away from them. Shari took the moment to push her husband against the wall and deep throat him. The sudden change in her demeanor combined with his own thoughts resulted in a healthy dose of sperm being shot down Shari’s throat. Shari looked up at her husband smiling, knowing that he was done for the day and in her mind finished for the weekend. Her husband had a dejected look on his face as Shari rose up and took him back to the bedroom. This look puzzled Shari considering how she just did something to him that she hadn’t done in a long while.

The next hour in the bedroom was spent having an emotional conversation where Shari discovered her husband’s motives. It seemed as if one of his friends was getting divorced ankara escort because he couldn’t please his own wife in the bedroom. Realizing that their sex life had been boring, he desired to try to make things livelier because he loved Shari madly and wanted to stay with her. Although Shari’s sex drive was not on the same page, her heart realized that no matter how much she needed an extreme amount of fucking, her husband loved her to bits and he wanted to be with her.

Soon, he became drowsy and fell asleep while Shari started packing for the weekend. Even though she knew Tony’s dick would soon be inside her, she still packed a few clothes to put up the illusion of being on a normal boat trip in case her husband felt like snooping. Old reliable found its way near the bottom of the bag as did some batteries just in case. As she finished packing, her phone rang and Mychelle asked if she was free to come over. Shari quietly left the house and went over and saw Mychelle prepared with the flesh colored dildo in place on her strap on harness. Shari quickly shed her shorts and bent over as her pussy gleamed in the natural light coming in through the window.

Mychelle started by slowing licking Shari’s ass from the hole down to her clit and taking an even slower time in order to savor Shari’s flavor. She made a snide remark how Shari’s husband’s cum wasn’t inside her this time to which Shari replied that she swallowed it this time. Mychelle filed that information away for later as she continued her assault on Shari’s pussy and almost making her climax quickly. Shari was begging for Mychelle to let her cum until she felt a slight slap across her ass. The slap made her pause for a moment before Mychelle told her that she wasn’t allowed to cum until she was allowed to.

Mychelle slowly rose until the dildo was even with Shari’s pussy and slammed it in hard. It was difficult for Shari not to climax at that point not to mention hard not to scream as Mychelle began to thrust her pelvis faster and faster. As Shari was ready to climax, she felt a finger being inserted into her ass as Mychelle commanded her to cum. Shari’s climax was loud, wet and long as Mychelle kept pumping though it. Shari’s pussy grabbed the dildo like a lobster claw as Mychelle felt a little resistance while still thrusting. After removing the apparatus, she handed the dildo to Shari as Shari opened ankara escort bayan her mouth to take as much of the dildo into her throat as she could.

Mychelle then lay back on the bed and Shari dived between her legs to plunge her tongue deep inside her. Where Mychelle was rough with her tongue, Shari excelled in being gentle and was able to drive Mychelle towards climax a few times before sliding two fingers inside her and sucking on her clit. Mychelle held Shari’s head in place as she rode the wave, climaxing all over Shari’s face and collapsing on the bed before Shari climbed up and they shared some intimate kisses. Mychelle made the statement that she was glad she moved to the neighborhood as Shari laughed.

Soon after, Shari made it back over to her house to kiss her husband before he left for his seminar. As he left, she hoped in her heart that he wouldn’t taste Mychelle on her lips. Thankfully, he was clueless as usual and left without incident before Shari ran in and grabbed her bag. After double checking it’s contents, she decide to add her emerald colored bikini in case she did get the chance to sun and to tempt Tony more. She walked back to Mychelle’s house in time to see Tony attaching the boat trailer to the back of their SUV. Tony stood there bronzed and chiseled before Mychelle came out wearing the skimpy red bikini top and a pair of daisy duke style shorts. Shari allowed herself a chance to relax before saying hi.

There was pleasant chatter as they finished loading the truck and heading towards the lake. It wasn’t long before Mychelle undid her top and took to the back seat with Shari after they stopped for gas. Tony was treated to a beautiful show of two passionate women making out in the back seat while he drove, making his already elongated member stiffen inside his jean shorts. When they arrived at the marina, Tony took care of the trailer while Mychelle slipped her top back on and drove the SUV to the parking space. Soon, the trio was headed towards open water and drinking some cold brews.

Lots of fellow boaters honked their boat horns at Tony when they saw the two attractive pieces of eye candy sitting in the back of the boat soaking up the Florida sun. By the time they reached open water, Shari and Mychelle was already wearing their tiniest of bikinis and sunning their bodies. Tony dropped anchor and soon joined them escort ankara at the back of the boat after removing his tank top. There was a silence from Shari. She received a better look at Tony. As Tony lay down next to Mychelle, Shari watched as Mychelle reached her hand back and slowly rubbed it over Tony’s front. Soon, Mychelle began to moan slightly as she told Shari that Tony needed some attention.

The girls went towards the front of the boat removing their bikinis as they went. Soon, Tony followed. By the time he reached the front of the boat, both girls were on their knees and had their hands already pulling down his swim trunks to expose his dick. Soon, Mychelle had her mouth slowly going down on Tony as Shari started to apply her tongue to his balls. The sight alone caused Tony to moan as his wife’s experienced tongue worked on him. Tony’s hand immediately went to the back of Mychelle’s head as she began to gag a little on Tony’s eleven inch dick. As the dick fell out of her mouth covered in her saliva, Shari took over and began to suck it like it was a snorkel underwater. Tony was surprised of how good a cock sucker she was. Mychelle told him about the things she did the days prior, but he was still in unbelief.

It wasn’t long until Tony felt like he was about to lose it. He fell backwards until he found the Captain’s chair and proceeded to command Mychelle to tie the new bitch down. Before Shari had a chance to respond, her wrists were secured to the rail in front of her by ropes. There she stood, her breasts hanging down and her legs shoulder length apart in front of Tony. Tony looked at the sight and wet his lips. He then proceeded to lean forward and bury his tongue into her shaven snatch. It was a lick before he slid in, but a charge went through Shari like they attached battery cables to her. While Tony’s skilled tongue worked on her clit, Mychelle was under her sucking on her nipples and telling her how dirty of a tramp she was. Soon, Shari could feel Tony’s tongue being replaced by his dick.

Tony was moving very slowly exploring every inch of Shari with his rod. Shari began to feel her knees buckle. As Tony took her from behind, the sounds of horny boaters with horns kept blowing as they passed. Shari was partially embarrassed being in that much of a compromising condition. The horns seem to have spurned Tony on as his long slow strokes were replaced by jackhammer type precision. Shari could feel herself climax once, then once again before her knees gave out and she fell to the floor still attached to the rail. There she stayed as she felt Tony’s seed cover her exposed ass and Mychelle’s tongue licking it up. She then heard Mychelle whisper that the first session was an appetizer and there was more to come.

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