Ellie Ch. 02

Group Sex

This is the concluding chapter to my Story “Ellie”, Chapter 1 of which was published earlier this month. Unlike my other stories, with each chapter capable of standing on its own, this one follows directly from the other. I’d therefore urge you to read Chapter 1 if you have not already.

All characters are over the age of 18 and are entirely fictitious.


‘You look tired, Ellie. Are you feeling all right?’ Susie Paige’s voice was filled with concern as she rested her hand on her daughter’s forehead.

‘Yeah, I’m right Mum,’ Ellie mumbled, ‘I just didn’t sleep too well.’

‘How is your tummy?’ She regarded her daughter with concern. ‘Did I hear you get up in the night?’

‘Uh – yes. I had to go to the loo a couple of times.’

‘I thought it was you. I nearly got up to check but I figured you’d call me if you needed help. Are you sure you feel all right?’

‘I’m fine, Mum.’ Ellie wondered if she’d noticed her turn two shades paler at the thought of what her mother might have found. ‘I’d better just go and -‘

But Susie was in a mood to chat. ‘It’s nice to see you getting on with your brother a bit better,’ she observed.

‘I’ve always got on with Jay, Mum.’

‘Well, you know – you went out with him last night…that’s nice. You haven’t done that for a while.’

‘We are brother and sister. It’s important to get on.’ Ellie remembered how she’d found clumps of his sperm in her hair that morning. Some way to get on.

‘Your Dad and I were talking about being a family just yesterday,’ Suzie continued, ‘and we thought we’d like to go off for a few days somewhere – just the four of us. What do you think?’

‘What about work?’

‘It would be over the August long weekend. We’d be back by Tuesday.’

‘But that’s only next week! You’d never find anywhere to stay.’

Her mother beamed at her. ‘One of my friends booked a two bedroom cottage on the Norfolk Broads,’ she said, ‘but her mum’s sick so they can’t go.’

‘So I’d be sharing a room with Jay?’

‘Yes, but as you are getting on so well that won’t be a problem will it?’

‘But what about Dad…I mean, he’s never around.’ Ellie was reeling at the thought of being alone in a room with Jason all night. ‘I’m surprised he can find the time.’

‘He’s promised,’ her mother was beaming again. ‘It’s such a good opportunity, Ellie – God knows when we might all have the chance again.’

Ellie considered for a moment. The very first thing that had popped into her head when she woke was the memory of her brother’s sperm raining down on her in the darkness. She’d lifted the bedclothes and peered down at her body, half expecting to see smears of it still on her skin, but it had all gone. The smell hadn’t though – it filled her senses, rich and thick and and pervasive – the aroma of sex. She’d breathed it in and it brought back every emotion: the fear and guilt and the excitement of the forbidden.

‘So what do you think, Ellie?’ her mother asked again.

‘Have you asked Jason?’

‘I haven’t seen him, but I’m sure he’d be interested.’

I’m sure too Ellie thought. We’ll be sharing a room. The thought both terrified and thrilled her. Separate rooms provided a degree of control that sharing would remove, and she had no intention of allowing full-on sex. Still, it was an exciting thought.

‘I’d love to come,’ she said.

‘Lovely. Look – why don’t you speak to Jason? He’ll be more likely to agree if you ask him.’

‘I will.’ She glanced at her watch. ‘I’ve got to go, Mum.’

‘All right, sweetheart.’ Susie leaned forward and kissed her daughter on the forehead and for a moment Ellie wondered if her mother would somehow smell her son’s jism on her skin, but she sat back and smiled. ‘Let me know what Jason thinks.’


‘That’s fucking awesome!’ Jason had been worried about what his sister might be feeling in the cold light of day, but the news that they would be sharing a room together was obviously to his liking.

‘I thought you’d say something like that.’ Ellie fiddled with her spoon. ‘But we need to be careful.’

‘Sure.’ Jason would have agreed with anything she said.

‘I mean it, Jay. They’ll be right next door.’

‘I get it.’

‘We’ll sleep in separate beds.’ Her voice was firm.


‘We’ll each sleep in our own beds – in case they come in.’

‘So we can’t – you know…well, do anything?’

‘We’ll see. Perhaps a little bit, but nothing full on.’ She fixed him with a beady eye. ‘Remember that this isn’t a right, Jay. We’ll only do it from time to time and then only if we both want to.’

‘Right.’ Jason thought she was looking amazing this morning. ‘Shall I bring some condoms?’

‘No you won’t! There’ll be none of that!’

Jason laughed. ‘OK, OK…I was only joking.’ He reached forward and touched her face. ‘Honest, El. I know the rules and I’ll stick to them.’

‘All right. Do you wear pajamas in bed?’

‘What? Oh, I see. No – I sleep naked, or with my jocks on.’

‘Well bring something better to wear. Remember that we are samsun escort a brother and sister sharing a room and they’ll expect to see us behaving like we don’t really want to.’

Jason nodded. She was right, of course, but that didn’t stop the rush of excitement he felt. Three whole nights alone with her, sharing a room with his parent’s consent! His eyes roamed over her body: the swell of her tits against her blouse, the trim curves of her waist and the roundness of her tight little tush. He’d felt what she had under her dress but couldn’t wait to see it, to touch it, to taste it. Perhaps she’d relent a little bit. Perhaps she’d change her mind. ‘All right,’ he said, ‘I’ll pretend I hate it – but only if you let me lick your -‘

‘Stop!’ Ellie laughed. ‘Just stop, Jay…be nice.’

‘I will, I will.’ He was silent for a moment, thinking, and then he looked at her slyly. ‘But only if I can come to your room tonight.’

‘Well, you can’t.’

‘But I thought you liked what we did!’

‘I did, Jay – but its too risky. Mum heard something and nearly out to see if I was OK. You’ll have to wait until the weekend.’

He considered for a moment. ‘What about we pretend to go to the movies and find somewhere else instead? We could play around a bit without worrying.’

‘Like where, Jay? A motel?’ Ellie remembered the last time – how she’d sneaked in the motel door, terrified someone would see them; Henry’s thin white hands counting out the little pile of limp banknotes; the smell of stale tobacco on his skin and the shrill sound of the woman’s voice. She would never do it again. Not ever. ‘Don’t even think of it.’

‘I just want to be with you, El.’

‘I know.’ Her eyes softened. ‘I want it too, but we have to be so careful.’ She stood up and examined him for a few moments. ‘The weekend is only a few days away, so be patient and don’t do anything stupid.’


Those few days were a torture for Jason. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she’d gone away, but there she was, looking more beautiful every day. She appeared at breakfast with bright eyes and a smiling face, wearing something amazing: a little blue sports top and shorts or a figure-hugging dress that clung to her curves like a coat of paint. She took to wearing a little make up, too: a touch of lip gloss to bring out their lush fullness and shadow to accentuate the shape of her eyes, and she moved with a lissome confidence that none of them had seen before.

‘I think Ellie’s in love,’ her mother observed on the third day. She was in bed with her husband, who was reading an agendum paper in preparation for a meeting the next morning.

‘Yes, dear,’ he said without looking up. ‘Absolutely.’

She nudged him with her elbow. ‘You’re not listening again, Don. What did I just say?’

‘Er – something about Ellie.’

‘I said I think she’s in love.’

Don Paige sighed and set the papers down. He was used to Suzie’s sudden announcements about her children, which were always unsubstantiated and usually inaccurate. Like the time she pronounced that Jason was taking drugs.

‘What makes you think that?’ he asked.

‘Haven’t you seen her? She’s…’ Suzy searched for the right word. ‘Floating. She can’t stop smiling.’

‘Maybe she’s just happy.’

Suzy shook her head. ‘It’s more than that. Something’s happened.’

‘Is she trying to get out of the weekend?’ Don asked.


‘Has she asked if she can bring anyone along?’

‘No, but -‘

‘Well, if she was in love she’d do one or the other, trust me.’ He picked up his papers. ‘Don’t worry about it, hon.’

Suzie shook her head again. ‘I’m not worried. She’s obviously happy and that’s good, but I’d like to know who it is.’

Don thought it was his daughter’s business and she’d tell them when she was ready, but he knew from experience not to share his opinion. ‘So why don’t you ask her?’ he said.

‘Maybe I will.’

‘Well, that’s all right then.’ He began reading again, the matter forgotten, and Suzy lay beside him, fretting. She knew it was too soon to ask but there was nothing to stop her watching her daughter’s every move.


The cottage was small: an open plan kitchen and living area downstairs and two bedrooms and bathroom up the little creaking stairs. Their room was tucked under the eaves and sported two single beds separated by a bedside table. An old wooden wardrobe completed the furniture.

Ellie dropped her bag on the floor and peered out of the window. In the fading light she could see marshy fields to the west, which she supposed was the famous Broads, and a line of trees marking what appeared to be a small graveyard nearby. There wasn’t a single person in sight. ‘Christ,’ she said. ‘This isn’t much.’

Jason sat on his bed and regarded her. ‘What did you expect?’

‘More than this.’ She turned to him. ‘What the hell are we going to do for three days? There isn’t even a telly.’

Her brother laughed. ‘I can think of something.’

‘Yeah, I bet you can.’ She crossed to the bed and sat down, eliciting protesting samsunkurdu.com squeaks from the frame. ‘I don’t think there’ll be any of that, Jason, we’d wake the dead.’

Jason grinned. ‘You give up easily, don’t you?’

‘I’m just pointing out that the old folks are about three feet away on the other side of that wall and these beds were probably new about the time of Queen Victoria – so don’t even think of it.’

Jason’s face fell. ‘We could buy a can of oil.’

‘Really? Are you suggesting there’s civilisation somewhere close?’

‘I heard Mum say there’s a Pub just down the road – apparently it’s called The Rampant Horse. I’m sure there’ll be shop around somewhere too.’

Ellie giggled. ‘I didn’t know you had a Pub named after you.’

‘I’m usually compared to a donkey, but I can live with a horse analogy.’

‘Whatever.’ A vision of Jason’s cock floated into her mind. It wasn’t as big as a donkey’s by any means, but from what she could remember it was comfortably large. ‘I’m going downstairs’, she said. ‘Are you coming?’


The Rampant Horse was a typical English pub, small, noisy and vibrant. It was also very busy, but they managed to find a table in a cramped corner of the lounge bar.

Ellie watched her brother threading his way through the tables with a tray of drinks. There were two girls sat nearby and she saw one of them pluck at his sleeve as he went past and say something to him.

‘So what did Lolita say?’ Ellie asked as he sat down.


‘The underage schoolgirl over there.’

Jason grinned. ‘That’s Cindy. She wanted to know if I’d like to sit with them.’ He glanced across at the girl’s table and smiled as she raised her glass to him. ‘She doesn’t look underage to me – in fact she looks just fine.’

‘If you like them common.’

‘Common? How do you figure that?’

‘Her eyes are older than her face. She’s been around, believe me.’

Jason looked at the girl. She was a bit younger than Ellie, perhaps 18 or 19 and was dressed in a pair of jeans and a bright red top. Her hair was tied with a red ribbon and she had nice eyes, but Ellie was right – the smile didn’t touch them. She regarded him briefly and then whispered something to her companion before turning back and blowing him a little kiss.

‘I don’t think she’s common.’ he said. ‘I think she just wants my body.’

‘Try raising your eyes above her tits.’

‘I did, and it’s still a pretty neat package. I’d give her an eight.’

‘Christ, you’re generous.’ Ellie stole a quick look at her parents but they were looking at the menu together. ‘So what would you give me?’ she asked coyly.

‘That depends on what you give me. ‘ He pressed his leg against hers under the table and she could feel the heat of him. ‘The more you give, the higher the score.’

‘A kiss on the cheek.’


‘A kiss on all four cheeks.’

‘Better.’ He considered for a moment. ‘Two.’

‘How many for -‘ she pressed her mouth close to his ear ‘- a head job?’

Jason felt his stomach give a little lurch at the image of his gorgeous sister taking his cock in her mouth. ‘Seven.’

‘Bloody hell, you’re a hard marker! I don’t think I’ll ever get a ten, then.’

‘Sure you can – you just need to raise the offer a bit.’

Ellie laughed. ‘Not even in your dreams, sunshine.’ She studied the girl for a moment. ‘So what would do to little miss Cindy over there if you had an hour of her time?’

‘Me?’ Jason turned his eyes on his sister. ‘I’d fuck her in the arse.’

‘Jesus, Jason!’ Ellie was shocked. She glanced quickly at her parents to see if they had heard but they were talking together. ‘Where the hell did that come from?’

‘Well, you asked.’ His eyes flicked back to the girl. ‘She’s got a great little tush, don’t you think?’

His sister shrugged. ‘Who knows – she’s sitting on it. It’s just that I never thought you’d be into that sort of thing.’

‘What sort of thing?’

‘You know – that backdoor stuff.’ Just talking about it made her tummy squirm. ‘Have you ever, um, done it?’

‘No, but I’d like to. I bet she would too -‘

A sudden image of her brother and Cindy flashed into Ellie’s mind. She was crouching on a rug with her pants pulled aside and Jason was behind her, his cock buried in her rectum. She could see Cindy’s anal ring stretched tight, just like girls in porno flicks, and it clutched at his shaft as he slid back and forth into her.

‘- and I bet you’d like to watch me do it,’ Jason murmured in her ear.

Ellie felt her face burning. She thought the whole idea of anal sex was deviant, somehow – something only porn stars did because they got paid for it. The thought of a normal person doing it had never occurred to her, and she felt her own rosebud crimp at the notion. How the hell could you ever fit something as big as a cock into it?

‘That’s disgusting,’ she said.

Jason regarded her expression. ‘Well you did ask.’ His eyes scanned the room. ‘So pick a guy and tell me what you’d like to do.’

‘I’m still trying to get over the image of you and Cindy.’ It was in her mind, despite herself. His buttocks smooth and firm, clenching and relaxing with every stroke, driving his shaft like a great slippery piston into the cloying embrace of the girl’s bowels. She was whimpering as he fucked her, her fingers fluttering at her pussy and her breasts wobbling.

‘You’re turned on!’ Jason said. He was watching her, reading the signs: the flush in her cheeks, the brightness of her eyes, and under the table, the warmth and pressure of her thigh against his.

‘And you’re a deviant.’ Ellie struggled to compose herself. She was turned on, completely unexpectedly, and by something she’d never, ever, even thought about.

Jason laughed and opened his mouth to reply but his mother interrupted. ‘So what are you two whispering about?’

‘Nothing Mum.’

‘It doesn’t look like nothing. You’re blushing like a bride, Ellie. Is your brother being rude?’

‘Jason just made a remark about what he’d like to do to that girl over there – the one with the red ribbon.’

Suzy Paige swiveled her eyes like a gun barrel and regarded the girl for a moment. ‘She looks like a tart,’ she announced. ‘You should stay away from girls like that, Jason.’

No, Jason thought. I shouldn’t. She’s not as pretty as El, but I reckon she wants me. A sudden thought occurred to him and he sipped his drink and turned it over in his mind, aware of his sister’s leg still pressed against his and of the erection in his pants, as thick and long as a stick.


Jason was lying on his bed fully clothed when Ellie came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a long nightgown that covered her from neck to ankle, and she climbed into her bed and picked up her phone.

‘Christ, El, what’s that!?’


‘That thing you’re wearing.’

‘It’s my nightie,’ she said primly.

‘Really? It looks like a Bedouin tent. I was hoping -‘

Ellie set her phone down. ‘Hoping for what?’

‘Well, that I might get to see a bit of you.’

‘If you want to see flesh, ask Cindy – I’m sure she’d oblige.’ Her voice was frosty.

‘Ah, so that’s it.’ He lay and looked at the ceiling for a while. El picked up her book and studied it, but he knew she wasn’t reading.

‘You must have fantasies about people you see,’ he said at length.

‘So fantasise with her.’

‘You don’t fantasise with someone – you fantasise about them.’ He rolled towards his sister and studied her. ‘You’ve got to admit there was something about her, and you liked what I said in the pub, didn’t you – you know, about what I’d do to her… what we could do to her. It turned you on.’

‘That was before she gave you that note. Now I think she’s just a skank.’

Jason fished in his pocket and passed a creased beer coaster to his sister. ‘It really wasn’t a note, Sis.’

Ellie glanced at it. ‘Well, what a surprise – it’s her phone number. She isn’t even original.’

‘You’re right. I’d much rather fantasise about you. ‘

‘We can’t have sex Jay,’ her voice had dropped to a whisper. ‘Especially that way. You’re my brother.’

‘I get that, and I’d be happy to settle for a bit less, but I’m getting a strong message you’re not interested.’

‘So what about the other night?’

‘It was awesome,’ he said simply. ‘I can’t stop thinking about it, El. None of the girls I’ve ever been with have come close to what we did for sheer fucking excitement. It’s made me -‘ he struggled with the words ‘it – uh – awakened me…you know – about what it could be like – about what it was like. I want more. As much as you can give me, and then more again. But all you’ve done since that night is put me off.’

Ellie looked at her brother. He was leaning up on one elbow and the light from the little bedside lamp illuminated the planes and angles of his face and she saw that it was perfect: the straight nose and the soft curve of his lips, and the curl of his hair over his collar. His eyes were on hers, soft grey and filled with emotion, and in a sudden moment of insight she saw the true extent of his feelings for her, and that the girl in the pub was simply a tool to make her jealous – and he would forget her in an instant if she, his sister, would only throw him a line to cling to.

She looked around the room, to the little beds side by side; to the door with no lock and the wall between them and their parents. Everything about it was small and potentially noisy: the creaking floor and the rattling beds. She could hear the murmur of her mother’s voice and knew that she could hear them too, and that it would only take a moment of carelessness to ruin their lives forever. Nothing about fooling around in this room was safe, and yet she felt a surge of recklessness consume her.

‘Take off your clothes,’ she whispered. ‘No, no, here – do it here.’

Jason stripped off his shirt and jeans and shucked them on the floor. His body was burnished in the soft light, his belly hard and flat and his chest broad. Beneath his jocks she could see the shape of his cock, tenting the fabric, and she watched with a beating heart as he slipped his fingers under the elastic and drew them down. His shaft bobbed free, thicker and longer than she remembered, and he stood before her unashamedly.

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