Family Secrets Pt. 01

Alina Li

All characters are over 18+


Samuel sat at his mother’s bed side as she wheezed on the ventilator. Morphine dripped at a steady rate to ease his mother’s pain. Samuel knew it was only a matter of time before she passed, he also knew how hard she fought through the pain of the chemotherapy as the cancer ate away at her body. Yet as the months passed, he was helpless to watch as his mother wasted away. Softly, dabbing his mother’s forehead as she winced in pain in her slumber. What little time she had left, Samuel spent at her side, since she was admitted to the hospital, he had spent every hour of free time he had with her, when he wasn’t in school.

Even spending the nights there so she wouldn’t be alone, when it appeared to him that his own father didn’t care enough to stay by her side. He wouldn’t bring it up least not in front of his mother though, that would only stress her when she needed her strength.

“Samuel,” Wendy said weakly, removing the oxygen mask so he could hear her better. “My son don’t let your anger stand in the way of things,” she said cryptically. “My sweet, sweet Samuel we will see each other again,” Wendy said lightly brushing her son’s cheek one last time before her time came.

“Mom! Mom!” Samuel said frantically, looking at the heart monitor as it flat lined. “Mom!” he screamed out as the nurses pushed him out of the room. Samuel’s world crumbled around him sending him into that inky blackness as he saw the defeat on their faces as they left her room. Never again would her heard her warm laughter, never again would she cheer him up when he had a troubled day. As much as he tried to prepare himself for her passing, nothing could ever prepare anyone for the passing of a parent.

“Son,” his father spoke softly as he stood over the deathbed of his wife.

“Where were you?! Where have you been?! Why weren’t the two of you here?!” Samuel asked angrily as his tears streamed down his cheeks, as he looked at his father and sister.

“Come son, it’s time to come home, your mother wouldn’t want you to stay here all alone,” Victor said reaching out touching his son’s arm.

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” Samuel said wrenching his arm away from his father. He knew for a few months now what they were doing. He had accidentally caught them in the laundry room one afternoon, not that they saw him, however, he saw enough. He never brought it up. Samuel thought it would only harm his ailing mother. That wasn’t what he was about to place at her feet, not in her frail condition. “I’ll find my own way home!” Samuel sneered marching out of the room.

“Samuel!” Kelly called out as she raced down the hall. He didn’t care what she had to say as the elevator doors rolled closed. Mouths passed as Samuel sank into his depression due to the loss of his mother. While his grades maintained their average, he just didn’t care any longer to excel in his studies. When he graduated, he didn’t bother to tell anyone, whether they were there or not, he no longer cared. When it was time for him to move out to attend the in-state college a few hundred miles away, Samuel didn’t bother to mention his departure until the day of. Which he hoped to keep his family at a very distant reach. That was Samuel’s plan until one fateful day in his sophomore year.

“Yes, can I help you?” Samuel’s roommate asked answering the door eyeing the petite twenty-four-year old woman. His eyes running down her body, sizing her up at around the upper B cup range, to her narrow slender hips hoping that he could talk her into his room. Being on the basketball team he knew how physically appealing he was, he just needed her to see him without his baggy clothes on.

“I’m looking for Samuel,” Kelly said sweetly flashing him a smile. “This is his dorm room isn’t?” she asked looking at the room number on the door.

“Yeah, but I’m sure I can interest you more than that poindexter,” he said flexing his pectoral muscles.

“Hardly,” Kelly said not impressed with his display. She was happy to leave her brother to his own devices – devices that he had him-self set in place over the years. However, she needed help and there was only one person who she could turn to. “Now I really need to see Samuel, is he here or what?” Kelly asked placing her hands on her hips.

“Alright don’t get your panties in a twist,” he grumbled shaking his head in disbelief that his looks had failed him. “Yo dude, there’s a hot chick at the door looking for you,” he said knocking on the door to Samuel’s room. His pencil falling into his text book wondering if his roommate had set out to prank him.

“Right, sure there is,” Samuel said not believing a word. He hated being paired with the man, the late night parties, the drunken brawls, the parade of women that just come and went thinking they had struck it big, only to be kicked out the moment he was done with them. Many of times leaving him in the wake of his destruction the morning after.

“Dude, would I lie about that?” he asked in shocked disbelief.

“Well, whoever it is tell them to leave,” Samuel çanakkale escort said going back to his studies.

“You’re fucking with me, aren’t you?! You’re telling me that you rather study then talk to her?”

“That’s right,” Samuel sighed eager not to have anymore distractions. He had an exam to cram for and not pleased with the constant interruptions.

“Sorry, seems he’s more interested in books than fine ladies,” he said shrugging his shoulders inching the door closed only to be stopped by her hand.

“Is he now,” Kelly said narrowing her eyes pushing pass Samuel’s roommate heading towards the direction of her brother’s room. “Samuel!” she said coldly as she stood in the doorway. She watched as his body went ridged, his pencil falling from his lips bouncing across his lap, rolling across the floor stopping inches from her shoe. Then the annoyance in his demeanor returned as he turned back to his studies.

“What is it that you want Kelly?” Samuel asked turning the page. Stepping into his room closing the door behind them, Kelly didn’t want their conversation overheard.

“I need you to come home,” Kelly said sitting on the edge of his bed.

“I can’t right now, I have exams,” Samuel said taking down notes he deemed important.

“I’ve already talked to the school Samuel, your exams have been put on hold,” Kelly said hearing his anger filled huff.

“Why? What could possibly be so damn important that you would just keep me from passing this semester?!” Samuel asked turning in his seat eyeing his sister evilly.

“Dad’s had a stroke, I can’t take care of the house, the baby, and him at the same time,” Kelly said in a tired sigh. “Please, it is just for the summer, then you can come back take your exams and go back to ignoring us,” she said pleading with him.

“And you thought to come all the way here and upturn my life when grandma and Aunt Charlotte live in the same damn town!” Samuel yelled rising from his chair.

“Please, Samuel it’s just the little things that are piling up, things I just don’t have time for, it would really mean something to me if you could just come home for a few months,” Kelly said looking up at her younger brother. Noting how he had filled out since he had left home. “Plus, if you don’t, Dad will stop paying for your dorm room, your school payment,” Kelly said in a monotone matter-of-fact voice as she got to her feet.

“Fine!” Samuel sighed in frustration knowing he was trapped be-tween a rock and a hard place. “Let me pack,” he said grumbling as he walked to his small closet that held his luggage.

“I’ll help…,” Kelly’s words were cut off as Samuel pushed her out of his room slamming the door in her face.

“I’m George by the way,” he said thinking he could swoop in for the kill.

“Oh, you’re still here?” Kelly asked looking over her shoulder. She had honestly thought he had left the apartment. Shrugging off the burn George knew when to give up. Kelly rested against the back of the couch looking around wondering who the man was that her brother had become. Dumping his navy style knit bag next to the door and sliding two suit cases across the floor. Samuel knew that his part of the lease for the apartment was paid for, what his roommate did or didn’t pay was up to him. Sighing longingly as he locked the deadbolt already hating having to leave.

“Well, let’s go,” Samuel said eager to get the drive over with, and with his car broke down at the moment the hours would be torture.

“Do you want help with that?” Kelly asked as they stepped out into the hall.

“No, I’ll manage,” Samuel said tying the open ends of the knit bag together. Holding up her hands in surrender motioning him to follow her. Well, one good thing about this, it’ll give him time to get a head start for next semester. Reaching into his bag for his book, before shutting the trunk lid at least he’ll have something to distract him.

“So…..what are you studying in college?” Kelly asked trying to kill the awkward silence that had been building over the past hour.

“Microbiology,” Samuel said not bothering to look up from his book.

“Oh, any thoughts on after college?” Kelly asked wondering how they got to the point where her own brother felt like a stranger.

“To create the next gen antibacterial that has a low chance of producing the rise of superbugs,” Samuel said turning the page. “At least that’s the working theory of my doctorate.”

“Wow…how would you go about doing that?” Kelly asked intrigued.

“Find a kill gene that neither strand of the bacteria can function without and modifying a virus like they did with the polo virus for brain cancer. Insert a trigger that can activate that kill gene,” Samuel said he scribbling in the margins. “Well, it’s a theory so far,” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“I’m starving, I didn’t a chance to eat this morning,” Kelly moaned as she saw the approaching dinner sign. “You don’t mind stopping, do you? You can tell me more about this theory,” she said patting his hand. Tilting his head to the side çeşme escort trying to remember the last time he ate.

“You’re paying right?” Samuel asked arching his eyebrow as he looked over at his sister.

“Of course,” Kelly said nodding as her stomach seconding the decision.

“I can’t see the harm,” Samuel said putting aside his text book. Gravel crouched under the tires as Kelly pulled her car into the parking lot of the modified Streamline dinner car.

“So, Samuel what made you come to the decision about super-bugs?” Kelly asked like everyone she had heard about it. Yet rumors and hearsay isn’t something one should base their knowledge on, at least that’s what she told herself as she slid into the black pleather clad booth.

“Because look at the streptococcus bacteria, the number of genes that at have a high risk of mutating are staggering, and the one place you’re likely to encounter this is in hospitals. So while you may think you’re safe, however, say a small cut that would only needed a few stitches, you might just encounter this germ in a twist of fate. While they have means of eliminating it on surfaces of objects in hospitals that don’t rely on using antibacterials; they once used all over the place hence causing a greater chance of mutation. However, this does nothing for those that are already infected. So, going off the base of the polo cancer trials, I thought to myself, what if the principal was applied to say any number of superbugs that are known to us,” Samuel said as he read down the menu.

“So, we’ll say somewhere down the road, when it’s in human trials, how would you deliver the medicine?” Kelly asked surprised by how well he had thought it all out.

“Liquid gel tablets,” Samuel said handing the waiter the menu after he had ordered.

“So….anyone at your school…” Kelly mumbled looking away as her brother glanced up as to say, ‘Drop it’.

“Does Aunt Charlotte still have that room she rents out?” Samuel asked pulling out his phone.

“Yeah…why?” Kelly asked smiling warmly, as the waiter set their plates down, the warm honey smell of the hot buttermilk pancakes filling her with the few fond memories of their childhood.

“What? Just because I’m forced home doesn’t mean I have to live in the same house,” Samuel said taking a bite of his hash browns. Pressing the call button as Samuel held his phone to his ear.

After their quiet muted heated exchange, their meal was as deathly quiet as the ancient tombs of long dead kings. Inwardly sighing that his aunt hadn’t rented out the room she used for summer vacationers; also glad he had enough in his bank account to afford the room for the next two months, Samuel began to ponder if the old short cuts were still there. As he noted the changes as they drove down their small seaside town’s main street. In the later years of his mother’s cancer battle, Charlotte had moved into a nice remodeled cottage with a modern addition for her paying guests.

The gentle sea breeze tugged at her skirt in undulating waves as the warm salty air teased at the hem of the soft fabric. The years underneath the ocean sun had produced a nice even tan along her toned forty-two-year-old body. Ten years younger than her sister, yet where his other relatives would only call occasionally, Charlotte had moved back to help his mother and for that Samuel would always be grateful. She was the only one he truly regretted not keeping in touch with. Her raven hair danced along her skin as she walked along the length of the car. Her lilac perfume drifted on the air as the squeaky hinges announced her arrival.

“Would you look who finally managed to show up,” Charlotte teased as Samuel closed the trunk lid.

“Hello, Aunt Charlotte,” Samuel said coyly smiling as the strap of his luggage rested on his shoulder.

“Seems just yesterday you were running around my house, hell bent on storming the castle,” Charlotte said with a amused smirk. “Well, come along knight and I’ll show you to your room,” she said swaying her hips as she led Samuel to the private entrance of the addition, she had built years ago.

“Auntie, you don’t mind watching Becky for another hour, do you?” Kelly asked as she followed behind her brother.

“Of course not,” Charlotte said sweetly as she looked over her shoulder.

“Thanks Auntie, Sam come by the house in the morning and I’ll show you what needs to be done,” Kelly said taking hold of her brother’s arm.

“Any specific time?” Samuel asked glad she wasn’t pushing that he should visit their father.

“Eight o’clock,” Kelly said having to be content with his nod. “I’ll be back as fast as I can,” she said to her aunt.

“Well, come on young man I need to check on Becky,” Charlotte said waving to her nephew watching as Kelly pulled out of the drive-way. “There is a small kitchen if you care to make yourself something if you don’t want to dine with me,” she said pointing to the small kitchen. “Though, since it is only you and I here, I was hoping to have someone to keep me company,” Charlotte said warmly as her diyarbakır escort eyes ran down her nephews back.

“Sure, don’t think that be a problem aunt,” Samuel said placing his bags on to the bed.

“Are these your dirty clothes?” Charlotte asked as she came to his side pointing down at the knit bag. She brushed her arm against his, her eyes ran down his jaw, his neck, his chest, knowing how long it had been since she had a man she trusted within her home.

“Yeah, you don’t mind if I use your laundry room?” Samuel laughed halfheartedly, as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Not at all as long as you don’t mind sharing the work load,” Charlotte said bumping her hip against his. “Who knows I might find my panties going missing,” she said bursting into rib splitting laughter at Samuel’s shocked look. “What? Did you think I didn’t know it was you going through my drawers,” Charlotte sighed as she pulled her nephew into a warm hug. “I’ve missed you kiddo,” she whispered rubbing his back. Pressing her chest into Samuel hoping he felt her womanly shape.

“Me too, sorry for not calling,” Samuel said looking down at the floor.

“You’re here now,” Charlotte said lifting his chin. “And, that is all that matters now,” she said leaning in placing a soft warm kiss on his left cheek, lingering far longer than a normal friendly kind would have. “You never know what surprises await you,” Charlotte whispered ominously into his ear. “Now I’ll take care of this while you settle in,” she said winking at him as she took hold of his knit bag. Making sure her nephew watched as she left the room, hoping that Samuel could see the roundness of her ass as it swayed underneath her skirt. “Oh, I almost forgot,” Charlotte said pulling the spare key for the room from out of her bra. That she had purposely placed there for that very reason. “Here I’ll try not to barged in too much,” she said drawing out the last word as she handed Samuel the key before shutting the only door that connected the addition to the main house.

“Hi Charlotte,” Kelly said knocking on the door frame as she held the front door open.

“In here sweetheart,” Charlotte called out as she played with Becky. Pondering if she wasted her life chasing after things and not settling down and raising her own family, giggling as Becky squealed happily as her mother walked into the room.

“Hey baby,” Kelly said in that adorable motherly voice as she plucked her daughter from the floor. “Were you good for your auntie?” she asked tickling Becky’s stomach.

“Oh, now you behave!” Charlotte feigned her disappointment sticking her tongue out at the child.

“Thank you for looking after her,” Kelly said straightening out her daughter’s shirt.

“Oh honey, you know it’s no trouble looking after this adorable little monster,” Charlotte said teasingly shaking Becky’s left foot. “Now your brother, that is another matter altogether,” she said getting to her feet.

“Oh, yeah, he’s going to take a little longer to come around,” Kelly said as she buckled Becky into her stroller.

“Possibly,” Charlotte said tapping her chin wondering how they were going to repair the damage bridge that expanded the two of them.

“Has he even came out of that room since I left?” Kelly asked looking across the house.

“Not once,” Charlotte sighed shaking her head.

“Well, then I think it’s time for him to interact with his family,” Kelly huffed marching across the house, thrusting open the door, her jaw hung slack as her brother’s nude, wet, dripping body held her enthralled. Taking a dry swallow as she noted the definition of his muscles, while not overly overbearing, yet lean enough to hide underneath a few layers of clothes. Kelly worked her tongue around her mouth trying to form something that would be recognize as speech, and yet her mind seemed to have forgotten how to.

“Kelly! Jesus Christ don’t you knock!” Samuel said startled trying to cover himself.

“Sorry!” Kelly stammered closing the door feeling her cheeks heat. Her heart pounded in her chest wondering when her brother had gotten into shape. Pressing her forehead against the door fighting her-self not to open the door and have another peek at her brother. “Samuel,” Kelly said knocking on the door tentatively cracking the door open. “Do you mind walking me and Becky home?”

“All right,” Samuel sighed heavily. “Give me a minute,” he said as he moved around the room. Kelly stood quietly at the door hoping she would be able to see her brother through the small cracks. However, her dreams were dashed as the door inched closed the last thing, she saw was his towel covered posterior.

“Handsome little thing isn’t he,” Charlotte smirked knowingly as she leaned against the door frame, crossing her arms across her stomach eyeing her nieces reaction.

“Mmmhmm,” Kelly said keeping her lustful thoughts to herself.

“I can see you’ll be having something to watch this summer, you don’t mind if I join you, do you?” Charlotte asked glancing over to the door wondering how her nephew would look like laboring underneath the hot sun. The look on his face as she stood over him in nothing more than a very revealing two piece swimsuit and holding an ice cold glass in her hand for him. Wondering what kind of reaction she would get as she drew gently on the straw in her glass.

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