Growing Up Together Ch. 01


Author’s Notes: This is a work of pure fiction. All parties involved in this story are over the age of eighteen (18). No plagiarism is intended. Enjoy.


Chapter One- Max’s POV

It’s been two weeks since my best friend, Derisa Lynn Rayne and I turned 18 and graduated from high school. I was class valedictorian and Derisa Lynn was the salutatorian. I smiled from the thought of two best friends that went one, two in GPA. Derisa and I was smart friends and we helped each other whenever we needed it.

Anyway, it’s 2pm in the afternoon and I was coming back from my afternoon jog when I stopped by the mailbox to check the mail. I’ve been waiting on college acceptance letters from any of the major universities. At that point in time, I didn’t care which one accepted me as long as I went. Now that I think about it, I wonder if Derisa is going, if so which one will she attend? I’ll find out soon enough.

I opened the mailbox and it was a few bills and two letters; one from a local technical college and one from Georgia Tech. I grabbed the mail and went inside to look for my Mom. As I went in, I saw my aunt’s car in the driveway. My Dad wasn’t there at that time. He worked for a big time company. Now that I think about it, I really don’t see how he can work an 18 hour day like that. Anyway, I walked into the living room and neither my Mom or Aunt was there.

“Mom? Aunt Angela?” I called out to them.

“In the kitchen sweetie.” My Mom replied.

“Yes, we’re in here Max.” Angela replied.

I entered the kitchen and see my Mom washing dishes and my aunt was sitting at the table. My loving mother is named Angelica. She’s 38 years old with brown hair and brown eyes. Mom’s 5 foot 7 and is 125 pounds. And with all of her stunning features, she had nice D cup breasts to accent her looks. And how do I know this? Let’s say I was a little curious and plus I accidentally saw her bras while I was doing laundry. She’ll probably get on to me for telling you guys all of this but she’s worked hard to maintain her slim figure. I was blessed enough to inherit my Mom’s looks cause even at her age, she’s very pretty.

My aunt, Angela is a 2 years younger than my Mom and she’s equally stunning. Unlike her, she has ebony hair but she also has brown eyes. Angela’s 5 foot 6 and weighs 130 pounds. She’s also a little more top heavy than Mom. She had DD cup breasts. I would tell you how I knew this but that’s a different story for another time. She had no kids of her own and treated me like her son. Like Mom, she’s worked hard to maintain her slim figure as well. Sometimes she goes by her nickname Angel.

I sat down at the table with the two college acceptance letters and looked at them. Both my Mom and Aunt came over and looked at the letters. “One from a local tech college and one from Georgia Tech.” I told them as I showed it to them. As I showed it to them, I started to think which one I wanted to go to but also I wanted to wait to see what Derisa picked.

“So have you made up your mind, sweetie? My Mom asked me.

“In a way I have, but I wanted to see what school Derisa picked.” I answered.

Angela giggled. “I think someone has a crush on their friend.”

I blushed at the comment. “Aunt Angela, she’s been my best friend since we first knew each other.”

“More tuzla escort like since they were babies.” my Mom chimed in.

And she was right. Derisa and I knew each other since we was babies and both of us may not remember when we first met but I believe what my Mom told me. My parents and Derisa’s parents were best friends since their college days. Both of us was conceived at the same time and both of us share the same birthday. Weird, isn’t it?

Aunt Angela noticed the blush. “Aww.. someone’s blushing.” She got up and hugged me from behind as she pressed her DD cups tits on my head and neck area. She followed up the hug by rubbing her tits on the same area. I brought the letters down to my lap area and covered a major erection I was sporting at the time. My aunt noticed it and licked my ear. “You liked that didn’t you, sweetie.”

My blush deepened. “I umm.. better go take a shower. I just got done jogging.” I said as I got up and left the kitchen leaving the letters on the kitchen table. My Mom got onto my aunt for her antics. “Angela you know Max’s a hormonal teen. Do you really have to do that?”

“I know that sis. It’s all in good fun. Besides when he goes to college in the fall, he’s going to get and see a lot more than that from those college girls. Who knows? Derisa might even slip him a little nookie too.”

My Mom thought about that comment. “Maybe, but that doesn’t mean that we know that for sure.”

My aunt giggled. “Have you noticed how Derisa looked at Max? She wants it, Sis. You know it and I know it.”

“Yeah now that I’ve thought about it, Max’s looked at her the same way.”

“Okay then.” My aunt developed a smirk on her face. “I got an idea Sis.”

“What is it?”

“Before he leaves for college, how about we both teach him how to please a woman so that he’ll make Derisa a happy girl.”

“Are you serious about that? That’s my son.”

“And he’s my nephew, what of it? Look, I know you’re not getting it regularly from your hubby since he’s working all the time.”

My Mom blushed from the comment. “You’re right. Every time he gets home, he eats, showers and goes straight to bed. And with his upcoming business trip, he’s going to be gone for some time. And that means, he’s going to miss my birthday.”

“All the more reason Sis. I know he don’t mean to miss it, but you need your happiness too.” My aunt replied as she left the kitchen.

“Where are you going?”

“Upstairs to the bathroom.”

“Max’s in there.”

“I know.” My aunt replied as she winked. “I just want to tease Max a little more.”

“You’re terrible Sis.” My Mom told her as she suppressed a giggle.

Meanwhile, with my Mom and Aunt downstairs chatting, I went to my room and grabbed a some jeans and a crimson tee shirt, my bath towel and some deodorant and headed to the bathroom. Within a few seconds, I entered the bathroom and closed the door. I decided not to lock it since I figured my Mom and Aunt would be downstairs for awhile.

I started the shower and made sure that it was the right temperature for me. As it went, I stripped out of my workout clothes and tossed them in the hamper. I turned around and noticed my reflection in the mirror and smiled at the results. All of the hard work I put in at the gym at the high school göztepe escort and the local gym really paid off for me.

I gave one quick flex in the mirror and smiled at the results. Satisfied, I turned back to my shower to see if it was hot enough to my liking. I placed my hand underneath the water stream and it was just hot enough to start my shower. I stepped in the shower and went directly underneath the water stream for a few minutes. The hot water felt great as it ran down my average but muscular frame.

As I enjoyed the hot stream of water, I relaxed and closed my eyes. My mind wandered to different things as I stood underneath the hot stream of water for a few minutes. From my college choices to Derisa and her choices. If she got the same choices of colleges like me, will she go to the same one as me?

My mind wandered more on Derisa when I felt something warm on my cock. I moaned from the sensation when I thought about it. That feels so good.. wait a minute… I opened my eyes and saw my Aunt in the shower with me, on her knees, giving me a blowjob. My eyes went wide in shock. “Aunt Angela?”

Angela sucked and licked on my cock while she looked me in the eyes. She stopped for a quick second and spoke “Don’t worry with why I’m here, sweetie. Just relax and let your Auntie take care of this big monster for you.”

“Does Mom know you’re in here?” I asked my sexy big breasted Aunt.

“Yes she does know. And we have something in store for you later, sweetie. Now hush and let your Auntie Angela send you to Heaven for a few minutes.” Angela winked and resumed sucking on my throbbing 9 inch cock. My Aunt really knew her way around a cock. The more she worked on it, the more the pressure build.

Suddenly, she stopped. I looked down at her with a questioning look. She told me. “Don’t worry sweetie, I won’t leave you high and dry. In fact, there’s something I’ve always wanted to do with you sweetie.” My Aunt told me. The questioning look on my face turned to confusion as I continued to look down at my Aunt. “Don’t worry sweetie. You’ll like this, I promise.”

She took her big D cup tits and separated them allowing my cock to sink between them. She surrounded it with her tits and started to give m my first titjob. It felt like warm soft Heaven as my cock slid in and out between the cleavage of her tits. “How does this feel sweetie?” She asked me as she continued the up and down motion.

“It feels so good.. auntie.” I moaned out as Angela continued her ministrations. The pressure was starting to build again and started to get too much. “I can’t hold it anymore Auntie.” Auntie Angela sped up as she said “Go ahead Max sweetie. Shoot it all over me.” And that’s exactly what I did. Four long spurts with a few short spurts.

My Aunt moaned from feeling the warm cum all over her tits and face. “Wow.. so much. I can tell someone don’t jerk off too often.” I blushed at the comment. She smirked as she saw me blushed. “I.. erm..” I couldn’t think of anything to say. “It’s okay sweetie. I understand with school, college and your cute female friend next door.”

I was still at a loss for words as my Aunt stood up. She stepped by me and stood underneath the stream of warm water. “Mmm… that feels nice.” She moaned out as the water washed away the cum off üsküdar escort her face and tits. I couldn’t help to admire her ass as she stood there. She looked over her shoulder, smiled and wiggled her big butt for a second.

I blushed from being caught staring so my Aunt turned around and gave me a gentle peck on the lips before getting out of the shower. She took a towel, dried herself off, wrapped it around her nude form and left the bathroom leaving me standing in the shower gawking. I shook my head as I slipped down into a sitting position. The shower flow rained down on me as I start to recover from the exhausting antics of my Aunt.

A smile crept to my face after my few minutes of recover. “My Aunt is something else.” I muttered out loud. I stood up and turned off the shower. Grabbing the closest towel, I dried off, wrapped it around my waist and left the bathroom. Good thing I remembered to put my workout clothes in the hamper.

After leaving the bathroom feeling clean, I made my way to my bedroom. Right before I walked in, I ran into my Aunt again still wrapped in her towel, she gave me a wink before heading into the guest room to change. I entered my bedroom and immediately started changing into some jeans and a tee shirt so I can go see Derisa and pick her brain on what she wanted to do.

Five minutes later, I went downstairs where Mom was still in the kitchen. “I’m heading next door to Derisa’s, Mom. It’s bugging me that I don’t know what she’s going to do.” I told my Mom as I picked up my college acceptance letters.

“Okay sweetie but be back soon. Your Aunt and I will be taking you out for lunch to celebrate.” My Mom told me as I headed out the back door in route to my best friend’s home. After closing the back door, I sprinted to the Rayne’s backyard and reached their backdoor. I knocked a few times and waited.

The door revealed Derisa’s Mom, Katsumi “Angelina” Rayne. Before I forget to mention, Derisa is mixed with Asian and Latino with her Mom being Asian. In a way, Angelina is my second Mom since she knew me since I was a baby so I call her Mom from time to time as well. Angelina smiled when she saw me. “Hey sweetie. Derisa just went upstairs to put some clothes on. Please come in and make yourself at home, Max.”

“Thank you, Mama Angelina.” I replied as I entered and gave her a hug. In return, she kissed me on the cheek and I couldn’t help but to blush from it. After we broke the embrace, I had to say that for someone her age, she still looks great and still maintain her Japanese features. Derisa will probably kick my ass if I ever said it out loud but it’s the truth. I sat down, set my college letters on the table and waited for my best friend as her Mom served me some tea.

When I brought the liquid filled glass to my lips, I instantly sat the glass back down just as soon as I saw Derisa. She was completely naked. I gazed at my naked female best friend as my mouth hung open. Angelina smiled when she saw my action and Derisa just stood there with a smirk on her face.

Angelina walked over and gently lifted my hanging jaw to the rest of my mouth. Derisa smiled as she stood there. She looked very comfortable naked like she’s an exhibitionist or something. I tried to gather the words to say something but all I could say was “Wow.” Smooth one Max. Real smooth.

Derisa came over to me. “What’s up Max?” She sat down naked in a nearby chair close to me. She saw the college acceptance letters on the table. When I finally got my brain in working order again, I said five words. “We need to talk, Derisa.”

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