Hair Styling Portfolio


“Come on, please do it for me.” My big sister whined at me again.

It was the middle of the day in the summer, I had just graduated and was waiting to go to college in the fall, I had a part time job at a motel but today was all mine. Joelle was pissed because her friend Kelley had fallen off her horse and now had a gash on her forehead and a swollen eye. She had planned on styling kelley’s hair all afternoon for the portfolio she was putting together.

“Come on, please. I promised Ricky the full portfolio tomorrow. I don’t have any other options. I don’t know anybody else with short enough hair. You need a haircut anyway; after I’m done I’ll make sure you look great.” That was true. My boss at the Motel where I had a front desk job for the summer had told me to get a cleaner look and, at 18, the job I had was pretty sweet. I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of him. I was tempted, but not enough to undergo the humiliation of my older sister making my hair all girlie.

“It’s not as if you have anything planned for today, you’re probably just going to sit here playing Xbox and eating chips, like you’ve done all fucking morning. What a waste of fucking time!” That was true too, and I was feeling dissatisfied with the day.

“Are you wearing mom’s panties again? Do you want me to tell her?” Oh, No! That chilled me to the bone. How did she know? It had been a long time since she walked in on me jacking myself of in mom’s panties and I had been much more careful since then. I glared at her. We both had secrets and that could be a destructive path to take.

She sighed. “Please, Jamie, do this for me. It’ll be fun. Mike gave me some really good pot at the weekend. You can get stoned; I’ll make you lunch and then play with your hair. We’ll put some tunes on and have fun and when we’re done I’ll make sure you look sharp. Promise!”

That did it. Food, pot and an afternoon being friends with my big sister was too enticing. It didn’t hurt that I found the idea of having a feminine hair style arousing.

“Ok, Joelle. You win. Where do we start?” I said with an overplayed sigh of resignation.

“Ohhhh thank you, thank you, thank you.” She said gleefully. “You have a shower and I’ll meet you on the deck with lunch and pot.” And with that she happily disappeared to the kitchen.

I went to the shower shedding my t-shirt and shorts and mom’s lacey white thong I stepped under the hot water. I was semi-aroused, I had been all morning since mom left and I slipped into her laundry basket and found the little thong that kept my dick deliciously constrained all morning. I soaped and shampooed myself, scrubbed and shaved using only Joelle’s feminine soaps, none of my own, until I stepped daintily from the shower. My cock was rock hard and I felt a desperate need jack off but I refused, wanting to stay as horny as possible through the afternoon until I could find a time to slip away to mom’s room to dress up and revel in my new feminine look as I came.

I dried off and rifled mom’s lingerie drawer, finding red satin and lace french cut panties. I slipped the panties on, thrilling at how they caressed my aching cock. I pulled on basketball shorts and shirt to hide them and headed outside.

She was sitting excitedly with lunch and pot as promised and, as I devoured both, she chattered about hairstyles and fashion as if I were Kelley. She had only a little pot saying it made her distracted and horny and she wanted to be at her best.

In our parents bathroom she had everything set up. She sat me down, washed, conditioned and cut my hair. She dried it and curled it a little. She was wonderfully happy and chattered endlessly about relationships and friends and boys and even sex. She took off her baggy t-shirt when sge started running water and was wearing only a tight crop top and boy short panties. The sight and scent of her was arousing. I was in heaven, nicely stoned with her soft hands caressing my head and neck, favorite tunes and happy chatter in my ears it all felt wonderful.

She stood back and looked at me in triumph. Then she visibly slumped. “You look too boyish!”

I giggled. “What did you expect?”

“Girlish!” She replied. “But maybe some makeup will help for the photos.”

Photos! I hadn’t thought of that. “I don’t want anyone seeing me like this.” I complained.

“Well, Duh!” She said pointedly, “The only reason we’re doing this is so I can show people my styling. Photos are not optional. Don’t worry; some makeup will make you unrecognizable. Besides, you look pretty cute, certainly nothing to be ashamed of.”

She pulled out some stuff from drawers and straddled my lap, sitting on my legs facing me. She concentrated hard as she worked on my face. Her movements on my lap sending spikes of pleasure to my already excited dick. Cheeks, eyelids, eyebrows, forehead, nose, neck and lips all got treatment before she rocked back to look at me with a satisfied grin.

“Voila!” She cried holding up a mirror. I looked Ataşehir Escort completely different, very feminine, quite pretty, hot even! My hair was dark, almost black, and cut in a bob. My eyes looked bigger and my nose looked smaller. My face looked more round and my skin looked smooth. I was totally absorbed.

“You’re amazing!” I said. “You totally transformed me!”

“Not totally!” She smirked, and her hips moved, nudging her pussy up against my hard cock. “Ha, I think you like it.” She was rocking her pelvis playfully. Her pussy riding against my unyielding dick.

We both looked down, and to my horror the red lacey top of mom’s panties showed, my hard on, straining below. She chuckled and reached down and pulled the shorts away as much as she could.

“Thought so!” She smirked, wrapping her fingers around my cock and stroking sensually. “Mom’s panties!”

I gasped at the intense pleasure. “Not such a little brother anymore though!” She purred, watching my reaction, enjoying my desire and confusion.

She stroked me slowly, her movements obviously caressing her pussy too, her eyes growing wide as I began to loose control and triumphant as she released my cock just before I crashed over the brink.

She stood up saying. “Too early to celebrate, Jamie. We have work to do.” Visibly relishing the squirming panting wreck before her, left desperate, she pulled me up and stripped off my shorts and shirt. “This won’t do. We need girls clothes!”

She had me try on a variety of different outfits from her closet and from mom’s before she settled on one for the photos. She also had me try a bunch of poses, snapping photos until she found the one she loved.

Finally, she said, “Ok. That’s a really good one. Let’s go back to the bathroom for round two! I’m so jittery, let’s have some pot first.”

“What happened to distracted and horny?” I asked joking, as we shared the pipe.

“Already there, thanks to you, pervert!” She grinned at me, and then sucked hard on the pipe.

“Cool!” I said. “Me too!”

She looked me up and down slowly, savoring the smoke until she could hold it no longer. Blowing it out at me she laughed, “I noticed! Fuck, you are always horny and distracted! How many times a day do you jack off, anyway?”

“Two or three, sometimes four.”

“Fucking pervert!” She laughed, and stood up, dragging me off to the bathroom behind her.

“Seven, last Monday!”

“It’ll fall off if you keep that up! Then you WILL be all girl!”

She helped me strip out of the clothes until I was standing in the red panties. My cock was not all the way soft. She grabbed it and led me back to the chair by the sink and started to wash my hair again.

We talked about sex and the stuff we’d done. I’d only had a couple of girlfriends so didn’t have much to reveal. She did though. She told me about fifteen different guys and one girl, all about how she loved giving blowjobs; she kind of liked anal, loved riding on top and had two guys at once one night.

She had got me really turned on, again. “Do you like the taste of pussy?” She asked.

“Of course.” I scoffed, “Who doesn’t!”

“I don’t and plenty of guys don’t, but I love it when a guy does it well.”

“Jenny said I do it well!” I grinned.

“Whore!” She laughed, “Who else?”

“She’s the only one I did it with.”

She moved around behind me, putting the finishing touches to my hair. Then two sticky, wet musky fingers rubbed up against my lips. “Open wide! I’ve just doubled the number of pussies you’ve tasted!”

I sucked greedily on her fingers. She giggled and pulled them free, then straddled me, sitting on my lap again to do my makeup. She did my eyes and skin again then reached up behind me for lipstick. I heard it roll away from her and she reached further over me. Her pussy was inches from my face, covered only by the thin fabric of her panties. I reached forward and nuzzled her. She gasped, and then a moan came from deep within her. She didn’t move away. I slowly caressed the backs of her legs from her calves up over her smooth skin until I was cupping her tightly rounded ass, pulling her against my face. She was moaning more, openly enjoying it. She let me nuzzle at her, my lips tracing the lips of her pussy, my nose nudging the hard spot where her clit must be.

She pulled away and I whined, not wanting it to end. Her hand slipped between us. She moved the fabric to the side and held it there as she pressed forward back to my mouth which now kissed her naked pussy. I moaned my appreciation and buried my tongue between her lips; stroking their length, slipping deeply to fuck into her then up to flick at her clit. She moaned and withed; grinding her pussy onto my mouth. I reached up under her shirt and cupped her lovely firm tits. My fingers found her nipples rolling and pinching them. Her moans turned to gasps of pleasure. Her body shook and her free hand clasped me tightly to her cunt. Bostancı Escort I felt her reaching her peak as I lashed at her clit with my tongue. Then she pulled me away! Gasping and panting, she squealed, “Not until we are done!”

She stood and rested her forehead on mine panting. “This is so fucking wrong! And so dirty! But it is so so fucking hot and I am so fucking horny!”

Her breathing slowed, and she picked up a face towel. She dried my lips then applied fresh lipstick. Her hand slipped into my lap, feeling my engorged cock. “You do like doing that! And Jenny was right! Come on you wonderful pervert, time for more dress-up.”

She spent half an hour dressing me up and photographing me. And then we were back to the bathroom and more preening. This time it took longer, she used a paste on it, timed things, washed parts and not others. I had no idea what she was doing but I was feeling great as she chattered away. By the time she had done my hair and face it was dark outside and she was busy telling me how intense anal sex was when mom rang to say she was going out for dinner and movie with friends. “Yes, I’ll take care of him, mom.” She said with a smirk on her face and her fingers slipping up and down the rigid shaft of my cock. “Yes, mom. I’ll feed him!” She lifted her T-shirt and moved her hard nipple up to my mouth. Her groan could have sounded like exasperation to mom, but I knew better as I sucked and licked it greedily between my lips.

When she put the phone down she pulled her t-shirt all the way over her head and off and looked at me teasingly. “Dinner and a movie! Pah! More like dinner and a fuck! Come on, let’s go and get you dressed.”

This time it didn’t take long. She knew exactly what she wanted me to wear. Hot pink boy short panties. A black and pink corset and a tiny black mini skirt that neither met the lower edge of the corset or the tops of the black hold up stockings. The stockings were decorated with pink lips motifs, and finally a pair of hot pink sandals with five inch heels.

We both dissolved into giggling fit over trying to get the corset laced and were still giggling when she pulled me over to the full length mirror.

I gasped! I looked nothing like the me I remembered. I looked nothing like the girls she had made me into earlier. True to the look she had said she was going for, I was the “hot slut going clubbing.” My hair was spiked and crazy with every color from auburn to platinum blonde. My face was heavily made up and false eye lashes made my eyes look huge. “It’s amazing!” I gushed. “Look what you’ve done! I don’t look anything like me!”

She grinned, proud of her creation. “Perhaps you look more like you than you ever have!”

“I look like a hot slut!”

“Exactly! Sexy, horny, slutty and desperate for sex. I just worked with what you gave me! Perhaps this is what you really are.”

She picked up her camera again and took more photos of me. She kept up a stream of compliments and instructions, touching and caressing me as she arranged me how she wanted for the portfolio. Some of them pretty explicit if she was taking all of me. I didn’t care, I felt amazingly sexy and my whole body thrilled with a hungry need to please her. She rubbed up against me, keeping me intensely aware of how aroused she was too as she clicked away with the camera.

I reached out and stroked her thigh, her arm, her buttock, whatever came within range, whenever I could. The need for her was strong in me, overruling all other emotions and sense. She was trying to rearrange a stray lock of hair, her body close in front of me. I ran my hand up her side, feeling her shiver then a gasp from her as I cupped her breast and rubbed across her nipple. I pinched it between finger and thumb. She let out a groan of pure lust. I rolled it between them, tormenting it and her body rocked forward. I ran my other hand up under her shirt and did the same with the other nipple. Tugging, pulling and rolling her nipple tightly as her body rubbed against my chest.

She groaned: “Ohhhh, fuck, yeah, yeah, fuuuuucckkk!” And she came, hard, grinding her pussy against me as her body spasmed in my hands. Moaning and gasping her pleasure above me.

I continued my torment of her nipples as her body shook above me. I continued pulling and pinching them until her hands covered mine urging me to be gentle as she calmed. Panting and reeling from her orgasm, her head rocked back, eyes closed.

I looked up at her, smug in my delight at giving her the release she needed. She opened her eyes, looked me over, taking in the sight of the hot slut she had transformed me into and then met my smug look. Her eyes shone with a blazing desire. This was not the end, she wanted more.

She put her hand on the back of my neck and falling slowly backwards onto the couch, she pulled me down with her, drawing my head down to her, she purred: “Eat me you slut, you know you want to. I want your tongue on my clit. Make me Kadıköy Escort cum, slut.”

I didn’t need telling twice. I pulled down her panties. Her pussy glistened, it was so wet. I greedily buried my face between her legs, rolling my tongue up and down between her pussy lips, seeking out the hot hard nub of her clit. She moaned and rolled below me, holding my head tightly to her as her hips pushed up to meet me. I savored the hot musky flavor of her, the slippery wetness of her puffy lips and the heat of the depths between.

“Oh, yeah, slut, you love that pussy, don’t you! Love my pussy you dirty girl!” She taunted, meeting my eyes with a demanding lust filled gaze.

I flicked at her clit repeatedly, listening to her moans of pleasure as I slipped a finger easily between her wet lips. I pulled out and added another then fucked her slowly with the fingers right below my chin as my mouth sucked tightly to her sex. She gasped and squealed below me, riding a strong wave as it built in her. I could feel it building, could feel her body urging me on, her gasping more intense, and her breathing more desperate. I flicked wildly at her clit with my tongue. Moaning my own pleasure and delight as she rose up onto my face and gasped: “Fuck, yeah, bitch, make me cum, make me cummmmmmmmmm! Aaaaaaaaaahh, yeahhhhhhh, fuuuuucckk, Fuuuuuuccckk!” Her head rolled back and she creened her way through a long deep orgasm, bucking below my eager mouth.

I eased a little, slowing my fingers, gently lapping along the lips of her pussy as her body shook from the aftershocks of her monumental orgasm.

She cackled a dirty laugh above me and I looked up at her.

“Fuck, you are a dirty little bitch! I love it!” She grinned at me a dirty little grin on her face. Lifting up a little she asked me: “You hard for me bitch? That big cock of yours hard?”

I lifted my mouth of her pussy and groaned. “Yes!”

“Get your sexy little painted fingers out of my cunt, and get on your back. I want that big fat cock in me.”

I rolled off her and onto my back on the rug. She straddled me, pulling my cock free of the lace skirt and panties that covered it. She stroked me gently as I gasped and groaned at the feel of her fingers around my desperate sensitive flesh. She looked me grinning. “A sexy little bitch with a hard cock, what a perfect combination!”

She held me straight up and leered at me as she lowered herself onto me. Her pussy, hot and wet, slipping easily onto my hot hard cock. I groaned loudly as the feeling of her hot silky flesh overwhelmed me. Her head rocked back too, as she delighted in the thrill of penetration. She lowered herself all the way onto me until she was totally impaled, resting there, and not moving.

I gazed up at her, desperate, eager for more. She opened her eyes, looking down at me. “Ohhhhh, yeahhh, that feels sooooo good.” Then she began to rock her hips. “Ohhh, soooo good. Sooooo gooood.” Her pussy slid up and down the length of my cock slowly. “Ohhhhhhhh, baby, we need to get you a cock, so you can feel how good it is to be so full. Would you like that?”

“Yesss!” I groaned. Delighting in the lust filled moment and the dirty images in my mind.

“Yeah, you dirty bitch, you’d love the feel of a big hard cock deep inside you, filling you, cumming in you! You want it, don’t you! You want a big hard cock inside you!”

“Yessss, fuck yessssssss!” I cried out, her hips rising and falling faster on me. Her pussy milking my desperate cock.

“You going to cum for me, slut?”

“Yessss!” I hissed.

“You going to cum in my pussy?”

“Aaaahhhhh, Yesssss!”

“Cum in me, slut. Cum for me, girly!”

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss yessssssssssssssssss!” I cried and exploded deep in her, my hips crashing up into hers. Impaling myself as deep and hard as I could. My eyes and mind full of her demanding gaze. I thrust up into her over and over, gasping and crying out as I emptied my desperate self into her greedy willing flesh. My cum gushed into her in a torrent so hot and hard. My mind so full of crazed thoughts that i could imagine the feeling of it filling her, desired the feel of it filling me. Thrusting up into her in one last hard deep push, I held myself deep.

“Mmmmmmmm.” She cooed as she continued to rock slowly on top of me as I calmed back down, my breathing steadied. “You are one nasty gurl!” She grinned. Lifting up off my shrinking cock, she shifted up and hovering over my face, she purred: “You want to lick me some more, gurly? Want to make me cum again?”

“Yesssss.” I whispered.

“Good gurl.” She moaned as I lifted my mouth to her pussy. “Clean my dirty pussy, gurly, make me cum!”

I lapped greedily at her hot slick pussy. Loving the taste of the mix of my cum and her hot pussy. My tongue twisting and burrowing between her wet lips. Flicking the length of them, flicking her clit over and over. She was so close it took little time before she burst over the edge, a quiet scream of lust rushing out of her as her full weight pushed down onto my mouth.

We lay there for a few minutes, gasping and panting, calming down finally calming.

“That was so fucking hot!” She said finally, grinning cheekily. “Who would have guessed?!”

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