The Carpet Salesman


About a year ago, I was visiting the home of some potential clients who wanted to buy some new floorcoverings. When this couple had come into the store to make some material selections, I just had to keep sneaking peeks at the little lady. She was young (to me) at about 28-30 years of age. She had a fantastic body! It was quite obvious that she took good care of herself. She had a beautiful face and dark brown eyes and shoulder- length, light brown hair. She had what I thought to be probably a nice 34C breast, with no bra on and a couple of very nice firm nipples that showed through her thin blouse. She was wearing a pair of white short shorts that were very tight and showed of her well- proportioned ass just perfectly. I don’t think she had anything on under them either! She was, overall, very HOTT!

He was a nice clean-cut young man, short hair, blue eyes, and a fairly muscular body. He wore a tee-shirt to show off his nice build and Bermuda shorts. Anyway, I would catch myself every now and then, only talking to her (and her chest). But we got through the selection process alright and then made an appointment for me to go out to the house to make measurements. The appointment was for the next evening, just after closing time at the store.

The house was a very nice, upper-middle class home in an up-scale neighborhood. I arrived on time and after the greeting and quick tour of the house, I went about doing my drawings and getting measurements. He was in the den watching TV and she was escorting me through the house. She was very helpful, holding the end of my tape measure, holding my clipboard while I measured and little stuff like that.

When we were measuring the first bedroom, she was holding my clipboard and without looking, I reached out for it and it wasn’t immediately in my hand like in the previous rooms. So I turned and looked and she had the clipboard under folded arms on her chest. She was just standing there smiling. Our eyes met and I swear I could see the mischief in her eyes. I slowly reached for it and all she did was take a deep breath, and stand there with that smile on her face, making no effort to release the clipboard.

I figured “what the hell” and reached for it, letting the ends of my fingers rub her tits as they went around the back of the clipboard. She didn’t move. So instead of pulling the clipboard away, I moved in closer to her, letting my fingers stay in contact with her tits. I moved my fingers up and down the back of the board (really her tit) and she said “Oooh, that feels good, do it some more.”

With my right hand, I clipped my tape measure to my belt, and reached up and took her other tit in my hand and squeezed and massaged it a little. She caught her breath and her smile almost disappeared. Her mouth came open, and her tongue slid across her lips. She just looked me in the eyes and said “Oh yes honey!”

I took a big chance and leaned forward and kissed her lips. Immediately her tongue was probing at my lips trying to get in. I opened and lips and pressed a little harder to her and her tongue was all over the place inside my mouth! I took the clipboard and threw it on the bed and hugged her tightly and maintained the kiss. I was sucking on her tongue and she started pressing her pelvis against me and moaning into my mouth. Then it hit me—”What in the hell am I thinking? Her husband (my customer) is just down the hall??!!” But before I broke the kiss, I had to reach down and get a handful of the beautiful butt! I squeezed it good and pulled it to me and she just kind of wriggled against me.

I broke the kiss and said “Wow, honey, that was really great! But your husband is just down the hall in the den!!”

She smiled as I reached for the clipboard and started out of the room, writing down the measurements that I had taken. Ümraniye Escort (Hoping I was remembering them correctly). The master bedroom was the last room to be measured. It was on the other end of the house and we had to go back through the den to get there. I, and my almost stiff cock, had to walk right past her husband. As we entered the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes! A large screen TV with a VCR/DVD, Stereo system built in, mood lighting, and yes, mirrors everywhere, including on the ceiling!! And the bed was turned down about half way as if it were bedtime. I handed her the clipboard and pulled out my tape measure and took my first measurement. When I reached back for my clipboard, she had opened her blouse all the way down and her beautiful tits were standing out pointing at me!! And just begging to be sucked!!! I very quickly wrote down the measurements and tossed the clipboard on the bed. I reached out and took a nipple in each hand and pinched them between my thumbs and index fingers, and rolled them back and forth and then pinched them pretty hard. She just let out a little yelp of surprise and reached out and started unbuttoning my shirt. She got it open and pushed it back towards my back and leaned in and took one of my nipples between her lips and sucked hard on it. Damn that felt good. No one had ever done that to me before. I still have both of her titties in my hands and massaging them and she is sucking on first one nipple and then the other of mine. It really felt so damned good. We were engrossed in each other’s nipples until I heard him clear his throat. “Shit-he’s caught us!!” I thought. And I know that I am gonna get a real ass whipping right now and then loose my job tomorrow when I get reported. I look up and he is standing in the doorway (she hasn’t stopped) and just smiling!!

“What the fuck??” “What the fuck is going on here?” I thought to myself. Then he said to her, “Honey, were you going to start without me?”

She lifted her head and said, “I couldn’t help it honey, I’m so fucking horney, and you made me wait till he got here! Would you just get my shorts off me? I’m kinda busy here!” I couldn’t believe my ears! They had planned this since yesterday and here I was, totally clueless, till now.

She was busy alright, taking my pants loose. And he did just like she said, he jerked those shorts off her and immediately got down on his knees and started kissing and licking on her fine little ass. The husband (his name was Josh) had her by the hips and was just licking and kissing all over that hot little ass, and then he reached around her and I guess put his fingers in her pussy and said, “Oh yea honey, you’re hot alright, you’re dripping already!” She looked back at him as she bent over and said, “Well, get something in there, I need it sooo bad!!!” And then she had my cock in her mouth and Josh stood up and pulled out his cock and just eased up to her and slid it in. When he went in, she went down all the way on my cock. God this girl was horney. As he fucked into her from behind, she was sucking my cock like it was the last one she would ever get!! My knees were getting weak already. She really could suck a cock!! Then she started moaning and groaning around my cock but never took it out of her mouth. She got in time with him and when he would push in, she would go down on me and so on. Shit this was great!! My first threesome and with a really HOT couple!!! She started getting louder and moving faster and I knew she was getting ready to cum, so was I!! And I really wanted to cum right down her pretty throat!! So I got her by her shoulders and was pulling her in to me when all three of us yelled out!! Cheez—that was the best orgasm I have ever had, no doubt about it. Josh was almost stiff and straining to get more into her pussy. And Anadolu yakası Escort she sucked every drop out of me and was still wriggling on Josh’s cock. Damn she was a hot little chic. Josh eased back out of her and I noticed that he had a good-sized cock too. It was about 7-8 inches long and looked to be 2 inches across. Jennie (his wife) said “No Josh don’t pull out yet, I ‘m not through yet.” So Josh got back into position and aimed his cock at that hot little pussy and just slammed it in all the way. She just grunted a little and was steady trying to suck more out me. Josh got a good position and used the strength of his legs to drive into her. Every stroke into her would lift her off the floor. And she was moaning again. He kept driving into her for just a few more strokes and she came off my cock and just screamed that she was cumming. Josh had to hold her up by her hips. She was totally out of it!! Jennie had deep-throated my cock on almost every stroke, and without any hesitation at all. She was a well-experienced cock sucker, for sure. But then she had been used to taking Josh’s cock, I’m sure. Mine wasn’t quite that big. Jennie has my cock in her hand and hasn’t let go, even while she was cumming so hard. And she was still moving her hand up and down the shaft. She finally came down off that orgasmic high, and looked up and said “Honey was it good for you?”

I thought at first she was joking because you always hear about guys saying that to chics after they have finished. But she wasn’t, she was serious.

So I told her the truth, “Jennie, I have never in my life had such a great blowjob. You were just fantastic!” I was whipped, so I stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed. Jennie followed and pulled me back beside her. Josh just has a big grin on his face like “I whipped your pussy little girl—Take that!”

Jennie starts kissing on me again and Josh comes over and lays down on the other side of Jennie and starts playing with her ass. Jennie breaks the kiss and says, “Tommy, I really love your cock and your cum, you tasted so good! And Josh, it’s been a long time since you pounded my pussy that way. It really felt good!” Jennie reached down and felt my cock and saw that it is almost ready to go again, so she just gets up and tells me to slide back further on the bed and then she straddles me and sits right down on my cock.

Josh sits up and starts sucking on her titties. And Jennie starts bouncing up and down on me and moaning and groaning and rubbing my chest and Josh is sucking so hard I can hear it!

I thought to myself “Man this couple is really wild, thank goodness!” Jennie rode my cock for a few minutes and then when she was about ready to cum, she jumped up and turned around and sat on my face and said “Suck it dry Tommy, suck it all out of me!”

I try, I suck it just as hard and I can, running my tongue in and out of her and then I remember that Josh has just cum in this pussy and here I am sucking this thing dry!! Oh well, there’s a first time for everything, I guess. But I’m enjoying all this, I don’t care if his cum is in her, mixed with her’s, it tastes pretty damned good to me!!

Josh finally has “risen” to the occasion again, and just stands up straddling me and Jennie, grabs his cock and slams her mouth down on it. The moaning and groaning begins anew. Cheez this little chic is hott!! She’s the closest thing to a nympho that I have ever seen!!! Jennie’s ass is just bouncing on my face and she is getting louder each stroke she puts on Josh’s cock.

Then she comes off his cock and grinds her pussy down on my face and screams at josh “Cum Josh, cum quick, flood my face with your cum! Oh Tommy I’m cumming again!!! Oh suck Tommy, suck!! I can’t stand it—I’m cummmmingggg!!!

She sure did, cause I have İstanbul Escort never had a girl dump so much cum in my face. And I sure enjoyed every drop of it, too! She, like me, now has a face covered with cum. Josh shot his load all over her face. Jenny moves around and sits on the bed and starts wiping the cum off her face with her fingers and then licking them clean. Much to my surprise, Josh joins in and starts liking his cum off her face. Damn, these two are really into sex!!!

I started to roll over toward the edge of the bed. Josh says, “Tommy, she’s not thru yet my friend, she is just now getting started good.” Now I know I am dreaming—I have never had such great sex before. If I combined all my partners together, they would not equal this chic!! Josh continues, “She likes multiple partners, a lot! And really, so do I. We are both bi-sexual. Does that bother you Tommy?”

Jenny is just looking at me smiling and Josh is just sitting there waiting for me to answer.

I said, “Well, I’ve never been down that road before, but I have always said that with the right person,(or persons), that I would try anything once! So what’s next guys?”

Josh just laughs now and Jennie is rubbing both our cocks, trying to get them back up again. Jennie said, “Tommy, lover, you see, we just love sex and we don’t really care if it is another guy or another girl that we pick up, we make damned sure that they are satisfied and exhausted before they leave.” So I guess that I’ll just take advantage of this situation, after all, they are both very good looking and hot and willing, so why not? I just laid back down and waited to see what was going to happen next. My wait wasn’t very long, as Jennie started to play with my cock again, and she gets up on her knees and starts licking it up and down and around my balls, and then Josh slides over and starts doing the same thing. DAMN!!! Two tongues on me at the same time! This is wild!!!

Finally the old cock gets up and ready again. Jennie tells me to fuck her doggie style and I am more than happy to oblige her. I get up and start sliding my cock into her pussy and it just slips in, she is so wet. Then she really surprises me when she says to get it wet and put it in her ass. ‘OH YES, I WANT TO DO HER ASS!” I think to myself. And I do that, pushing it in slowly because she is so tight. Josh moves around and gets under us so he can suck her pussy while I fuck her ass. Oh this should be really quick!! I finally get all the way in and start pumping in and out of her and then I feel something funny. It’s Josh’s fingers in her pussy and I can feel them inside her ass. I can hear him sucking on her clit and lips and feel his fingers going in and out of her—really fast!! Josh’s fingers and tongue are all over the place, in her pussy, on my cock, on my balls, licking around her ass hole. This boy is goood!!!

Then Jennie starts moaning and groaning and low screams start coming from her throat. I know she is close and I just hope I can hold out till she gets it ’cause Josh’s fingers and tongue on me and my cock in her are too much for me!! Jennie starts screaming and slamming her ass back against me and I can’t wait—I start blasting a load into her ass. Jennie keeps screaming “Don’t stop—Don’t stop—I got to get it all—Fuck me hard Tommy I want it all out of me!!! I want all this cum to blast Josh in the face!!!” “Shitttttt!!!! Oh Shit it’s gooooddd!!! Oh shit I have never cum like that before!!! It just didn’t last long enough to make me pass out!!” As soon as my load was shot, I could feel my cock getting soft again. I know it is just a matter of a minute and it will just fall out of her hot little ass.

Josh is still under her licking her clean. Man this guy loves cum and loves to satisfy his little wife!

Jennie just kinda rolls over to one side of me and says, “Lets take a break, guys, You have worn me out for right now!”

So we just all three snuggled up with Jennie in the middle and dozed of to sleep.

Needless to say, they got a nice discount on their carpet and I got an invitation to dinner this weekend!!

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