The Fugitive

Big Tits

I’m a sixty year old retired widower with completely gray hair, a little paunch and live in a very nice three bedroom house in Wichita, Kansas. I drive the obligatory, for guys of my age, late model Mercury Grand Marquis. Everyone tells me I am a good-looking guy who has aged well.

If I were trying to describe my interests I would only have to mention two. Travel and reading. I got away from buying the Book of the Month selections and now get most of my reading material from the nearby public library.

I was coming out of the library a few months ago and ran smack into a ton of police cars. The two almost blocking the library doors were from the Sheriffs office and I knew one of the deputies very well.

“Hey Jim, what the hell is going on. Did you come over here to get that instructional book on how to be a good cop?”

“Stuff it Gramps.” He replied with a laugh.

“What’s going on with all of this power?” I queried him.

“Aw, we got a report that some gal we are looking for was spotted here.”

“Well, I just came out of the library and only saw a few kids in there. She might have been down one of the rows I didn’t see.”

“Thanks, we’ll take a look see.”

As I was walking to my car out of the corner of my eye I noticed some movement near a Dumpster used by the variety store next to the library. Another few steps and I could see it was a gal in her early twenties and she was obviously trying to hide. I kept right on walking and when I got near the Dumpster I said in a low, but as clear a voice as I could muster.

“I will be pulling my silver Grand Marquis near this trash can in a few minutes and the right rear door will be unlocked. You will have about three seconds to open the door, dive in and pull the door shut behind you. You will then lay low on the floor behind my seat taking a travel blanket lying on the rear seat and pulling it over you. We can straighten all of this out once we get away from here.”

That all went like clockwork and as I was driving out of the lot I lowered my window and waved at Jim, the deputy, and wished him luck apprehending the gal they were looking for. He just yelled over at the other deputies checking out the cars leaving the lot,

“The old guy’s OK, let him pass.” I laughed and gave him the finger.

We got about a mile down the road and I heard a small voice from behind me,

“Why the hell are you helping me. You don’t know me from Madonna.”

“Good, cause I wouldn’t help that bitch at all.

“Then tell me ‘why me'”

“Well honey, when I was your age I was in more trouble than I could even think about. If it weren’t for some people giving me a helping hand back then I would probably be in the pokey right now.”

“Are you this nice to every one in trouble?”

“Nah, just the ugly ones.”

I felt her bang against the back of my seat and laugh, “You’re something else.”

“Look honey, I live a mile from here in a house with an attached garage. I am going to head there and you can get out of the car inside of the garage and enter the house unobserved. We can talk about all of this there and not have to worry about the law spotting you.”

“OK sounds great but I still don’t know why you are helping me.”

I used the electric garage door and opened and then closed the door as soon as we were safely inside.

“OK, Ms. Dillinger, you can get out now.”

The door from the garage leads into the kitchen and I told her to grab a chair at the kitchen table.

“Want a Coke or anything?” I offered.

“Yes, I would, thank you.” She replied.

“All right honey. Now tell me what this is all about.”

“It’s not as bad as you are probably thinking. I think I broke my boyfriends shoulder and probably his arm too. And then I might have also broke his leg as well.”

“Geez, did you leave anything on him unbroken? Tell me what happened.”

“Well we had a big argument about other girls I think he is seeing while he is telling me that I am the only girl in his life and he punched me in the stomach and then pushed me against the stove in a fit of anger.”

She pulled up her T-shirt to show me the bruise.

“Hold it right there and let me get a picture of that for you. The mark will fade in a few days and you won’t have any proof of his attack.”

I got a photo of that with her holding that day’s newspaper to show the day the pic was taken.

“I got upset with him treating me that way and grabbed a cast iron frying pan off the stove and hit his shoulder with the edge of it. I swung it as hard as I could and could hear the bones breaking as it hit.”

“Whew, you don’t fuck around when you get angry do you?”

“He reached for my hair and pulled it hard and I swung again and hit his arm and heard a bone crack there too. He fell and then kicked out at me and I took another swing and hit his shin with the edge of the frying pan and heard a bone snap there too.”

“Holy shit. They are going to go after you for attempted murder.” I exclaimed

“I gungoren escort ran out of the house and a neighbor woman gave me a ride to the library. I know the librarian and was hoping she would give me a ride someplace else when I saw the first police car arrive.”

“Well, calm down. You are safe in here as we think about what the next best move is for you.” I offered.

“Look, I don’t have any money to pay you with. I don’t have any clothes or means of getting any. All my stuff is at the apartment I shared with him and I don’t think I should go back there. Do you?”

“Not hardly honey.” I counseled.

“Honey, I’m Bill and I think I ought to know what you go by.”

“Oh, I’m JoAnn and I’m pleased to know you Bill.”

I was looking her over as she was telling me all of this and she had to be in her early twenties. She was fairly pretty and roughly five foot five inches and fairly slim. She didn’t have any tits to speak of but had a nice looking ass from what I could see of it.

“JoAnn, the refrigerator is right behind you and how about getting up and making us a sandwich for lunch. There is turkey breast and ham lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise just waiting for your magic touch.”

We ate and then sat around discussing some of the obvious options. I thought the whole thing was a straightforward problem.

“JoAnn you can’t simply turn yourself in without great legal representation. Your case has to depend on self-defense and I don’t think you want some real estate lawyer but you need someone who has had a lot of experience in these types of cases. Do you know anyone like that? If you don’t … I think I know someone who might.”

“No I don’t Bill but let me think on it and after a few days talk to some people who might know. My folks might but they live back east.”

“Well, when we get around to looking for that lawyer you can call your folks and let them ask the legal hot shots in their town if they know of any experts out here.”

“Hold on honey. I don’t know shit about the ability of the police to trace the location of a cell phone caller. But just to be certain, don’t even think of making any calls from your cell phone or the law will be on your ass before the call is even ended. When you want to call someone we are going to have to go someplace else and you can call on your cell phone from there so they can’t trace the call to a location you will be at when they get there. OK? This is serious shit now listen up.”

“OK Bill. What the hell did I ever do to deserve someone like you to help me out?”

“Ah, nothing other than to look as pretty as you do.” I joked.

“Bullshit, you couldn’t even see me hiding behind that Dumpster when you told me to jump in your car.”

“Maybe I have a soft spot for people in trouble.” I answered.

“Are you ever going to tell me the kind of scrapes you got into?” she asked

“Perhaps sometime, but not now.” I replied.

By then it was mid afternoon and we had both started on some wine with our lunch and when the bottle was finished switched over to some Dewars scotch and water.

“JoAnn, let’s get something straight right now. I think you can’t do anything intelligent about your situation for a couple of days. Both the county cops in conjunction with the state police will be out in force looking for you and you would be spotted in a second. They undoubtedly will be looking at every bus stop, train station and the airport for you. Bear with me but I think you need to calm down about the whole thing and wait a few days before you call anyone to help. If they ever ask you why you waited so long it is easy to explain you were scared to death to tell how you defended yourself from a huge bully like your boyfriend.”

“Bill, what do I do in the meantime. Are you saying I can stay here?”

“Well, I have three bedrooms and two bathrooms and you are welcome to one of each. There is a washer & dryer for your clothes and if you will give me your sizes I will go to Wal Mart tomorrow and pick up some stuff for you. I’ll go to the one east of here in case I see anyone I know and they get wondering why I am buying a bra and panties for myself.”

“You are something else,” she said through her scotch haze.

“Now listen and listen good. You have to stay as silent as a mouse while you are here. You NEVER answer the door or phone or make any calls. Keep in mind I can be charged with aiding and abetting if they find I am helping you. I wouldn’t think that would be a nice way of saying ‘thanks'”

“Bill, I have never known anyone as nice as you. Whatever can I do to repay you?”

“Just be your normal pretty self.” I answered.

The scotch was getting to me and I told her I was going to go in and take a little nap and sleep it off and if she wanted to do the same the bedrooms were directly behind her.

I wasn’t in bed for more than twenty minutes before I felt some scrambling at the side. I opened my eyes to see her naked body sliding in beside me.

“JoAnn, you istanbul escorts don’t need to do this to repay me.”

“I know. I just wanted to do it,” she answered.

The next thing I felt was her hands massaging my cock and it didn’t take much of that before I had a raging hard one; the first I had in a long time. I then felt her warm and wet mouth circling my cock as she had lowered her face to and taken it in her mouth. I moved myself around to get my own mouth in line with her pussy and soon was doing my best to get her clit uncovered and ready for some serious tongue licking. It wasn’t long before I began to feel the warmth start deep in my balls and could feel the lips of her pussy pulsing with her own excitement.

My orgasm was more like an explosion. I shot stream after stream in her mouth to the point where it was pouring out of her from around my cock as she was unable to swallow it as fast as I was shooting it. Her own orgasm was only a minute later. She had lowered her hands to hold my face into her as she let go. Damn, the taste of a woman’s juices was a long forgotten sweet memory.

We both lay there letting our breathing return to normal and she finally looked up at me to say,

“Damn, you have a big cock and you sure shoot a lot of cum.”

“JoAnn, that was the first blowjob I have had in a long, long time.

“Jo Ann, how old are you?” I asked.

“Twenty-four; does that make a difference? she asked hesitantly.

“Not if you don’t mind having sex with a guy almost three times your age. I am sixty.”

“Well, then I’ll bet you will be able to teach me a lot I don’t know.” She said seductively.

“Geez, you are something else again. I guess we won’t need to mess up the other beds. This king- size will be ample for both of us.”

Both of us fell asleep within minutes of our sexual romp. I was sleepy with the booze I had consumed and she must have felt the same. We didn’t awaken until it was almost nine PM.

I awakened to her shaking me and telling me it was time to get up. She had cooked up a chicken dinner while I was asleep and it was ready. Damn, I might keep this kid around.

She had found some chicken in the fridge and some potatoes in the panty and veggies out of the freezer and she had made one hell of a great dinner. We sat at the dining room table naked as jaybirds and eating away. The more I looked at her the harder I got so when she asked if I wanted some desert I had to reply yes … I knew exactly the desert I wanted …her.

I told her we would clean up the mess later and took her hand and led her back to the bedroom.

“Bill, you have to go easy with me. You will have been the second guy I have ever had sex with and your cock is way bigger than my old boyfriend’s.”

I used my fingers to get her ready and then bent and used my tongue for the last bit of arousal before I rose back up and positioned myself between her legs and lined up the head of my cock between the sweet lips of her young pussy. She pulled me down to give me a huge tongue-searching kiss as I drove my rock hard cock deep inside of her. Her breaths were beginning to come faster and as my cock was in to the hilt she screamed out with more pleasure than pain. I was thankful I had a single-family house with no neighbors to hear her screams and loud moans.

I kept pounding away since I knew I wasn’t going to come too quickly. After all, I had just shot a huge load a few hours ago that was my first major orgasm in a long time.

It wasn’t long before her legs were wrapped around my back and pulling me ever deeper within her. If she hadn’t had that orgasm earlier today her pussy would have been tight at as a drum around my cock but as it was her juices let me slide in and out easily and not cause her any pain.

I removed her legs from my back and hooked my arms behind her knees and held her legs high in the air as I drove my cock deeper into her. She was throwing her head from side to side and biting her lower lip as her passion began to rise. It wasn’t long before I heard,

“Bill, I am going to burst with my orgasm.”

“Let it happen sweet thing. It will be the best orgasm you ever had.”

When she let go it was almost earth shattering. She screamed she was coming and then threw her ass up at me as hard as I ever felt before and pulled my face down to hers and soon had her lips pressed tightly against mine. We stayed like that for some time before we let each other go.

“JoAnn, I can do one of two things. I can go and get us each another drink from the kitchen or we can roll over and get some major shuteye.” Her answer was a huge snore.

The next morning she was up early and had cleaned up the mess in the dining room from last night’s supper. She had thrown her clothes in the washer and they were just about ready for the dryer.

“Honey, give me your sizes for panties, bra, jeans and tops. Also tell me the names of any medicines you need as well as simple cosmetics. I’m not going to embarrass the hell out bayrampasa escort of myself with a bunch of that shit.”

I left the house near ten AM and was finished at Wal Mart at noon and was back at my place a half-hour later. While I was away she had washed the kitchen floor and cleaned up both baths as well as stripped the bed and washed the sheets and pillowcases. She said she would have vacuumed but was afraid if anyone came to the door they would have heard the vacuum running and me not home. Smart Gal.

The morning newspaper was filled with the details of the story but the article played down the attack by her boyfriend. It simply said they had argued. The police had an APB on her for all over the state and down in Oklahoma as well.

“JoAnn Try on this stuff and make sure it fits. I am not the least bit interested if you don’t like the colors I picked just as long as you can wear them without looking too bad.” It turned out she liked the colors of the tops I chose, or at least she said she did.

“Honey, I don’t know why but I’m a little concerned about you being discovered here. I am thinking that we should take a trip out to Colorado for a few days while everything cools down and we can think about getting you the lawyer you need. The place I have in mind is remote enough we shouldn’t be bothered and there are several old time motels/hotels in the area so we shouldn’t have a problem getting a room.”

“How long a ride is it?”

“Well, I have my pilots license so I’ll be renting a plane and we would be flying rather than driving. There is a ton of military air space out in that part of the country that we will have to go around so it is about a four-hour flight but the weather forecast is for perfect flying weather. If you have never flown out there you will find the scenery to be spectacular.”

“Gee, you are full of surprises aren’t you?” She commented.

I left word with a neighbor I was going to catch one of the cheap flights down to Florida for a few days and would appreciate him keeping an eye on my place. He easily agreed. I felt I had to mislead him just in case anyone had seen her jump in my car and then have the police come knocking at my door. I was going to do another bit of deception that would further frustrate the police if they did get on my trail. I would leave my car at the Wichita airport and would rent a plane from a small outfit out near my house where I knew the owner under a different name. I could then file a flight plan for Colorado without much fear anyone would putting two and two together.

“JoAnn, I will take you out to the airport from where I will be renting the plane and you can wait in the visitors lounge while I drive my car to the Wichita airport and leave it in long term parking. I will get the parking lot shuttle back to the terminal and then go inside the entrance doors for departing flights and walk downstairs to the arrival gates. From there I’ll grab a cab to take me out to the field from where I’ll be renting the plane. Any questions?”

“No Captain.”

“You are a smart ass aren’t you? Keep in mind the Captain often fucks the flight attendants.”

The juggling of my car and the plane rental went as smooth as silk and I soon had the preflight inspection finished and we were off.

The take off and the first hour of the flight were thankfully completely uneventful. About ten minutes after reaching cruising altitude she asked what I was doing. I told her I was setting the autopilot and would be finished in a minute.

“Are you telling me that when you set that thing it will fly of us to the place where we want to go?”

“Well, it will do the legs of the flight I have programmed in but when we get close to our destination it will buzz and alert me that it is time for me to take over.”

“Oh good,” as she reached her hand over to my crotch and started a very light massage. The next thing I did was to raise my ass in the air to allow her to maneuver my cock and her hand to make things easier for whatever she had in mind doing.

It only took her a few minutes to get my cock out of my shorts and she then started something for which I was totally unprepared. She began to make love to my cock. She lowered her face to it and let her tongue trace the veins up and down and around it. She then had her tongue tracing around the rim of the head of it and up and down and around the head. All of this without ever taking a millimeter of my cock in her mouth. She had a hand lightly caressing my scrotum and finally taking my balls in her hand and massaging them very lightly. She then lowered her mouth closer yet and took the head in and began just sucking it while her tongue was flicking back and forth over it.

“JoAnn, this is wonderful but you are driving me crazy. Suck me deep honey.”

She then took a few inches in and began to bob up and down. She would let it come almost all of the way out and then she would drop down on it as far as she could handle and then back up and almost off again. Whew, it was terrific. All the time she was doing that with her mouth her hand was still active with my balls. She finally removed her mouth from my cock and replaced it with my ball sack. Her tongue was as busy with it as it had been with my cock. This woman knows how to suck a dick.

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